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Peace In The Varrio

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Children swarm Ralph Rivera as he pulls up to San Juan. Rivera has spent nine years there as the supervisor. Like Rivera, I made a promise to myself. The homework consisted of math, reading and Spanish subjects. My homework strategy is simple: sit as many kids onto one silver table as I can, and do it all at once.

If I can. After 45 minutes of homework, I head to the green gym where I hear the therapeutic sounds of basketballs kissing the backboard, clanking off the rim and swishing through the net. Whoomp whoomp whoomp, thump, swish. Soccer balls soar across the gym, jump ropes whip the ground, volleyballs crash into the ceiling. Bobby, 8, demands that I play him in a game of Horse.

After school Joelee,10, can always be found enjoying a raspa at San Juan. So many kids craving attention poses a challenge.

Very few parents actually volunteer at San Juan. They only show up to pick up their children or to speak to an employee about an upcoming sport or program. Jessica Ramirez, 35, mother of four, was introduced to San Juan by her children 10 years ago. This was before the courts became the newer San Juan Square Apartments.

Abel, 18, is the oldest of three siblings, including Ashley, 16, Anaya, 15 and Anthony, Abel had the most pressure of the four growing up, says Ramirez. This gym kept him at peace. Abel — who just graduated from Burbank High School — was one of the children I watched over when I was a teenage volunteer. This is particularly seen when it comes to the accessibility of technology for the youth, or being able to afford up-to-date resources.

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His demeanor was friendly, and his smile was infectious. His commitment to service included being an usher at the church which he faithfully attended. He was everything that Sepy Orozco was not. The city of Hawaiian Gardens was important to both men. Deputy Ortiz worked to make the city a safer place for its citizens and their families, and Sepy Orozco wanted it as exclusive turf of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang. This was a dangerous thing to do. The African American man would later testify in court that a man with horns tattooed on his head approached him and offered to sell him drugs.

When the victim refused, the horned man later identified as Orozco pulled a handgun. The victim tried to block Sepy Orozco's arm as the first bullet narrowly missed the victim's head. Orozco continued to fire the weapon, striking the victim in the shoulder and the buttocks as the victim ran away.

The OSS Gang Unit had obtained a positive identification of the suspect with horns tattooed on his head from a photo line-up shown to the victim.

Now they began their search for Sepy Orozco to arrest him for the shooting. Four days later at about 3 p. As Deputy Ortiz tried to stop the gang member, Orozco ran down a narrow alley toward a familiar apartment complex in the block of East rd St. This was the same group of apartments where Sepy had been arrested a year earlier. Both the apartment complex and many of the people who lived there were very familiar to the experienced Deputy.

As Deputy Ortiz waited for other deputies to arrive, he noticed one of the apartment doors was standing open. Ortiz knew this location and walked up to the open door and called to a female resident.

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You have no ambition to get out? Just because your parents couldn't afford a better place means you gotta stay in the same handful of neighborhoods and apartment complexes - and even raise your kids there?

Dec 11,  · See the word “Sur?” It may also be listed as Sur 13 X3, or That means that street gang is a tax paying subordinate street gang to the Mexican Mafia. Only those gangs who swear allegiance are allowed to put that after their name. OVS (Onterio V.

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  1. varrio dog town 13 gang. holding it down for the pysas lokos and kansas boyz clicks in south gate califas. la happy, la tremenda, miss cherry, miss tiny, loka, sadgirl, giggles, rest in peace big mario and rest in peace yeska. they call me ducky from varrio dogtown 13 reppin the pysas lokotes click!!! reply. crimes puppet. february 20,
  2. Oct 20,  · Varrio Hawaiian Gardens was a Sure o gang fiercely loyal to the Mexican Mafia, and the Mafia was in a racial war against Blacks. Varrio Hawaiian Gardens (HG) was also known as the Hate Gang because of the hate crimes it had committed against African Americans.
  3. Dec 08,  · Free Muzic brownside - Vatos In The Barrio - Payback. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.
  4. Conejo - Die In My Varrio lyrics. Die In My Varrio by Conejo. I don't know about you homie, but when I die, I wanna die. in my varrio. Shout out to all my homeboys rest in peace. As ah matter fact, shout out to all my homeboys resting in. peace. This is for the dead end. Know what I'm talking.
  5. 20th Anniversary of Watts Gang Peace Treaty. halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo Staff April 14, | p.m. PST. LOS ANGELES – On April 28, , gang members in Watts, both Crips and Bloods alike, signed a “Cease Fire Agreement,” an unprecedented agreement between rival gangs in Southeast Los Angeles.
  6. Directed by Robert David Port. With Alexander Ludwig, RJ Fetherstonhaugh, Mitch Ainley, Chris Brochu. The story of four American soldiers in WW2, who after they.
  7. Vatos 'N the Varrio Lyrics: Rolling down the calle in my rag four / Checking out some hynas got a fifty dollar pore / Went to the park to hit the juice / Crazy homies out there waiting to get.
  8. In other words, these types of wounds are so severe that any type of reconcile or peace, in the future is almost next to none. On June 28, , 19 days later, the Deep Valley Bloods retaliated with vengeance by killing year-old Joaquin Pruitt and wounding year-old Sean Oates, who were believed to be affiliated with the Deep Vally Crips.

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