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Pesadilla - José Moranez Y Su Tango Orquesta* - Pesadilla / A Compás / Tierra Extraña / El Hornero (Vinyl)

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Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Tangos a la paila on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Thus, Kramsky repeats the formula, committing crimes and writing about them, creating a crime fighting national hero.

Lazarus is kidnapped in a two by three meter room, completely isolated from the outside world. Forced to reveal intimate information of his family he falls into despair and abandons himself to death.

Then, a seemingly meaningless event makes him realize that his heart and his mind are not kidnapped and will never be. Lazarus forces himself into a disciplinary routine that helps him endure his unbearable situation, letting his imagination, memories, introspection and faith push him through each day overcoming the constant threat of torture and death. Es egresado de la escuela de escritores. Se ha desarrollado como productor en diversos proyectos de las casas productoras Mantarraya Films y Cadereyta Films.

Miguel Bonilla Mexico City, He studied Communication Sciences and Film. He graduated from the school of writers. He has developed as a producer on several projects of production companies such as Mantarraya Films and Cadereyta Films.

A Tooth for a tooth is his debut. Before that, he worked on TV commercials. He studied communication science at the UIC as well as taking several courses in directing actors, analysis and rehearsal techniques in both Los Angeles and New York City.

Juan Orol is certainly an icon in the history of Mexican cinema. The Fantastic World of Juan Orol pays homage to the stereotypes of cinema throughout the life of the director who best embodies it. A stifled, small-town man stuck in a dead end life, runs away to Mexico to be a mariachi singer. He worked as a cameraman in Mexico and Spain. Fernanda, una mujer bella, lucha por no ser absorbida hacia el laberinto de pasiones y deseos de Elena, mientras trata de congeniar la piedad de la madre muerta y el mundo pop de los sesenta.

Elena, the only child of an aristocratic family, discovers the unpredictability of feeling through Fernanda, her new step-mother, a Hollywood beauty of years gone bye. Two young people, who knew each other in a previous life, meet again. Alejandro recognizes Yolanda, who is from a strange family that has the disadvantage of living a very long time, which is also to blames for the mysterious disappearance of his father.

After living in New York for eight years, he goes to Rio de Janeiro, to finally return to Mexico where he begins his work in cinema. Studied Psychology in Mexico and studied film at the University of Paris. He has worked as producer, screenwriter and a cameraman for newscast. Currently developing a feature film with Kris Thykier as producer. Alejandra is sick of her daily life and her past relationships that have not worked out. At this point, they ask themselves whether they should continue the oppressive relationship, or go on with their ordinary lives.

Invitado al Talent Campus Berlinale Guest at Berlinale Talent Campus Studied film at the CCC. Exchange student at the University of Film and Television in Munich. He attended a documentary seminar given by Patricio Guzman and a documentary workshop taught by James Benning. A story about the unexpected meeting of two couples in a seaside hotel, one formed by two young Mexicans and the other two foreign retirees. The four decide to wait together for the arrival of a hurricane that never comes; this allows them to have a profound experience that will change them forever.

El debut de Milagros Mumenthaler, la intimista Abrir puertas y ventanas, explora todos los recovecos del deseo humano y el doble discurso de las relaciones familiares en las que tanto y tan poco se conoce y comparte. Humor, ternura, agilidad, unos vecinos estupendos, un barrio de gente joven, una chica muy guapa y una banda sonora potente. Y ganas de ver el lado positivo de la vida. The kid is struggling to find his place in the world. Neither him nor her let stop the bullying, though she holds the power and the young one only the illusions.

Humor, tenderness, agility, great neighbors, a neighborhood of young people, a beautiful girl and a powerful sound track. And yearning to see the positive side of life.

Sus cortometrajes incluyen Cape Cod, El patio y Amancay. Abrir puertas y ventanas es su primer largometraje. Her short films include Cape Cod, El patio and Amancay. Back to Stay is her first feature film. Una guerra entre los inmigrantes japoneses que aceptaron y quienes no aceptaron la derrota.

Corazones sucios es la historia verdadera de uno de esos guerreros. A war between the japanese immigrants who accepted and those who did not accept defeat. Dirty Hearts tells the true story of one of these warriors. From the first instant, there develops between them an unevenly matched duel that encircles desire, inspiration, talent and professional perspectives.

Forced to remain together on a very particular day, both will try to survive the emotional friction. Austria, His second was the film Good, starring Viggo Mortensen.

