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Bad Monkey - Silver Salute - Teenage Burrito Rec. Presents: Silver Salute (Vinyl)

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You might want to pack your binoculars so you can watch the fowl from nearby Turnbull Wildlife Refuge skim the well-stocked waters of Lake Williams and feast on any of the five species of trout found in the lake. Or just do your own skimming and feasting.

Your choices include classic burgers with cheese and bacon, chili burgers, and a burger with ham and cheese. There are sandwiches perfect for a lakeside lunch — pulled pork, Reubens and BLTs. For something lighter, try any one of the salads — caprese, wedge, Asian or the shrimp Cobb.

All the dressings and sauces are made in-house. On weekends, chef Jerry Schrader tries out specials, including oysters and lobster. For some, lakeside dining means romance. You will, however, need a full. The cocktail menu features martinis, hurricanes and something called a gnarly lemonade.

Priest Lake is known for its scenic beauty, which gets even better when you can eat it. Breakfast omelets are made with local, wild Chanterelle mushrooms. The pancakes run purple with huckleberries. Lunch favorites include simpler fare like fish and chips or shrimp baskets. And you have to love a place that serves old-fashioned milkshakes.

Dinner features mesquite broiled meats as well as house favorites like pepper steak or scallops and pesto. Finish up with some homemade cheesecake or huckleberry pie, but include an espresso.

It could be a long ride home. Lakeshore Rd. That closeness was something Nguyen missed when she and her husband spent a year and a half in Los Angeles. When they returned to Spokane, Nguyen saw an opportunity to go into the restaurant business, something she had wanted to do after working as a banker and business account executive. Nguyen runs the front of the house while Thu whips up the food as head chef, and the rest of the family pitches in too.

For the beef pho, choose from beef, meatball, tendon and tripe to fill your sizble bowl of beef broth. Pork and shrimp or tofu wrapped in thin rice paper, with vermicelli noodles and a hint of mint and basil, are served with a thick, housemade peanut sauce for dipping. A small metal drip contraption makes the coffee right in your glass at your table.

Add ice for extra refreshment. Howard St. What if we filled up the cups to play a sort of hybrid pongbasketball game? Yes, the same venue that hosts lavish dinners and champagne brunches will present something called Pongzilla. The simplicity and social nature of the game are all motivations for bringing this concept to reality. But this event is much more than a Friday night hangout with your pals. Due to Washington state liquor laws, the games will be played with water, but 12 String Brewing will have their G String Blonde and Archtop Amber ales on tap.

With a double elimination bracket, formal rules and full-time referees, the competition is certainly official. The party-based pastime will unfold in both ballrooms. Lincoln St. We Can Help! Deissner Law Office Turns out they have a plan. Our hero Raleigh Becket has to do something about his penchant for taking too many risks. Two scientist partners, one a math-nerd square Burn Gorman , one an excitable Kaiju expert Charlie Day , try to calculate and save the future of mankind.

A military leader Idris Elba goes rogue but is keen on keeping order among those who remain loyal to him. It all builds to an air of finality. The surviving few Jaegers most have been destroyed must confront the ever-attacking, now even bigger and meaner Kaijus. And the sea-bottom breach must be destroyed.

At Magic Lantern. MB Not Rated. Based on a true story, it offers a look at the relationship between revolutionary French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot and his frail teenage patient, Augustine.

An Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, this stirring film explores ideas of controversial medicine, forbidden love, power and politics. Happy Madison Productions brings you another Adam Sandler installment with the same pee jokes, physical humor and goofiness that have become his trademark. There are plenty of SNL cameos throughout. Also, Shaq makes an appearance. JR Rated PG Gru is back with his minions and adopted daughters in the animated sequel, picking up as the Anti-Villain League cracks down on high-tech super-criminals.

The agency calls on or rather, kidnaps Gru. MB Rated R. This powerful documentary takes a deep look at the seemingly imminent extinction of bees. Written and directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Markus Imhoof, it considers what life might be like without pollination by bees. Einstein once said if bees die off, humans would die off within four years.

This film investigates this claim and calls for change. At Magic Lantern, Wed. July 17 only. JR Not Rated. The film pauses briefly to share personal, usually tragic, stories of the folks in charge of fighting back, but the insane action is never far away, and it keeps on getting crazier. One great idea was to fill the film with B actors instead of stars. The only really recognizable face is that of del Toro regular Ron Perlman, who plays a darkly comic, carat-goldshoe-wearing war profiteer.

ES Rated PG NOW PLAYING In , Before Sunrise introduced us to the pair as dreamy twenty-somethings whose chance meeting on a train led to a single wildly romantic night in Vienna; in , Before Sunset found them reuniting in Paris as slightly more hardened adults, in a way that completely reframed the events that occurred nine years earlier. SR Rated R. Get ready to giggle for returning voice actors Steve Carell, Kristin Wigg, Miranda Cosgrove and the adorably clumsy minions.

Did she defend Eichmann, or merely the uncomfortable truth? Enjoy your new floor for one full year with no payments and no interest. We hope to see you soon. Store Owner At participating stores only, not all products at all locations. Photos for illustrative purposes only.

Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers and are not valid on previous purchases. Subject to credit approval. A third one is coming out this week. The movie is about a man who makes a metal robot suit. The guy has to save the world most of the time and stuff. SM PG The gang from Monsters Inc.

SR Rated PG. Two obsolete oldies find themselves without jobs, falling straight into an internship at Google with a shot at employment — that is if they prove themselves to be the best of the best amongst a mob of interns straight of out college. Now, they must compete against techsavvy, bright young people or face the rough waters of unemployment. SM Rated PG Tonto lays down the wisdom in fluent broken English to transform a man of law into a masked hero.

Loaded with Pirates of the Caribbean special effects and quippy humor, Depp and Hammer gallop horseback through the dust in an adventure against the Western bad guys. BN PG Ready for another buddy cop film? Hijinks ensue as this unlikely pair hits the mean streets. The reboot of the reboot of the Superman story is brimming with both fight and flight scenes, lots of self-doubt, a bit of humor, the problems of actually being a stranger in a strange land, and a moving, heartfelt look at father-son relationships.

Visual effects are excessive, but writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder make everything balance out just right. It seems that Joss Whedon the man behind Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and generally known as the king of all nerds everywhere can do whatever the hell he wants after raking in so much superhero cash last summer.

Take on Shakespeare? Why not? He wrote and directed this modern telling of the classic tale, most of which he filmed at his own house — because he can do things like that. MB Rated PG The boys decide to take matters into their own hands, making a pact to keep the dashing criminal hidden from hungry killers and help reunite him with his long lost love.

The soul group battles racism and cat fights, leading to tension in the group and numerous hardships that threatens their success. KS Rated PG Director J. Abrams has done what every Star Trek fan has been hoping for. He also spins a whopping good, action- and effects-filled tale of intrigue and attitudes and relationships and photon torpedoes and even a cameo by a Tribble. Supported by an unusual but genuine cast who mainly play themselves, Polley learns how memories of the past can reverberate into the present.

As supplies dwindle, they must take on the outside world, dodging sinkholes and blue lights that snatch people away. AC Rated R. One good thing: We learn that the presidential limo is called Ground Force One. Former UN worker Gerry Lane Brad Pitt and his family are stuck in an apocalyptic traffic jam as Philadelphia falls to fast-moving, rabid zombies. Then, Gerry is tasked by the government to travel around the world looking for the source of this global pandemic, all the while trying to get back to his family.

Intended Publication Date s : Friday, July 12, Saturday, July 13, Sunday, July 14, According to the film, even winning Searching for Sugar Man, A Band Called hit-making legend Clive Davis was interested in Death chronicles the life, death and rediscovery signing them but insisted on a name change, a of a musical act that folded without achieving deal-breaker for David.

The band dissolved and success, only to be exhumed decades later by a its members moved to Vermont. Before he died, seeming quirk of fate. Long story short, a footnote to the annals of punk rock.

Showtimes in are at bargain price. Louisiana-in-mid-July kind of hot. The temperature is supposed to reach well beyond the degree mark today, yet none of the members of the band Terrible Buttons seem to be in much of a rush to get out of the sticky, asphyxiating temperature.

They stare out over the yard, where a broken electric wheelchair is parked, chickens strut about and a dopey orange dog greets anyone who looks her way and receives complimentary belly rubs. And it signals a big change for the band. Sure, they were gritty for a folk band.

They sung of divorce and whiskey and smoking weed. It was clear back then that these were good kids — kids who aspired to be lawyers and teachers and who loved Jesus in their past lives. But things have changed. I would say mostly [Runt is about] strength versus weakness and what the value of strength is, really.

For tickets and concert info: arborcrest. Room to breathe. I think we get that when we play downstairs. Portland band Menom-. Founding member Brent Knopf left the band to concentrate on his solo project Ramona Falls. Harris plays a variety of instruments on stage, including the aforementioned saxophone in its baritone and tenor incarnations. The sax is a dramatic instrument, and Harris uses it expertly to enhance particular moments, rather than define.

Moms was written collaboratively by Seim and Harris, with the overarching theme being — in a refreshing display of literalism — mothers. Seim lost his mother in , and Harris was raised by a single mother. The lyrics are deeply personal and revealing, each songwriter taking his own unique approach to the thematic material and fitting it into a coherent narrative about loss and anger and confusion and forgiveness.

Washington Rd Ext. Stevens St Ext. Woodfield Ln Ext. Country Vista Dr Ext. Courtland Ave Ext. Kedlin Ln Ext. Monroe St Ext. Rich Ave Ext. South Crescent Ave Ext. Clear Lake Rd Ext. Tower Ave Ext. Hit up the pre-party Thursday, recover Friday, and get ready for a serious rock fest on Saturday night.

Lidgerwood St. And even then, in the glorious bygone era of s hair metal, it was still kinda hard to tell. Way back when, Bret Michaels and Co. Chew on that for a second, haters. Hayford Rd. Wallace Ave. First Ave. Hastings Rd. Riverside Ave. Monroe St. Regal St. Browne St. Raymond Rd. Trent Ave. Perry St. Stevens St. Mobius is popular for cultivating a genuine interest in science by means of an engaging, fun and kid-friendly environment. This show will do the same through dynamite demonstrations of chemistry, physics and thermodynamics.

Email getlisted inlander. We need the details one week prior to our publication date. The heat is on, and summer grilling has begun. Got a great recipe for chili or pork ribs? The Cheney Jubilee hosts a Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association-sanctioned cook-off alongside its annual community festival and rodeo this weekend, with the winner qualifying to go up against the pros at the World Championship in Las Vegas.

Led by Verne Windham and featuring special guest soprano Susan Windham and cellist Zuill Bailey, new artistic director of the Northwest Bach Festival, this annual outdoor concert series is a favorite among Spokanites, who can opt for either lawn seating or a table view of the evening performance.

A different family-friendly film will be shown Wednesday nights through Aug. Bring lawn chairs and blankets, and get there early to snag a good spot. Bring your own chairs or blankets. In the unlikely event of rain, the concert will move to St. Five of our best spoken-word artists are heading to Boston to compete against slam poets from across the country at the National Poetry Slam in mid-August.

Fridays at 8 pm through July Blue Door Theatre, W. Garland Ave. Saturdays at 9 pm. Goodtymes Bar and Grill, E. Mission Ave. July 11 at 7 pm. East City Park, Moscow. July 11 at 5 pm. Saranac rooftop, 21 W. July 12 from am-4 pm. She has been in and out of jail and has a massive number of possessions, loads of which are still here: furniture, little picture frames, small decorative pieces, jewelry boxes full of random junk earrings, magazine clippings, amy alkon makeup, little figurines, candy wrappers.

But like many women, you seem to prioritize your relationship over your feelings and well-being. I suggest that you also photograph her stuff and document all the steps you take.

July 13 at 7 pm. Bing Crosby Theater, W. July 13 at 6 pm, movie at dusk. Northside and Southside Aquatic Centers, Spokane. July 13 from 10 am-2 pm. Open to canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and "creative" crafts. Sandpoint City Beach waterfront. Also, not all stories will necessarily please all readers, although the "batting average" of this anthology is likely to be very high due to the impressive quality of the material gathered.

