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1997 SO/AH #04 - Techno / Progressive - Kayjee - 1997 SO/AH #04 - Techno / Progressive (Cassette)

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Victory Tires Yamaha Tires. Shop Helmets Shop All. Half Helmets. Open Face. Dual Sport. At the time Slow rock Malaysia Topic: Slow rock Malaysia.

It all started down in a basement on Smith St. The year was Four of us were in a previous band called Exit Of Reality , which ultimately didn't pan out Something to get the sick, twisted and brutal thoughts out of our heads. This was our music and we dedicated our lives to it at the time.

After rehearsing and writing songs for a few years, we finally met Joe Laurenzano. His powerful and soulful voice Topics: mythium, music, progressive, metal, thrash, rock. Atlantic Drop debut EP favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topics: post-rock, instrumental, ambient, shoegaze, progressive, atlantic drop, indie.

Blues, man, ya know? Topics: blues, delta, rock, black island hood. Topics: hindi pop, hindi rock, hindi gospel, christian mp3, mp3, download. Jimmy tries to stay one step ahead of the system and his demons with this double LP release. Topic: Beaten Man Rock Defiance. Dreamy intelligent rock with tinges of folk and alt country.

Classic rock Topic: Classic Rock. Black Mass was recorded in a kitchen, an attic and a bedroom in a house that was once a thriving whorehouse in the biggest little transient city in the world Reno, Nevada. Drunken dates were from October of to March of and Topic: hip hop, rap, metal, rock, satan.

Slow rock collection Topic: Slow rock. There are twenty-four complete tracks available for download, including a stunning live version of "Witch Queen". This is a full-length progressive metal musical album consisting of 16 tracks. The work is mostly instrumental with the song The Artist, The Sage, and The Jester being a 15 minute epic in three parts.

Topics: jt bruce, subjectruin, anomalous material, progressive, metal, rock. Pop-Folk-Rock-Indie www. Spanish Moon acoustic Camden, Maine November 11, 2. Oh Atlanta - Sparks, Nevada August 23, 4. Valparaiso Rock! Long regarded as Atlanta's alternative mecca, LitUe Five Points has lost some of its hip appeal since East AUanta's been buzzing, but the neighborhood's live venues remain favorites among a great number of music Fans. Alex Chilton and Alejandro Escovedo were among recent touring acts passing through.

Across the street, 9 Lives Saloon 1 Euclid Ave. Decorated like a teenage KISS fan's ideal basement party pad, it's a regular hangout for the denim, leather ana teased hair set. Local hard-rock and metal bands take up most of the bookings. And about a two-minute stroll down the street you'll find Variety Playhouse Euclid Ave.

Recently receiving some unfortunate national media cov- erage due to a spate of celebrity-connected late-night crimes and cries from concerned residents for an earlier "last call" Atlanta bars can currently serve until 4 a. Its streets, sidewalks and bars are literally overflowing with boozy bodies on weekend nights, well into the wee hours.

Yet most of the clubs in this neighborhood, north of Midtown, book no original live music, offering instead the bankable draw of dance DJs and cover bands. And about a mile north of the heart of Buckhead, in an otherwise generic strip shopping center, the Brandy House Roswell Rd. Bruce Hampton. This is where Shawn Mullins strummed for years before getting his national shot, and the Indigo Girls still play the occasional surprise gig.

Producer Meech Wells poses with Clinton, left, during a break in the proceedings. The noncommercial lead track being spun off the Epic-dis- tributed project is "Love Rain," which will be serviced to radio in June.

Details regarding a possible new company name, Las- siter's future role and that of other Overbrook Enter- tainment executives, and whether the merger affects Overbrook Music could not be determined by press time. Overbrook spokesman Stan Rosenfield would say only that a merger is happening and details are being final- ized. COD, whose Web ad- dress is eity-of-dreams.

This year's conference — saluting both Black Music Month and L. You have to have a lot of patience," says Dunlap, who still performs on weekends and plans to tour in support of the album. But I'm glad to be back. Filed April 24 in U.

