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Hows m Chicks

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Because caftans work now around house and in July by the pool…? My lovely sister who lives in Brooklyn turned me on to your podcast and blog. I really did try and ration myself on the podcasts but in the end they were just too good and I binged them all in a day and a half. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and the other readers comments. I live in England and I am hunkering down since last Monday with my husband and dog and cats.

I feel really far away from my family In the States and I am really worried for my sister who lives alone and the crisis in NYC and my also my elderly parents. I am having to ration the news. I feel like I am at saturation point so can only take about a half hour a day. I also agree with you that Governor Cuomo is a legend. So a couple of things that cheered me up today — Someone sent me this Michael Rapaport clip on Trump.

That definitely cheered me up. Focused more on supporting local restaurants and service people for the moment. Love the steely dancing and the humble brags! Berklee music made me cry, so beautiful! Thanks for posting the links. Shopping stuff, really anything. Just love to see your blog everyday. I recently got my sister into it as well. Doing a daily exercise challenge with friend, we text each other proof everyday, taking a lot of walks with the dog, not watching the news, taking CBD, trying not to drink too much everyday one per day the past two days!

Hang in there. We stopped shopping for recreation years ago, and while I obviously still need the occasional great boot or stylish pant, a more rounded survey of GOACA life would be very welcome to me. I worry about the financial health of so many people whose salaries and revenue streams are being interrupted — including Kim. It made me want to go shopping in my closet and then I remembered I have nowhere to go while sheltering in place. So here I am sitting at the breakfast table wearing a retro plaid flannel shirt, tweed trousers and a silver conch belt.

He interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci today for his 2. Yes, I too, look at your posts more as inspiration, so keep posting but continue to mention that we should all be thinking about the warehouse and delivery workers. Thank you for the concert link!

My husband and I snuggled on the sofa in his home office last night as we listened to episodes of Fresh Air. One of the episodes featured Max Brooks.

Do you think their sons have shown them technology options so they can do some version of this? It is good that you are showing concern. I think as a society we should be prioritizing our efforts on making masks, staying home, etc etc.

No one will mind if things arrive late. So I say, keep on with the keeping on, that you have been keeping doing. For some reason, I find so much joy in virtual window shopping.

I will continue to visit your site and read your posts no matter what you decide to do. Hi Kim. I look forward to reading your posts each day. I like the shopping posts, but especially like post supporting small retailers. These small things are saving me right now.

I do want to stay engaged with the world and support the economy in the small way that I can. Thank you for brightening my WFH life. I miss your posts with links to art, music, and interesting stories.

Some classical, some world music, some jazz, but all soothing. I just saw this interesting story on Quartz in which they talk to a Cambridge ethicist about retail therapy right now. I actually canceled an order from Nordstrom during the last sale.

I will buy the item but at a higher process soon. I will be essentials online but I am enjoying the very limited shopping during my daily walks. This has actually turned into a good survey of who is reading your blog and why. Take care of yourself through these long days.

You provide such a wonderful corner of the internet to check into daily. I am alone and running out of money and food. My bestie, who is in the front lines, just dropped off a Costco chicken. As to fashion, please keep bringing it. I love the distraction and the feeling that normalcy will return eventually. Reading some bios and auto-bios. Cooking some yummy stews and getting fresh fish from friends whose husbands fish.

Enjoying the meals that two of my adult daughters who are now home with us are coming up with: Last night was shrimp scampi. Play with me! Wrong night to stay home. What happens next: Everyone wins. Desired Answer: "Not at all. You did nothing wrong. Don't mess this up. What happens next: Things get messy. Desired Answer: "I know. I tots know.

Again this was a facade to hide my underlying feelings of insecurity. Once inside the clinic, I patiently waited for my name to be called, and became very nervous with anticipation of what the surgeon would tell me about my options, since I had a grueling surgery back in of a modified radical mastectomy leaving my arm swollen, suffering from periodic lymphedema and whole right side deformed.

Even with the subtle floral pictures on the wall, my anxious feelings were not at all relieved. A soft knock on the door, and in walked a young, dark-haired, handsome doctor with kind eyes. He must have sensed my apprehension because was quick to try to put me at ease with some idle chit-chat about careers etc. After he examined me I was delighted when he told me that I was a candidate for an implant, skin expander, that each week a small amount of saline would be added until I reached the desired size to match my remaining girl and to make me whole again.