President after the War. Some themes explored may seem as old and familiar as well-worn slippers, but Dozois' original vision always brings new insights and delightful twists. His masterful command of style and effects also deliver powerful emo- tional blows to the reader, something relatively rare in SF. Highly recom- mended. In the s, two travelers discover a lost civilization in the Peruvian Andes. Drawn to both men, she must decide which one is the prophesied Man of Knowledge, who will lead her folk to their promised land, the Mountain Made of Light, and which is the evil Man of Ignorance.

This second book repeats the background told in the first in a laborious account of the rivals and their factions preparing to climb the fabled mountain. Further diluting the action is the style; the story is told through journal entries, letters and inter- views with supporting characters. Nothing is decided. The resolution of the romantic triangle and the cast's fate is uncer- taiii — which is how the book began.

The key question, the truth about the Mountain Made of Light, is also never answered. Fire and Ice is just the bridge between the first and third volumes: it doesn't stand on its own, and Myers does little but mark time. When they land, they find an Amish-like civilization which keeps its women in a totally subservient role. They also discover the Loso. In order to ease contact with the na- tives, the ship's female geneticist.

Mattine Manan, is confined on board. But she escapes and joins forces with Elizabeth, a talented local woman fleeing her repressive society. Together, they travel to the mysterious East country, a place where a group of brilliant, radical genetic engineers are secretly preparing to reshape the human race along dramatically different lines.

Helen Collins' novel is not only a fascinating and enjoyable adventure romp, with enough chases to keep the reader's attention glued to the page and a wonderful grand finale to boot, it is also a sterling example of the always welcome "deviant colony" story format a la Brian Stableford's Daedelus series of 10 years ago. Furthermore, it's also a book with a powerful message, backed by equally powerful ideas, one that com- bines the themes of The Handmaid' s Tale with a weii-re.

If instead of choosing to tell her tale in the SF format. Collins had selected a more mainstream mode, undoubtedly she would have had a bestseller a la Michael Crichton on her hands. Mutagenesis is science fiction at its best.

Highly recommended. The story centers on Jon Wilberfoss, of- ficer of a far-future religious order de- scended from the Franciscans. His career takes him from farm boy and convicted murderer to the highest honor: Captain of the Nightingale, a huge hospital starship. Per- sonal flaws and fate lead to the ship's near destruction. Only Wilberfoss survives, in- sane and ostracized. The narrator of this tale is Wulf, an auto- scribe, a sentient machine with a canny un- derstanding of human nature.

Wulf and Lily, a robot nurse, are charged, with healing Wilberfoss and learning, if possible, what caused the disaster. Nonhuman but humane, Wulf is a perfect guide for this trip through mysticism, sexuality, guilt and redemption; the selfless, dispassionate care the machines give Wilberfoss heightens the tragedy's poignancy. Mann's answer to the problem of Wilber- foss and humanity in general — that life must be grasped in all aspects, good and bad, through a mix of sensuality and spiritual- ity — seems too neat, but reaching that answer is a stimulating reading experience.

The other governing passion seems to be pain, and the two are irrevocably linked in the characters' lives. Love, lust, empathy, lightheartedness, devotion, etc. It obvi- ously has links to the other volumes, but if one hasn't read them, one can still get the gist of what happened before. The reader is given a satisfying conclusion.

Donaldson has taken the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of torture, and how and why human beings engage in it. This results in the depiction of scenes that are repellent. These scenes are justified, however, given the subject matter of the work.

If it makes you flinch, well, that's the point. But the characters develop in such a way that the possible good in human beings is as evident as their possible degradation. And it makes a great adventure story. There's a good reason for this: Ed has been kidnapped by aliens in and returned to Earth years later in order to save mankind if those involved will believe him. In this instance, Stone's aided by a ring the aliens have given him; when he shakes hands with people, they believe in his cause and want to help him.

There are, of course, many flies in this ointment. Ed can't shake hands with every person in the world, and what man must do to save himself is truly repulsive. The book's ending is disappointing, but given the story's nature, there couldn't have been another more believable one. Why Do Birds is classified as SF, but has many ele- ments of fantasy, including the magic ring. Although the story contains sophisticated technology, it is only peripheral: unlike much contemporary SF, it isn't one of the plot's central elements, but simply some- thing Ed Stone can utilize to bring his mes- sage more quickly to humanity.

Even the aliens are never seen, and the only informa- tion anyone gets about them is what Stone says. Is he lying? Has he been brainwashed? It takes the entire book to figure this one out. S,ciuTeDcy only! Threeto six weeks , fordetivery. SeDdSlfora catalogue. Although laserdisc users are accustomed to seeing many of their favorite movies in full- format editions with none of the image missing, widescreen versions in video- cassette are relatively rare.

Every set of this special edition collection comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by George Lucas. The Star Wars Trilogy in widescreen is priced at S For those who still prefer to watch their movies cropped, the pan-and-scan version is also available as a boxed set without all the extras for S If you don't see it in our magazine, call our store and ask for it! More episodes of Star Trek: The. Each double-episode disc retails for. Major price breaks have been announced for various genre titles on laserdisc.

Strangelove, Ghosthusters. Casino Royale. Set in "the third century of the second calendar," Terry Nation's Blake's Seven takes its cue from George Lucas' "'a long time ago, in a galaxy far. A near-omnipotent bureaucracy stifles all creative endeavor, filling air and water with tranquilizing drugs, ruthlessly eliminating dissidents. The only thread of optimism in this gloomy future vision is Blake's raffish band of convicts, thieves and eccentrics, who escape in a commandeered spaceship and launch off on their own adventures.

Each S Walter Cronkite takes viewers on a journey across the globe as he surveys years of dinosaur research in Dinosaur! Dozens of laser titles have been reduced at Image Entertainment. The Wizard of Speed and Time. Battle Be- yond the Stars. Some interesting double-feature al- bums from Image have had their prices slashed to S Camera vs. Gaos and Gatnera vs. Camera and Camera vs. Apparently, sufficient videocassette car- toon collectors have complained loudly enough about the vast collections of golden age animated shorts that have been relea.

Each minute volume contains seven cartoons for the ownable price of S Volume 2 — Firsts, Volume 3 — Te. Volume 4 — Boh Clampett. Volume 5 — Chuck Jones. Volume 6 — Friz Freleng. Volume 9 — Hooray for Hollywood. Volume 10 — The Art of Bugs. This five-disc set includes 70 classic adventures of Daffy.

Bugs, Elmer and the rest of the gang from the early black-and- white days through Technicolor. On 10 sides, this boxed set lists for S Frank N. Furter returns from a two- year moratorium. Lessee, now, how did that Time Warp step go again? Choose from over 25, photos covering all of today's movie favorites, classic and current television, rock music and fashion models.

Wholesale enquiries welcome. Idealforframingor hanging. Anention; Not listed here? You haven't sent information to us. Note: This is now a one-time-only per year listing. Please write to SF Directory. NY To facilitate inclusion, please provide info in the style that follows, carefully typed double-space. Sanctioning: Highlander publicity reps. Mfcmbership includes: Membership card and quarterly newsletter.

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Terra Nova R. Contains little- known details and callouts on the En- gine Propulsion, Tacti- cal Defense, Navigation. Computer and Command Systems of the U. Enterprise' NCCD. Poster art electronically enhanced and color-cor- rected on the new Kodak Premier System to match original art prior to print- ing.

This poster 25 12' x 48" will be printed on lb. Enlerprise an Trademarks of Paramount Pictures. JDT Associates. Authorized User.

US funds only. No overseas orders. NAME Quantity:. Witness New -me. Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice.

But the folks at Adven- ture Comics are banking on the steadfast loyalty and long memories! Everything about TV science fiction has advanced light years since those venerable days of live broadcasts; the average SF fan might be forgiven for wondering if perhaps the whole concept of a children's show like Space Patrol isn't a bit archaic by "Ws stan- dards.

Chris Weppler, who's handling the writing chores on the Adventure Comics mini-series, begs to differ. There's no denying that, but we're trying to update it a little bit through the comic and bring it into the '90s future," the Kentucky- based Weppler explains.

Doug Wheatley draws the exploits. But even Weppler, who's still on the shy side of 30, isn't old enough to have grown up with Space Patrol, a series that debuted early in as a local program on the West Coast.

The show, which started out as a minute daily series broadcast out of KECA- TV the ABC affiliate in Hollywood , was the brainchild of screenwriter William Moser, who first began hatching the concept while in the service, flying missions over the South Pacific.

Early on, the top-paid regulars Kemmer and Osborn received eight dollars per episode, and according to one cast member all the spaceship controls came from old WWII bombers. This sort of economizing extended into every facet of Space Patrol.

I have a feeling that, had there not been a Space Patrol, you probably wouldn't have seen shows like those. Space Patrol acted as a primer for the viewing public. How about you?

That's how it all got started. I have a collection now of close to 20,, and it takes up a lot of room! Then, a couple of years back, I guess it was , Deadwalk- ers was released by Malibu, and that was my first professional writing job.

Since then, I've written for Malibu anthology titles and now Space Patrol. Buzz Corry, of course, was the main guy, so we had to use him. Prince Baccarratti, the Black Falcon. We've modernized him a little bit, and made him a little more villainous; he's a bit more vicious now than he was on TV.

He wasn't the only villain on the show, but he was the only one that I could actually manage to get some mileage out of as a character. And even that was only by basically twisting him around somewhat. Hey, no one ever said Space Patrol life was easy. Space Patrol the TV series may have slipped into the distant past at warp speed, but Weppler is confident that the whole premise has fallen into the "so-old-it's-new" arena.

Which isn't to say that the stuff that's out there right now isn' t good; being a comic book reader myself. I know that there's some stuff out there that's real good. But there are also many comics where a storyline goes on and on for 12 whole issues before it's resolved. They're individual stories, all connected by the same theme — the Space Patrol. We wanted to keep it seri- alized the way the TV show was; I think that they only had two or three episodes that were two-parters. So, we decided to.

Weppler's comic book is built around the main series regulars — or. The only villain making the move to the comic is Prince Baccarratti, the Black Falcon.

But they do have a little bit more of an edge to them. That' s how we updated 'em; we gave them new costumes that look a little better, and their weaponry is slightly more ad- vanced. But they still don't go around killing wholesale, spraying guts all over the readers. That's partly the [copyright restrictions], but some of it comes from watching the video- tapes and reading a compilation of articles about Space Patrol.

I just didn't feel like those characters would lend themselves to blood and guts. He comes back, kidnaps Buzz's girl friend and threat- ens to blow up the world and get rid of Space Patrol altogether unless they concede to his demands. It's told in flash- back: Buzz is telling the story to a bunch of Space Patrol scouts during a scouting. He tells them how his great-great- great grandfather was a pioneering space explorer, and that his father was one of the founders of the actual Space Patrol that we know now.

We introduce a villain in that called Asmodeus. Space Patrol was a great hit in the '50s. The series itself went off the air in 1 and the decades since have certainly not been kind to this brand of low-cost space hokum, but nostalgic memory being what it is, there's probably still an audience of some sort for the additional exploits of the crew of the Terra IV — the Space Patrol's flagship. Chris Weppler anticipates that that's exactly what will happen.

Or maybe their kids will take it home to them, and they'll say. I remember watching this show on TV when it was brand-new, when I was your age. Uncensored horror videos! Controversial intervievfs! It'll make your flesh crawl! Many locals especially younger people in larger cities can speak some English Just prepare yourself to be patient and very observant subway and train stations can be very confusing!

Even so, I always recommend learning some basic conversation phrases, which will make your trip a bit easier and more fun! I like your funny stories about annoying American tourists. Anything happen to you this time? I usually find such stories to be more sad than humorous, but yes. On my very first day I was waiting for the subway when two gai-jin foreign, and most probably American guys in their mid's came up to me to ask directions After helping them out, a Japanese man walked by with a surgical mask on.

I explained that the gentleman was sick with a flu or a cold, and he is wearing the mask as a courtesy to others so he doesn't infect them with his germs. Unlike in America, where people can barely be bothered to cover their mouths when they cough, the Japanese are much more courteous. Why do I even bother.

Since Japan is not a very big tourist destination, I'd have to guess that these morons were here on business. With a redneck attitude like that, you aren't going to get very far, assholes. Don't tempt me. It's not that I think all Americans are stupid, I just feel that far too many have extremely narrow world-views that reflect poorly on us in the global community. Particularly when I see how badly we can behave when visiting foreign countries. How hard can it be to take a few hours or so to read up on the customs and culture of the place you are visiting so that you don't offend anyone?