He also contends that in the process of withholding royalty payments, Sony breached its recording agreement by wrongfully paying said royalties to undisclosed pro- ducers of the singing duo, popular in the late '60s and on into the '70s. Sony executives could not be reached for comment prior to press time. May 24 a inch remix with Mos Def will be sent to mix shows and clubs. This isn't the first time listeners have been treated to the Philadelphia native's imagery-rich aural vibes.

What I do is soul music. We also offer a structured, systematic approach to marketing, promotion, and management that is not often seen in our genre of music. What's the greatest challenge faced by the black music industry today? If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be? The politics, which more often than not supersede the creative process. How does the Internet figure into Violator's plans? Were Violator's recent strategic alliances always part of a grand master plan or something that just happened?

There was always a plan to take the company as far as it could go in music and then leverage that success to branch into different areas of en- tertainment and media. Violator's growth has definitely been by design. What strengths does Violator bring to its new relationships?

Our biggest strength is an unde- It's definitely a major part of our expansion plans. AMG is extremely aggressive and progressive in new media, and we are currently closing an Internet deal for ViolatorWorld.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a fully interactive, hip-hop lifestyle portal. Where do you sec Violator in five years?

Our five-year goal is to expand and develop in the areas of film, television, and new media — creat- ing unlimited opportunities for our artists to break rules and do the unexpected. Tape prices marked EQ. Inc net shipment of 1 million units Platinum. Most tape puces. Garner shows chart's largest unit increase Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth Heatseeker Impact We're hedin downtown U'J- V-r.

A RIM certification for net shipment of 1 million units Platinum. EC Cassette single available. D CD single available. M Cassette maxi-singie available. IT Vinyl maxi-sin-gfe available. IV Vinyl single availabe. X CO majf. Catalog number is lor D. She sounds like Jill Scott. But in writing my poetry, I realized that words have definite sounds. Scott says she never envisioned being a recording artist. In fact she does. Scott's love affair with words is evident throughout her song set Every song is a rhythmic thread that's woven together to fash- ion a real-life tapestry covering such issues as love "lie Loves Me [Lyzel In E Flat]," "Love Rain" , encourage- ment "Try" , and Big Brother "Watching Me".

Notable is the spo- ken-word track "Exclusively," to which all women can relate. The project represents Hidden Beach's first release Billboard, Jan. The former MoJazz chief says the key part of the label's marketing plan was to take an "organic approach to this album. That was the genesis of our Who Is Jill Scott? We wanted to enlist people to become sol- diers and get the word out.

Our goal now is to keep creating vehicles, so more people are able to see her, taste her music, and spread the word.

And she has this ability to appeal to all people on a visceral fe - el. She has such incredible depths of talent — she's going to be big. The winner earned a role in outlets, a TV ad teaser campaign, and ongoing Web updates through the Hid- den Beach Hddenbeach. Still on the drawing board: the label's inter- national campaign, which will defi- nitely include a live tour.

I may be extremely biased, but I think we made a great feel-good record. Now we're ready to hear it from the outside world. Its release to retail, how- ever, has brought new life to the project. Street-date violations forced its re-entry last Issue; now, with a full week of sales, the single takes a huge jump. The video for "Feelin' " was one of the last videos Big Pun was in and has been on local video channels for 16 weeks. Lopez has been busy with other aspects of her career lately, but with the success of this single, maybe she will come back around for the var- ious summer jam shows.

They credit their choice of music to their parents, who were gospel singers in their own right and allowed only gospel music in the house- hold. Kee, to name a few who seem to have rubbed off on them. C, and most of our radio panel. Already released is a vinyl boxed set containing select remixes. MI'WIN' -. HUFE M. J 3LfLi. O GEAN. M COX. MBia a,e. C LiGHI-. EE", :. EPE "Efi;. K- 'Cf. N MAIC. MAY I: ii. TBI,- v- iti,i E' o;!. Sheet Musk Dlst. LF F:. A',- u. Bill Mta Ai. V 6I,I :MI..

