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Transformer - Various - The Crew & Pirates Revolution (File, MP3)

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Since the transmitter only covered 3. Once the new coils were wound and in place, he was able to operate the big transmitter on khz which covered about 10 miles in daylight on the old wire antenna.

Dave was able to pull it off for some time, but not without some quick troubleshooting to work through first. It seems that whenever the big Collins hit modulation peaks, the lights in the office of the business would flicker and dim.

Roy Fuller was aware of the first low powered transmitter that Dave was using but the mentor never discouraged Dave from continuing. The A rig used tubes for the modulators. His signal was now up to watts on kHz from a new location several miles north of Kingston. The higher powered transmitter and new antenna gave WJDI about 30 miles of solid coverage.

The FCC was promptly notified of the competing unlicensed station on Roy did give Dave a stern warning encouraging the pirate to let things cool off for a bit. Dave returned to New York in where he worked as chief engineer overseeing the installation of a cable television system in a 3, unit apartment complex located in Manhattan.

Three years of this and Dave was burned out from the stress of the high paying job and thoughts of WJDI began to fill his mind again. Dave set out to construct a new transmitter and studio which would become the radio station that he would use during the Spring of through the Fall of The WJDI studio and 1, watt transmitter.

In the photo above, the large custom built transmitter is visible to the right of the desk. The 20 watt exciter used to generate the signal on kHz sits on top of the transmitter cabinet.

The final tube in this transmitter was a and was fed by the triode modulator tubes shown in the lower rack of the transmitter cabinet. The cabinet also housed the power supply running about 2, volts DC. A Dynaco amplifier was used to drive the audio to the modulators. Dave had a special transformer wound to his specifications that took 8 ohms stepped up to ohms at 50 watts. This provided a good frequency response since it contained five primaries and five secondaries that were paralleled together to increase response.

All of the music was produced by a single CD player and cassette deck. An inexpensive Radio Shack mixer was used to mix the music and audio from the microphone. This is the first serious transmitter that Dave fabricated for WJDI that had any decent signal coverage.

Dave would later reuse the A modulators for his next big project. The same WCBA 20 watt exciter was used to drive the transmitter as had been used in the earlier 1,w transmitter.

Dave operated at 2, watts for only a few months before the rig was upgraded once again to a higher output power. Contagion AC3. Motherless Brooklyn AC3.

The King AC3. Sonic the Hedgehog AC3. Frozen II AC3. Joker AC3. Wav 12k Mp3 24k Ogg 25k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. Mikaela Banes: "You are the strangest boy I have ever met. Wav 27k Mp3 53k Ogg 53k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. The sound of a transformer transforming. Wav 28k Mp3 56k Ogg 52k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. Student: "Guys, thats the Secretary of Defense. Wav 15k Mp3 30k Ogg 31k Share this clip Share this clip as a link.

Optimus Prime: "With the All Spark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward, a new world to call home.

We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye.

I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here, we are waiting. Wav 22k Mp3 44k Ogg 44k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. Jazz: "You want a piece of me?! You want a piece?! I want two!

Wav 7k Mp3 14k Ogg 16k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. Captain Lennox: "This thing is wicked! Wav 31k Mp3 62k Ogg 62k Share this clip Share this clip as a link. Glen Whitmann: "This is my private area. My place of Zen and peace. Who is it?! Related Sound Clips. Return to Movies. Sign the Guestbook - View the Guestbook. Subscribe to Movie Sound Clips update alerts! Wav 44k. Mp3 89k. Ogg 94k. Share this clip Share this clip as a link Embed this Sound Clip.

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In , two New Zealanders, a South African and an Englishman achieved the first confirmed in-air hijack when they violently captured an Italian seaplane that was flying them to a prison camp. As they approached an Allied base, they were strafed by Spitfires and forced to land on the water. However, all on board survived to be picked up by a British boat. In the years following World War II , Philip Baum, an aviation security expert suggests that the development of a rebellious youth "piggybacking on to any cause which challenged the status quo or acted in support of those deemed oppressed", may have been a contributor to attacks against the aviation industry.