David Trueba Spain, The story deals with the right to be happy and to be part of the community who has chosen to live differently from what society deems morally acceptable. It allows us to evaluate the issue of discrimination, intolerance, marginalization and social exclusion, but also that of the infinite capacity to love nascent in all human beings.

The story unfolds from the point of view of an intelligent child, but with a somewhat dark and distorted personality. Daughter of parents now separated, Cayetana is alone and under the care of her employees. After returning from a long journey, her mother, Ines, shares some unexpected news: she is pregnant. The fragile world of Cayetana crumbles. Only her imagination and the emergence of the national heroes sprung from their textbooks can save her from an increasingly alienated environment in a country on the verge of collapse.

Seleccionada por la revista Filmmaker como uno de los 25 nuevos rostros del cine independiente, Rosario ha escrito y dirigido tres cortometrajes seleccionados en diversos festivales. Selected by Filmmaker Magazine as one of the 25 new faces of independent film, Rosario has written and directed three short films selected for various festivals.

In the latter, acting alongside Lola Berthet and Lucretia Blanco, but it is also his first feature film as director, as yet to be premiered. Poco a poco, el aislamiento, la incapacidad para comunicarse con el exterior y la imposibilidad de huir socavan la integridad y la cordura de los soldados. Los hombres pierden la certeza sobre la identidad del enemigo y comienzan a dudar sobre su verdadera naturaleza.

A special high command composed of nine experienced soldiers is sent to a military base located in a desolate wasteland, which lost contact for several days and it is believed to be the target of an attack. Upon arrival, they find the only mysterious survivor. Gradually, isolation, inability to communicate with the outside world and the impossibility of escape undermine the integrity and sanity of the soldiers. Men lose their certainty about the identity of the enemy and begin to doubt their true nature.

The best way to escape from your pursuers without leaving any trail is to walk backwards in your own footprints. He covered a bunker in the desert with paintings, and then let it sink into the sand so that no one would find it. Legionnaire, painter, writer, gunman, saint, thief, devil or a mixture of all those? Cravan La leyenda del tiempo Los condenados La noche que no acaba Los pasos dobles Documental El cuaderno de barro Cortometraje Caras vs.

Ganador en los festivales Nova y del Caribe de publicidad. He studied cinema in France, is a recognized commercial director of major producers and brands. Winner at Caribbean and Nova advertising Festivals. He is known for his way of imprinting tension and drama on the screen. Lacuesta has released the films Cravan vs Cravan, La leyenda del tiempo, Los condenados and La noche que no acaba, as well as numerous short films, art installations and exhibitions.

Blanquito is 30 years old and lives with his mother in a fishing village. A shipment of cocaine appears on the beach one day, this gives him the opportunity to travel in search of a better life and the father he never knew, along with a woman who says she know how to move the drugs.

Alas, things are not as they seem and Blanquito, an endearing and funny guy, will soon realize that he does not belong anywhere.

It is a love story that takes place between and on the Caribbean shore, where we discover the universe of the great Venezuelan artist Armando Reveron; his relationship with Juanita, his muse and inseparable companion, the friends who frequent them; the construction and recreation of the objects that make up his world; his obsession with tropical light.

We will see the development of his mental illness and the playful, emotional and painful universe within this magical space called El Castillete. Ratas, ratones, rateros, was his first feature film, which premiered in Venice and soon became a social and cultural landmark in Ecuador. Ella trata de entender su realidad oscura y el destino de la gente en torno a un tiempo circular inquietante y desconcertante.

Clarice realizes her life in one day, out of step with the people they know and they only live one day like any other. She tries to understand its dark reality and the fate of the people around a disturbing and disconcerting time. In , he directed his first short film. After that he directed another four short films that won prizes at several festivals.

Since he has also been making TV documentaries. His reality is shared among millions of Brazilians that gain an invisibility status in the metropolis.

Expedito turned into an anonymous, witness of the random conflicts that happens everyday at the streets. His first picture was Rocha que voa, selected by a series of international festivals. Happy New Year, Grandma! Joxemari debe hacerlo sin que su mujer lo sepa, con la ayuda de Kintxo, su yerno. The director portrait the conflict in a humorous tone but also sheds light on dilemmas such as fear of solitude, loss of moral values, selfishness and family desintegration.

