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Hatiyan Te Feeta Ae - Suraiya Multaneekar - Suraiya Multaneekar (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Burman came late into the scene in Bombay. Yet, most of their songs are memorable. Kajal , Shair and Shama were other films for which he composed music for Suraiya. Other directors who composed music for her in her film songs, include C. Ramchandra in the film Dewana , Roshan in the film Masuka , K. Tripahi in Inaam , O. Nayyar in Mr. Lamboo and N.

Dutta in Miss Hansraj Behl composed music for the films Khilari songs, such as, "Chahat ka bhulana mushkil hai" and Dil nashad na ro" , Shaan songs, such as, "Tarap ae dil" , "Rajput", "Moti Mehal" and "Resham". Rani directed music in the film Bilwamangal songs, such as, "Parwano se preet sekh le" , Shyam Sunder gave music for her films, Char Din and Kamal ke Phool.

Sajjad Husain was her music director in two films, viz. In the late s, Dev Anand used to enact actor Gregory Peck's mannerisms to please Suraiya, as he knew she was a fan of Peck. Their love-affair continued for four years from to Suraiya was so much in love with Dev Anand that she let Lata sing some of the songs picturized on her in her films, in order to get more time to be with Dev Anand.

Her love for Dev Anand was so intense that she was ready to forgo her singing star career for Dev, who was even more passionate about her. Suraiya told during this interview, that during the shooting of the film Neeli , Dev Anand asked her final decision about their marriage, after their failed eloping incident.

When Suraiya told Dev Anand that she did not want her to be the cause of his death, as both her grandmother and her maternal uncle opposed their marriage, he slapped her across the face and called her a "coward". She did not mind Dev Anand slapping her, because she knew how much he loved her. Dev Anand later kept on apologising for days about his behaviour. Dev Anand was not the one to be daunted easily. During the shooting of the film Afsar , Dev Anand again formally proposed to her and gave her an engagement diamond ring worth rupees Suraiya was very happy and kept the ring with her.

One day when she wore the ring, her grandmother questioned her and Suraiya could not hide the fact that Dev Anand had given it to her. Her grandmother was furious and threw her ring into the sea.

Her maternal grandmother opposed the relationship, mainly because they were Muslims and Dev Anand was a Hindu. Suraiya and Dev Anand were stopped from acting together after their last film in by her grandmother.

Thereafter, Suraiya remained unmarried by her own choice for the rest of her life. Speaking to journalist Sheila Vesuna, Suraiya said: "Eventually, my grandmother succeeded in separating us.

Dev was deeply hurt and offended by my lack of courage. But I was afraid for him. In retrospect, I don't think anything would have happened if I'd been bold enough. But I was terrified of my grandmother. And was heartbroken. But time is the greatest healer. She was also supported by Suraiya's maternal uncle Zahoor and some film persons, viz.

Kardar, lyricist Naqshab Nadira's first husband and director M. During the shooting of Dev Anand's own production Afsar , under the banner of 'Navketan', Suraiya's grandmother started to oppose their romance openly and started interfering even in the shooting of their love scenes. Earlier, at the height of their romance in the late forties, Suraiya created a furore in film-world, when she and Dev Anand walked hand in hand at the dashing hero Shyam's marriage.

Kamini Kaushal , who worked with Suraiya and Dev Anand in Shair , said in an interview to Filmfare in January , that Suraiya would pass on her letters to her to be delivered to Dev Anand, when her grandmother started keeping an eye on their love-affair.

She said that Dev Anand was non-aggressive, not someone to put his foot down and say, "I'll marry her". We acted together in Ziddi , which was his second film and my fourth.

He is still a shy person, but puts on an act of flambuoyance. And let me tell you, it's a perfect act. I know him very well. Dev Anand in a TV interview with Simi; "Rendezvous with Simi Garewal", after Suraiya's death in January , revealed that Suraiya, who had gladly accepted his ring at first, never told him the reason for her later refusal of the marriage proposal, and that she was coerced to say "no" to him by her grandmother.

In an interview with 'Stardust', June , Suraiya revealed that she lacked the courage to resist her family and that Dev Anand truly loved her. Dev Anand wanted her to be bold and marry him in a civil court. But Suraiya refused. Maybe I was one. I admit I didn't have the courage to take a step I was not absolutely sure of.

Perhaps, it was a folly, perhaps a mistake, or perhaps destiny". The principal reason for the opposition from her grandmother and her advisers was that Dev Anand was of a different religion, and the covert one was that Suraiya was the only earning member of the family.

The film people had also their own professional and personal interests in opposing an early marriage of their popular singing star. Sadiq, who was a married man, himself wanted to marry her. Suraiya's parents wanted her to marry Dev Anand, but being a mellow couple, their voice was ignored by the grandmother. The painful experience with Dev Anand left her bruised emotionally, a phase from which many said she never recovered.

A retreat from the public atmosphere was followed by a return in films such as Mirza Ghalib , for which she received praise even from the Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, but she never attained the dizzy public popularity she had attained earlier on. Suraiya refused to marry anyone in future, in spite of efforts by her family to persuade her to marry certain film directors and businessmen of their community.

Sadiq, film director and actor Rehman were some of the film persons who were interested in marrying Suraiya. Elsewhere, he has said to Shekhar Hattangadi that in spite of his marriage to Kalpana Kartik after his failed love affair that "Suraiya was the love and passion of his life and that I will always cherish her memory". These user-friendly systems are easy to install, operate and maintain, and are offered with comprehensive warranties and after sale services.

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