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Misty Eden - Ares (12) - Insane Awakening (CD)

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Following the capture of Castle Shirasagi in Chapter 25 , Camilla and her siblings are left waiting outside the throne room with Hans and Iago after Garon marches inside in a wave of triumph in Chapter While Camilla is in the midst of conversing with her siblings, Iago makes a failed attempt to assassinate Corrin for sparing Hinoka.

Much to Iago's horror, Xander steps before Corrin and chooses to take their side before challenging him to a duel, asserting his displeasure with his cruel ways.

He is quickly joined by the rest of his siblings, with Camilla calmly establishing her desire to kill anyone who dares threaten Corrin's life, including Iago. Together with her siblings, Camilla manages to defeat and kill both Hans and Garon's loyalist, with Leo personally killing Iago once and for all. As Camilla celebrate Iago's death with the others, saying there is no one left to harm or kill Corrin. However, Corrin, much to Camilla's incredulity and disbelief, reveals that the war is not yet over, as Garon still has yet to be slain.

In Chapter 27 , Corrin leads Camilla and the rest of their siblings into the throne room, where they manage to prove the truth of their words when Garon, seated upon the throne of truth, is revealed to be a slimy monstrosity in actuality. Initially stunned into inaction, Camilla and her siblings refuses to fight their father, but are prompted by Xander to aid Corrin in slaying Garon when he attempts to behead them, and they all join in to put an end to Garon's reign.

Shortly after Garon is killed, the Nohrian siblings have barely any time to process their grief and shock before they are caught off guard by a sudden attack launched by a possessed Takumi.

As Corrin walks towards Takumi with the intent of letting him kill them, they are struck when their Grim Yato fails to deflect an attack launched by a single arrow shot with Skadi , causing them to slip into a state of unconsciousness. As Camilla and the rest of her siblings struggle to fight against Takumi in the Endgame , Corrin regains consciousness and aids them in ending Takumi's rampage once and for all.

With the defeat of both Garon and Takumi, Xander is, shortly after the final battle, crowned as the new king of Nohr as his siblings watch on with pride. Due to having formed a deep emotional attachment with both families, Corrin refuses to pick a side to align themselves with. Despite Corrin's desperate protests, Xander and Ryoma cross blades with each other in an attempt to sway them into choosing a side. In a bid to prevent both armies from battling each other and retreat from the Plains of Hoshido, Corrin decides to take down both Xander and Ryoma.

Camilla and her siblings aid Xander in battling against Corrin but are unable to prevent them from succeeding. Corrin is thereafter branded a traitor and forced to flee.

She appears in one of the cutscenes in Chapter 9 in front of the doors leading into the throne room of Castle Krakenburg where she catches Elise eavesdropping on Garon's monologue about killing Corrin. She tells Elise that she should not get involved with Garon's affairs and tell Xander, and says that there is something wrong with Garon, and of something unnatural at play. Despite Elise's protests of wanting to help Corrin, Camilla tells her that if they act hastily, it will put more trouble on Corrin, so she tells her that they have no choice but hold back, to which Elise reluctantly accepts.

Camilla later appears in Chapter 12 , where she, her retainers, Selena and Beruka, Flora and several members of the Ice Tribe , ambush them while they are on a ship en route to the Port Town of Dia.

Under her liege's behest, Flora freezes the immediate ocean waters surrounding Corrin's ship to halt their progress. Camilla then professes her relief to see Corrin unharmed before revealing that she is under orders to kill them or be executed herself. Urging them not to think of her as a beloved sister anymore, she resolves to personally end their life and begins to engage their army in battle. Despite her efforts, Camilla is eventually defeated, whereupon she begs Corrin to execute her, proclaiming that she would rather die at their hands instead of her father's.

Corrin instead chooses to spare her and urges her to join their cause. While they are unable to explain their true motives, Camilla observes Corrin's resolve burning in their eyes and chooses to believe them. She vows to help Corrin with their mission and bring her retainers to help. While in the midst of reassuring Corrin of Flora and the Ice Tribe fighters' safety, she notices Azura , Sakura and Takumi quietly listening in, prompting her to sarcastically question whether it is a Hoshidan tradition to eavesdrop.