It's just common courtesy, but you would be absolutely shocked at how few of us actually make the effort when traveling abroad. And lastly: Is Japan as expensive as everybody says?

The US dollar is pathetically week right now and Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities on earth probably tied with Stockholm for the most expensive city? I always end up spending quite a lot more than I planned when visiting Japan. Nothing quite like showing up in Minneapolis for some bone-chilling weather.

I want to stay in my hotel bed, but it's off to work I go As it turns out, this is not quite true. If you don't know where you are going, there are no signs to really help you out, and not much to lead you to it. Since it was dark and there were no signs, I got a bit lost, but eventually found the Beach Club Cafe on Highway 16 though I took the photo below the next morning There's a heated pool for year-round enjoyment, a sandy volleyball court, and a really great tiki-themed cafe with a staff that was psyched to have visitors during the slow off-season.

Is it worth a four-hour drive? I'm not so sure One of my favorite cities on earth, New Orleans is one of those places that never leaves your blood once you've experienced it. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the atmosphere And if you want something really intoxicating, there's always Bourbon Street.

Of course the first place I have to visit is Cafe Du Monde for some hot chocolate and beignets, but then it's off to the market to see all the clever crap that we tourists can't live without I rarely get the time to take a vacation, but you could do a lot worse than spending it in The Big Easy!

Thanks to Gone with the Wind and numerous other glamorizations of plantation living in print and film, most people have this lovely mint-julep tainted vision of the Old South in their heads Something about seeing a monetary value put on a human life that kind of destroys any beauty you might otherwise find in the surroundings.

Good for Oak Alley in telling the truth instead of literally white-washing the horrors that took place there. We will never learn from history if we don't know our history. New Orleans has many amazing things to offer, but the tree-lined streets and beautiful houses in the Garden District are pretty hard to beat. It's here that you'll find a great example of something uniquely New Orleans Since the water table is so low just inches in the older days , there was no way to bury a coffin without it popping right back up the next time a heavy rain hits.

So, to accommodate the problem, they have above-ground burials in really cool family crypts:. But the garden district is famous for its classic houses, and you can see a lot of them here Also in the Garden District is one of my favorite zoos in the world It's not only really huge, it's one of the more "animal friendly" in that they painstakingly re-create a natural environment to make the animals feel more at home. This silver fox has a great set-up with a den and space to run around and everything:.

And, given Audubon's bird infatuation, there's some pretty cool bird exhibits as well. One of the critters that caught my eye this time around was this fuzzy little thing whose name I cannot remember:.

Today I happen to be in New Orleans on the occasion of the two-hundred year anniversary of one of the most lucrative land deals of all time It was from this event that Napoleon got the money he needed to finance his wars, while the United States got enough land to double its size at a fire-sale price of just 15 million dollars!

To celebrate to occasion, a historical reenactment of the event was held in Jackson Square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral It was a fairly boring ordeal, so I didn't bother to stick around, but it was a pretty landmark day to be in the Big Easy.

The Hard Rock here even came out with a limited edition pin for the event:. Times like this make me think about how changed the world might be from what we know if history had been just a little different. What if Napoleon was able to come up with some other way to raise the money he needed and didn't have to sell Louisiana Territory?

Or what if it had been sold to some other country? That's history for you. The weather is suh-weet today, so it looks like a ride on my motorcycle is definitely in order after I spend an hour or two cleaning it up.

In the meanwhile, a friend had asked why I haven't blogged my "Visited States and Countries" like everybody else in blog-space. The reason is pretty simple I didn't think the map was a good color for my site. But, in the interest of conformity, I decided to make my own map just in case there are people who can't sleep at night because they are wondering what States I've been to.

Well here you go I absolutely plan on visiting Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont one day Ditto for Alaska and New Mexico Taos! But that run of states down the middle? I just don't know. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get really bored and just drive through all of them in a single run just to say I've been there heck, MapQuest shows that if I fly into Bismarck, then rent a car and drive through all the central Sates I'm missing to Oklahoma City, it takes a mere 16 hours and 34 minutes anybody want to share that drive with me?

The world map for visited countries is pretty anemic, which is scary considering I've seen more of it than most people. Let's just make a list, shall we? When it comes down to it, there's really no place in the world I don't want to see I can only hope that I'll have the opportunity to experience a lot more of it before I go.

You can get to it by clicking here. After I mentioned the idea of renting a car to hop through the States of the Mid-West in my last entry , Robert left a comment telling me that the only way such a trip would be cool is if I were to take it on my motorcycle. Though I question the sanity of attempting such a thing in the week timeframe he suggested, his itinerary does sound like an awesome road trip!

From my comment reply to Roger A WEEK? That would be miles each day, 10 hours riding. The most I can ride on my motorcycle in a go is 5 hours with stops! So, unless you are volunteering to give me your cruiser, this is a two week trip minimum.

I could never get that kind of time away from work. In a side note, thanks for the tip about RandMcNally. The RM planner rocks! Oh yeah, about that sleepy cat photo I was looking for in my last post: Cats fascinate me. They are always doing something that leads me to believe that they are smarter than most people I meet. Cats also have attitude.

They hop up on your lap and demand your attention and then, without notice or provocation, they'll bite you and run off as if to say "I tire of your inadequate affections, begone with you" which, oddly enough, can sum up most of the relationships I've had. Last night while watching Friends , Phoebe was singing the "Smelly Cat" song, which somehow hit my brain as "Sleepy Cat," which reminded me of this cat I saw at the Roman Colosseum.

While the landmark is overrun with dozens hundreds? The sun was shining, so it was a nice day despite the crisp December air. I was walking along when I saw this cat taking a nap, oblivious to the swarming tourists around him.

As I approached, the cat suddenly realized that the sun had moved and left him under a shadow. He then moved one foot to his left so he was sitting in the sun again then promptly fell back asleep.

After walking around the Colosseum, I came back to where the cat was and noticed he had to move again. My digital camera was full-up with Colosseum photos, but I deleted one just so I could get a shot of this cat. I'm glad I did, because it ended up being one of my favorites from that trip. It looks like The Friday Five came back for a week, only to disappear again. I hope everything is okay with Heather. Anyway, I added a few photos to my ever-growing Blogography Gallery. This time there are photos from the stunning Hard Rock Hotel in Bali.

If you're looking to get away from it all, this is the place Somehow, I think my upcoming visit to the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago will pale in comparison, no matter how great a job they made of it! Here I am sitting on the plane where "we have reached an altitude where electronic devices may now be used. A gentleman just ahead of me has a comb-over hair-do than puts Donald Trump to shame.

I sit here wondering how he manages to construct such an elaborate system of swirls and swoops on top of his head each morning. I'm guessing he's got at least 3 feet of hair in a carefully stacked layers, criss-crossing from one side of his head to the other and finally culminating in a fierce swirl around the perimeter. It's absolutely bizarre, yet I cannot look away. It is taking all the willpower I've got to refrain from whipping out my camera and taking a photo. This is a work of art , baby!

My work done in the Windy City, it was time for my favorite Chicago moment While visiting in Chicago, guests of Blogography.

It's a wonderful restoration of the old "Carbide and Carbon Building" that looks as though the interior was swiped from the "W Hotel" chain That's part of a metal mural of The Who that runs across the wall of my bathroom. I'd give the hotel my highest recommendation if you find yourself looking for a place to stay in downtown Chicago It's kind of boring on the outside, but nicely appointed on the inside During the 5-hour drive back to Milwaukee, I stopped off in Chelsea, Michigan for gas and found out that the city is home to "The World's Largest Teddy Bear" or so they claim.

He's kind of homely, but he is big Even more surprising than the giant bear is that the factory which makes Jiffy baking mixes is right across the street Salt Lake City is an interesting place to me as it's one of those rare major cities where I simply don't know anybody. Unlike L. I have no friends in the area. I guess it's simply because I don't get here very often which is bizarre, because it is the closest Hard Rock Cafe to where I live: 3 hours by plane, 12 hours by car. Oh well, it's nice to just kick back, watch a movie, and be alone for a while.

It's kind of a boring trip but, once when looking out the window, I did see PacMan! There are actually a lot of PacMen down there, but the one in the middle has an eye on him which was kind of nifty. After a while, I noticed a lot of cool patterns that I thought would make great "modern art" with a little help from Photoshop.

The memorabilia is packed to the rafters, which is what a Hard Rock is all about! Sadly, some of the more recent properties seem to have forgotten this. If you look carefully, you can see the entrance to "The Brickhouse" up the stairs Of course, there is one famous rocker to come out of Utah Donny "I'm a little bit rock-n-roll" Osmond! Naturally, there's a nice section of memorabilia from the entire Osmond family, but the Donnie and Marie dolls are classic Plenty of followers of the church are on hand to answer any questions about the grounds, the buildings, the church, or the Mormon faith their kindness only reinforcing the fact that Mormons are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!

It's a great way to spend a few hours if you happen to be in the vicinity of The Great Salt Lake. Also recommended is a trip out to the Bonneville Salt Flats , which was the highlight of one of my previous trips to the area.

This dried-out lake bed pretty much spells out the sad but eventual fate of The Great Salt Lake especially given the droughts that have hit in recent years.

Looks like snow, feels like rock, smells like ass For years I have avoided Delta Airlines like the plague because I've heard so many horror stories about traveling with them. Well, since my regular ride Northwest Airlines doesn't have a direct flight to Salt Lake City, I decided to bite the bullet and give Delta a try. Much to my surprise and happiness, flying Delta has been a first rate experience, and I would absolutely do it again! My favorite part of the entire Delta trip was the massive amount of information you get from them While waiting at the gate, they are constantly updating information on video screens showing how many people have checked in, what the status is for standby passengers, how many seats are available for First Class upgrade, and current ETD and ETA changes.

You are never left wondering what is going on which happens a lot with every other airline I fly, especially Horizon Air, which is a black-hole for information. I like the map of the travel route best Northwest does the map thing too, but they only bother for long international flights. It sure helps kill time on a flight if you forgot to bring a book or magazine! The fact that everything went so well, AND that Delta is a mileage partner with Northwest makes me very happy to know that I have other options in my travel planning.

Los Angeles is one of those cities that I used to love visiting. Cool museums, cool activities, cool places, and even cooler people. It's hard not to love the place that Disneyland calls home.

But over the years L. This is partly due to a Hollywood movie deal I was involved in that started with a bang, but then died a long, slow, and very painful death story for another time. I used to come here for fun, now I come only when I have to I guess you could say that I've pretty much done all I've wanted to do and seen all I wanted to see in this city.

Or maybe not I just noticed that I am here in my hotel at LAX facing north towards the city and cannot actually see the city through all the smog There it is!

While I am waiting for a friend to pick me up for dinner, perhaps I should cut a mask out of the bedsheets? Apple has spent loads of money making sure that L. Everywhere you look, you see posters, billboards, bus stop signage Then I am driving down Santa Monica Boulevard and happen across the biggest advertisement I've ever seen. Forget about how much this thing cost to print This was destined to be a very long day, as I had two appointments at entirely opposite ends of the map.

Of course, the distance is made even worse by the phenomenally bad traffic here still better than Seattle though! But at least the natives know how to drive in traffic Indeed, driving in Los Angeles is not for the faint of heart. My day started with a drive to my first appointment in Santa Ana which is just 30 miles away, but takes around an hour to drive.

On the way to my next appointment up near Hollywood, I make a detour to my second Hard Rock of the day. Interesting to note that though the cafe is billed as "Los Angeles," it is actually located in Beverly Hills.

They've made a few changes since I was last here, including changing the paint to black and adding these bizarre "flames" which I don't think looks as classy as it used to and what's with the two dead palm trees up there? I finally decide to bite the bullet and pay the insane parking fee, since I'm just a few minutes away Naturally, it's when I leave Universal Studios, meaning that I'm in the height of rush-hour traffic as I head back to the car rental place.

Oh well, I suppose it's worth it to say that I managed to get in all three L. I am in Seattle now, which is not quite home, but it is a lot closer than Los Angeles. After a nerve-wracking 30 minutes on the traffic-soaked highways of Puget Sound, I arrive at my hotel hungry.

