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Too Many Followers - STACE - Novella - Act IV (File, MP3)

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Today, many Americans follow the news, stay in touch with friends and family, and share their views on current events through social media and other online platforms. As a result, these platforms function in many ways as a 21st century equivalent of the public square. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube wield immense, if not unprecedented, power to shape the interpretation of public events; to censor, delete, or disappear information; and to control what people see or do not see.

As President, I have made clear my commitment to free and open debate on the internet. Such debate is just as important online as it is in our universities, our town halls, and our homes. It is essential to sustaining our democracy. Online platforms are engaging in selective censorship that is harming our national discourse. Twitter now selectively decides to place a warning label on certain tweets in a manner that clearly reflects political bias.

As recently as last week, Representative Adam Schiff was continuing to mislead his followers by peddling the long-disproved Russian Collusion Hoax, and Twitter did not flag those tweets. It also established research partnerships in China that provide direct benefits to the Chinese military. We must seek transparency and accountability from online platforms, and encourage standards and tools to protect and preserve the integrity and openness of American discourse and freedom of expression.

Protections Against Online Censorship. Prominent among the ground rules governing that debate is the immunity from liability created by section c of the Communications Decency Act section c.

Christians may also face trials and suffer simply because we live in a world full of sin. But Jesus said, I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. What a promise! Understanding the reason for our suffering and having the assurance of the final glory we'll share should make it a little easier to enjoy our lives And if we are [His] children, then we are [His] heirs also: heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ [sharing His inheritance with Him]; only we must share His suffering if we are to share His glory Romans God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents 1 Boost Musically Followers 1. Related Posts. Opinions are my own. More on this: Watch Megan Angelo talk about 'influencers' that provides insight and background for her book.

Entertainment Exclusive's article on Followers. Jan 16, Norma rated it really liked it Shelves: review-requests , traveling-sister-reads. Once I started reading it I was absolutely hooked and so intrigued in the futuristic aspect of this storyline and the dystopian atmosphere that I was flipping those pages as fast as I possibly could.

I thought that the author did a fabulous job with creating a futuristic world that was so easy to visualize that was both so fascinating and horrifying to read. The story did lose a little bit of steam for me and I was getting a little impatient for the story to move forward near the end but all in all it was quite the entertaining and immersive read for me. Title: Clever, suspenseful, intriguing and a fabulous representation to storyline. I love the title of this book.

So good! Plot: Clever, intriguing, fresh, intense, timely, thought-provoking, relevant, suspenseful, steadily-paced, absorbing, enjoyable and entertaining. Ending: The ending was satisfying although some of the revelations were easy to predict because of some foreshadowing and the subtle clues interspersed throughout.

It was also easy to see where the story was headed with the plot shift but I found that it was an extremely satisfying tactic though. Overall: 4. It was such an intensely irresistible, enjoyable, and entertaining book to read that reminded me so much of The Jetsons. Just because I always thought that show was ahead of its time, well I think this book absolutely nails it here with how relevant and timely this story was. Read this book!! This was a Traveling Sister read with Brenda and Lindsay.

Thank you so much to Harlequin for sending us physical review copies! Also, thank you so much to HarperCollins Canada for sending me a finished copy of this book so I could partake in the Bookstagram Takeover on Instagram on Saturday, January 18th…..

View all 42 comments. Megan Angelo has created a scary social media future here and has given us some things to think about. She challenges some dark realities with our need to be seen, how dependent people are on followers, following and liking on social media and how that affects the vulnerabilities of everyone involved. She shows us a bleak reality of social domination that left me wondering if it could happen.

The story is told in two timelines, where we s 3. The story is told in two timelines, where we see how one character controls followers by creating an influencer and another character is controlled by the government for her followers. There is a lot of depth here to the story and things to question and think about. Megan Angelo shows us how easy it is to create the fake and how hard the real is to achieve. A lesson I learned quite quickly from my time on social media.

She provokes some questions and a few things to think about however, at times, I did become distracted from those thoughts and questions I wanted to explore. Things got a little complicated and I started to lose focus, and the story moved a bit slow for me. In the end, I am not sure the dark realities of social media were seen or if anyone cares. I guess that the realist thing of all.

Followers makes for a great group read for readers who love to ask questions and think deep into the story. I highly recommend. I read this one with my Traveling Sisters Norma and Lindsay. We received copies from the publisher. View all 18 comments. Aug 06, Talon rated it it was ok. Now that I have had a day to think about this one, I have decided that I did not love Followers nor did I hate it.

In fact-- I really loved the premise of the story itself. It's what encouraged me to read the book in the first place as well as the cover. When it was all said and done, I felt like what I had read was two episodes of Black Mirror crammed into one book.

The mediocre ones. Followers was lengthy and wordy. I said it. It was. I think the words in this one took over and at some Now that I have had a day to think about this one, I have decided that I did not love Followers nor did I hate it. I think the words in this one took over and at some point s you don't even know what is going on because the author gets so long winded.

I had to start paragraphs over multiple times. But maybe that was just me. I think the ending really killed this one for me. That's all I will say about that. Moving on I think for me, it was a very realistic story that fits into the world we live in today.

For an author to write that out, it was fascinating to me. Thus concluding: I believe it's definitely possible to enjoy Followers and not be annoyed by what annoyed me. There were some great elements and like I said above, the premise of the book as a whole was so interesting. I just wished the writing flowed a little better for me. And about words were removed. View all 11 comments.