Mario, su padre adoptivo sufre una enfermedad que le impide hablar. Many years have passed since he was driven out of his home, however, things have now changed with his family. Mario, his adopted father, suffers from a disease and cannot speak. Ana, with whom he shared his childhood and who was his first love, is now a single mother of a nine years-old child. Cortometraje Txotx 40 ezetz Asedio. Koldobika Jauregi Taxi?

Bolivia, He abandoned his studies to direct his first feature film in From the tent up in Regina, Violeta Parra is visited by dreams, experiences and dreams. It is alive, but perhaps she is dead, that opens up a great expectation in which we will gradually be informed of their secrets, fears, frustrations and joys.

Nuestra historia narra la vida de estas prisioneras: un grupo de mujeres compartiendo una terrible historia. Madrid, General Franco and his army have seized power. The winners are not satisfied with their victory; they want to exterminate their enemy.

Every man and woman who was part of, or supported, the Resistance, or who is just suspected of it, will be hunted down and eradicated without mercy. Repression has become part of life. All of Spain is a prison. Women who fought for freedom were now suffering repression, torture and death. Our story deals with the life of these prisoners. A group of women sharing a terrible story.

Chile, Director de cine, productor y guionista. Film director, producer and screenwriter. Benito Zambrano started his artistic career at a local theatre company in Lebrija and moved on to studying Dramatic Arts at the Theatre Institute of Sevilla.

Across from the railroad tracks, priest Alejandro Solalinde established a shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca to provide refuge, sustenance and spiritual support to Central American migrants. Buscando a Larisa surfaces from over 2 thousand feet of family video footage in Super-8 film, shot between and Thirty years later, Andres Pardo purchases these reels at a flea market in Mexico.

At the time of screening, he stumbled onto the history of a family that somehow parted from their memories. Without understanding how anyone could renounce their heritage; the filmmaker decides along with his friend and photographer Santiago Cassarino, to film a documentary in search for answers and ultimately Larisa. Miembro del Sistema Nacional de Creadores. Alternates between making documentaries and teaching, and since promotes documentaries through the Festival of Memory in Morelos.

Member of the National System of Creators. FICG27 Uruguay, Es montajista, postproductor y realizador. He works as film editor, post producer and filmmaker. Collects horror movies and B-class films, family movies on Super-8 and 16mm. He is a lover of small format films, black and white films, and Soviet film cameras.

In small corner of the forest of Veracruz, the clay shapes into life and wisdom becomes flight. He worked in radio for 12 years as chief executive of Radioactivo The inhabitants of Cuates de Australia, a communal land located in Coahuila northeastern Mexico , hold an annual exodus in search for water during the dry season.

In aforesaid exile, men, women, children and elderly await the arrival of the first drops of rain to return to their land; metaphor for a town that by wandering, in turn hide from death.

The documentary is the creation of a character that concurrently portrays himself. Actualmente codirige Bordocs Tijuana, Foro Documental. His subsequent work was Los ladrones viejos and El cielo abierto, both have won awards and honorable mentions. FONCA grant holder in three instances. Currently co-directs Bordocs Tijuana, Documentary Forum. Four months later, the army assaulted the house with rifles and grenades.

El grupo genera su propia electricidad en los conciertos con las bicicletas. The documentary recounts the one-and-only tour in the history of a band, treading Mexico from the United States by bicycle.

The members of Los Ginger Ninjas carry their musical instruments on their bikes over 8 thousand kilometers. The group generates its own electricity for the concerts with the bicycles. The documentary illustrates the transformations and conflicts of those characters influenced by the physical and emotional demands of this aforesaid adventure. Inicia su vida profesional en en el cine independiente.

She began her career in in independent film. Since , she has worked as a journalist and producer for public television in Mexico. She produces, directs, edits and writes for a variety of media and feature documentary films for television. Sergio Morkin, Argentinean documentary filmmaker, concludes Oscar in the year Wherein, he performed as director, writer and cameraman. This earned him international awards and rave reviews from the press. He lives in Mexico. A life poised almost at the border of fiction.

It is the story of a man who lived inside a shoe, and the woman who accompanied him. It is a moment in contemporary history told from the experiences of the defeated opposing political group. This story lacks scandal or corruption. It shows how politics takes place in the highest levels in Mexico and shows the human side of a popular leader. Ha ganado varios reconocimientos, entre ellos, el primer lugar en el Best Art Practice Award.