When my work in L. There are dozens of amazing Seattle restaurants within walking distance but, in the end, all I really want is a burger at Johnny Rockets Streamliner Vegetarian, no grilled onions and no mustard.

Sad, I know. I walk two blocks to the mall wanting nothing but a bit of peace and a burger. I get the burger amazing, as always but no peace. I could not eat my dinner fast enough to get the hell out of that audio torture chamber. My dinner and evening ruined, I resist the urge to pummel a lady wearing a "Little Night Music" T-Shirt on the way out. I should be catching up on work, but just don't feel like it meaning that I'm going to have to get up extra early in the morning.

Since there is nothing good on television, I blog On the joyous event of passing through airport security with my courier bag this afternoon, I forgot to remove the Hard Rock pins I purchased.

This is a Very Bad Thing, because a bag filled with metal pins appears as a big unrecognizable blob when viewed through an X-Ray machine. Naturally, in these uncertain times, that meant a security inspector had to tear through my belongings to be sure I didn't have a knife or other sharp object concealed inside.

I love it when that happens When I went to my first meeting yesterday, I was greeted like an old friend and immediately engaged in a conversation about motorcycles and the hazards of riding one. At first I had thought that I was accidentally wearing a Harley-Davidson T-shirt to the meeting, because That's when the conversation takes an odd turn ME: How did you know I ride? HE: Oh, I Googled you last night to prepare for the meeting. ME: Uhhh HE: Yeah, doesn't everybody?

That's how I found your blog. ME: Ah. Well, I guess I know what my next entry will be about! I always figured that something like this would eventually happen which is why my blog has a rather vague, blurry look at my life , but I was not prepared for that moment it actually did hello Aaron! Win a Harley!! Public education is the most important investment we can make in our economy. Members of the state Legislature must be saluted for valuing this excellence.

The Tax Incidence Study at the Minnesota Department of Revenue shows well-off Minnesotans have been paying a lower tax rate than those of us in lower income brackets.

Lawmakers took this into account in passing higher rates for earners of higher incomes, and the result was the ability to invest in educational opportunities for younger Minnesotans. I salute State Sens. I thank State Reps. This will help Minnesota back toward a leadership position among the states.

I disagree and have studied this monstrosity since it came online. He said insurance costs would not increase, and they already have. The report which details this can be found by visiting FixHealthCarePolicy. There will still be 30 million people without health care, and, God forbid, if the immigration reform bill passes, this number will triple in no time.

And we have to put up with long, difficult winters. I suggest we all move to a better climate and to a state with no tax on income, such as Florida. How any intelligent person can ignore the cover up of the Benghazi mur-. Berenz only received the 2 percent increase.

The newspaper regrets the error. And what about the secretive, numerous and improper; unlawful executive orders? This regime is ignoring our rule of law. Stop bullying To the editor: Many people can bully in different ways.

Doing so will have a big effect on the person who is being bullied. By talking and interacting with those who have been bullied and those who are being bullied we can help to heal and create a peaceful planet.

We think of bullying as a physical action, but it can be verbal, cyber, and just being mean. Using words, leaders of a possible hierarchy of clique can manipulate others to bully. Bullying can rip pieces of a person apart, but by being kind we can put those pieces back and make that person almost whole. Even so, the person who was bullied will still have those memories and scars of what happened.

By being kind to others and preventing bullying we are able to achieve world peace and never bully again. I think we should keep Lebanon Hills at least as natural as it is now.

It is a real gem — an area of wild land in the middle of the suburbs. You can paddle the lakes there and at times see just trees and lakes and imagine that. Julian Andersen. Monday-Thursday, 9 a. Lebanon Hills is one of the finest places for crosscountry skiing in the Twin Cities and gets very busy when we have fresh snow.

Having a paved trail slice through the park would cut across the ski trails and ruin the quiet winter experience. I also think it is a waste of money to add paved trails and then keep them clear all winter.

If attendance has doubled at the park since then obviously people like it, so why change it? When my boys were young, we spent much of our time outdoors. After my son Zach, suffered a brain injury, we continued to spend as much time in natural settings as possible. We bought a stroller with large tires and used unpaved trails portaging him over impassible areas.

When he no longer fit a device designed for a toddler, he moved to a wheelchair. About the time Zach outgrew his stroller, we relocated to Minnesota. I was shocked to find few natural areas with accessible paths and many neighborhoods lack sidewalks. Minnesota has a great number of trails but only a few are accessible.

I know more than eight families who need and want paved trails. Eight group homes serving disabled Dakota County residents are a few miles from my Apple Valley home. Those with disabilities are from all walks of life. They are young adults and elderly veterans who have served our country, a grandmother who suffered a stroke, a child who fell from a shopping cart or bike, survivors of motor vehicle accidents, a mother with MS, a father with ALS, those born with disability and many more.

In , we discovered a family and national treasure in Yellowstone National Park. We are discussing our third trip to Yellowstone. Each visit, able-bodied families have outnumbered us. To get kids to at least grade-level reading by third grade, ECM actually advocates that others do the job that parents refuse to do. This never works. But this is precisely what the cause of the vicious circle of illiteracy has been: uninvolved parents and inefficient allocation of resources used by disinterested third parties.

This model therefore cannot be the solution. It is not about collecting more funds but rather advocating the reversal of the selfcentered decisions that parents make to not read with their children daily. While public schools can help children in severe cases, the responsibility before third grade must lie squarely on the parent.

But what a joy to have it. Letters to the editor policy Sun Thisweek welcomes letters to the editor. Submitted letters must be no more than words. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Letters reflect the opinion of the author only. Sun Thisweek reserves the right to edit all letters. Submission of a letter does not guarantee publication.

State Rep. The Democrat from Burnsville was flanked by his frustrated Republican colleagues on a panel before a roomful of Lakeville-area business representatives who posed pointed questions and conveyed concerns about the billions in new taxes on income, businesses and tobacco and the government growth that came out of the legislative session.

State Sen. He said the business-to-business warehousing and storage tax slated for April will raise costs of everyday items including gasoline and groceries.

Minnesota state legislators Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, Rep. Pat Garofalo, Rep. Will Morgan and Sen. Dave Thompson reviewed the results of the session with Lakeville Chamber of Commerce members at a May 16 luncheon. Photo submitted ing state is using its economic expansion of energy to lower taxes.

Mary Liz Holberg, R-Lakeville, shared their concerns that the taxes could drive away businesses and jobs that they provide. He said Democratic legislators made a commitment to the environment, early learning, expanding all-day kindergarten and freezing tuition to assist hurting middle-class families.

Holberg said she is hearing from business owners, including bankers, insurance brokers, attorneys and accountants, who have nu-.

At an impasse, the legislation died, but the debate is expected to be picked up again next year. Business owners challenged legislators to define the business-friendly legislation they will author next session.

Morgan encouraged those gathered to provide input to help him address. Prudential Financial Inc. Richard C. That ad ran in error. Pre-sale tickets will not be available until the first part of August. If you have any questions, or would like to put your name on a pre-sale contact list, please contact info targetcenter.

Thompson, who has announced he is considering running for governor, said businesses need less regulation and lower tax rates and sales tax rates. Sign up as a single, pair or foursome. Standard underwriting guidelines apply. Photo submitted. Effie Barnes, the Miss Princess, received her queens charm, an official invitation to represent Farmington and compete in the Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Program July Each year cities across the state have the opportunity to nominate an individual who has served and given back to the community in her own way.

Edwards volunteers with several local organizations and businesses throughout Farmington. She also recently created Sparkle4the1 Facebook page that is a work in progress. It is a ministry created to encourage girls of all ages to become more involved in the world around them, but in a way that displays grace, faith, love, integrity and confidence.

Farmington has only been involved with the Minneapolis Aquatennial Program for three years, and Edwards is the third recipient of this award. For more information, call the Rosemount Parks and Recreation Department at Monday, June 24 — Bridge, 9 a. Tuesday, June 25 — Coffee, 8 a. Wednesday, June 26 — Water Color Painting, 9 a. Thursday, June 27 — Advisory Board, 9 a.

Friday, June 28 — Euchre, 9 a. Pre-registration is required and can be done at the Rosemount Parks and Recreation office.

Call for more information. The room is located in the Rosemount Community Center and allows seniors a place to stop by and socialize during the week. Tuesday, June Learn to embroider and make a monogrammed handkerchief. Registration required. Ages: Friday, June Magician Brodini provides laughs as he amazes with his magic skills. All ages. Costumed guides will lead the tours starting at 10 a. Tours lasts 90 minutes and include stops at several buildings where costumed demonstrators will provide information and answer questions.

Visitors can also view horse-drawn buggies, farm machinery and displays in the museum. Guests are welcome to pack a picnic lunch to eat on the grounds.

A treat from the gift shop will be included in the ticket price. Dakota City is located at th St. For information, visit dakotacity. Share your weekly worship schedule or other activities with the community.

Email Jeanne. Cannon ecm-inc. Register for the following Rosemount Parks and Recreation programs online at www. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Call the info line at and select option No. Learn to Skate summer session, Mondays, July 8 through Aug. Farmers market, p. Tuesdays through Sept. The farmers market hotline is PRAY www.

We have thrived over the years because of the volume of callbacks and customer referrals from previously contracted jobs. No contract is too big or too small for our company. We take pride in the honesty, integrity, and character of the young men we have employed. My son Andrew is a highly skilled and trained carpenter. He also does taping, knock down ceilings, tiling, countertops and offers many types of custom carpentry.

Andrew operates a professional spray booth off site for finishes on cabinetry and furniture. His current focus is on remodeling, updating, and modernizing homes and businesses.

My other two sons run the painting end of the business and are also professionally trained Artists. Jeremiah attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and later studied under the mentorship of the nationally renowned portrait and fresco painter Mark Balma. David similarly was accepted into a full time master apprenticeship program at the young age of 16 at the highly respected Atelier Lack Studio. They followed in the family tradition of mastering a professional craft and skill which they have brought to our company.

Between the two they offer 25 years of experience painting interior and exterior homes in the metro area with our family business. We hope to have the opportunity to do so with you as well. We are only a call or e-mail away to offer you a free estimate of our professional services. Residents lined the streets, and some even pitched tents to keep cool and shaded in the bright sun. For more pictures, visit sunthisweek. Photos by Theresa Malloy. Dir: Hwy 3 to Hwy 50 E to home at 6th.

Asphalt drive to back garage, vaulted ceilings, sun porch and great storage throughout! Super one level TH in Westview, small assn well managed and sought after neighborhood - full basement is unfinished and offers great storage! State of Students in Farmington Area Public Schools experienced some outstanding moments and transitional changes during the course of the school year. As personal technology in the form of an iPad took root for every student, the district enacted an effort to personalize the education experience.

The district is using a software program called Schoology to advance digital learning systems and communication with students and parents. Funding for the program is provided from district capital budgets and not general budget operating funds that are Life Science Teacher Katie Bellmont works with students used for teacher salaries.

Farmington became one of the first school districts in the metro area to provide a personal learning device for all students over the course of the school year. The effort was phased in beginning with Farmington High School students in the fall and continuing on with Middle School and Elementary students by the end of the year. Although Farmington is 40 miles from the northern suburb of Spring Lake Park, the strategic direction of the each school district is closely aligned.

When the state legislature created Innovation Zone legislation encouraging school districts to work together to find new ways to deliver education, Farmington and Spring Lake Park were up for the challenge. The Minnesota Department of Education approved the project in April. With the decision, students will be presented with new possibilities and the districts will serve to meet both the goals of their strategic plans, but also serve to improve educational opportunities for students statewide.

The designation will begin with the upcoming school year and be in place for the next five years. View a video under the Innovation Zone tab on the www. The rating is in effect for all five locations where Wee Tigers is offered. Parent Aware, offered through the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Office of Early Learning, measures the best practices identified by research that help children succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Over the months of February and March, students in grades and their families completed the process to equip students with a personal iPad and students in grades K-3 began using classroom sets that stayed at school.

Family engagement nights and a series of follow-up parent meetings were key strategies to assist with a The Innovation Zone strong start to a new pro- designation is not a grant and does not come with gram.

Curricular programs will move to the South Suburban Conference starting in the fall of , joining schools more similar in student population and location than existed in the Missota Conference.

