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In The Night (When The Moon Slyly Winks) - Victor Light Opera Company - Gems From ;Queen Of The Movies; / Gems From ;Sari; (Shellac)

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If you have an activity or activities to share, please email these along with your name and school or library name. Also available in Korean, published by Bluebirdchild Publishing, Bit in 'I Pagliacci' uncredited Jack Chefe Opera Spectator uncredited Ruth Cherrington Opera Spectator uncredited Alex Chivra Shipboard Cook uncredited Martin Cichy Policeman uncredited Gino Corrado First Porter uncredited Gennaro Curci Doorman uncredited Sidney D'Albrook Stagehand uncredited Olga Dane Azucena in "Il Trovatore" uncredited Bill Days Singer in Chorus uncredited Mario Dominici Ship Passenger uncredited Mike Donovan Policeman uncredited Jay Eaton Aviator uncredited Manuel Emanuel Bit in 'I Pagliacci' uncredited Ruth Fanchon Dancer uncredited Adolph Faylauer Opera Spectator uncredited Antonio Filauri Bit in 'I Pagliacci' uncredited Harry Fleischmann Policeman uncredited Bess Flowers Ship Passenger uncredited Otto Fries Otto - Elevator Operator uncredited Bud Geary Stagehand uncredited Alexander Giglio Bit in 'I Pagliacci' uncredited Billy Gilbert Police Captain uncredited Julia Griffith Opera Spectator uncredited George Guhl Policeman uncredited Jonathan Hale Stagehand uncredited Chuck Hamilton Policeman uncredited Eddie Hart Policeman uncredited Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian Stagehand uncredited Lew Hicks Policeman uncredited Luther Hoobyar He couldn't get dressed, so he gave me his clothes.

Fiorello : Wait a minute. Before he sings, you gotta sign a contract. And I get 10 percent. Driftwood : And I get 10 percent too. Henderson : Say! Now, how did those two bed get together?

Driftwood : Well, you know how those things are, they breed like rabbits. Lassparri : [costumed as Pagliacci] Now, what have you got to say to me? Driftwood : Just this - can you sleep on your stomach with such big buttons on your pajamas? Driftwood : Let me see that This is an outrage.

Driftwood : If I were you I wouldn't pay it. Driftwood : [at the opera] Well, who's ahead? Ship Captain : I cannot let the evening pass without paying a little tribute to our distinguished guests of honor - the three greatest aviators in the world.

Driftwood : Three greatest aviators, but you notice they're traveling by boat. Driftwood : [to carriage driver] Hey you. I told you to slow that nag down. On account of you I almost heard the opera. Manicurist : Did you want your nails long or short?

Driftwood : Better make them short. It's getting pretty crowded in here. Driftwood : That's the fire escape. And, uh I vant to be alone! Henderson : You'll be alone when I throw you in jail!

Driftwood : Isn't there a song like that, Henderson? Fiorello : [beginning a speech disguised as one of the aviators] Friends. Driftwood : Go fast. I can see a man with a rope out there. Fiorello : How we happen to come to America is a great story, but I no tell that. Henderson : The last time I was in this room there were four beds here. Driftwood : Please! I'm not interested in your private life, Henderson. Fiorello : Ricardo, how do you feel?

Ricardo : After a meal like that great. I could sing my head off. It's a wonderful word tra-la-la-la. Henderson : Hey, who were you talking to? Driftwood : I was talking to myself, and there's nothing you can do about it. I've had three of the best doctors in the East. Driftwood : Say, I just remembered, I came back here looking for somebody. You don't know who it is, do you?

Fiorello : It's a funny thing, it just slipped my mind. Driftwood : [in an overcrowded stateroom] It is my imagination, or is it getting crowded in here? Driftwood : Let's go in my room and talk the situation over. Claypool : What situation? Driftwood : Well, er Claypool : I most certainly will not go to your room. Driftwood : OK, then I'll stay here. Claypool : All right, all right, all right!

I'll come, but get out. Driftwood : Shall we say, uh, ten minutes? Claypool : Yes, ten minutes, anything. But go! Driftwood : Because if you're not there in ten minutes, I'll be back here in eleven. With squeaky shoes on!

Driftwood : I am sure the familiar strains of Verdi's music will come back to you tonight, and Mrs. Claypool's cheques will probably come back to her in the morning. Driftwood : Could he sail tomorrow? Fiorello : You pay him enough money, he could sail yesterday. Driftwood : [attempting to sell insurance to a ship porter] I have here an accident policy that will absolutely protect you no matter what happens.

If you lose a leg, we'll help you look for it. Captain : Ladies and gentleman. It's a great pleasure that I welcome you all to the final night of the voyage. Ricardo : And what was it you wanted to see me about?

Rosa : I suppose I sent for you? Ricardo : Well you meant to. Didn't she, Marie? It could be a half an hour, it's still gonna be number one for centuries. Kenny promised at first, but, ever the cheeky one, he played it anyway — fourteen times over two days, which initially horrified the band, but caused a huge demand for the song, resulting in a rush-release single on October 31, Of course, we're getting ahead of ourselves here — there are many other songs on A Night At The Opera , all as grandiose and brilliant as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Freddie's Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon and Seaside Rendezvous were affectionate nods to the s music hall and vaudeville genre, while Brian's Good Company was reminiscent of any number of glorious Kinks records released in the late s. John's You're My Best Friend was a terrific pop single, while the balladic Love Of My Life , written by Freddie for Mary Austin , would endure and endear in nearly every country for the next thirty years.

One other epic was constructed during the sessions — Brian's The Prophets Song , which recalled a particular dream he had in which Mother Earth hatches revenge against her inhabitants. Clocking in at over eight minutes, the song was reportedly considered for single release at one point, though the lengthy vocal interlude would likely have been cut; another of Brian's songs, the space folk!!!

The grand finale was a suitably over-the-top arrangement of Britain's national anthem , which had been sung by audiences during homeland concerts while they were waiting for the band to enter the stage. The album was released in November — a mere fortnight after the Bohemian Rhapsody single shot into the UK charts — and reached 1 in the UK, and 4 in the US, the first time any of Queen's albums had broken through the Top Ten.

The album has been privvy to several re-releases along the way, including the Hollywood Records reissue that saw special remixes of You're My Best Friend and I'm In Love With My Car tacked on as bonus tracks it would seem that all the material recorded for the album was released, so, until anyone else says otherwise, any additional titles that may crop up on less reliable encyclopedia sites are just boring jokes propagated by equally boring people.

The album was also mixed into 5. The band knew rather early on that they had something special on their hands, and invited the press for a special hearing of the album only days before they were due to go on tour again.

The album was still being mixed hours before the playback, and further tweaks and edits were made afterward, but the general consensus was that Queen had recorded a killer album, and that it blew their previous three albums out of the water.

A Night At The Opera soared to No.4 on the Billboard album chart and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ became the band’s first top ten single on the Hot while Queen were touring America.

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  1. It is not night when I do see your face, Therefore I think I am not in the night. Nor doth this wood lack worlds of company, For you, in my respect, are all the world. Then, how can it be said I am alone When all the world is here to look on me? Helena declares that it's not dark out to her because Demetrius's face shines like a light.
  2. [Fiorello and Driftwood go over the second clause of their contract] Otis B. Driftwood: Now, it says, uh, "The party of the second part shall be known in this contract as the party of the second part." Fiorello: Well, I don't know about that Otis B. Driftwood: Now what's the matter? Fiorello: I no like-a the second party, either. Otis B. Driftwood: Well, you should of come to the first party.
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