Walking out to the desk after my appointment, he approached me at the desk, placed his arm around me, stated: "it will be just fine. As I left that day, a flood of varying emotions came over me. Instantly when I reached my truck, a flurry of phone calls was made to some of my other best friends with an update that I was indeed having this reconstruction surgery to make me whole again in while at the same time having episodes of laughter, and crying.

A whirlwind of activity followed that day with a scheduled surgery date in the next ten days. I managed to do all of the pre-op requirements, and a final appointment with my doctor to answer any further questions my date was set.

Showing up at the hospital for my surgery, I had no idea how scared, apprehensive, and mixed my emotions would be. Everything went well, with being able to return home in a matter of a few hours for my recuperation time of two weeks. In a matter of days I began to feel wonderful, exhilarated, and when looking in the mirror seeing a little " perky girl" where a gaping cavern had been for years gave me a real sense of "Whoo Hoo!

Looking in the mirror I have to laugh, because now I have the saggy, perky puppet show going on We are like seriously like you can't man that when you were here a minute ago like the the the medicine for the masses.

Oh my God that smells good. I'm gonna have to get some. That's Mindy. I'm afraid to hit like play videos when I can't see like I. Oh, God I don't wanna be dragging this political are you take off work today.

I don't need a political or religious on my Facebook or maybe stuff at all. I'm not to push it. I don't know exactly I'm none of them are going on and if they ever could get somebody that actually take care so keep an eye for them. They're we can do. We get back to that country day, so you should be watching for that. Thank you all the smart mirrors all the people now like I posted on my page the other day where a That might CBD tincture was taken the alcohol they use to wash with and repurpose it for people like her on the front lines that have to happen in sanitizer every day, but the States are having a hard time getting having a good time.

I'm getting so much done. I gave him a bunch of love. I was like, Alright you guys y'all. Right there is breaking that stigma a big level for the industry as a whole, and I always have what you're doing think of how many others cannabis companies using that alcohol now because they can re purpose as well.

I think they can't. I like I know I'm cool. They reached out to me a message and was like Thank you. Start conversations to get to know each other better! Rules 1. No advertisements. This is not a place for you to promote your stuff. Posts for chat rooms and similar sites will be removed. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. MakeNewFriendsHere submitted 16 hours ago by beagleuniverse. If you do trust him, it might be time for you to just have a deep, heart to heart talk with him.

Just let him know exactly how you feel and let him know that you don't want him texting other girls, after all, why should he be? He has you. Always ladies, whenever you are in a relationship, especially a relationship where he is texting other girls you want to make sure that you have very open lines of communication. You both should feel comfortable enough to talk to one another about what's bothering you. Finally, if nothing works, ask to see the texts that he is texting other girls. It might be worth it and set your mind at ease to know at least what they are talking about.

If he doesn't let you, it could be a sign ladies!

Jul 27,  · If your boyfriend is one of those boys that is constantly texting other girls, I've got just the tips and tricks for you! I've got the top 8 things to do if he is texting other girls. Be Completely Honest After you confront him, if you aren't comfortable with the fact that he is texting other girls, you've got to.

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  1. The snake was going straight for her neck, Ivana was struggling to keep its disgusting head away with both arms keeping its jaws from closing. It dripped venom on the girls neck she could feel the burning pain.-Aaaaargh! Ivana screamed in pain, at the same time .
  2. I’m going to say it, Yes. Women and girls in this or any friend making sub do get higher number of replies to a post. And it’s not a shocker!!!! So men wanting to really make female friends here, don’t worry about her inbox being full or the number of people texting her. If you really want to meet people here, stop worrying about others.
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  4. Oct 27,  · Here are the 12 indirect phrases girls text and what they really mean. But, you know, this is all just a suggestion. I'm majorly FOMO-ing tell me no one who is cool or hot or single was there.
  5. Sep 24,  · Both girls’ and guys' texting habits change when they start to catch feelings. I mean, are any of us really surprised by this information? Think about how your heart skips a beat when you see.
  6. How's the Water, Girls? is the story of an inquisitive fish named Strawberry. Due to a chance question from a wise, older fish, Strawberry embarks on a journey to find water. None of the experts seem helpful; in fact, most of them discourage further exploration and halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfos: 5.
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