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Think - The Fanatik Pillows - Slang! (CD)

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I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have a Great Day. Introduction: CD Flower. By mvicstar Follow. About: I am a mom and grandma who loves to think "outside" the box. I love to re-purpose everything possible. I love to spend time doing diorama's and art projects, but my family and dachshunds come first. For this simple home-made gift, all you need is the following: 1.

An old CD 2. A Heat Gun 4. A Vice to hold the heat gun 5. Turn on your heat gun hold the cd on opposite sides with the pliers. Hugely impressive.

Incredible achievement. And the uplifting end better than any counselling! All 3 shows need to be seen again! Singer-songwriter Brian Madigan a Band named Brian is famed for his lengthy, spoken intros.

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I like a lively thread on trivia, it is wonderful. Or should I say puffins, cat among the puffins, they don't eat pigeons in Norway, do they? I think it is time for a vote on this one:. As one who always thought he clearly and distinctly heard "you're a fuckin' liar," it pains me to confess that this experience has shaken me from my Cartesian dream.

I still prefer, "You're a fuckin' liar," however. While at it, I noticed as others have reported that the "Guitars Kissing" version edits out some lusty comments from the audience following the famous "Judas" cry from the audience.

At least these additional cries are much less clear and distinct on the Guitars Kissing cd than on the other two sources. Though I can hear the cries in question, I cannot understand them, since they appear to be spoken in a language with which I am unfamiliar Her Majesty's English? Perhaps those closer to the Thames -- or the Cam -- can provide a transcript? If'n you'd be so kind, that is. Perhaps we should start a new group alt.

While Manchester Prayer may contain some non Manchester recordings, the electric half is all from one source, not a mixture of Pennebaker and Columbia recordings. There is a reasonable amount of documentation about these tapes, but it is very confusing.

In a interview in the Telegraph, Pennebaker states that all concerts from Stockholm onwards were recorded, in their entirety, by his crew. The crew being him and Howard Alk as cameramen. He also says he had a sound man, but is a bit vague, and thinks that actually Jones Alk recorded the sound.

Dylan also had a soundman, he says, Bob Alderman, who was supposed to be recording all the concerts on sync tape, but none of the tapes had a sync track on them, which made it difficult to dub the sound onto the film. The rest of the interview is a bit contradictory.

Pennebaker says most of his recordings weren't of the concerts but dialgoue for scenes in the film. He also says that he gave all the tapes to Dylan. Later he says that his tapes are in his vault. So, it's safe to say that most concerts were recorded by Penebaker, but the location of these recordings is unknown - by me anyway. These were recorded using a three track machine. Paris 24, was recorded by a French radio station, but never broadcast.

Heylin then lists all known circulating 66 soundboards. The electric half has track 1 audience, and Dylan and Band spilt over tracks 2 and 3 to give a stereo image. True there is one edit, at 7. A final point. Heylin discusses a 10min version of Tambourine Man from Sheffield saying what a wonderful performance it is and that the Sheffield show is much better than Manchester.

I know I'm a bit slow off the mark here, but maybe a few readers are still interested in this one. But no-one, as far as I can see, has commented on the strange goings-on in "Visions Of Johanna" and "Desolation Row", where it appears that sections of Pennebaker's recording from the Nagra machine have been spliced in.

The IBC recording of the acoustic half does have a very narrow stereo soundstage one man and his guitar! It also has its own tonal characteristic which is quite noticeably different from the various other Columbia-sourced acoustic-half recordings, which have all been in mono and have presumably all been taken from the Nagra recordings.

In these the sound is distinctly less professional; the guitar is more trebly and upfront, and the vocal more distant, perhaps because the recordings were made with different, and differently-mixed, microphones. Four microphones, two for vocal and two for guitar, appear to have been used during the acoustic half of the Manchester concert - see the photographs on pages of John Bauldie's "The Ghost Of Electricity". Most other photos which can be identified with specific concerts on this tour - Copenhagen and Paris, for example - only show two microphones; presumably the extra pair at Manchester were IBC's.

For a good illustration of the difference in sound between the IBC and Nagra recordings, try comparing the stereo "Baby Blue" on "Guitars Kissing" with the mono recording of that song from the same concert on "Biograph". Now, put "Guitars Kissing" back on, and listen through headphones to the last verse of "Visions Of Johanna"; at , after "conscience explodes", you'll hear the sound change from typical stereo IBC to typical mono Nagra.

