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Thunder Dome - Skull (5), Virgin Killer (2) - Astra Ex Abyssus (CD)

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Or can it? This site is not affiliated with Nintendo, Rare or Microsoft in any way. Alleria Sylvanas. Medivh Khadgar Kel'Thuzad. Rastakhan Thunder King Vashj. Magni Deathwing. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Portals Official site Official card gallery Blizzard Entertainment. A wife is momentarily reunited with her 'dead-' husband, who proceeds to bite chunks out of her flesh.

One of the SWAT members commits suicide after seeing all the carnage. Roger feels nauseous and runs downstairs where he unexpectedly meets Peter, whom he tells of his plans to escape with his friends in the helicopter.

In the cellar they find dozens of living dead feasting on flesh. Fran and Stephen prepare the helicopter and Roger arrives with Peter.

After introductions the four take off in search of peace. The situation is getting worse by the minute. Whilst flying over countryside they see soldiers and rednecks 'hunting' zombies, all of them enjoying it.

Looking for fuel, Stephen lands the chopper at a deserted airfield. There are a few close shaves with some zombies, even a couple of 'dead' kids. Stephen shows us what a terrible shot he is and that he is no match for the two SWAT men. They take off again, they realise that they're on their own.

By next light they happen across a big indoor shopping mall They set down on the roof to check out the mall. Looking through the skylights they see more zombies walking the floors. Peter and Roger break in, followed by the others. They discover a safe area with some supplies and settle down for a meal.

While Stephen grabs some sleep, the two SWAT men decide to go down to the shop levels and get some more supplies, they leave Fran with a gun. The zombies are everywhere and wander aimlessly around. Peter and Roger mix with the zombies and find that they can easily out-run them. They get into a large store and lock themselves in.

Stephen awakes and hears gunshots, without thinking he runs down to 'help' them, grabbing Fran's gun. Meanwhile, Peter and Roger are having a field day 'shopping' in the deserted store.

Stephen finds a useful book of plans. The SWAT men set up a diversion so they can get out of the store and back to their base without being seen.

Stephen is not alone and after some abysmal shooting he is nearly killed by a roaming zombie. The SWAT men here a his gunshots and set off to help him. Stephen gets into another scrape with some more zombies and Peter helps him out, but one of the zombies discovers the way up to Fran. Back in the store, Roger gets attacked by another zombie and just manages to 'kill' it off with the aid of a trusty screwdriver.

The three heroes create another diversion. Stephen shows the others the plans he found and indicates the heating ducts that will allow them to move around without being seen.

They enter the heating ducts and move along the shop ceilings. Fran is confronted by the inquisitive zombie and keeps it at bay with some flare torches until the others arrive to help. They relax, eating caviar in their hideout, watching TV broadcasts - the situation looks bleak. We discover that Fran is pregnant - "Do you want to abort it?

In order to make the mall a safe haven the main doorways need to be blocked off. The three men discover some abandoned container lorries at the edge of the car park.

Fran makes a point of not wanting to be treated any differently just because she's pregnant and wants to learn to fly the chopper in case anything happens to Stephen, Roger knows how to 'hot wire' vehicles and with Peter they 'steal' the trucks and use them to block the doorways.

In the car park the zombies are increasing in number. Roger gets attacked and it affects him mentally. Roger mixes with some more zombies and this time he gets bitten badly. Fran tends to his wounds. Peter and Stephen 'enter' a gun shop, where they obtain hoards of firearms and ammunition. The four of them arm themselves to the teeth Roger being pushed in a cart and set off on a raid through the mall. They shoot many zombies, but still they come. While trying to start a car in the mall Roger gets attacked again and his wounds get re-opened.

They manage to lock the main doors, finally sealing themselves in. They then decide to go a hunt and rid the mall of zombies. They block off the stairway that leads to their den by building a false wall. Roger is now very ill, his wounds have caused a terrible infection.