Mar 26, Brandice rated it liked it. Orla moves to NYC and dreams of being a successful writer. In , she meets Floss, who dreams of being a star. In , Marlow is constantly on camera in the world she lives in, Constellation. The network decides her storyline and she rarely has a moment to herself.

Marlow begins to question things in her life and feels compelled to answer some of the unknowns. The two stories flip back and forth, ultimately interweaving. View all 16 comments. Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I have other ARCs that I should have been reading before this one deadlines, yo , but after reading a few pages of this book to "sample," I ended up not being able to put it down. There are two different narrators, set in two different timelines.

In the present day, there's Orla, a wannabe writer who lives with a wannabe starlet. One day the two of them hatch a scheme that ends up catapulting them both to fame with disastrous results. The second plotline takes place in the future and is about a woman named Marlow who's famous for being famous, but having an existential crisis because of it. Both Orla and Marlow are great heroines because they're heavily flawed and make a lot of bad choices, and the book explores the effects of those choices and the possibility of redemption.

The dystopian aspect of it explores the superficiality and vapidness of listicles and famous-for-being-famous celebrities of the Now, and a Truman Show-esque -like post-social-media future, where technology and psychology have merged to the point that everyone can tune in via brainwave and everything and anyone can be filmed and viewed for one's voyeuristic pleasure. Social media is not inherently bad in my opinion, but it does act as a magnifying glass-- acts of good become hyper-focused, but so do acts of bad, and sometimes with disastrous consequences.

The cataclysmic event in this book that ends up causing the rift between our Now and Marlow's Future capitalizes on this nature of "bad," by showing that a lot of us are a bit too cavalier with what we choose to share online, and that the internet really isn't as durable or secure as we'd like it to be; it's far from being compartmentalized, and we should be careful in how we use it. The reason I'm not giving it a five is because I didn't really like the ending-- it felt too easy.

I also feel like, for a dystopian, this book really didn't do the best job painting the future as horrific and doom-laden, which I look for in books of this nature. I was kind of hoping for a social media version of Brave New World or , and while I sort of got that, I also sort of got a book that felt more like chick-lit, in that the focus was on mid-life crises, family, and finding yourself. And that's totally fine and it was done pretty well here, but I don't think it's what people reading this are signing up for.

Overall, though, this was a pleasure to read, and I think it will be a hot item for book clubs and might even become a movie although hopefully, a better movie than THE CIRCLE ended up being. If you enjoy thoughtful, speculative fiction and would like a gentler dystopian novel with mids chick-lit vibes and flawed heroines and some pretty on-point jabs on social media and click-bait, this will be a great book for you.

It even gets in some laughs at Donald Trump's expense, which I support. Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review! View all 8 comments. Feb 12, Mackenzie - PhDiva Books rated it it was amazing. In the age of social media, how do we define our worth?

This is the time that we live in, where many of us feel that some of our value is related to how others see us. I read an advanced copy of Followers back in mid-fall of , and it was without question the best book I read in Followers holds a special place in my heart because it pulled me ou In the age of social media, how do we define our worth?

I was still consuming books, but oddly enough as a print-reader, I could only do audiobooks. Alternating between and , Followers tells a story about the culture of celebrity and influence and the way even small mistakes can be misinterpreted and have long-term impact on their lives. In , an aspiring writer and current blogger for a celebrity gossip site Orla Cadden is living with aspiring singer Floss.

Despite talent, both Floss and Orla struggle to make progress towards their dreams. And so one day Floss asks Orla to help her in a different way—make her a celebrity. Floss becomes a Kardashian-like superstar.

The Spill. Marlow barely remembers life before Constellation, her mother and father moved her there as a child. Until she learns something shocking about her past that will shatter everything she knew. As Orla and Floss head unknowingly towards the Spill, Marlow seeks to understand life outside of the small bubble she lives in. All of the characters in this book were fascinating. In their own ways, each character was deeply flawed and also redeemable.

Orla and Floss, for instance, had such a unique relationship. Because we hear the story from the perspective of Orla and Marlowe, Floss is a character that can seem ridiculous or overly ambitious through most of the book. Orla is a bit of an underdog, which in and of itself makes her rootable. But Orla also lacks a bit of conviction for some of the novel. Happy to be one of them! Devious Dilbert Double the D, double the fun. MrNeko Little witch. Your welcome. Zachy said:.

Death Queen although you are a new follower, the contents of this thread do of course still apply to you. Astraeus You've never tasted this much rainbow. Astraeus this goes for you too. So do you RP? Astraeus said:. Yeah, why else would I be on RPN?

Oct 04,  · The novella goes way back to The Decameron by Boccaccio, to Candide by Voltaire, and, within the last hundred years or so, to Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, and Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, among many others.. So what exactly is a novella?. Definition of a novella. As a form, the novella combines the compression of the short story with the sprawl of the.

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  4. Too Many Followers ( Video) Plot. Showing all 0 items Jump to: Summaries. It looks like we don't have any Plot Summaries for this title yet. Be the first to contribute! Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Plot Summary submission guide. Synopsis. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this.
  5. May 28,  · Today, many Americans follow the news, stay in touch with friends and family, and share their views on current events through social media and other online platforms. As a result, these platforms function in many ways as a 21st century equivalent of the public square.
  6. Brooke and Caleb, a social media celebrity couple, are celebrating their special anniversary on a camping trip deep in the woods of sunny Florida. They plan on recording the entire trip for their Category: Mystery & Suspense.
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