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Revolution (Fight For Your Life) - 90° Inclusive - 90° Inclusive (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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When nothing but the best will do for our clients:. After each class we sanitize the room with Lysol Disinfectant Spray and the entire room is cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant on a daily basis. We use a Laundry Detergent and a Laundry Sanitizer for the ultimate clean feel every time you use your towel.

We motivate and inspire each other, we connect and bond, and there is absolutely no judging Take the leap and find your Tribe,.

Polaris room Port de Plaisance. Join the Tribe! Revolution is more than just a Spin and Fitness studio. You decide how far you push yourself and there will be no judging!

Burn off easily calories, while having fun doing so! Dear Tribe! We're happy to announce that our Revolution Studio can reopen on June 1, as per Government guidelines!!!!! OMG, I'm so excited! Although Revolution has always maintained the highest possible standard of hygiene inside our studio, we want you to know that we're even stepping it up a notch.

Each client will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering the room and pick up their personal hand towel from the stack next to the door. Doorknobs get extra attention and will be wiped off constantly. Because our GrooveFitness classes require our clients to go from station to station and thus sharing equipment, we have temporarily replaced all GrooveFitness classes circuit training style on the schedule with GroovePower, where each client has their own station with their own equipment for the duration of the class.

We will either work to the music or work with the timer. To be able to offer the required social distance in class, our GrooveCycle class size has been reduced to 10 bikes only , so book your spot fast! If there is a large demand for a particular class on the schedule, we can start to offer a second consecutive class, so don't forget to add yourself to the waitlist if class is fully booked!

We kindly ask everyone who is showing any flu-like symptoms fever, coughing, sneezing, headache, loss of smell or taste etc.

I listen to music constantly, and the songs that I listen to very often inspire my art. As my 50th birthday dauntingly looms, I considered all the music that has soundtracked and often helped to shape my life and came up with a list to share. The songs on the list represent important steps in my evolution, but they are not all necessarily my favorite songs by these musicians.

Many of the songs represent gateways to an artist, a genre, or a subculture. The wonderful thing is that great music holds up over time, and it is incredible to discover good music, whether it be new or old. The majority of the tunes are things I listened to in my teens and twenties because I think we all feel a strong connection to music you listen to as you develop a sense of identity. I hope you enjoy a small window into my musical journey!

I was eight years old, and my dad took me to Woolworths or somewhere like that. There was a wall of the top 20 pop singles in the nation, and Y. I was deeply offended…and sure that a mistake must have been made. After I got into punk, I was pretty embarrassed that Y. Blondie always has been and continues to be fearless in their willingness to tackle genres ranging from punk, to Motown, to disco, to reggae, to hip hop.

Their breakthrough album, Parallel Lines, is diverse, but consistently great… an essential. Over the years, I have become friends with band members Chris, Debbie, and Clem, who are all super nice and effortlessly cool. The bass line and vocal hook are irresistible. The Stones compilation, Hot Rocks , is a must-have.

As I listened to more Devo and paid closer attention to their lyrics, I realized how brilliant and subversive their examinations of devolution and mindless conformity were when packaged in catchy new wave songs. Devo also made really cool videos and graphic art.

I now consider Devo to be one of the smartest and most fully realized art projects to infiltrate pop culture. I remember understanding that it was a big deal that an all-girl rock band had a big radio hit. We had a pretty low-fi turntable and speakers so I was thrilled that I could blast that record.

Joan Jett is really a bad-ass woman. She never tried to play the role of demure sex kitten and took charge of her career on her own terms. Not only does Joan sing and play guitar, she co-owns a record label and acts in movies and on Broadway.

I have worked with Billy on three album packages over the years. For all the swagger of his image, he is an incredibly kind and thoughtful guy in person. Shortly before I got into punk music as my main obsession, a girl, who I never expected would introduce me to something cool, brought a cassette copy of the first Violent Femmes album along to a church group trip. I knew my parents would hate it, so I listened to it discreetly in my room or on a Walkman it now seems ridiculous that the Sony brand of portable cassette player had gender bias!

I consider it a perfect album from start to finish. At the end of , my friend Chris left his Santa Cruz Duane Peters skateboard model at my house, and I started messing around with it in my driveway. I loved skateboarding because of the exhilarating solo progression with no sports team dynamics. My 14th birthday was approaching so I let my parents know I wanted a skateboard, a request that was met with frowns and wrinkled brows.

I mowed lawns etc… and came up with my half of the dough, so they kept their side of the bargain. My life prior to that day was B. The first group that got me into the subculture of music was the Sex Pistols. At first I just dug the music, but as I learned more about them I realized that they created an incredible cultural upheaval, and that there were talented people involved not only in the music but the art, fashion, and business ends.