Fran develops morning sickness. They clean up the mall by putting all the bodies into the supermarket cold storage freezers. They even help themselves to thousands of dollars from a bank. They then go on a 'shopping spree' and get everything that they've ever wanted. Inside, the mall is paradise, but outside, the zombies gather. Roger's illness takes a firm hold and he fights for his life, "Take care of me when I go" he tells Peter. They bury him in the false earth in the mall.

Their hideout now looks very homely with every comfort available. Stephen proposes to Fran, but she refuses saying "It wouldn't be real. The zombies still wander outside. Tension builds between the three of them. The TV stations have stopped broadcasting. They forget their tensions and get organised again, Stephen teaches Fran to fly the helicopter and unbeknown to them they are watched by a large group of bikers, who decide to raid the mall later that night.

Peter and Stephen arm themselves up to face some new 'monsters'. The bikers are followed inside the mall by hoards of zombies. The whole place is wrecked by the gang. They 'play' with the zombies and even start a custard-pie fight with them, Peter- and Stephen watch the slaughter from safe vantage points, but Stephen gets very upset, "It's ours" he says and starts shooting at the looters.

Peter joins in. The gang's attention turns to them. A mini-war starts. Zombies are slaughtered in many gruesome ways by the bikers. The gang switch off the mall's power supply, Peter hides in the heating ducts and Stephen hides in an elevator but gets shot in the arm.

The zombies start to outnumber the bikers and they tear them apart. Stephen calls for help, but it's too late, a group of zombies attack and badly wound him. He manages to kill off his attackers in spite of losing a lot of blood. Peter makes it back to Fran - they wait for Stephen, not knowing if he's dead or alive. The zombies have now taken over the mall once again - Stephen has now joined their ranks and he leads the ghouls up to the hideout.

Fran urges Peter to get out, but he says he wants to stay. Stephen bursts through their hideout door and Peter splats him all over the wall - Fran looks on - other zombies follow into the room.

Fran climbs out onto the roof and starts the helicopter. Peter sits down, a pistol at his head. The zombies manage to get onto the roof. Peter pulls the gun away from his head and shoots a zombie instead. He makes a run for it and fights his way out to the helicopter. Fran waits for him and he scrambles in. It cast an impression deep into my imagination that I still feel today and it remains one of my favourite films, from any genre - but strangely, I read the novelization written by Romero himself in collaboration with Susanna Sparrow before viewing it and had never had the opportunity to see NIGHT!

I was going on a two-week holiday abroad and was at the airport looking for a good book to relax with on the beach. I read it in two sittings and was totally devastated. Needless to say, I was very eager to see the film.

The holiday was excellent, but I kept drooling at the mouth thinking about this new film. As soon as 1 arrived home, I scrambled for the local paper and scanned it's pages for the cinema ads - "It's on, it's on!

This title was also used in other countries, such as, Japan and Germany. Here in the U. So he and his agents began to look to Europe for backing and struck a deal with Italian giallo-master Dario Argento, who raised half of the budget in exchange for to all foreign language versions and acted as creative consultant. However, Argento's main influence can be heard and not seen, as he was also responsible for the musical score and recruited the Italian cult rock band Goblin to provide the unusual music.

Romero didn't want all the music in the English language versions, so he used it only when suggesting certain moods in the film to great effect - Argento's 'version' is typically his, i. It finally opened in Italy during September and was a great sucdess. The Italian, American and English versions all have a different running time the time stated at the end of this article will be the British one.

The British release had a number of the more bloody scenes removed, but on the whole, a fair amount of gore was still on show. In America It was released uncut, without a rating because when it was submitted to the MPAA they wanted to slap an 'X' on it normally reserved for porno flicks.

The actual location used for the shopping mall was a real place called Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh where else? Virtually all the shops used were real and their owners were only too pleased to have a film shot around them - even the bank!

All the filming took place at night, with the mall having to be cleaned up before opening time the next morning. Scott H. I love the shot of her on the mall roof, when she realises that she's too close to the edge and takes a very careful step backwards This scene is also typical of Romero's skill for detail. Hell, at times it's difficult to tell whether he's playing a living or a 'dead' person! I hate to say it, but I was actually quite relieved when he was finally put out of his misery!