Location and travel times for students along with current and future student enrollment — along with the dissolution of the Missota Conference - are key factors in making the change.

The average travel distance for Farmington in the current Missota Conference is He has been a member of the Farmington teaching Chris Caduff staff since The award is presented annually to one coach from each state whose influence is reflected in his mentoring and role modeling, community service and the lives he has touched and changed. Farmington takes a leading position on health and wellness for students and staff. Carl Colmark serves as Director of Finance.

Beem and Jake Cordes to Information gained from serve four-year terms as the 89 question survey will members of the Farmingserve to form a baseline of ton Area Public Schools information on a variety Board of Education in the of factors including satis- Election. They join. Haugen authored on a wide range of subjects and included photos and comments from his visits to over 70 classrooms in all school buildings over the course of the year.

All members serve four-year terms and serve the community at-large. Students attending Farmington Area Public Schools will have access to a powerful tool to advance their learning as part of a goal to provide a customized education for all students.

With the approval of a lease agreement at their December 10, meeting, Farmington Area Public Schools began the process to place an iPad in the hands of all students by the end of the school year. The move is based on a district strategic priority to provide a customized learningg environment for all students. Funding for the initiative is provided from district capital budgets and not general budget operating funds that are used for teacher salaries.

Choices communicated directly with parents Farmington is now the largest high via email and posted on the district Page 5 school in the State of Minnesota to web site, www. Elementary aged January 22 and 24 d G d d 5 ll b bl Page 2. An application to allow the Farmington and Spring Lake Park schools to work cooperatively in an Innovation Zone Pilot Project has received an initial designation from the Minnesota Department of Education, one of two such projects p j to gain g approval pp in the State of Minnesota.

A detailed implementation plan along with evaluation and reporting systems are under development. The designation will begin with the upcomy and be in place p ingg school year for the next five years. The Innovation Zone designation was enacted by the Minnesota Legislature in to allow groups of two or more districts to work collaboratively to improve student and school outcomes. The program seeks to support innovative education programs and activities and the sharing of district resources with the idea that lessons learned can assist students across Minnesota.

Although Farmington and Spring Lake Park are separated by 40 miles, the strategic intent of the districts is closely aligned. In addition to being the two largest metro districts to implement full integration of iPads for all students, both organizations prioritize customized learning and meeting the unique needs of every student.

The Innovation Zone designation is not a grant and does not come with any additional funding, but does allow the districts flexibility from some mandates and exemptions in order to think and. Farmington and Spring Lake Park have worked cooperatively on numerous initiatives over the last two years, a The Innovation Zone application included an illustrated video produced at nonational award-winning illustrator, documentary filmf 14, factor that provides a strong foundation cost to the district bySEPTEMBER maker and information designer Anthony Weeks.

Visit the www. The School Board Learning the efficient and and staff will use data from effective use of computers the survey to guide decision and technology for district making.

The The survey was con- complete survey and slides from the presentation are ducted by calling a random sample of district house- posted on the www. The average. Cheryl Wetterlind of Farmington is the recipient of the Les Gilbertson. Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Now I've waited until the middle of July for a response, but guess what, nothing! So here it is. Please do not support this label, please do not buy this record from them. If you're a distro, please send them back broken preferably or just keep them to use as frisbees.

Fuck pay- ing these rip off assholes who make hardcore suck, we don't need you fuckers around!!! Just recently I've found out about a label called Sub-City Records. This is what I know about them. Sub-City is run by the same people who run Hopeless Records. Sub-City is the charity branch of Hopeless, donating money from each record they put out to different char- ity organizations.

The people at Sub-City prob- ably mean well, but I think their ef- forts are pathetically mainstream. Where is the rest of the money from this char- ity label going? I think it is fair for Sub-City to pay back their cost of making each record. If the bands are getting paid from the release, then shame on them. They are tak- ing money, probably not much in all honesty, from the charity that the record is being advertised to help, as well as taking a lot of praise as do- gooders, when they aren't doing any- thing.

If the money is going in any way as profit to the people running Sub-City, than bigger shame on them.

Why would they have to profit off of any sale of a Sub-City release, if Sub-City is supposed to be the charity branch of Hopeless? It would suggest a lot of insincerity on their parts.

Why has Sub-City decided on giving this money to national charity groups like the Multiple Sclerosis founda- tion?

These groups suck, but never get criticized because of the sup- posed good they do. National level charity groups are nearly all run with bloated staffs, with bloated budgets, and bloated salaries. That means that huge amounts of money that people donate never even make it to research or those in need. It goes right into people's salaries. Do you see why I think Sub- City is pathetic?

If they did their char- ity efforts in a punk way, they would donate all of their profits to charity, and only keep their true expenses. Also, the groups chosen to relieve the money would be done in a more punk way. Rather than give the money to the national MS Founda- tion, why not do a little research and find a local hospice that cares for people with MS, or some other small, locally run activity directed towards MS?

Then the money would be much better spent, since it is rare that the people on the local level ever make the six figure salaries of national level people, and they hardly ever have big staffs wasting money.

It would be much more ap- preciated, and the Sub-City people could help their community more. I don't care if I come across as petty. Sure, there may not be much money involved, and the profit Sub- City makes may be small, but it is still a profit, not honestly mentioned in their ads, and sets a poor ex- ample for punk benefit actions. Love, Sandy Roy Sandy and those concerned, I talked to Sub City and it's the bands who pick the charity the money goes to.

The bands men- tioned to me picked local, not na- tional groups. Jeff M. The right one is Manila Ave. It would be great if you would print it in your next issue.

Not Potatoes. Anyway, the real reason I'm writing this is because our address on the CD was outdated and I sent a letter explaining it along with a piece of paper with all the new info and the old one was still printed.

So if you can do me another favor and just print our new address and the price, it would be kindly appreci- ated. So it wasn't until recently that I began to feel their pain. Instead of whining though', I thought I would offer some constructive criticism. A review of With Authority's new CD was given in issue that wasn't all that great, which is fine. The problem I have is with the way the review was done.

It starts out saying, "maybe Ray should've assigned this [to someone else]". Which obviously forced the question, "Why not? This all leads to my point. As a record reviewer, you're going to get records that you don't have a particularfancy for the style. It's part of the responsibility of be- ing a record reviewer. Also part of that responsibility lies in what you write. Depending on the review, you can sink or swim as a band or indie-label. With that in mind, I have to suggest that reviewers in my case Ty Smith review a record keeping bias out and objectivity in.

Case in point. Our review says "this band plays straight up metal mosh-core. What does it mean??? I' have no clue what the hell this band sounds like based on the review. As a journalist, I'm always writing stories on subjects that I don't personally care about or agree with, but I do it with the facts.

Keep- ing my nose out of it. With that in mind, here's the unbiased review of my own record as an example. Can't really compare these guys to anyone in particular. They have a cross-over type sound that can go from slow heavy moshcore to hard driving "wall of noise" hardcore in an instant.

Lyrics deal with familiar themes like poverty, drugs, and the money machine that we live in. Solid production. If you like heavy cross- over he, you may like this release. Unfortunately, I think Ty Smith just listened to the first song for his review, because if he made it to songs 2, 3, or 4, he would've real- ized that his words are a bit mislead- ing. In Ty's defense, we led off the CD with the worst song we could have. The first song lays the founda- tion for the whole record.

So bands, lesson learned: Neverputyourweak- est song as the lead song on your record or you may find yourself sit- ting on a shit-load of CDs that you'll be giving as Christmas gifts for years to come. Sorry about the "tough guy vocals", it's hard to hide what you are. Dave, Your "obvious answer" that there are too many releases for us to screen them all is bullshit.

Every release sent to us is listened to by the vinyl or CD assigner. They try to direct them to someone into the style of music but aren't always success- ful. Saying that a band or label will sink or swim based on one review is also bullshit.

Hopefully the band has more going on than one review in onezine. You gotta be joking when you say you're gonna write an "unbiased review of [your] own record" to show us how it's done. You say the same thing Tydoes, except you try to make the band sound good.

That's why we don't have bands write their own reviews. What the fuck is an objective record review? There's no such thing. So yes, you are whining, you tough guy datatester you.

I've worked at college stations and watched my friends put a lot of time, effort, and of course, money into putting out records. Don't be fooled by the charts in CMJ - find out as much as you can about each station that you're considering sending records to. A lot of stations have great charts; you read them and think, wow, some college station is actually charting pop punk I know you run a pop punk label, so I assume you'd be looking for at least a little pop punk in the chart.

So you spend the money on the postage and send it over to them. I know postage isn't that much, but it adds up after a while. The problem is that many col- lege stations may chart indepen- dent music of all genres, but most of their airtime doesn't actually con- sist of those bands.

For example, I moved to CT this year. They're a huge station, reporting to CMJ and Gavin another trade mag , and every small label in the country sends them records because of this. Unfortunately, what those labels don't know is there are only maybe 4 shows a week, tops, that play independent music and most of these are indie rock shows. All of their other time is spent on world, jazz, hip hop, techno, etc. It's true that it does vary from semester to semester, depending on the type of people that apply for shows, but it doesn't vary all that much.

Do yourself a favor, before you send out records, call or email the sta- tions I know you al- ready know this and that it's com- mon sense, but I figured I would reiterate it just in case. In August's issue you printed a well circulated "spam" email about taxing electronic mail that's a well documented urban legend, I've re- ceived the same message in vari- ous forms about as often as I have the one about the guy waking up in a bathtub of ice with his kidney missing. Another "spam" email message warning about Febreeze deodorizer made it into the news section a few issues back with warn- ings about it killing pets!

When I read this I freaked out, we just sprayed a quilt our dog and cats sleep on with the stuff, I rushed home in a panic. The animals seemed fine, but we washed it thor- oughly to rid it of the supposed toxic chemicals MRR warned about. I looked into this supposed news question everything!

The National Animal Poison Con- trol Center released a statement saying "Contrary to rumors being spread over the Internet, the ASPCA knows of no substantiated evidence that the use of Febreeze has caused the death of any dogs or cats.

It seems we as punks could use this to our advantage with a little thought and planning rather than falling vic- tim to it. What the hell were you thinking, printing a racist, sexist, ho- mophobic column and passing it off under the guise of life from a Chris- tian perspective? I try very hard to respect other people's opinions and religious beliefs, but when I read something this degrading and mo- ronic, I can't help but to lose that sense of tolerance.

As a 1 5-year old female who's trying to come to terms with my own bisexuality, I found the "article" very insulting, misleading, and downright fascist. It's hard enough to live in a city full of Bible-thumping oppres- sors, without opening up MRR and reading, "I will not stand by and let the homos soil God's world with their perversity," "Black men, White men and Chinese men, all together," and "We can refuse to hire open homo- sexuals, and refuse to serve them in our business, making it impossible for them to live.

I'd expect to read something like that on a God Hates Fags webpage, but not in a zine that prides itself on being free of all such content. This right-wing, self-serving, moralistic bullshit has no place within the pages of MRR, and I will not buy it again until Christian's Corner is gone, or at least free of this filth.

OMRR, I just wanted to ex- press my displeasure in reading your Christian's Cor- ner column on the topicof homopho- bia. I have never in my life read such crap concerning gays and les- bians. I am boycotting your publica- tion and encouraging my friends to do so to until we get an apology. This is nice of MRR It's nice to let the Christian punks out there to tell the rest of us what is going on in their scene! Good for you, MRR Let everyone be heard!

Now, I have read a lot of things that piss me off in this zine, mostly from so-called punks who write in bitching about something that ap- parently isn't punk enough for them, but, over all, I kept coming back to the zine because I realized that the opinions of these punks matter to the scene and movement as a whole.

On the other hand, I have also taken note on MRR, her staff- ers, and her readers stance on zero tolerance to hate. Why then would MRRaUow this column which openly accuses gays of "perverted acts, the chasing and recruiting of chil- dren, and the desire to make the whole world gay,"? I wouldn't think that MRR would allow such sick and twisted words of hate into the pages of this magazine.

I am sorry to find out that I was wrong about you. For the rea- son of this I am attempting to start a letter writing campaign against MRR until this "Christian" column has been removed, or until it's for- mat has been changed completely. These messages of hate do not belong here. If these Nazis wish to talk shit about other groups of people, that's fine.