Es fellow senior de la red de conferencias TED. Participa de competencias en diversos festivales y muestras de cine mexicano. She has won several awards, including first place in the Best Art Practice Award. She also partakes as a TED Senior fellow.

He wrote three feature films and three short films for various directors; wrote and directed seven short films. Participates in festivals and competitions in various screenings of Mexican cinema. This is the story of a village facing a landscape transformation. At the brink of the eminent panorama surrounding it, witnessing the horror feared by generations of its inhabitants, the village rooted in the outmost region survived the test of time while the children grew to live and the elderly died to stay.

He was sentenced to 23 years of oblivion and was forgotten in a Psiquiatric Hospital. Nowadays, the failed murderer is a homeless who walks Mexico City streets. Chihuahua, Michelle Ibaven Chihuahua, She has a degree in directing and screenwriting for documentary film and in directing film photography for digital cinema by the Film Institute in Madrid.

What Do Goats Dream? Here in Lake Managua, reside the dissolved ashes of Sandino. Will the contents change the container? I am like this lake that - like Nicaragua — is not like a flowing river always renovating itself, for I hoard and save. A tradition that goes back in the region for over years. All family members get involved in the Matanza and the goat meat preparation. The film is a reflection about life and death at the Mixteca.

Also of her creation, La sirena y el buzo was premiered at the Berlinale International Forum of New Cinema, and made its way into several international festivals. Magic Words Breaking a Spell is her latest film.

FICG27 Realizador, productor y documentalista. Jorge Prior Director, producer and filmmaker. He has participated in many projects both in film and television, has been primarily devoted to documentary. He has worked for major cultural channels in production focusing on art, history and Mexico. Un mundo que ya no existe y un hombre que intenta rescatarlo.

One morning Nicolas Rubio begins a painting of his childhood home in France, but he cannot remember it. From Buenos Aires, he evokes the childhood memories to end this lapse. It is during the reconstruction process Nicholas undertakes that we discover a man and his world.

A world that no longer exists and a man still trying to rescue it. Cannes bodyguard who abandoned his family, robbed a Miami mobster, hid out in Central America and at the age of 38 overcame addictions through an extraordinary metamorphosis in which he began to paint.

That was seven years ago. Now his intricate paintings sell for five figures, but he remains desperate to reconcile with the son he left behind. Vive y trabaja en Barcelona. His short film No es mucho lo que heredamos de nuestro abuelo participated in over fifteen international festivals and won awards.

In , he completed his debut 75 habitantes, 20 casas, vacas. FICG27 Dominic Allan Having trained in the production and post-production of feature films, television and advertising in the UK, he rose in the s to become an award-winning documentary director, making films around the world such as: The Ugly War, Mandela the Living Legend and The Pipeline.

He now lives and works out of Barcelona. Nos vemos a nosotros mismos en el espejo de la vida. Este es un tributo de un nieto a su abuela, una carta de amor al significado de la vejez. The documentary presents the daily life of a woman born and raised in the isolated lands of southern Chile.

Alone, away from an absent family and out of touch with modernity, she takes refuge in her own world. We approach to accompany her in privacy and discover a secret that links her with the past: the sea. Through Leontina we discover the power of love and the traces of time. We see ourselves in the mirror of life.

This is a tribute from a grandchild to his grandmother, a love letter to the meaning of growing old. The eviction of a house empty of all its memory, some brokers, a conference on business leadership, a seller of treasured memories trail who refuses to sell, the whole city as a virtual space of a real estate fair.

The camera takes a peek inside these places and characters as it tries to capture some features of the newfound world.

Only one question remains: in the future will memory be necessary? En , obtuvo los fondos para realizar su largometraje documental Leontina. In he finished his second short film, Inocente, winner at the Valdivia International Film Festival in Partook in a film director internship in Guadalajara. This is where he shot his third short film, Ana. In , he obtained the funds to complete his feature-length documentary Leontina. This is the last work in the life of Enrique Morente, and as such, has been constituted as musical legacy.

Hija de padre venezolano y madre japonesa. Es escritor y director de cine, especializado en documentales. He has directed documentaries for cinema and television. Focuses on human rights issues, popular culture, indigenous people and identity. Colombian Gold is a journey throught the music of the Colombian Caribean from to our times.

Its an anthology of artists who with their music changed the country and the continent. In this documentary, the development of cumbia, salsa, folk music, champeta and vallenato are a testament of how national talent left a mark in the world. Ivan Higa Venezuela Brasil, Ha dirigido una docena de documentales. Sanjay Agarwal was born in the Netherlands Antilles.