The relationship between Fran and Stephen is very well handled, especially when the tensions build. The shot of them in bed, staring into space is classic cinema, it sums up the pointlessness of their situation - what are they bringing their baby into?

The rest of the cast is made up from well over a thousand zombie extras - incidentally, the word 'zombie' is only mentioned once in the whole film - all wearing the greyish ghoul make-up of gore-king Tom Savini. What I like about the zombies is that they are shown to come from all walks of life - it makes you realise that death comes to everyone in the end!!

Tom Savini 's make-up and special effects are very effective, even if they are a little crude in places the full zombie effect was perfected in DAY Out of all the effects shots, I feel there is only one that looks tacky - the zombie that gets the top of his head sliced off by the helicopter blades has an obvious head appliance on and looks like a Herman Munster clone, but I can't deny the fact that the whole sequence is expertly staged!

Savini also plays the part of a blood-thirsty biker and also carried out a lot of the stunt work, showing us what a multi-talented man he is.

Another of the film's striking scenes, is where the threat of the zombies seems to have been forgotten and the heroes have created their pa9e twelve FANTASY artificial lifestyle in the mall. With the arrival of the bikers announced in true cavalry fashion, by bugle the pace really changes, even more action and blood-letting this is where British viewers really miss a lot , the gang seem to be more monster than the zombies themselves!

I also feel that the inclusion of the custard pie fights was wrong, as it tended to take us away from the comic-book feel and into pure slapstick and I was pleased to see Romero steer well clear of this for DAY So, if I have to look this deeply to find bad points, it shows it must have a lot of really good stuff in it.

George Romero's direction for this picture was perfect - he knows his stuff and really is the master of the zombiethon. He used his cast to the full and made every single member look as though they believed in what was going on around them. If you haven't seen this mega- brilliant film Where have you been?

PAUL J. Foster , David Early Mr. Romero; Producer - Richard P. Distributor - Target International; U. Original Release. Or perhaps I should say was aost disappointed in.

You can't begin to imagine what an electrifying effect this legendary scientifilm had on the newly awakened sci-fi mind of the year- old boy who was me 62 years ago. Fritz Lang photographed 49 times as much footage as ever reached the screen and I would eagerly sit through all hundred hours of takes and out- takes. I have seen the film 78 times to date.

I was even younger - only 8 - when I saw it for Che first time 64 years ago. Lon Chaney became ay instant idol, and you can conceive my excitement of this New Year's Day last when I found myself in the presence of Che girl whose curiosity could not be contained, whose trembling fingers removed the mask from the face of horror incarnate - Erik.

Yes, I met Mary Philbin! Of this fabulous event, more elsewhere. The Douglas Fairbanks Snr version. The Trial by Fire. The Cave of the Dragon. The Forest of Tree-Hen. The Giant Subsea Spider.

The Winged Horse. The Stairway to the Hoon. The Cloak of Invisibility. The Magic Wish-Powder. The Flying Carpet. Oh-oh, I hadn't allowed for it; now I'll have to eliminate one title from the original list. Now here's a title you may not even be familiar with.

I found it a fascinating vision of the world of with it's various futurisms such as a car of tomorrow, visiphone, Channel Tunnel, sartorial styles, nightclub fencing exhibitions ss entertainment, and ringing anti-war sentiments. A silent print of thla fascinatine fila exists in the cineaarchives of the CineaaCheque de Belgique in Brussels.

Never aind Chat it's subtitles are in french. In I had a correspondent in the Philippine Islands, a boy named J. Ayco, who saw R0N6 at the saae tine I did in San Francisco, and we coapared notes in our correspondence.

