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Nada - Money Hater, Inerte - Contaminación (CDr)

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They pray, they will be blessed. And pay, Any price. Without them, you are cursed To pray and to pay the false prophets!! Capitalism Kills They Don't Care They don't care, They don't care about us! Their profits are more important than our lives!

The rich scumbags, politicians and smiling hypocrites. Scum of the earth!! That's life. You have nothing then the fastest way goes on the street for everybody. That's society. But the matter is we are society. Philosophy of Truth Philosophy of Truth Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, he can rob the world! Poverty Is Visible But Ignored The Commercial Thoughts of Us Consumption Consumerism We are all consumers, It's a vicious circle! Products for our needs?!

We need this things really??!!. After the use. We throw it away!! Animals Are Not Toys Animals are not toys! Animals are like us, only different!! I hate it when people have animals only because of cuteness!! Animals are not toys!! That makes me puke!! Inner Rage I see an animal is caught helpless and scared.

Beating with a stick. I would enjoy to do the same with you. My inner rage drives me crazy. And why? You're the fucking reason. You scumbag. You fucking idiot. You deserve the same suffering.

What have you done to the animal!!!???? What a Waste Systematic Global Destruction Systematic global destruction. Contaminating the other worlds with our garbage. The oceans full of black oil infested. What a shame. Things won't change!!

Unjust World I Hate Money I hate money! It makes us all greedy and destroys our character Money is our thing only. No one else is on earth is with money. Only we humans are with money!! The Greed Kills Where Are Human Rights? Planet Destroyer We are all planet destroyer! Dirt in the air.

We do not care about our environment. Contamination of the oceans. We take everything we want. Without repentance and emotions. Things Won't Change Intolerance Homelessness Ignorance Sobre el dinero Nada Odio el capitalismo Porque nos roban y tortura. Irrespetuoso tomamos todo lo que queremos.

Destruir el planeta. Aire envenenado. Los residuos nucleares. Cancer Awareness Nobody cares about cancer, until they or a loved one gets diagnosed. Raise cancer awareness Untitled Nadie es perfecto El dinero gobierna el mundo Cegado por la codicia Todos los banqueros son pendejos El ruido es todo El ruido es libertad parte 2 Todos los ricos son los criminales Todos estamos adictos al internet Los politicos son todos ricos y corruptos Los politicos son todos ricos y corruptos Los politicos quieren mas dinero Nos mandan a la guerra Para hacer mas dinero Los politicos son todos ricos y corruptos.

La violencia es siempre malo Todos queremos vivir en paz! Dile no a la violencia! La violencia es siempre malo!! La codicia es peor que nada La codicia es peor!! La codicia es peor que nada!!

Hecho Make Fucking Noise Trophy of Blood Trophy of blood! Kill a lion makes you rich? Your greed makes you blind! You are not a hunter! You are an asshole!! Trophy of blood!!! Murder For Money School Shooter Tactics School Shooter Tactics. Who's says black teenagers breaking laws only!? White people does it also! Shooting at school!!! Horrors of Humanity's Perversion Horrors of humanity's perversion!!

Your pornographic wet dreams are illusions and lies. You are damn prostitute or a sex addict. You do everything for fucking money!! Pornography is a dirty money making business. It's exists for money. Children, woman and animals are sexual abuse victims. But you don't care!!! Oppresssion It's not politicians who will end oppression It's the radicals with stink in their clothes Rebellion in their brain Hope in their hearts and direct action in their fists!

Rebel and end oppression! Rebels will end oppression! Hypocrites Tears of a Liar Tears of a liar!!! The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism The absurd contradictions of capitalism There are 22 empty homes for every homeless person. Destroyed by Psychopaths Dear America Americanized Part 3 Dear America, Your government is corrupt Your banks are holding you as collateral The media sells you propaganda and lies Your wars are about greed, resources and control The rest of us see this, why don't you?!

The rest of us see this, why don't you?! Dear America! Sell Yourself Sell yourself! Because, gimme more, gimme more. It Feeds It Stay Humble No matter how big your house is How recent your car is How big your bank account is Our graves will be the same size Stay humble. Kindness Not Business If you are helping someone And expecting something in return You're doing business not kindness Kindness not business!!! No Matter No matter for who you vote, the rich, stay rich. The poor stay poor and the bombs never stop!

We are all American!? We must be entertained by America!? We are all Americanized! Sex Sells and we are excited by violence!! Pornography sells stupid. The victims but are ignored. Violence inspires us all, but if someone is violence done to where we love, then we are shocked. Actually, of dead bodies and blood We are thrilled to be a bloody form of entertainment.

Gore and more? But why? Brainwashed Sheep Brainwashed sheep, do you believe what you see? Media makes us all dumber. Blinded by social media.

You are all like brainwashed sheep. Media are bosses and we obey them. Idiot Nation Idiot nation! That is bitter! Come with us. Come on, idiot nation! Large corporations, Google, Yahoo and all online games Addictive curiosity for entertainment Is what brings us to the internet! Idiot nation!! We are used as tools! Because we are all fools! We are all in the idiot nation.

With cellphones and computers. Animal Liberation Now! Until Every Cage Is Empty Leave the bears in peace! You shoot bears for years. You thought kill 'em all, seek and destroy.

