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The Land Of Igy - Various - True Reality? (CD)

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Why this image? God is going to give supernatural power to the words that they will speak. These tongues are a precursor to the tremendous fire that will be loosed from their lips. James says the tongue is a little member but boasteth great things, it has the ability to start fires. Here he gets his wish! Now the Apostles and early believers experience the gift of tongues. They begin speaking and prophesying in the unknown languages of all those who are gathered together to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost.

God ordained this event to be strategically done at this time. Peter stands up and delivers a scathing message! He speaks of divine manifestations [dreams, visions] and carries the prophecy right to the end of the age.

Wow, these guys are bold. Peter leads them to faith in Christ, their public baptism is the immediate sign of their willingness to be identified with Jesus and 3 thousand Jews become believers this day.

Now, what is the church? This corporate group of first time followers do 4 basic things. This early community was a brotherhood who actually gave priority to the teachings of Jesus passed on to them from the Apostles. Paul will tell Timothy to stay true to the traditions he passed on to him.

But I want to focus on the fact that the Apostles doctrine was not something different then the basic instructions Jesus left us in the gospels. Paul will add to this basic body of Christian doctrine thru his letters to the churches, as well as the whole New Testament. But we do not see a bunch of strange or unknown doctrines that come from this time period. The basics are mentioned above.

They had strong leaders to be sure, but would avoid the Protestant idea of Pastor. They had no church building or belief in a strong liturgy.

All these elements are basic to what the New Testament church is. A functioning society of people in whom Christ Spirit dwells and who see themselves as a real spiritual community of people. As we progress thru out the history of the church as seen in Acts we will never lose this basic mindset. Though I personally believe in the Lords table as a memorial, not as the actual Body and Blood of Jesus.

This ancient church is really a simple brotherhood of believers having all things common and having the resurrection of the Son of God as the central organizing principle of their lives. Over the weekend- my habit is now to watch a couple of documentaries from Netflix.

I always got into them- but with the Rocu thing- I can start a few at a time- and then pick up right where I left off. Just started Greek Civilization- narrated by one of my favorite actors- Liam Nessen. But- she is also a philosopher- the founder of the system called Objectivism. And her works and thought are more known right now because a movie was made about the book- Atlas Shrugged.

Yes- back to the 99 versus the 1. The day before we went to the bookstore- and I met father John- a nice Catholic Priest.

The guys were calling John [from Arlington] Joe. This sign pops up every so often]. Eventually these productive people have had enough- and they withdraw from the world and start their own world- based on the principles of Objectivism. There is one line in the book- where you have this image of Atlas [the man who has the world on his shoulders].

He is bowing and bending and struggling under this Entitlement world. The more pressure put on Atlas- does not seem to appease the Entitlement class. So- he shrugs- and walks away.

A couple of years ago when we did a short history of Philosophy- I never covered Rand. She never came up in any of the stuff I was reading at the time. Rand was a Russian American who came to the states in the early 20th century.

She saw the rise of Communism in her homeland- and she believed that the U. She lived to see the presidency of FDR- and his creating of what we call the Entitlement society.

But Rand- like other thinkers of her day- also rejected Faith and Religion [Marx]. She believed that Reason was enough to establish morality- and build an adequate Ethical society. To be honest- Ayn was wrong about this. Thus- Rand never came up on the radar when I was studying philosophy. I have not read the book- but from what I picked up on line- I can see how Christians would indeed have a hard time with Objectivism. In the books of Acts we see the early believers selling their goods and giving to those in need.

We read many-many portions of the bible that speak about helping the less fortunate. The state- govt. Rand did not teach that you should never help another- but she rejected the govt. That does not mean we encourage people to be non productive- to live off the wealth of others.

But we see the goal of our lives as more than seeking happiness- more than pursuing the Dream. Sullivan Very Good. Arrow Left Arrow Right. Item 1 of 0. Very Good. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl Very Good. Hughes Very Good. Oh, The Places You'll Go! Seuss Very Good. Submit Search. Allow Ads. Homepage Israel News. Stay informed with the latest from CBN News delivered to your inbox. While many believe she is a miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous.

When ten people wake up on the treacherous island with no memory of who they are or how they got there, they must rise to the challenges to prove they are ready to be released back into society. All of the episode titles are quotes from "The Tempest. One subplot of "The Tempest" is that Prospero the magician has a ship carrying a variety of noblemen and courtiers to his island and has them wander around thinking they are alone and tested by various illusions in order to find out if they are good people at heart, mediocre people, or bad people.

That's what happens in this series, more or less. Prospero uses a spirit being named Ariel to make this happen, much as two people show up to guide or warn and to watch the survivors. At the end of the play, Prospero makes his decisions. Knowing this makes the series more fun.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.

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