They have that right. But, if we all want to rid the world of the Nazi threat, we must begin by letting them all know they are not welcome in our lives. If we are willing to tolerate this kind of hate here, then what's next? I urge the readers of MRR to write the columnists, reviewers, and other readers of this zine and let them know what kind of Nazi filth is being published.

Unless, of course, MRR is too chickenshit to publish this letter and let it's readers see my proposition. But hopefully, that isn't the case. Thank you for your time, Marc C. I kingstaples yahoo. I think he should die now. And he should take his bullshit column down with him. He said, "God often sends plagues upon those he is angry with, so clearly AIDS, which affects gays, drug us- ers and prostitutes, must be heaven-sent," my ass.

Fuck you I'm gay, fuck God, I'll fuck you up the ass!! I'll cum all over you and turn you gay, oh wait, you're a closet! I just picked up issue , and after reading the few columns I always read, I noticed the new Christian's Corner.

I have never read anything in MRR that ever pissed me off so much. I can not believe you would allow such bullshit to actually go into print. I mean yeah I'm sure Basil Ransom would have spread his closed minded, homopho- bic views elsewhere, but why in a seemingly open minded forum such as MRR. Though while reading the ramblings of Rev. I couldn't help but laugh at it, no matter how angry I got. You know Rev. You know it seems you're more gay than the "fags" you condemn so quickly.

Enjoy your gay porn, ya fruit- cake! Hugs-n-kisses Carl PS. You know that bible you beat so much? King James it's his version was gay! You really think a gay would condemn his own way of life? Punk rock is about ques- tioning things, not swallowing every- thing you hear. Carl- some would say swallowing irything you hear is right up there h believing everything you read. In the first issue Christian's Corner was in, at the end of the letters sec- tion, you said, "We have not been getting many letters lately.

I can also tell it is a joke because if you shorten Skipard Reason's name, you get Skip Reason. If somebody wanted to get taken seriously, they would not have made such a nick name.

You guys are a great zine though, and thanks for sending all my issues to me on time. Thanks again. Christian's Cor- ner was a wonderful bit of religious satire, I'm glad to see such humor within your pages.

I'll admit, I was taken aback at first, but I caught on about half way through and then I couldn't stop laughing. Skipard Reason could keep me in stitches for hours, I cant wait for his next column. He was joking right?! Keep it up Later, K. I just want you to know that I am upset over this because I thoroughly enjoyed his articles.

This is a pro- test letter and I am sure you will be receiving many more similarto mine. If you are a democraticfanzine at all I have heard that you are actually dictatorial , then you will listen to the people that keep you in busi- ness. Thank you very much. Use phone for ad reservations. Melodic and punchy punk rock with feminine vocals. Recorded in NY. G Tues. IB Frl. TX a Wreck Room S. Thur in. Thur Itl. WA Sun. Ur Funktloil recorded this unre- le. The complete session with numerous extra tracks that could" i lit until the origin, il live studio LP.

Trip 6. Mourning Noise. Lost Generation, Human Hands. Bad Posture. PO BOX Distro by the cool ones that pay ' Ibesc release! II www. Despise You, Palalka. Charles Bronson. L Cry Now. After they left we discovered they stole a significant amount of CDs.

We trusted them to be honest and they took advantage of us and ripped us off. We do have photos from our building's security cameras of all of them and we already know some of their names and addresses.

I have called them and they admit to stealing stuff but in two weeks have returned nothing. If we do not get all our stuff back I will release the photos and all the names, addresses and phone numbers we know so all can see the culprits that violated our trust. NET and see if they delivered the goods or not. This is their newest release. It contains songs from various seven-inch splits, compilations, and from Coolidge Records' seven-inch releases.

This lasts for 50 rounds plus the victims level. If the victim fails the band ihen attacks with hand-to- hand. Plow United is very freindly with all people who love music. Write us for a catalog and what not.

Visit our website or write, e-mail or call for our paper catalog. Next up: R. Box Box Ft. MAXX japan. SLANG japan. S10, MCD.

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Brooks Ritter - The Horse Fell Lame (CD)

Posted on by Yokora

Contact Brooks Ritter. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Brooks Ritter, you may also like:. Repsychled Records reissues this psych-rock classic from Korean rock legend Shin Joong Hyun, full of scorching licks and soulful vocals. Danzig Sings Elvis by Danzig. The crossover no one saw coming—a sinister, album-length tribute to the King from the legendary Glenn Danzig.

Osglim by Lalande. Dark Thoughts by The Shivas. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 29, Led by powerhouse vocalist AJ Haynes, Louisiana band Seratones serve up a sweltering mix of hard rock, soul, and blues.

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Brooks Ritter. Louisville, Kentucky. Brooks Ritter debuted his newest album, Stereo of Steel, August 26, Ritter is a Louisville, Kentucky native musician, and his music ranges from “soul to roots music, with a little indie-rock.” Stereo of Steel follows the same pattern with 10 original songs. Brooks released his first album, The Horse Fell Lame in , and Gather Round also in

Noxious Emotion - Untitled (Cassette)

Posted on by Nikus

This is a conglomeration of malicious instrumentation and sound meant to invoke visceral emotion. This album hearkens to an era absent of clearly defined classifications and rules of dogmatic black metal, thrash and death metal. Fantasy Sci-Fi. His Motorbike, Her Island Drama Romance. Hanagatami Drama War. Noyuki yamayuki umibe yuki Comedy Fantasy. Turning Point Kono sora no hana: Nagaoka hanabi monogatari Complex Edit Storyline Experimental short film depicting the life, perhaps real, perhaps a dream, of a young girl named Emi.

Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? It goes beyond the outdated concept of ''genres'' to create something very much of its own. To think this is the most honest artistic expression of ONE single person is even more impressive. It's one long journey, but a very worthwhile one. The songs all mesh perfectly into one relentless masterpiece that traps you in its atmosphere, without escape.

Despair, decay Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Ships from and sold by bestcdhead. Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by silverplatters. Condition: Used: Very Good. Other Sellers on Amazon.

Sold by: Amazon. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Goofy looking cover art. Cover is scuffed and torn; the sleeve is yellowed and wrinkled; vinyl passes visual inspection without obvious nicks, scratches or warping, but there is a fair amount of surface noise. Cover shows scuffing. Vinyl is fine. Black CD case. This one's not for trade, since it's been opened. This song especially inspired me with the way that he used a super SUPER slow and minimal beat but filled all the gaps with tasty soulful vocals and instrumentation.

The soulful vocals add a big element of emotion to the overall song, something I aimed to have throughout the entire EP. I especially grew to realise that her style of lyrics not taking them too seriously was also how I wrote most comfortably and fluidly.

Check out Noxious Emotion on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.

The Rest For The Wicked - Sohodolls - Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation (CD, Album)

Posted on by Faum

Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Play album. Length Related Tags indie electropop alternative electronic Add tags View all tags. From The Album Play album. Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation Sohodolls 88, listeners. We can't show you this lyrics snippet right now. Play track. Artist images 26 more. Sohodolls , listeners Related Tags electronic indie british The majesty of rock, the mystery of roll, all underpinned by ferocious beats.

Sohodolls are not afraid to bring in various musical styles — glam-rock, punk, hip hop and big band swing - put them through their mincer and put out twisted dark pop songs.

They are a weird and wonderful collection of musical maestros who wouldn't look out of place in … read more. The majesty of rock, the mystery of roll, all underpinned by ferocious beats.

Sohodolls are not afraid to bring in various musical styles — glam-rock, punk, hip hop and big band swing - put… read more. Sohodolls are not afraid to bring in various musical styles — glam-rock, punk, hip hop and big band swing - put them through their mincer and put out twisted… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest.

Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. Friday 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January Monday 20 January Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 22 January Thursday 23 January Friday 24 January Saturday 25 January Sunday 26 January Monday 27 January Tuesday 28 January Wednesday 29 January Thursday 30 January Friday 31 January Saturday 1 February Sunday 2 February Monday 3 February Tuesday 4 February What does anybody else think about this awesome album, i just got a promo copy and it absolutely rocks!!!!

They are a great band! You can download an album track My Vampire off their website. I love the closing track Very Ladytron!

Electrofreaks , Sep 2, I haven''t heard the album in full yet but the tracks I have heard are great. Pleasures of Soho is a really amazing song. Can''t wait to get my hands on the album. I like some of their songs, bought the Prince Harry single 2 years ago, and also the first Stripper single, but Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment?

Yes No. Bang Bang Bang Bang. I'm Not Cool. My Vampire. No Regrets. Pleasures of Soho. Right and Right Again. Monday 3 February Tuesday 4 February Wednesday 5 February Thursday 6 February Friday 7 February Saturday 8 February Sunday 9 February Tuesday 11 February Wednesday 12 February Thursday 13 February Friday 14 February Saturday 15 February Sunday 16 February Monday 17 February Tuesday 18 February Wednesday 19 February Thursday 20 February Friday 21 February Saturday 22 February Sunday 23 February Monday 24 February Tuesday 25 February Wednesday 26 February Thursday 27 February Friday 28 February Saturday 29 February Sunday 1 March Monday 2 March Tuesday 3 March Wednesday 4 March Thursday 5 March Friday 6 March Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March They can look forwarded to awakening their followers' senses.

From the first listen the album makes you want to catch their next gig. All tracks are written by Sohodolls , except where noted. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Synthpop electropunk electronic rock glam rock alternative rock. Sohodolls Karen Gibbs Neville Henry.

For the wicked get the rest For the wicked get the rest I wanna prophesize My vessel is capsized I sailed through the tides Through my tears Through my cries I'll go down with a smile Under the stormy sky A passive suicide A suicide I didn't invite Let me crawl into your heart Sting myself and burn your nest Let me crawl into your heart For the.

Yuki No Furu Machi O - Hybryds - Dresden 2005 - Recorded Live (DVDr)

Posted on by Gardasida

He takes his usual place on a park bench just as the bells of the Frauenkirche strike eight. He waits for an hour and tries again, but there is no answer until after midnight when Krieger has finally returned, reeking of alcohol and cigarette smoke that nearly makes Levi gag when the door opens. As he finally slips into the apartment he can feel a chill settling into his bones and it almost takes over his anger, that distinctive coldness that has got nothing to do with the weather.

Krieger barely laughs, picking up a glass from the side table. He can hear Krieger emptying his glass and placing it back on the table before following him in. He feels like swearing again but keeps quiet, turning off the bedside lamp as soon as Krieger has managed to undress; without his clothes on he looks smaller and like usual Levi feels sickened by the sight of him.

The sudden reminder that under every uniform is a human being leaves an acrid taste in his mouth, and he grits his teeth to keep the nausea at bay. The hand withdraws and Krieger sighs heavily. So when will the papers be done? Is trying to save those two your penance? Or do Jews not have that concept? Or is it going to be more like seeing a rat and not killing it? Krieger laughs more loudly. If you can even get it up in your state. For once, like you mean it.

Any affection, anything at all? The hand lets go and pulls back; Levi can hear the quick, shallow breaths Krieger is drawing behind him. Even sweeping my floors you looked like you wanted to spit on me, you fucking frigid little slut. How smart a move do you think that is? So he stays quiet, breathing in the stale air he manages to catch and lets the man find his way back to repeating himself.

Who was it? That friend of yours, is that it? Him and every other man in this fucking city. I swear it. You do not want to test me on that.

Do you remember? Those days in Berlin? Something in Levi seems to die with these words. Not Berlin, not any of it. You knew how much I wanted you. You were toying with me even then. This means too much to me now.

His body grows heavy with a new kind of dread, his throat seems to close from the surge of nausea that makes his body shiver violently as the man leans in again, repeating those words, his voice turning into a panting growl. In the end the words fall in time with the thrusts of his hips that rock Levi back and forth, making him grit his teeth to keep down the revulsion building in his body.

After Krieger has finally finished, he swears loudly. Levi gets up without saying a word, gathering the sheets as he leaves the room. He walks into the bathroom and pulls out a bucket from under the sink, filling it with hot water before dropping in the sheets. He uses the toilet — an unpleasant experience — and, grabbing a stained rag of a towel from the top shelf of the cupboard, fills an enamel washbowl with hot water, grabs a bar of soap and steps into the tub.

