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Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης - Μπορείς Να Πηγαίνεις (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Lonnie Smith, Houston Pearson…. He was always interested in the arts; literature, art and music. He came to Bretton Hall College as an English student in where he met Shirley; they married in It was at Bretton that his passion for recording developed.

The challenges before us are clearly enormous, however, and the School cannot rest on its historical laurels. The values which Homer Davis and the Founders brought to Athens College must be reclaimed and re-taught in today s world. I plan to focus on bringing greater transparency to the areas of scholarships, admissions and development.

What do you want to say to your disappointed fans? We are continuing to be cutting-edge, pushing the boundaries of not only Electronica, but now also Rock and countless other genres of music. Times change, people change, but one thing stays the same: if the music makes you go nuts on the dance floor, why question it? We all notice that mostly psychedelic artists are changing style. Why do you believe this happens? There might be a huge niche market for it around the globe, but the great Psy artists are starting to realize that in order to appeal to a wider audience, they have to explore other genres such as Electro, Tech, and Progressive.

How has your sound progressed over the years? We started off focusing primarily on Psy-Trance, but after a while our sound evolved to incorporate genres such as Rock, Breaks, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and now some Dubstep. Which are your influences? We formed our style mostly through the sounds of Depeche Mode, Primus, Metallica and Korn… What was the experience of Paul Oakenfold producing your album like? It was great working with Paul.

He is a legend in not only the EDM scene, but within the wider music community in general. Skrillex is making some nasty tunes…You should definitely check him out! Also Randy Seidman is a great upcoming producer and dj. Besides these things, we will continue touring like mad - look forward to seeing you soon :. Makis benakis simon Rigg is the founder of Phonica Records in uK.

We found him on sonar Festival and we grabbed some words. Or we got the wrong person? Yes, Phonica Records is a record shop in London specialising in electronic music and vinyl. We specialise in house, techno, disco, dubstep, funk, soul, reggae, rock, electronica and much more sonar , Barcelona, Phonica records event…some keywords for conversation… describe your activities and this year experience in Barcelona. Sonar was great this year! I think a lot of people are tiring of the German monopoly over the past few years , the music is becoming quite dull and unexciting.

After seeing Brandt Brauer frick at our party, they are rocking it live. Green and my technics s. Alexandros Gerasimou alex urbanstylemag. Efie Tsitsopoulou. Sofia Pavlidou. The installation took place in an old Mansion at the old port of Mytilene city, used for cultural purposes. The installation construction contains, a package of 8 white frames, placed in 4 different rows.

The frames can move as a curtain, making a flexible screen. The visitor can move around the place and view each frame as an individual monitor. The video art duration is 57 minutes containing the soundtrack of MikTek Links. Micah Hinson — Patience Flotation Toy Warning — Donald Pleasance Damon and Naomi with Ghost — The mirror phase Baba Zula — Sipa Heist — Cold War. Dan Deacon — Wham City The Open — Two lovers in the rain Sparks — More than a sex machine Czars — Drug Sigur Ros — Glosoli The Black Heart Procession — A sign on the road The Soundtrack of Our Lives — Nevermore Isolation Years — Naked natives Voodoo Child — Light is in your eyes.

Shack — Cup of tea Handsome Family — I fell Delaware — Butterfly Kiss Bent — King Wisp Kirlian Camera — Recorded Memory Laibach — Rossiya Cuban Boys — Inertria Kids Isihia — Gospodi Vozvah Richard Swift — Lovely night My Morning Jacket — The way that he sings Warzaw Village Band — Chassidic Dance Death In June — Many enemies bring much honour Aspera — Birds fly Clann Zu — From Bethleem to Jenin Ulrich Schnauss — In all the wrong places Ashram — 5 steps… Laurent Garnier — Last tribute from the 20th Century.

John Cale — Paris 2. Lou Reed — Berlin 3. ABBA — Arrival 4. David Bowie — Low 5. Crass — The Feeding of the Wire — Pink flag 8.

Μπορείς να πηγαίνεις - Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης Τι έρωτας κι αυτός - Πασχάλης Της αγάπης μαχαιριά - Χάρης & Πάνος Κατσιμίχας.

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  1. Για τον Βασίλη Τσιτσάνη, ο οποίος τον ανακάλυψε σε ηλικία μόλις 13 ετών και του έδωσε την ώθηση να ασχοληθεί με το τραγούδι, ο Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης είπε: «Με βοήθησε να .
  2. Δεν μπορείς να βγάλεις από το μυαλό του Nick Cave να κάνει album. Αν αυτές οι εταιρίες που διακινούν τα τραγούδια δεν θα θέλουν να αγοράζουν ολόκληρα album –που υποθέτω θα θέλουν- .
  3. Dec 12,  · Prince: The Black Album [ ευρώ] LP / CAN. Warner Bros. Records, (τα bootlegs) δεν μπορείς πλέον να τα αγοράσεις από το discogs, επειδή έχουν αποσυρθεί από το σάιτ (για λόγους προστασίας των δικαιωμάτων). Γιώργος.
  4. Τα καλάθι αγορών σας είναι άδειο! Μενου. Αρχική +; Ελληνικοί Δίσκοι. Λαϊκά - Ελαφρά - Έντεχνα +.
  5. Γιώργο Μαργαρίτη ακούω από παλιά, ενώ τον έχω δει live κάμποσες φορές (αρχής γενομένης από τα μέσα του ’80). Κατά καιρούς τσιμπάω και διάφορα δισκάκια του, LP ή CD, αφού πάντα θα βρεις σ’ αυτά κάποια καλά, ή και πολύ καλά, λαϊκά.
  6. Μπορείς να κάνεις μία προσφορά για αυτήν την αγγελία στην τιμή που θες. Ο πωλητής μπορεί να αποδεχτεί, απορρίψει ή να αντιπροτείνει ποσό στην προσφορά σου.
  7. Γιώργος Τρίμης - Κώστας Μπιτίνης - 1.Στέλιος Καζαντζίδης2.Γιώργος Ταλιούρης.
  8. Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης - Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης - 1.Στέλιος Καζαντζίδης2.Γιώργος Νταλάρας3.Έφη Θώδη 4.

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