Little did he realise when he enthused to ae about the men being shaken off Che log and falling into the ravine with the giant spider that this sequence would one da7 becoae a cause celebre aoong Kongophiles. There were four Only one. And on New Tear's Day when I was talking with Linwood Dunn, a caaeraaan on KONG, he swore a mighty oath that that controversial longshot of Kong cliBbing the Empire State Building, which looks so fluid Chat one would swear it was a man in a suit, was definitely an animated aodel like every other Kong sequence in the fila.

He ought to know: he photographed it. The "birth" of Boris Karloff - the monster who made a man's career. James Whale's suspenseful introduction of the Monster as he is first seen from behind. Colin Clive shouting in ecstasy of creation, "It's alivel It's alive! Dwight Frye's contribution. The Daisy That Dldn t Float. Strickfaden' a fabulous machinery. All Che iamortal imagery I know many fans prefer the sequel but I'll stick with the original.

Saw it twice first week it case out. Noticed 6 cuts the second week. Must have seen it near to 50 times by now. Never tire. One great dream: to see the missing 16 minutes or so excised froa the American print Rowens is completely absent in in our version. After the preview I wrote to George Pal "complaining" 1 was blue in the face from oxygen deprivation because I was so enthralled by Che picture that 1 forgot to breathe!

Those sensuous war machines, exciting destruction scenes, tantalising glimpse of a Martian, first sight of a force screen on the screen, the perfect sound effects. At the beginning, Che beautiful Bonestellian interplanetary art and the sonorous mesmerising voice of Sir Cedric Hardwicke telling us how vast cold intelligences from another world were drawing their plans against us.

WOW -! If you could see me now, what would you think! A universal favourite. I've never set anyone who didn't like it. Michael Rennie, the lovely alien. Great Cort. They've threatened to remake it, although I don't see how they could improve on it. Bradbury tackled the notion of a sequel for a couple of weeks and gave up. Actually he wasn't as cruel as all chat: he hypnotised humanity for a short period and Bade us believe that's what happened.

Nothing came of my screen treatment. Im-ho-tep, dead in the sands of ancient Egypt for years. And then - "He went for a little walk. And Zita Johann is still alive and well and I've talked with her on the phone and she's aade another novie appearance lately.

Karloff's aake-up was another Jack Pierce aasterpiece. And tanna leaves becaae a part of the lure and lore of fantasy filss. I aa not a religious person, in fact I have been faaous or infaaoua as an atheist since I was IS. When I was about S years old and had a birthday coalng up, ay Hother asked me what I wanted to do for ay natal day celebration. Robert Bloch. Ann Robinson. Needless to say. It coat ay wife aore than a dollar. To Celebrate Peter Cushing's O. Paul has asked me to write an article on ay eleven years of running Peter Cushing's Fan Club which disbanded several years ago.

It was a very enjoyable time and the part I enjoyed the most was ay meetings with Peter. I had seen an admired hia in several filas and ay first sight of hia 'in the flesh' was a never to be forgotten aoaent, as he walked onto the stage a ripple of applause came through the audience.

We then settled down to watch the play, which was a drama with a very good twist at the end, which was worthy of any Agatha Christie atoryl After the play I went backstage and asked if I could see Peter, I was told to wait, I stood looking at the backstage set and when I turned around there stood Peter, in a paisley-petterned dressing-gown, 1 was speechless for a moment, then Peter came forward and shook hands, apologising for being somewhat wet, as in the last scene of the play he was supposed to have been out in the rain.

He asked how far I had come and I said "72 miles from Ipswich", we kept chatting for a while, Peter signed photos and programmes for me, then I took ay leave. All the way home 1 kept looking at Che photos he had signed to convince myself that I had really met him!

On one visit I asked if I could run a fan club for him, he agreed and it went on from there. Thunderbolt's body is made up of swirling dark clouds. His back and his stomach both are equipped with a steel plate embedded with the Trap Master logo. His face is light blue with yellow eyes that have red pupils, blue lightning streak eyebrows, and an steel head plating embroidered with the Air element that reaches across his forehead and steel shoulder guards.