You are not an hunter you are arrogant douche-bag. But you don't care, for you is this, Nothing else matters!!! You cock rock star, Metallica is no more what it was.

Fuck Metallica! Such a disappointment about you. Leave the bears in peace. You sucker!!! Am I Free? I am free?! Go to school, get a job, go to work. Get married, have some kids.

Pay your taxes, pay your bills. Watch TV, listen to the news. Now repeat after me: I am free?! I am free??!!??!! The System Is a Lie The system is a lie Money is a hoax. Debt is slavery.

Media is manipulation Religion is control The system is a lie! We Live Like Zombies We live like zombies, we wake up Carry out habits And go to sleep Only to wake up and do it again You exist, but do you feel alive?!

No Brain, No Heart No heart, no brain! The richest people are the poorest people, they have no heart! No heart to feel and no brain to think!!! They are all just blinded by greed, corruption and ignorance.

No heart, no brain!!! But rich people don't understand it. They are emotionless No heart to feel and no brain to think!!! They are all just blinded by greed, corruption and ignorance No heart, no brain!! You Hate How Hard Your Life Is Fuck the Bankers the Greedy Wankers Religious Fanaticism of Genocide Religious Fanaticism of Genocide Religions distances us all over million of years.

We are live in fears. Killed and tortured, for believe in different things. To die for country, god and homeland. What have the country, god, homeland done for you? Religion was created by mankind to control and enslave!! There is no justification for sacrificing animals and humans to satisfy a fictitious blood thirsty deity! Genocide, Conquest, Enslavement and Oppression caused by religions outweighs any good that they have given!

Open your eyes, stop blindly following orders, you don't need a god to tell you to lead a moral life! Insufferable Fuck the Monotony Fuck the monotony, We bring you cacophony!!!!!!!! United in noise. Euphony is fucking lame. Plague Dogs by Plague Dogs. Explore music. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Inerte - Pesadilla nuclear Inerte - Devastado Inerte - Sin compromiso Money Hater - Sobre el dinero Money Hater - Nada Money Hater - Odio el capitalismo Porque nos roban y tortura.

Irrespetuoso tomamos todo lo que queremos. Destruir el planeta. Aire envenenado. Los residuos nucleares. Grabado en Pain Room Studios, 23, Oct. Pico , Junjun Cao. Contacto: nooneisspared gmail. Contacto: moneyhater riseup.

Tags anarcho punk blackened crust punk blackened grindcore blackened noise crust punk diy grindcore harsh noise metal mincecore noisecore raw black metal vegan El Paso. Money Hater recommends:. Money Hater go to album.

Si estás preocupado por que tu dinero pierda valor con la subida del dólar, te invitamos a conocer cómo protegerte sin importar cuánto suba el billete verde.

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  1. Noise Against Human Greed by Money Hater, released 21 June 1. Against Human Greed (Intro) 2. Primitive Species 3. Every Government Is a Disappointment 4. Tortured! To Entertain You! 5. Animal Liberation (Outro) 6. Work. Buy. Consume. Die. 7. Violence Is Human Nature 8. Bring Down the Capitalist Pigs!!! 9. War Is Money Consume, Be Silent, Die
  2. Los CD están compuestos por un 99% de policarbonato, que es un plástico de gama alta, y una pequeña capa de pintura. El policarbonato no es un residuo tóxico sino un deshecho inerte, pero también es materia prima potencialmente reciclable. Diámetro del disco: mm. Abertura en el centro: 15 mm. Material: Policarbonato. Espesor: mm.
  3. En su informe mensual de coyuntura económica de octubre, el Banco Central atribuyó a una desmejora en las finanzas de la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) y el Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), el menor superávit que mostró el resto del .
  4. Nov 14,  · Tanto la Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco) como la Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (Condusef) hacen un llamado a la población a realizar un consumo razonado durante este Buen Fin, que se lleva a cabo del 15 al 18 de noviembre; por eso te traemos estos consejos para hacer rendir tu dinero.
  5. Redacción – El Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) colaborará en la campaña de recaudación de fondos “Yo Nací en este País”, para apoyar a los damnificados de la tormenta tropical NATE. Esta es la novena vez que nuestra institución participa logrando llevar ayuda a los miles de costarricenses que perdieron sus pertenencias y que sufren los daños de esta evento natural tan lamentable, que a.
  6. Guille Ortiz | Región Ciudad de México. Ciudad de México y Estado de México fueron declarados en contingencia ambiental extraordinaria, cuatro días después de la gran contaminación causada por diversos incendios en el centro del país.. El especialista del Tec de Monterrey, Jorge Carlos Carpio, profesor de Sustentabilidad, explica qué tan grave es la situación y qué se puede hacer.
  7. Jun 03,  · Foto: Notimex Durante la presentación del Plan de Reducción de Emisiones del Sector Movilidad para la CDMX se estableció el objetivo de disminuir hasta en 30% las emisiones de contaminantes de fuentes móviles hacia En este sentido se habla derestricciones de horario al transporte de carga, así como ampliación de la red de transporte público, autos con nuevas .
  8. Oct 28,  · 8,8 millones de personas mueren a causa de la polución atmosférica al año en el mundo, una cifra unida al cambio climático, ante el que miles de .

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