The first hijacking of a flight for political reasons happened in Bolivia , affecting the airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano on September 26, A political group was waiting to take them to a concentration camp located in Carahuara de Carangas, Oruro. The 47 prisoners overpowered the crew and gained control of the aircraft while airborne and diverted the plane to Tartagal, Argentina. Prisoners took control of the aircraft and received instructions to again fly to Salta, Argentina as the airfield in Tartagal was not big enough.

Upon landing, they told the government of the injustice they were subjected to, and received political asylum. Between and , there were approximately 40 hijackings worldwide. The perpetrator, armed with a knife and gun, forced the captain to land in Cuba. Australia was relatively untouched by the threat of hijackings until July 19, According to the FAA, in the s, there were attempts of hijackings involving U.

S aircraft: 77 successful and 23 unsuccessful. In a five-year period — the world experienced hijack attempts, or one every 5. In contrast, there were 26 extortion attempts see table on the right.

This record was later beaten in Beginning of until the end of June , there were incidents of unlawful seizure of aircraft and 14 incidents of sabotage and armed attacks against civil aviation. This involved airlines of 47 countries and more than 7, passengers. In this period, 96 people were killed and 57 were injured as a result of hijacking, sabotage and armed attacks.

The ICAO stated that this is not isolated to one nation or one region, but a worldwide issue to the safe growth of international civil aviation. He was never identified. Minhas deliberately crashed the plane into the ground near Thatta to prevent the diversion.

Countries around the world continued their efforts to tackle crimes committed on-board planes. The Tokyo Convention , drafted in , established an agreement between signatories that the "state in which the aircraft is registered is competent to exercise jurisdiction over crimes committed on board that aircraft while it is in flight". A year later, in December , the Hague Convention was drafted which punishes hijackers, enabling each state to prosecute a hijacker if that state does not extradite them, and to deprive them from asylum from prosecution.

On December 5, , the FAA issued emergency rules requiring all passengers and their carry-on baggage to be screened. By , airport screening and greater cooperation from the international community led to fewer successful hijackings; the number of events had significantly dropped below the level. For instance, terrorist groups were responsible for the bombing of Air India Flight over the Irish coast.

In , Pan Am Flight was bombed flying over Scotland. During the s, there was relative peace in the United States airspace as the threat of domestic hijacking was seen as a distant memory. Between and , the highest number of hijackings occurred in see table below. This number can be attributed to events in China where hijackers were trying to gain political asylum in Taiwan.

On December 26, , Air France Flight with passengers and crew was hijacked after leaving Algiers. Authorities believed that the goal was to crash the plane into the Eiffel Tower. On June 21, , All Nippon Airways Flight was hijacked by a man claiming to be a member of the Aum Shinrikyo religious cult, demanding the release of its imprisoned leader Shoko Asahara.

The incident was resolved when the police stormed the plane. SHA d9ad11ca MD5: b3abeeb62fdc SHA edf3e6ea8d0efbdc MD5: bb9b7fa2a0acefd5fcdff. SHA aafcd93d11f2acb4c73b8. MD5: d53ffca8ed3fa7c1c0ab.

Mp3 Transformer has its own impressive list of Internet Radio stations you can stream but also allows you to add in the Stream List section any other stations you like. With Mp3 Transformer you can manually start and stop a recording and save the audio file into your library in a format which allows you to add it to any portable devices you are.

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  4. The crew suspected a dead short of some type and probably weren’t buying into Dave’s fish tank story at this point. Dave realized this and proceeded to “tip” the guys a $ each for coming out on Christmas Eve. Within an hour and a half, the crew had installed a heavier transformer on the pole and WJDI was on the airwaves once again.
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  6. Aircraft hijacking (also known as airplane hijacking, skyjacking, plane hijacking, plane jacking, air robbery, air piracy, or aircraft piracy, with the latter term being used within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States), or simply hijacking, is the unlawful seizure of an aircraft by an individual or a group. Dating from the earliest of hijackings, most cases involve the pilot.
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