BMl 62 how uk. Lel Me Show Yen. AIV 1. E laa. PHrns Song. Ah choo. TMI Apia. Haid Worljr Black leaks. Further- more, the CD will include a combina- tion of radio-ready edits and DJ- friendly extended mixes, while the vinyl sets will include only the latter. Too bad it's only available as an import. After a too-long absence, Nesby returns to clubland with this potent Mousse T. Awash in Doobie Brothers-speckled guitars. Brazilian- splashed percussion, and liwt voice, "Love Is What We Need" has "summer anthem" written all over it.

Mime major restructurings. In stores June IS. Which only makes sense, given the song's classic-sounding musical arrangement and gospel-splashed vocal stylings of Nifa Spraggins. While the mixes provided get the job done. Dance Trax would love to see the track completely overhauled by the likes of the Droncz or Jazz-N-Groove. Contact Twenty one years ago. Out June 6. Slmone took the original version of this empower- ing tale to No. Re-tweaked for contemporary dancefloors and infused with the diva w-ailings of Cheryl Lucas, the track appears poised for similar success.

Much like the club remixes of Sting's "Desert Rose," this mesmerizing merging of internation- ally revered Arabian ra master Khaled and Anglo-Indian vocalist Amar is equal parts world music and tribal house. Quite sublime! Unfortunately, that won't be hap- pening anytime soon sigh. Accord- ing to both Williams and English's manager, Vickie Markusic. Explains Markusic, "Because Kim didn't deliver a new album to Nervous, the label decided to put this album together without her involvement.

Sponsored by Salem, the free-of- charge market tour commences June 7 in Sayrcville, N. A soon-to-be- announced female DJ will also be included on the lineup. Skribble's first Atlantic release, tentatively titled "Essential Dance Summer ," should be in stores midsummer. The set will be a multi-artist beat-mixed compilation. Speaking of the Essential imprint it makes its U. X And Mr. This followed in the footsteps of Enrique Iglesias' "Be With You," which topped the chart the previous week — and which the pair also remixed.

Not bad, eh? Jersey-based Xtreme Records. Continued on next page Billboard. We'd rather develop a repu- tation for putting out great records that we love and support, re- gardless of their style.

She has already performed at clubs in Washington, D. The energy of the music and the love that people give you is electrifying. It's so ptisitive. My [forth- coming] album will incorporate the different styles of music within the dance music spectrum. E by Ricky Crespo and Soul Solution. The company is also excited alxiut its new tieat-mixed IXJ series. According to Doyle, the first install- ment, mixed by New York-based l. In late June, the label will unveil a new imprint — Ruff Rampage — that will focus on Roi B and hip-hop.

Its first release will be "Diamonds" by hip-in m veteran Rob Base. The funky track will feature remixes by Jason Ncvins. Dance music is so multifaceted; we want our music to represent that. PAUL E. F-l ; I,Ti-:P9. Power Pick on Club Play is awarded for the largest point increase in the top Catalog number is lor vinyl maxi-single.

On 13 PI Communications. Sales chart: M Cassette maxi-si Greatest Gainer on Maxi -Singles Sales is awarded for the largest sales increase among singles ngle availability. X CD maxi-single availability. And GBH will spe- cialize in dance compilations mixed by U. DJs, featuring both un- derground and commercial sounds.

Barwick says Bliss is cur- rently negotiating distribution, as well as the possibility of a Timo Maas- mixed CD. A memorial service was held April 28 at the Unity Midtown Church. A vociferous supporter of dance music, Gardner personally wit- nessed the scene's many stylistic changes — from disco, new wave, and hi-NRG to house, techno, and trance — without missing a savvy beat. At last year's Billboard Dance Music Summit, which was held in Atlanta, we had the pleasure of experiencing Gardner at his home base, the Backstreet club.

During the Summit's closing night party, Gardner seamlessly intertwined nu-disco, filtered house, trance, and pop into one soul-satisfying whole. You bet — just like Gardner himself. In a move befitting the maverick Parsons, the record will be distrib- uted and marketed in a unique fash- ion.