Concentrate on creating generation gaps. Terrorize, threaten, and insult your own useless generation. The Clash is my all-time favorite band. The Clash band members, especially primary lyricist and lead singer Joe Strummer, are role models for me because they blended great music with social commentary and donated their talents to several causes they believed in.

The Clash showed me it was cool to give a shit. It is very hard for me to pick a favorite Clash album, much less a favorite song. I love the surly attitude and intensity of the first Clash album, and the stylistic diversity of Combat Rock, but my favorite album, which I think represents the Clash at their focused best, is London Calling.

London Calling is fantastic all the way through. I loved the music instantly when I heard it the first time. The Circle Jerks were the first punk group I saw in Charleston in I have seen them a dozen or so times since then, and they are always great. They are so diverse, so talented, so catchy, so deep, so fun and all of them are so unforgettable. Is it a mistake, or was it removed in the US version?

No, it was released on the US White Album. What the heck? You know, that was the good thing with a L. Copy the CD into computer audio-files and use a sound editor to reverse it. No need to destroy record players and needles, anymore!

Music is made for create an emotional response in people. Which is correct? The Royal Academy information came from tape operator Richard Lush, who worked on the sessions.

I suspect the tapes were made for the Academy at Abbey Road, so both could have been true. The de facto producer was Lennon, who also played mellotron. Thanks for the suggestions. From a sound experimentation stand point, fine. But it is too far of a radical departure from basic music for my tastes, even in the standards of the White Album. So you think this is the worst song ever made? At least Rev 9 is ambitious. It was always a painful experience, so it is the only track on a cannon Beatles LP that I deliberately skip.

This is just random sounds. Absolutely agree. This is not avant garde, or experimental or anything. Lennon, if there was ever a Beatle song that was a piece of garbage, or a throwaway, this is definitely it.

It should never have been released, at least certainly not on a Beatle album. However, if you were alive at the time it was released I was and already a Beatles fan you know how it fit into the times amazingly.

All this sampling and random sounds etc we hear today- this is in part where it came from first. Robert, YES you explain this perfectly. And I feel exactly the same as you having grown up during this time. I guess you had to be there:. Put your Paul-hatred-bias to bed. The avant garde was alive and well in music, art, theater and literature for decades before Beatle Paul was even born Really, get a grip! I always liked it as yet another curve in the road from them.

Following suit shortly thereafter comes Fruitgum Co. I was never compelled to try and play it forward though. Some American producers really loved to put those kind of things to single b-sides….

I think Revolution 9 is brilliant and a perfect example of Lenoons genius. Much of the content is bits of classical pieces played backwards or repeated. It took courage for him to insist on its inclusion in White Album. Not a song for the teenyboppers. It was obvious Lennon was trying to get out of the box. Similar to his posing full frontal on Two Virgins.

Biggest pop star in the world at the time. That took some big balls. It did take courage. In any event, the track is brilliant and hints at where the band might have gone had it evolved into the looser, more experimental association John could have lived with.

It took guts. Especially when one considers what was going on in the USA at that time. AND he paid the price for that stance. Of course, Revolution 9 raised its finger and stared back in the face of status quo.

Artistic courage? Now THAT is laughable! I listen to it every once in a great while, too. Just to pick out things. Or perhaps John eventually realised that Paul may have been right. He was as commercially savvy as McCartney, no doubt about it. In his own career he had the nous to keep that stuff completely separate, which he did of course, with his work with The Fireman. Maybe Lennon could have had a better attitude and suggested the Beatles do the same.

It has been suggested that most Beatles fans have never listened to this more than once. Also, Lennon has said that Yoko helped him compile the tapes.

George Harrison: voice. Can;t think of a time that I've ever witness any unnecessary aggression. Though plenty of times I've seen them calmly tell someone they couldn't get in because they were already too drunk. They are like giant teddy bears putting people in time out. Bartenders are hit or miss but mostly hit. Drinks are always mixed well but the service has a wide range. Excellent club to see a band. Better parking and viewing area then Culture Room. Two bars, one on second level near restrooms.

Good security, always have a good time. I love the intimacy of this venue and how cozy it is, if you ever get the chance to see your favorite artist here you shouldn't pass it up! There isn't bad spot in the whole place and upstairs even has spots to see the stage from above! We hope to have you back at our venue real soon! My kids and I went to this place for the Hits session hosted by the radio station It was an exclusive free concert of the band AJR.