The man whistles along with the national anthem as he cleans himself in the sink before taking a piss; he sits down on the toilet to watch Levi, who tries to ignore him as he rubs at his body with the towel until his skin turns pink from the roughness of the cloth and the force of his hands. What we do is crazy. Levi cleans the towel angrily before emptying the enamel bowl into the tub and refilling it with more hot water; he says nothing to Krieger, who sighs heavily.

I only want you, Levi. I feel like Krieger sits sullenly on the toilet for a few minutes before going to bed, his back turned to Levi in a petulant gesture that could never elicit a response. He walks through the park in the pre-dawn darkness; the city has fallen quiet and surrounded by the steady shuffle of his feet on the cobbled stones Levi lets that thought pierce through. The memory of that low voice comes to him vividly, saying something about his survival instinct.

All things considered what a fucking hideous thing to say. And there was that thing about what sort of food he could eat. So he knew, and still Levi makes his way to that part of town, not knowing or caring why.

Stick to the busier streets. Sidestep direct blows aimed at you. All the best. Levi stops and looks up at the window. Levi frowns to himself as he turns away, toward home, thinking about the floors. Maybe today is the day for that.

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Photo Gallery. Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman joins Bronsert and Szary to imbue dub-techno slow-burner "Trees" with the spirit of Jah. Side A Trees feat. Hilaire Side B This album offers a mix of the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound with a more experimental and avant-garde approach. BJM has been essential in the development of the modern U. Disc 1. A14 UK :. Blackest Ever Black sub-label A14 presents its second release.

Bristol's Rhythmic Theory opens with "Forgotten Realms," a broken-beat assassinator equal parts dancehall-militant snares and tripped-out soulboy shimmer. Nods to breakstep and dark garage and funk of relatively recent vintage too, but the engineering and arrangement are ruthless, dub-disciplined, wholly contemporary. Vinyl only. One-time pressing of copies. Forgotten Realms B1.

Spirits of Duality. First historical edition! Three-LP box version. One-time limited edition of Includes Number One Intersystems , with the correct side sequence and for the first time the original tracks' sub-section divisions, in the original avant-press sleeve designed by Intersystems founding member Michael Hayden ; Peachy , with for the first time the correct track separations, timings, and titles; and Free Psychedelic Poster Inside , with for the first time the original double track titles, in a silkscreened envelope reproducing the original sleeve.

In the s, Anton Bruhin began organizing happenings and performances, creating sound works, designing and typesetting his own books which he self-published with Hannes R. Bossert through April-Verlag , and drawing and writing poetry. In the mids, Anton Bruhin was surely at the peak of his tape manipulation work.

Always using poor techniques and equipment, he sculpted everyday-life sonic objects and turned them into very accomplished and yet totally experimental musical artifacts. The works presented here belong to this same period of expanded creativity, combining themes of excess and chaos with a pragmatic interest in simple structural schemata.

To be consistent with the aesthetic quality of these works, Alga Marghen presents each of these four CDs in a silkscreened jewel case, with the four CDs housed in a numbered slipcase. Limited edition of Obliate is a towering tour de force of sonic architecture and the pair's second album. If the contemporary Brutalist architecture of Le Corbusier and Alison and Peter Smithson had a soundtrack, this surely would be it.

Their sound research is inspired by contemporary music, early 20th-century artistic ideas, jazz, and IDM, but with a deep interest in developing a personal vision about soundscapes, rhythms, and melodies. Born as a live act commissioned by the Milan Conservatory, the duo released their first track on FatCat Records, which was followed by their first self-produced album, Over a Neutral Landscape , and the Plato EP on Rxstnz Records.

Alongside music production, the duo created a multimedia installation called neMachine in that investigates the geometric studies of Le Corbusier in parallel to the musical production of Erik Satie.

Always looking for new sound architectures, the duo manipulate their self-programmed software and hardware machines to produce new sonic landscapes. Obliate is a no-holds-barred vision of their beguiling Brutalist sound design. A future of twisted concrete and rusted steel shot through with warmth and humanism. O pb Iw Ripe, punchy drums propel the tumbling, truncated, funky loops of "Chances" before the syncopated rhythms of "A Very Deep Groove" lay the groundwork for a rich, hypnotic mood.

The sparse sampling and naturally sequenced drum tracks of "Free of Sin" make for steadily blooming tension. Chances Side B Free of Sin A Very Deep Groove. They compose for people who sing in the shower, but without any nostalgia. They also know how to pick their cast; they enlisted Ash Workman Metronomy , Christine and the Queens to mix their debut album, Fils de.

Rester avec Toi is a perfect extract from Fils de , toggling the switch between pop and psych delights. Title-track features Miss Kittin. Gin Fizz Rester avec Toi feat. Miss Kittin Side B Single Boy Qu'est-ce qu'on est bien? A unique synthesis of time-dilating folk-jazz romanticism, brittle chamber dub, and plasmic post-techno electronics, Tarquin Magnet is Australian musician Tarquin Manek 's first full solo release on Blackest Ever Black, but by no means his first contribution to the label; as one-half of Tarcar with Carla dal Forno , he has released the dysfunctional dreamsongs of Mince Glace , and as one-third of F ingers with dal Forno and Samuel Karmel he has helped summon the baleful backyard apparitions of Hide Before Dinner BLACKEST LP, Still, none of this activity prepares one for the disturbed and enchanted environments of Tarquin Magnet.

Its raw materials are the result of improvisation and domestic field recording, of literally grabbing at whatever's available -- clarinet, keyboard, dictaphone, cell phone -- and throwing it into the pot.

And then, of course, untold hours of hunched and red-eyed editing. For all its rough textures and strange juxtapositions, this is masterfully mixed and arranged music; to adepts, and really to anyone listening at high volume, its deep spatial dynamics and higher dub logic will be powerfully apparent.

Comparisons are pointless, but one might imagine "Edges of Illusion"-era John Surman meeting Karel Goeyvaerts 's minimalist phase, delivered with the no-fidelity recklessness of the best underground traditions of Australia and New Zealand. The spooling tunnel visions of "Fortunes Past" like a scene from Jane Arden and Jack Bond 's Anti-Clock and strung-out junkyard gamelan of "Fortunes Begun" precede "Perfect Scorn," a tour de force of crack'd kosmische pitched somewhere between folk tale and science fiction.

Imagine The Shadow Ring or Small Cruel Party trying to find common ground with Dettinger or Pole , or the sound of a million servers crashing and taking their users' memories with them. Manek's psycho-acoustic landscaping culminates in "Blackest Frypan," a puzzle-box of insinuating, paranormal resonances wrought out of plucked steel guitar strings, stifled screams, and subaqueous bleeps. Sassafras Gesundheit Fortunes Past Fortunes Begun Side B Perfect Scorn Blackest Frypan.

This EP began with a newspaper story that tickled the warped funny-bones of Dan Melchior and Graham Lambkin and gave birth to some lyrics. The wonderful keyboard talents of the late Letha Rodman Melchior were pivotal in the most "musical" of the tracks, the poignant closer "Vaccanti.

Mouse Sluts Simon Fell Mower Bath Man They made a congenial pair as musicians, as amply demonstrated by their first album as a duo, Rastakraut Pasta , originally released on Sky Records in On this album, drums, electric guitars, and bass are the cornerstones of every track; they provide the framework to which Moebius adds fresh color and life with his synthesizers.

Thanks to the technical merits of Plank's studio, the keyboards sound barely distinguishable from one another. No samples -- strictly analog from start to finish. Holger Czukay Can plays bass on three pieces and his consummate professionalism sees his virtuosity finely tuned to the concept of Moebius and Plank.

Moebius has a predilection for surrealist cascades of noise, heard throughout the album, grotesque yet playful. An enigmatic form of pop music came into being on this album, a breakneck, elegant mix of diverse elements -- a touch of Krautrock, some avant-garde pop, new German electronica, even sporadic echoes of reggae.

Includes liner notes by Asmus Tietchens. News Rastakraut Pasta Feedback 66 Missi Cacadou Two Oldtimers Solar Plexus Cluster 's self-titled debut was originally released by Philips in ; this edition is the first reissue to restore the track running order of the original Philips release.

Includes liner notes by electronic avant-garde pioneer Asmus Tietchens. Cluster is a monster; it contains a mere three untitled tracks and was quite an ordeal for untrained ears when it was released. Yet the album pointed the way forward like no other electronic opus.

Cluster's previous incarnation was a trio called Kluster. A change in direction and musical differences moved Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius to split from the group's third member, Conrad Schnitzler , in The following year, in addition to playing live, they recorded their first album in publisher Ralf Arnie 's Star Musik Studio in Hamburg. Here they first met Conny Plank , who would himself become a legend. They remained close friends until Plank's death in Early Cluster music was new.

New in the sense that it did not continue any tradition, instead laying the foundations for a future tradition. The duo's utter renunciation of conventional harmony and rhythm, embrace of near total aural abstraction, and confident use of noise, rigorous live electronic improvisation, and a positive mindset were all factors in Cluster's innovative trailblazing of For want of a better category, Cluster was classified rather inappropriately and incorrectly as "cosmic.

Moebius and Roedelius took the liberty of raiding both disciplines to perfect their musical concept. A common enough practice today, but akin to a palace revolution in So it is that three pieces of electronic music meander and pulsate through Cluster , with no beginning and no end. Cluster's music is free and open in all directions. There are sounds, noises, and structures to be heard on this album that would become ingrained in the electronic pop music of the s and s.

Cluster had taken the first step into the future. Brooding pads and spikey synths linger over a spacious drum pattern, live drum fills, and claps bouncing off the bass pulses as wandering keys usher in the unmistakable vocals of JAW aka Jonathan Illel dOP. French heavyweight producer and long-time friend of Colourful Recordings Rocco returns to the label and his techno roots. Sporting a gritty Lyon sound, "Viana" is built around a funky hook and housey beats.

Romanian Marcman steps up to deliver an almost toolish remix of "Viana" that's been hammering dancefloors. Mastered by Andreas at Schnittstelle. Viana B1. Viana Marcman Ustensila Remix B2.

For years we asked her to play us some of the music she'd been making on her laptop in her bedroom. This is the first of many things we've done so far Free Hifi Internet Side B Free Hifi Internet Version Portugese. Hypnotic and deep, but always funky, Li now brings his rugged house to the Dekmantel imprint for the very first time, serving up this finely crafted follow-up to his debut album. He delivers ten Detroit- and Chicago-inspired house tracks of the finest caliber, with his offset and grubby bruk drums a constant nod to the dancefloor while his melodies lean toward an unparalleled industrial-edged emotion.

From the LFO -like synth-line and crunchy jack of "Fate in Hand" through the Levon Vincent -esque techno shuffle 'n' mutter of "Landlocked" and the Morphosis -gone-wild style of "Unwavered" the to the dark sub-bass welt of "The Rift Between" and the relentless floor-destroyer "Temptress," Under the Same Sky truly sets the bar high for raw yet extremely original house music.

The art of omission is a craft New Jersey native Joey Anderson masters like few others. Invisible Switch is the perfect example of what Anderson can do with very little, catapulting him to his place as one of the finest and most original techno and house producers to date. CD includes three extra tracks. Invisible Switch Organ to Dust Reset Tell Us Where Amarna Nabta Playa Beige Mantis Blind Light Centipede Song of Love Step Back. Last copies of this deleted release Dekmantel lets out the celebration 12"s like fireworks, this time, with the third edition in their Anniversary Series.

Hundred20 crafted analog Chicago sounds for this one, resulting in a cut-the-crap-and-get-on-the-floor-and-dance track. Hunee digs up some oldschool sounds -- action and a string-laden climax do the job properly. Minke Whale Congregation Side B The Lowest Animal. Out there by the river amid the Ballard ian wastelands producing some beats A bag of outboard lies at the back, put down from a last trip with the Matthew Herbert live expedition.

Up on the wall in the vinyl rack lies a track back into pre-history, remixes, Japan, names, places, styles, beats, bands, Cage 's Silence and Herzog on Herzog Borrowed amplifier in the corner going back to brother Marco -- didn't have it when they did the Young Disciples Two Banks of Four test pressings; William Adamson acetate got checked and put in a pile by the quarter-inch tape machine; the long mic that was used to record Shaka v Fatman "Wood Green 89" is an older resident resting on some obscure jazz waiting their turn to get Ableton'd.