This lasts until the applause comes in at the end of the song, where it reverts to stereo. In "Desolation Row" the insert lasts from the beginning of the first harmonica break , through the last verse, up to the beginning of the second harmonica break at The difference is harder to detect on the harmonica passages, but if you skip between the last two sung verses the difference is quite clear. A degree of speed adjustment seems to have been necessary between the IBC and Nagra tapes in order to accomplish these splices with consistent musical pitch, and while the insert in "Desolation Row" sounds pretty well spot on to me, in "Visions of Johanna" they didn't quite get it right.

For some reason the resulting discrepancy in pitch seems more detectable by ear if you jump backwards from the insert to a bit earlier in the verse. For more objective proof, try tuning the first string of a guitar to match the top note of one of the chords during the mono insert; then play this note alongside the same chord earlier in the song, and you'll find your guitar sounds slightly sharp.

In other words, the insert is playing a bit too fast relative to the rest of the recording. As to which if either is the correct pitch, that's a subject for further research. Now, why did Sony make these edits? What was wrong with these passages in the IBC recording? My first thought was that maybe Dylan made a couple of vocal or guitar slips during the Manchester performance and that Sony had actually spliced in sections of the same songs from a different concert; but a comparison with the apparently unedited Manchester "Visions of Johanna" as found on the Gelston acetate recordings all taken from the mono Nagra tapes, I would say confounds this theory.

It's not possible to make this comparison on "Desolation Row", as the acetate doesn't have the latter part of the song at all, so it remains an outside possibility that this insert is indeed from another concert. Clearly, then, the IBC tape of the first half of the concert has some breaks or other technical faults, and it seems to me that Sony's engineers have given up half way through trying to sort them out. There's the curious fade out and fade in between "Baby Blue" and "Desolation Row", which others have commented on; even if the source tape had a break here for some reason, why would Sony not have edited the applause seamlessly together?

Add to this the fact that the first four songs, before the break, are considerably louder than the last three songs, to the point of slight distortion. Does this really seem like a product ready for release? My guess is that the complete Manchester concert was chosen for the next Bootleg Series release both because of the genuine bootleg fame of the second half and also because it's generally the best or the least stoned performance of the shows recorded by IBC.

They did a nice remastering job on the electric half, then started out on the process of patching up the tapes of the first half to a professional standard, and sent out promo copies before they'd finished.

Maybe the truth is that the project was then cancelled because of these technical problems, and not because Dylan went off the idea or Sony's commercial motivation passed, or whatever. Or maybe there's now a fully tidied up version just sitting there waiting.

It is now Bob's best selling album of all time, so thanks Sony for doing the master tapes and then generously sending them out the back door like that. Or did you mean The Genuine Bootleg Series? Bob is not releasing albums at the rate he was at this time last year, but even if you have all of his present CDs there are always several new Dylan albums each month.

I thought the new Machester May 17 66' boot, "Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix", had a interesting name and was wondering where it can from and figured someone just though it one day as a good title.

Then I was flipping through my copy of Tarantula the other day with a friend and figured out where it came from I still don't understand a thing in there. I didn't really look over the poem yet, but I thought it was pretty interesting and a coincidence that I found it.

Nov 11,  · Directed by John Mese. With Meghan Maureen McDonough, John Mese. A man, a woman, a pair of panties.

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  1. Jul 11,  · A Live CD can also be used to fix a broken copy of Windows. Yes, Windows has a Recovery Console, but a Live CD has its pluses. For one, the Recovery Console is only an option if you have a Windows CD.
  2. CD Flower: For this simple home-made gift, all you need is the following An old CD2. x2 pairs of pliers with coated handles (so you don't burn your hands!)3. A Heat Gun4. A Vice (to hold the heat gun)5. Optional Extra's - 1 or 2 more old CD's, some bea.
  3. kobe bryant lumbar pillow-black mamba memorial gift-basketball fans gift-fathers day gift for son-mothers day gift for daughter-mamba out Pillow From shop Pillow out of 5 .
  4. Year Title Chart peaks Album Format Oricon Japan Hot ; "Ame ni Utaeba" Moon Gold: Mini CD: "Kanojo wa Shisuta" White Incarnation: "Daydream Wonder" Living Field: "Girlfriend" 99 — "Tiny Boat" Non-album singleCompilation albums: 8.

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