His hands have four fingers and they are light blue with steel arm guards. Thunderbolt is a fierce competitor who faces each opponent with honor and bravery. Epically strong and heroically competitive, Thunderbolt grew up on legendary Mount Cloudpierce. Every year, his people held a contest to determine who would wield the Storm Sword — a legendary blade with the power to change the seasons in Skylands.

To Thunderbolt, this would be a great honor. But on the day he won the contest and was about to be presented with the sword, a Frost Mage snatched it and plunged all of Skylands into a wintery deep-freeze. Undaunted, Thunderbolt bravely took chase.

Riding twin bolts of chained lightning, he overtook the mage, reclaimed the sword, and restored balance to the weather systems in Skylands. Regular Call of the Earth is strong damage but can be quick rised so the fight returns to neutral, while shadow Call of the Earth either acts as a hard knockdown if you don't followup with a juggle, or gives a reset opportunity in addition to strong shadow damage.

Triplax ender has situational uses, but Thunder's floaty jump hinders some of the traditional wall splat mixups, so Thunder will have to use backdash or other tricks to bait throws here.

Sammamish as an ender is both a launcher and a hard knockdown, so you can choose to charge a Call of Sky buff and still have time to apply ambiguous offense here. Otherwise, Thunder can keep people who try to jump away from command grab with normals like close LK, which if canceled into heavy command grab on block will create a dangerous tick throw option, and will cause flipout if the opponent jumps. Far standing HK and HP are also great buttons that can be canceled into heavy Triplax opener if your opponent chooses to sit at this range long enough; HK causes Thunder to stand on one foot and lunge forward, dodging some low moves, and HP is a little slow at 10 frames of startup but takes up more than 3 character lengths of space in front of Thunder.

Jumping MK and HP have cross-up potential, with jumping HP being Thunder's bread winner ; it has massive active frames and a hugely ambiguous hitbox, and it sets up nicely after shadow Call of the Earth. Specials to watch As is always the case with grapplers, the Call of the Earth command grab is scary. All versions are throw invincible, and HP has over half-screen range, but they're a little slow out of the gate at 10, 13, and 17 frames of startup for light, medium, and heavy.

That's not so bad, though, because that allows Thunder to tick into them, and the command grab range really can't be understated. This move works well in conjunction with Thunder's excellent dragon punch, Sammamish. All versions of Sammamish are projectile invincible, which gives Thunder an option against some zoners, and they are also upper body invincible, useful for anti-air and certain approaches.

Thunder has three different followups to any Sammamish, whether it hits, whiffs, or is blocked. Use Surprise Knee LK if you want to cause a flipout and do a fast mixup, or use Skyfall HK if you want to stomp on top of somebody's head.

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  2. Recently, the Thunder King was resurrected by the mogu's Zandalari allies and attempted to unify the mogu once again, serving as the main antagonist in patch However, the combined Shado-Pan, Alliance, and Horde assault on the Isle of Thunder put an end to Lei Shen's rule once and for all.
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  6. a skull I sculpted to practice anatomy and face proportions. Its not anatomically correct but its a good halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo jaw is attached to the skull making it easier to print. I have added an additional model file appended with "_orient" which is rotated so that it can be printed upright.
  7. Skull's Thunder is a tavern in the middle of Los Padres on Padres Del Fuego tended by Bartender Rico. Unlike most taverns, it only has a Blackjack table, even though there are several other empty tables in the tavern. Fernando can also be found at the bar here. Musicians Goldbeard and Coal Goldwater were added here in The Legend of Pirates Online. Location for Skull's Thunder: Click to view map.
  8. Thunder-Head Personal Information Name: Thunder-Head Real Name: Kevin Gorelick Former Aliases: N/A First Appearance: Savage Dragon # Group Affiliations: The Vicious Circle Height: 6′ 5″ Weight: lbs. Eyes: Yellow Hair: N/A Date of Birth: 05/06/89 Place of Birth: Chicago,Illinois Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Other Distinguishing Features: Thunder-Head has blue skin.

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