The place is great for this type of events. The sound system was wonderful. It was clean inside with a full bar. As we were waiting in line outside to go in, I noticed that this place was kind of dirty. We were standing up for more than three hours because there's no seating inside. Fue un concierto exclusivo y gratuito de la banda AJR. El lugar es genial para este tipo de eventos. El sistema de sonido era maravilloso. Estaba limpio por dentro con un bar completo. See all photos from Wendy A.

Wow I felt like a little kid again going to the show again. I was nervous going at first thinking am I too old for this? The reviews sucked maybe I didn't realize because I was so young! But man was I wrong I had a blast!

We stood on the second floor which was a TINY bit cooler than everywhere else. Basically had VIP view above the stage behind the speakers. I will come back for another show here. Plus drink prices were pretty cheap loved that. Thanks to my husbands commitment to beartooth we will be returning again at some point.

Keep it up, you guys are obviously doing it right! I swear this lady was mopping every single time I walked in! Beer was going right through me LOL. I attended a show there for Sevendust. They sell wayyyyy too many tickets. It was overcapacity you couldn't see anything, it was so crowded you are on top of people and fights break out. I thought the back top bar should not be blocked off.

You could get a drink made more room, and they block seeing the stage. It just sucked. I will not attend a show here again. I bought tickets 6 months in advance and didn't see the band.

People that did shoved and fought there way in. Greed is all I can think of when you pack an event like that. It was not enjoyable and my memories of Sevendust don't even exist, just thoughts of how uncomfortable I was.

Please keep in mind that Revolution Live was built as a standing room only venue and a space where fans are brought together sometimes closely to listen to the music they love. We understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we take everyone's safety very seriously and ensure that we are never over capacity. If you're looking for a more relaxed option, we do offer VIP options that have seating and more room.

We hope you'll consider this option and join us for future shows! I have been going to shows there ever since. It's rare that I go there and don't have a good time seeing good music with good people. Being that it's located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a big plus, where I don't have to go down to Miami and fight traffic and high prices. It's not too often that I run into dealing with lines on the way into a show here, which has been good, compared to other larger venues.

Overall, I've been to Revolution scores of times for shows, and as long as I live down here, I'm sure I'll get to a lot more at this venue. I like Revolution. I know a lot of my friends don't, but I've never had an issue there. The only issue I've really had is my internal issue- being the tallest person at the venue and wanting to be in the front row. I'm sorry I love live music as much as the person who is 5ft tall, but sometimes I like to be in front. Ok, so the first great things about Revolution is that they have their own box office which is open I believe six days a week.

Do not, if you can help it, order from Ticketmaster. Give your money to the local guy. The venue itself is pretty small, but can pack a lot of people inside of it. There is a pit along with two sort of balcony -ish viewing areas it's really a railing, but I'm trying to paint a pretty picture. There's also a VIP area which I really need to start looking into.

I've had friends tell me they hate the sound there- I've never experienced this or if I did, I didn't realize I was experiencing it. The club has multiple bars. The venue also connects to 'Stache.

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Jun 05,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of 90° Inclusive on Discogs. Label: Vertigo - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album /5(11).

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  1. Revolution is more than just a Spin and Fitness studio. It’s about that amazing mind-body connection, about good vibes only, it’s about finding your Tribe and being in a happy place where getting in shape simply equals fun. Finally! Your Tribe will motivate, encourage .
  2. I knew nothing about Devo when I first heard “Whip It” on the radio, but I loved the quirky but catchy style of the song. I called the radio station obsessively requesting the song until they finally told me, “that song isn’t in rotation anymore it’s not in the top 40 anymore stop bugging us!” “Whip It” was the only Devo song I knew until later when I got into punk rock.
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Revolution (4U) - Revolution on AllMusic -
  4. Fight for your life in this new rogue-like game mode! Start off your adventure with nothing but a pistol, some scrap and the skin on your back. Travel randomly through corrupted World Stones to different biomes, scrap-up gear, fight insanely-difficult bosses and test your endurance on how long you can resist The Root’s influence. The Iskal Rise.
  5. Identical twins from Alexandra township (just north of Johannesburg) that started off as backing dancers to local house music DJ Christos in the mid 90's. Breakthrough success came with their third album "The Journey" which sold more than any other South African CD in
  6. Revolution Fight Series 20 took place Saturday, March 24, with 5 fights at Signal Knob Recreation Center in Strasburg, Virginia. View fight card, video, results, predictions, and news.
  7. Jun 05,  · referencing 90° Inclusive, LP, Album, Please, would anyone who know how I can get this album - 90 Degrees Inclusive by 90 Degrees Inclusive (Untitled)- contact me at [email protected] I would accept in whatever format - LP/Album (Larry)/5(14).

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