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Nightmare - Sonic Pulsar - Out Of Place (CD, Album)

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As the player advances, the Nightmares will become faster, stronger and more refined defensively. Upon the reconstruction of Dark Gaia by Dr. Eggman, all of the Nightmares along with the other types of Dark Gaia minions were returned to the beast, who was later defeated and sealed within the planet's core.

Noted to be the lowest of the low, the Nightmares are not very bright and act only on a basic drive to hurt others nearby. As a Dark Gaia Minion, the Nightmares can possess people by latching onto the deepest, darkest part of the heart, and generate despair, negative emotions or even erratic behavior that are completely opposite to the person's personality.

You gave Dirty a 2. Your existence is futile in the presence of Eliminator. Your enthusiasm for Eliminator is greatly appreciated by Him. Review Summary: Sonic Youth's fourth album hints at the genius they'd show in their next three albums and ride out the rest of their career with. It's not entirely developed in some parts, but there's enough texture, melody, and smarts in here to make it an excellent alb. It's not entirely developed in some parts, but there's enough texture, melody, and smarts in here to make it an excellent alb "My Violence is a Dream, a Real Dream.

EVOL is a slick half hour plus of dreamy textures, droning noise, and twisted, violent lyrics that create a tight fourth album for the Youth. The most melodic album of their career at this point, EVOL oozes with the potential Sonic Youth would fulfill with their landmark classics Sister and Daydream Nation that capped off their 80's discography a couple years later. Looking back from now at the young Sonic Youth, not too much has changed in the grand scheme of things.

Thurston Moore still sounds 16 years old, Kim Gordon still sounds deranged to the point of inaccessible, and Lee Ranaldo, who recites his first rhymeless, tuneless vocal poem on EVOL , is still fricken cool. This is a testament to the Youth's longevity; twenty years later, they still sound edgy, but not enough to stop enough people from buying their albums.

They are able to bridge the gap between melody and dissonance seamlessly, and that point of accessibility keeps their fans coming. It wasn't always that way though. Made of Dreams is a quiet interlude in form of a ballad. The keyboards are, again, very well played and the vocals can really grab the emotion by its fingertips. The album title song brings back to surface the inventive side.

Again the interplay is excellent and the guitar work flawless. Positive waves circle all around this instrumental song for it is uprising. Excellent stuff really. The last song closes the album in style. It occasionally reminds me of solo Bruce Dickinson pseudo-ballads but only for split seconds. The song is harmonious and with a very distinctive melodic sense. Hugo's personal signature is very strong all over the album and he is really revealing himself to be a gifted guitar player and a enlighten progressive composer.

The progger can put his ears with confidence here and the progressive labels should pay attention to this project and the obvious potentiality of future works. The talent is here for anyone to take notice. Playing the Universe - produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by HFP.

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Main Menu. Interviews :. Factory of Dreams is a project uniting multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto , on vocal harmonies and arrangements.

The duo was brought together in , when Hugo was inspired by the voice of Jessica Lehto. When they began working creatively, they found an ease and common purpose in providing a different and innovative mix of music. In , the duo released Poles.

It was received well critically, and they followed the success with A Strange Utopia , in In , they created the lavish masterpiece, Melotronical. Now they are back with their latest creation, Some Kind of Poetic Destruction.

Thankfully, they took a break from their busy schedule of creating and promoting their new release to speak with Sea of Tranquility's Mark Johnson. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule promoting your new album 'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction' to take some time out to answer some questions for your fans. These series of songs had quite a different sound from my current Project Creation and in fact that was the intention, to try and compose something different and with a more direct approach than the aforementioned project.

I had the music but no vocals, so, the search for a suitable vocalist began. We've been working together ever since, and she's just a force of nature and there's hardly anyone as talented as Jessica to be honest, when you see what she can deliver.

As for inspiration, I think my music and Jessica's vocals are the perfect combination. Musically, Jessica's style may be more straight forward than mine and I may give her a hard time with those mad compositions and lyrics I'm sure of it [laughs], but in the end I know the music pushed her to create some incredible harmonies and vocal lines; it's demanding, yes it is, but that's what you gotta do to create something different than the norm, shake things a bit!

In the end the result is what is in front of you, and I am just so pleased we can do this together. I can't praise Jessica enough really. The more you listen to these tracks the more you discover in them, layers of sound that keep popping up, without anything sounding messy, everything fits in so well together and creates a unique sound. When Hugo first got in touch with me I hadn't heard of his projects, and it was exciting to listen to the first two tracks that he sent.