Camilla then takes notice of Azura and recognizes her as the daughter of Queen Arete , Garon's second wife. She then reveals that prior to Azura's kidnap, the Nohrian siblings were explicitly instructed not to interact with her against their will.

Camilla then agrees to work on reforging a new bond with Azura and to forge new relations with the Hoshidans. Camilla follows Corrin until the end of the war and ultimately aids them in slaying Anankos.

In the aftermath of the battle, she watches as Corrin is crowned the new ruler of Valla. As Ryoma and Xander forge a new peaceful relationship between Hoshido and Nohr, Camilla vows alongside her siblings and the Hoshidan siblings that they will put all their efforts in maintaining peace to Corrin. Camilla's most notable trait is her strong motherly instincts, ones that are very specifically directed towards Corrin.

Her brand of care towards them is often excessive to the point of being uncomfortable at various junctures by even members of other armies. Through Camilla's interactions with Corrin, it can be observed that she completely disregards the fact that they are an adult.

She chooses to treat them as one would a child, using language that is remarkably juvenile, commonly used when speaking to adolescents. Camilla's actions also prove this fact, as she constantly makes it a point to identify discomforts that Corrin may not necessarily be experiencing in a bid to offer them her assistance. In this regard, she has been known to threaten death upon people whom she perceives will bring Corrin grief.

Many of her supports shows that Camilla's nature comes from the horrible experiences from her past and lack of maternal love in her life, admitting to Niles when he confronts her about such things, explaining her overprotective, smothering attitude towards Corrin is because she knows what it is like to be alone, and doesn't want Corrin to ever feel what she felt growing up.

This does not mean her fawning is entirely reserved for Corrin alone; she is known to treat her younger siblings as if they were her children, although at a level that is not intense as the one that she adopts in her treatment of Corrin.

Her supports with Leo is a case in point, where she, despite acknowledging his battle prowess, refers to him as her beloved "baby brother" after his own insecure rant to her. In Revelation chapter 16, like Xander and Leo, Camilla recognized Azura to be her sister and wanted to spend time with her as she and her half-brothers never forgotten about her despite of her mistreatment by the Nohrian nobility.

Camilla adopts a completely different persona when she interacts with others, where she is portrayed as a figure of maturity and elegance. Her supports with a variety of different characters stand as testament to this fact, where she is known to adopt a language register that is formal and polite, befitting a member of the Nohrian royal family.

Through her supports with Laslow , for one, she responds to his quips with a gentle politeness in spite of her awareness of his philandering ways and them broaching subjects of a morbid nature.

Camilla shows hatred towards Iago , hating and distrusting him for being cruel and attempting to kill Corrin many times. She readily plans to kill him on the first opportunity when he is no longer protected by her father and shows much pleasure and delight when Leo finally kills Iago for good, knowing he cannot harm Corrin any longer.

Camilla has also been depicted as ruthless and bloodthirsty on the battlefield, deriving disturbing joy from striking down her enemies with wild abandon. While she is not without the capacity to show mercy to her foes, Camilla usually only does so on the behest of Corrin. In Birthright and Conquest, she is particularly cruel to Hinoka , in the former, she become jealous and attempts to kill Hinoka and the Hoshidian royals for thinking they took Corrin away from and in the latter, she mocks Hinoka over that Corrin is fighting for the Nohrian army and has, essentially, chosen her over Hinoka.

However, while she may have different desires than Corrin in dealing with the defeated Hoshidan siblings, she nevertheless respects Corrin's choice to spare them, warning Hinoka to accept Corrin's mercy or else she will cut her down ; plus she personally tells Hinoka that Sakura is alive, to make sure that she will get to safety under the premise of seeing Sakura again when the war is over.

In Revelation , she shows a quite kinder disposition towards Hinoka, seeking to approach and look for ways to connect with her rather than antagonizing her like in Conquest. Starting Class Malig Knight Mov -. Because of the fact that she's a pre-promoted unit, Camilla possesses solid base stats that allow her to keep up with the player's army up right from the moment she is recruited.