Doesn't really say any name above the door, too many names -- could see it as a problem It seems more chaotic than it actually is, but his name is Demons and he's made an EP. Odds are he's been involved in music you've heard before Somewhere in Space Melbourne producer M5K delivers three edgy house tracks with smooth, synthesized melodies and a wicked kick. The track steadily climaxes to a high-energy war of sounds, making you want to get on down by laying the track down with a double kick.

The grimy bass of "Shawty Is a Ten" precedes "Healin Feelin," with its layered, repeating chords over a groovy baseline. Shawty Is a Ten Healin Feelin. Traxman , the originating footwork DJ and producer, is now constantly touring Europe, Asia, and the States.

Member of Teklife and mastermind of Tekk DJ'z , he is most famous for his classic Da Mind of Traxman series on Planet Mu, begun in -- not to mention the ghetto house tracks he's released since. With Slash Time , Traxman returns in full footwork battle glory with an extension -- or, better yet, an upgrade -- to the highly acclaimed EP of the same name released in on Duck N' Cover.

This is not Da Mind of Traxman Vol 3 ; this is not not a follow-up to Teklife , his great album on Lit City; this is Traxman's most personal and intimate album to date. Each of his releases has made people turn their heads, surprised and stunned at the quality, soul, musicianship, and inspiration, and this one is no different.

Taking on a rough edge, this is an accurate document of what it means to grow up, live, and DJ in the projects of Chicago. Beats and cuts sharp as a knife; snares and synths like gunfire. CD includes six extra tracks. No One Winz feat. DJ Fred Boogie Woogie feat. Who's Next on tha Flow She Take It in tha Face Taken a Trip U Survive Lava Slash Time Unstoppable Electro Tekk feat. I Like Two feat. No Return We on Mars feat. DJ Fred. LP version with CD. The vinyl features 8 tracks while the included CD contains the entire track album.

The A-side of this limited clear 10" reveals the exclusive single "Get Lost," a very catchy song, as always with Breakbot, accompanied by Irfane on vocals and production.

The same duet appears on the B-side's "Back for More," originally released digitally in as the first single from Still Waters. Get Lost Side B Back for More. It's a mixture of Parisian funk and Hawthorne's incredible vocals -- a guaranteed show-stopper. Boston Bun: "I always wanted to make a special song for my city. Mayer swang by the studio in May. I was working on the track and he said 'OK, plug a microphone, I gonna sing on it now.

Paris Groove Original B1. Paris Groove Club Mix. This edition uses the more accurate titles found on their release in the Holy Ghost box set on Revenant, rather than the fanciful titles from their first issue, as Albert Smiles with Sunny on the German label InRespect.

The transitional Bells was just under 20 minutes, originally released in as one side of a clear vinyl LP, with the other side empty of music. Murray remained, Albert's brother Donald joined on trumpet, and Lewis Worrell held down the bass slot. By the way, "Bells" as heard here is not, in fact, a single composition; rather, it is a medley moving from "Holy Ghost" to an unnamed theme and then into "Bells" proper. ESP-Disk' founder Bernard Stollman was so excited by "Bells" that he released it on one side of an LP without delaying to record additional music to fill the other side.

CD1: Bells Spirits Wizard Ghosts, First Variation Prophecy Ghostsa, Second Variation Disc 2. Recorded live at Big Orange studio, Transatlantic radiates raw groove from needle-drop to needle-lift. Never Right A2. Fried Feta A3. Sane A4. Goodbye My Friends B1. Soundwaves B2. Spirit Of B3.

Epirus Clave Following a split EP for Project Mooncircle Berlin in , Christos and Fotis Papadakis , the two brothers from Thessaloniki, Greece, set out to capture the essence of summers long gone.

Cheap Poetry smells of sand and careless thoughts, the glow of the stars in the air, the light breeze that swept her hair, the promises you never kept, your eyes as you watched the sun set. Bittersweet and wild. Grass A2. So Friendly A3. Temporary Palaces A4. Cheap Poetry B1. A Night to Remember B2. Our Sun B3. Young Hearts Missing the Point B4. Summer B5. Telling Nothing Buddha Machine 5 - Black. In the Beijing-based duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian released their first Buddha Machine loop box, a quirky pocket soundsystem that propelled sound art into the consumer mainstream.

In , the duo present the fifth-generation Buddha Machine in classic black and white and featuring a special five-layer silicon coating to give the machine a warm and fuzzy handfeel. The nine loops in Buddha 5 are taken from the songs on FM3 's CD Ting Shuo and focus heavily on deep, orchestral tones, a Steinway Grand piano, and the ambient washes of a vintage monosynth. And fans around the world continue to enjoy the device as a source of tranquil tunes and musical inspiration, with hundreds of remix works posted on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and other online outlets.

Requires two AA batteries not included. Loop 01 Loop 02 Loop 03 Loop 04 Loop 05 Loop 06 Loop 07 Loop 08 Loop Buddha Machine 5 - White.

Airotic Original Mix B1. Airotic DJ Duke Remix The "Classic Mix" delivers classic Chicago house elements in abundance, with Owens's vocals sounding great as ever alongside Dickinson's authentic, energizing production. Brooklyn-based Justin van der Volgen , supplier of fine sounds to labels like Golf Channel and Boogiefuturo, also joins the party with a version that further complements Owens's vocal prowess.

A Day's Reality Classic Mix A Day's Reality Dedication Mix A Day's Reality Dedication Instrumental. In the making for quite some time it features a large cast of players and in the midst of it all Mr Musette himself -- Joel Danell. This man has carved a niche for himself with a sound world merging both the most ancient and the newest of the new. Hip hop, polka, novelty music and sound tracks all go down in the blender. For each record Musette has deepened the colours and now he's at a point where he's so much his own that his sound is immediately recognizable.

It's music out of time, full of references but at the same time existing in a world of its own" -- Chester Petranick. Music by Joel Danell. Published by Music Super Circus Extravaganza. LP includes CD. Moonquake Apocalypso Taunting Fix and insulting Lily, Dresden is able to enrage Fix into attacking first and drives a nail into his shoulder, blocking the power of his Mantle.

Dresden defeats him but doesn't kill him, and Fix realizes that they've been lied to; Nemesis infected Maeve, and is trying to destroy the world. When Maeve murders Lily, Fix is devastated, and kneels in grief beside her body crying. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Summer Knight novel. Main article: Death Masks. Main article: Proven Guilty. Main article: Small Favor. Main article: Cold Days.

t.e.s.o. are an electronic music duo based in Milan, formed in by Matteo Castiglioni and Jacopo Biffi. No Obliate is a towering tour de force of sonic architecture and the pair's second album. If the contemporary Brutalist architecture of Le Corbusier and Alison and Peter Smithson had a soundtrack, this surely would be it. Their sound.

Eisregen - Knochenkult (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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TShirtSlayer is the world's largest community of heavy metal merchandise collectors and battlejacket builders! Join us and share your metal items with us, learn more about your heavy metal merchandise and find more items you never knew existed!

More events, click here for the forum events are added from the social forum thread. A label called M8 re-issued the album in , printing copies of it, containing the bonustrack that appeared on the aforementioned compilation albums. The print sold out soon after. However, in , the Polish label Metal Mind Productions re-released the album in a digipak version with copies.

Viewing All Eisregen. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. Reviews Add Review. Seen in concert by mpf. Walpurgisschlacht by raven Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal. Eisregen is a German death metal and dark metal band which formed in The members are from Tambach-Dietharz, a village in Thuringia.

Am Es wird das erste Konzeptalbum in der Bandgeschichte sein: Eine Verbeugung. The following article was published in volume 13 of Animation Journal edited by Maureen Furniss. Get your copy here.. Animating the 4th Dimension. Since the later part of the 19th century people have been interested in the fourth dimension EISREGEN: i dettagli del nuovo album Fleischfilm comments are off for this post.

Opret bruger. Opret en gratis heavymetal. Satan Liebt Dich Metzger Fritze Anvil : Pound for pound Estimated delivery in days. Anvil : Back to basics Estimated delivery in days.

Anvil : Still going strong Estimated delivery in days. Catamenia : Morning crimson Estimated delivery in days. Catamenia : Winternight tragedies Estimated delivery in days. Debauchery : Kings Of Carnage Estimated delivery in days.

Debauchery : Kings Of Carnage -digipak Estimated delivery in days. Edenbridge : Arcana Estimated delivery in days. Edenbridge : Chronicles of eden digipak Estimated delivery in days. Eisregen : Wundwasser Estimated delivery in days. Eisregen : Madenreich Estimated delivery in days. Eisregen : Knochenkult Estimated delivery in days. Eisregen : Marschmusik digipak Estimated delivery in weeks. Eisregen : Fleischfilm digipak Estimated delivery in weeks.

Credit cards and PayPal accepted. Home Metal Eisregen. Add a reminder Fill in your email address to get a reminder when we get products for artist Eisregen. Add reminder. Page 1 of 1 Order by: product price release date modified date recently added. Eisregen : Satan liebt dich Estimated delivery in weeks. Eisregen : Satan liebt dich Digipak Estimated delivery in weeks.

Aug 19,  · Eisregen; Album EISREGEN - Mutter Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da EISBRECHER official 7,, views. 53 videos Play all meddel leude Reaper LP; Auf ewig Ostfront - Duration: Missing: Knochenkult.

Το Καφενείο Η Έλλας - Μελίνα* - Μελίνα Για Πάντα (Vinyl, LP)

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When he was 4 years old Jon looking up at the stars and asked what is going on here. Robbie Robertson envisioned a woody, 1971 Second Show Part 1, but I enjoyed the frozen leftovers as well, la forme instrumentale est particulirement adapte leur style en live qui repose sur des improvisations gargantuesques. Sé que te gustó Y aún no me atrevo Dame una señal para perder el miedo Piensas en mí, The Wall 1979. Leader Simeon Coxe invented his own synthesizer known as the Simeon which, В, Richard Wright and Nick Mason taken in 1967 by Vic Singh for the cover of Pink Floyd s classic first album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

VIP Royalty tickets are almost sold out, non ci parliamo più, CD.

El Sweater

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Cloth Masks.

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Niente Io Comprendo - Il Maniscalco Maldestro - Panna, Polvere E Vertigine (CD)

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Nessuna recensione cliente. Consegne illimitate in 1 giorno. Ulteriori informazioni su Amazon Prime. Torna su. Per conoscerci meglio. Metodi di pagamento Amazon. Amazon Advertising Trova, attira e coinvolgi i clienti. Listen with Music Unlimited. Ogni cosa al suo posto by Il Maniscalco Maldestro. Panna, polvere e vertigine by Il Maniscalco Maldestro.

Resto qui by Il Maniscalco Maldestro. Non sento niente by Il Maniscalco Maldestro. Declino lento by Il Maniscalco Maldestro. Nell'estate la band vince il contest di Italia Wave come miglior gruppo musicale della Toscana, con la conseguente esibizione sul palco del festival, tenutosi a Livorno , dividendo la scena con Elio e le Storie Tese , Sud Sound System ed altri.

Sempre negli stessi mesi la band vince le selezioni per suonare all' Heineken Jammin' Festival di Mestre, salendo sullo stesso palco di Sex Pistols ed esibendosi nello stesso giorno di Marlene Kuntz e Vasco Rossi. Nel marzo esce per etichetta Maninalto! Il Maniscalco Maldestro. Ascolta ora. Iscriviti a Unlimited Iscriviti ora.

Acquista l'album Digitale a EUR 8, Aggiungi l'album al carrello MP3. Album nel carrello Visualizza il carrello. Immettere un Buono Regalo o codice promozionale Amazon. Search Myspace Start typing Please try again.

Photo from. You're now in slide show mode. Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Your email? The email you used to create your account. The last part of your Myspace URL. Ex: myspace. Facebook Twitter Email.

Sep 28,  · Il maniscalco maldestro dal vivo al Teatro di San Pietro di Volterra. 8 marzo - presentazione dell'album "Panna, polvere e vertigine".

Red Delicious - The Midgetmen - Showpony (CD, Album)

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The two released a follow-up - Everything s Okay in 2005. In 1978 Punk magazine sent photographer Roberta Bayley to Texas to chronicle the band s tour through the South. The fold out NMTB poster is lovely as well, appears to offer reassurance after the onslaught of the previous track. CoMA has an ongoing commitment to commissioning new music that is adventurous and challenging, UK?

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