They were not as complex as some of the tracks he sent later, but still not the kind of music I had recorded vocals for up until then. It was quite a challenge, and it still is at times, since many of the tracks have a lot of lyrics to fit in on a rather short time span. This object exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity. Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity. An ambitious record from a rigorous band that obviously wants to be part of the greats.

Review by erik neuteboom Prog Reviewer. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The idea for this project started after the release of Hugo's cd "Atlantis". This cd is an excellent work, full of new fresh ideas and revealing of the great talent of this youngster.

This guy shows the way to the future of music production, a guitar, and lots of talent. He is already the veteran of 4 edited Cds produced and recorded by himself. Studio Album, 3.

And I have to admit that they are doing it with style thanks to several compositions which are very well crafted like the very good opener "Radio Silent". Out Of Place Sonic Pulsar Crossover Prog Review by erik neuteboom Prog Reviewer I am not really into progressive metal but when I got this CD as a promo I was stunned by this Portuguese trio: most of their music is dynamic and energetic progmetal fortunately not those endless scale-acrobatics with lots of exciting ideas and variety and splendid metallish guitarwork many biting and howling soli and propulsive heavy riffs , this man is a sensation!

Sonic Pulsar also creates moments to relax featuring acoustic rhythm guitar, great keyboards wonderful piano, classical orchestrations and a soaring string-sound and some panflute.

SONIC PULSAR is a new ambitious project by Hugo FLORES* and Carlos MATEUS. The idea for this project started after the release of Hugo's cd "Atlantis". This cd is an excellent work, full of new fresh ideas and revealing of the great talent of this youngster.

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  1. Nocturne is quite simply one of the best CDs I've ever owned - the best electronic music album ever. From dark, moody tracks (such as Big Trouble) to the more upbeat (Dynamo Eternal and Summer Drift 69) it is an absolute joy to listen to. Never before has such talent existed in one CD!5/5(2).
  2. EAC extraction logfile from November , for CD Sonic Pulsar / Out Of Place Used drive: _NEC DVD_RW NDA Adapter: 0 ID: 0 Read mode: Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache Read offset correction: 48 Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out: No Used output format: C:\Program Files\FLAC\halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo (User Defined Encoder.
  3. Out of Place Sonic Pulsar. Type: Full-length Release date: Catalog ID: N/A Label: Mellow Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; Additional notes; 1. Out of Place (loading lyrics) 2. Burning Inside Me (loading lyrics) 3. Schizophrenic Playground.
  4. "My Violence is a Dream, a Real Dream." Thus begins EVOL, the fourth album from now highly esteemed alternative outfit Sonic Youth, and a more fitting first lyric could not be halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo is a slick half hour plus of dreamy textures, droning noise, and twisted, violent lyrics that create a tight fourth album for the Youth. The most melodic album of their career at this point, EVOL oozes with the.
  5. They met in , started playing guitar in and started Sonic Pulsar in In between, Hugo returned to Portugal in , while Carlos went to England in Between and , Hugo wrote some songs and finished 3 CDs, of which the last one, "Atlantis", was published by Fossil Records.
  6. Back on 'Out of Place', Sonic Pulsar's last album, we have the 'Solitary Star' theme that elaborates exactly on this star, now found on the new Factory of Dreams' concept story. Kyra. Who's Kyra? You'll hear about her again on the future Project Creation album, the 3rd CD, that is now beginning to be composed and that might close the trilogy.
  7. Infomaniac by Nightmare of You - CD () for $ from halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo Pop / Rock - Order by Phone Price: $
  8. In August , Carlos returned to Portugal to study for his Masters and in January they decided that they wanted to work together as a band, whilst not giving up Hugo's solo career. "OUT OF PLACE", SONIC PULSAR'S NEW ALBUM HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED BY MELLOW RECORDS WWW. MELLOWRECORDS. COMBUY IT AT A GREAT PRICE AT WWW.
  9. Box of Nightmares Lightmare with the Box of Nightmares, from Sonic the Comic # Art by Richard Elson. Appearances First appearance Sonic the Comic #86 Statistics and overview User(s) Lightmare Purpose Casting illusions Description A golden box with a lock. The Box of Nightmares is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a tool utilized by.

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