When Hyoga first arrived in Siberia, Camus asked him why he wanted to become a Saint. Hyoga replied that once he becomes more powerful, he could salvage his mother , who was buried deep under the frozen seas of Siberia, within a sunken ship. Camus told him that he would eventually doom himself if he was fighting for such a reason. He pointed out to the icebergs far away, and told Hyoga that he must be as tough and emotionless as the eternal frozen icebergs of Siberia, only then will he become a strong fighter.

Through his training, Hyoga had always respected Camus as a fatherly figure. However, before he left, he sank the sunken ship with Hyoga's mother to the deepest trench of the Siberian seas, and left a message to Hyoga, telling him to meet him in Sanctuary.

Hyoga was shocked upon return. The two fought, but Hyoga was no match for his master's overwhelming cosmos and mastery of ice. Sensing that Hyoga is in no condition to battle against the Gold Saint, Aquarius Camus decides to finish off his pupil using the Aurora Execution , his most powerful attack, and locking him inside the Freezing Coffin. Weeping over the tragic result of this battle in his first open display of emotion in the story , Camus prays for forgiveness for having done this, but is still honeslty convinced that it was for the best.

When Hyoga was freed from the Freezing Coffin by Shiryu wielding one the weapons of the Libra Cloth, he faced his next opponent in Sanctuary, Camus' friend Scorpio Milo and finally arrived at the Aquarius Temple to face his master again in battle. During this battle, Milo had frequently questioned Hyoga's motives, asking Hyoga if he understood Camus' feelings and thoughts. Camus told him that he was wrong to have just frozen his body, and would not show any mercy to him this time.

Hyoga was still easily beaten by Camus, up to the point where Camus froze and shattered Hyoga's Bronze Cloth. Standing frozen, Camus commented that he was pleased that Hyoga was able to reach such a level of power and activate his Seventh sense, because he battled believing in himself, Athena, and his friends. Camus wished that he could let Hyoga continue his path to truth and justice, but lamented that he didn't have the power to do so.

Having his whole body frozen, the Aquarius Saint fell to the floor, dying happily as his mission in Earth was finished. Hyoga cried upon his master's death, realizing that in the end, his master guided him to reach Absolute Zero and eventually to his learning in awakening his Seventh sense at the cost of his life. Later on, in the Holy War against Poseidon , Camus' spirit remained in the Aquarius Gold Cloth, which came to protect Hyoga in the confrontation against Poseidon, similar to how the Sagittarius Cloth was guided by Aiolos to help Seiya.

The eastern side of this map is very magic heavy. For this reason, it's clever to send a few resistance heavy units in this direction.

Be careful when using fliers for this job as some mages wield various types of wind magic which fliers are vulnerable to. Gangrel wields a Levin Sword which uses magic to attack so the resistance heavy characters that are selected will also be useful for fighting Gangrel. Enemy reinforcements pop out of the forts throughout the chapter. Enemies that can spawn from these forts include fighters , mages , mercenaries , heroes , wyvern riders , and myrmidons.

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Kurumada introduced Milo in vol. Though in the manga the first Gold Saints introduced are Aiolia and Saga , Kurumada didn't reveal their rank until further volumes. The first Gold Saint he introduced revealing his rank was Virgo Shaka , in vol. In the anime adaptation, these introductions occur in the same manner, although Shaka's is delayed and the first Gold Saint that appeared fully wearing a Gold Cloth was Scorpius Milo.

Milo is the Scorpius Gold Saint. Since his main technique inflicts immense pain to its victims, Milo always gives his opponents the option to either surrender, or become insane due to the unbearable pain. He also sees great importance in the pride of the Gold Saints and seems to be always ready to clean the name of his companions. Even so, he is a noble warrior who can admit defeat even against a weaker or inferior enemy.

Since Milo fought Hyoga , he spoke to Aquarius Camus in a way that led the fans to believe they were close friends.

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