Earned a college degree in Development by the International centre of social science education and research in The Hague. This documentary derives from his fondness of Colombian music. He is a musician, music producer and sound engineer. He directed a dozen of documentary films. Graduated in Design, he has a master degree in Communication and has been Secretary of Audiovisual in the Ministry of Culture. A partir de encuentros con su familia y amigos, el documental construye una delicada narrativa sobre el sentido de estar vivo.

Cada encuentro teje una mirada sobre las decisiones que tomamos, el destino, la memoria, el paso del tiempo. Al final, la vida se muestra cruda. The director investigates what inspires and motivates our lives. From meetings with family and friends, the documentary builds a delicate sense of being alive.

The relationship with the grandmother is tender and displays the generation gap between the two. His mother reflects on her life, marked by a family tragedy involving the father of the filmmaker.

The search grows with the presence of friends. Each encounter weaves a look at the choices we make, fate, memory, the passage of time. In the end, life seems harsh. One day, she just finishes. Esto lo lleva a odiar a Jean Pierre, el salvavidas de la torre vecina, que es flojo y desordenado. Mauricio is a lifeline to avoid entering the water because they believe that a good professional is one who applies preventive measures.

This leads to hate Jean Pierre, the lifeguard next door, who is lazy and sloppy. Tangos Letra U. Tangos Letra V. Tangos Letra Y. Tangos Letra Z. Lunfardo letra A. Lunfardo letra B. Lunfardo letra C. Lunfardo letra D. Lunfardo letra E. Lunfardo letra F. Lunfardo letra G. Lunfardo letra H. Lunfardo letra I. Lunfardo letra J. Lunfardo letra K. Lunfardo letra L. Lunfardo letra M. Lunfardo letra N.

Con música del genial Agustín Bardi y letra de Juan Andrés Caruso, escrito en , es el tango "No me escribas", que escuchamos a continuación. La versión corresponde a Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica, con la voz de Alberto Morán, grabado en Letra. No me escribas, yo .

7 Replies to “Pesadilla - José Moranez Y Su Tango Orquesta* - Pesadilla / A Compás / Tierra Extraña / El Hornero (Vinyl)”

  1. Sep 02,  · Song Yo Soy Tu Maestro; Artist El Bandido; Album Pesadilla, Vol. 3: The Last Nightmare; Licensed to YouTube by EMPIRE (on behalf of United Love Music); BMI - .
  2. La obra de Osvaldo Pugliese () –y la creación en su orquesta típica– se sitúa como hilo conductor de la evolución instrumental del tango rioplatense, manifestado en el ‘pugliesismo’ y su estilística de vanguardia. Este tipo de repertorio posee elementos que conforman un ‘metalenguaje’ de.
  3. En primer término va Se armó-El desbande, de Piazzolla grabado por su orquesta el 26 de noviembre de Y, a continuación escuchamos Quejas de bandoneón, el popular tango de Juan de Dios Filiberto, registrado por la orquesta de Piazzolla en aquellas mismas fechas. Se armó-El desbande - Ástor Piazzolla Quejas de bandoneón - Ástor.
  4. El tango ayer y hoy Este artículo revisará aquellos elementos estilísticos que hicieron de este período el paradigma del sonido tanguero de la orquesta típica en su con-cepción clásica, a través de cuatro grandes pilares de la corriente renova-dora: Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgán y .
  5. N aci al final de los cuarenta, cuando el tango aun peleaba de igual a igual ante la musica foranea, que de a poco iria cambiando los gustos musicales de nuestro pais. Pero quien ha vivido un poco, sabe que la vida es un tango y que antes o despues, se encontrara con una alternativa de vida, que ya se escribio con estos compases, y alli, empezara a gustar de esto.
  6. En el ámbito del cine documental, trabajó como fotógrafo de varias cintas dirigidas por Raymundo Gleyzer, entre ellas, México, la revolución congelada () y dirigió sus propios trabajos en corto y largometraje: Faena (), Al grito de este pueblo (), Del viento y del fuego () y El tango es una historia ().
  7. Adiós Nonino, Punta del Este y Libertango. Tres pretextos para remover las entrañas y recordar al gran músico argentino Ástor Piazzolla. Cuatro: Escalandrum, el sexteto de jazz, tango y.

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