The impetus for the new record comes from a note- book filled with lyrics and notes by Parsons, which was given to his friend and Inter- national Subma- rine Bandmate John Nuese after Parsons died in Nuese kept the notebook in a drawer for 20 years before sharing its contents with Los Angeles and Nashville songwriters. I was always a big fan of Gram Parsons'. Jackson himself completed a song Parsons had partially written called "L.

Customs Blues," adding a verse and com- ing up with a melody. Lauderdale, too, was moved when he first saw the notebook.

He added a second verse and the mel- ody, then recorded the song at Para- mount Studios in Los Angeles. Jack- son later added a harmony part. In the joint venture with echomu- sic, Shell Point will focus on distri- bution and radio promotion, while echomusic will handle art direction, design, Internet promotion, and the actual pressing of the record.

He adds that Par- sons' estate approves of and is behind the project The album will be released exclu- sively by roots Internet source GrooveTone. Beginning in September, brick- and-mortar distributor Select-O-Hits will make the album avail- able at retail. Roots radio will be serviced with three preferred tracks for program- mers to select from. Also, the GramParsons.

Another site, GramParsonsNotebook. Randy Harrell, president of Shell Point, thinks the timing is right for the Parsons project. Our hope is that people will embrace this pro- ject for what it is: six brand new songs co-written by Gram Parsons. We feel like these songs are an accurate representation of what they would have been.

I think if people have a chance to hear this, they'll love it" As to what Parsons might think of the evolution of his notebook, Jack- son says, "I hope he's looking down and smiling," then jokingly adds, "or up, as the case may be. His resume also includes stints at BMI's Nashville office. Although no acts have been signed, Restless publi- cist Steven Cohen ex- pects the project to land top-name talent and says some of the tracks will be worked to country radio.

Loaf would be proud. Claudia Mize is named VP of recording. Florita and Markovchick had been senior directors of marketing. Christopher Washko joins James Dowell Manage- ment as associate manager. The company manages Warner Bros, artist Chad Brock. Marathon Key Music signs songwriter Gary Cotton to a publishing agreement. On May 8 doctors inserted two heart shunts to open up blocked arteries. At press time, he was still hospitalized in fair condition. The group is signed to Audium Entertainment.

Jo Dee Messina is engaged to marry her longtime tour manager, Don Muzquiz. No wedding date has been set. Neal McCoy's tour will hit 58 cities this summer and fall. Fleetwood Homes, a producer and retailer of manufactured housing, is sponsoring the tour, which kicked off May 2 in Irvine, Calif. The spon- sorship package includes TV ads featuring McCoy, a compilation CD of McCoy's music available exclusive- ly at Fleetwood retailers, and a contest with the prize of a private concert with McCoy.

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  2. A SA/AH - Techno, Progressive B SA/AH - Techno, Progressive. Dream - SO/LN - Techno, Progressive mp3 download flac. Performer: Dream Genre: Electronic Album: SO/LN - Techno, Progressive Released: Style: Trance, Techno. A. SO/LN - Techno, Progressive. B. Dream Trance Techno Switzerland.
  3. May 23,  · submitted Kayjee - After After # about 1 month ago: submitted Jumpin' Jack* - SO/LN #04 - Techno / Progressive. about 1 month ago: submitted Jumpin Jack* - Friday # about 1 month ago SO/AH #01 Techno/Progressive. about 1 year ago: submitted Heiko M/S/O* - SO.
  4. High performance motorcycle suspension, including shocks and springs for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Progressive suspension is the best way to lower your motorcycle.
  5. SO/AH #06 - House / Progressive Mas Ricardo. 0. SO/AH #17 - House / Progressive After After #04 Kayjee. 0. SO/LN #04 - Techno / Progressive Jumpin' Jack* 0. Friday #05 Jumpin Jack* 0. After Hours #26 Jumpin' Jack* 0. After Hours #
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