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Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection Volume Two (CDr)

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The mix is led to follow suit, so greatly closer and ever more immediately accessible. Genre: Germcore. Other choices revolve about the mix itself. Genre: Improvisational. Genre: Phantazmik Cick Trik. Thanx BP for providing a massive oil spill for future generations. Genre: Green Alien. I said that I did not believe in such things, but that if it were possible, I would like to come back in my next life as a spider, and have all my enemies come back as flies.

Seems fitting, and somehow appropriate. Wear your ear goggles, this one is quite the ride! Credits: Select loops by Dub Jay from the ftp past members folder. Genre: Bloody Hell. Pony Payroll - Nah Dictaphonia was a volume compilation series produced by Hal McGee in on his HalTapes label.

Contributors were invited through an open call invitation to send short recordings in any style created and recorded on microcassette. McGee compiled the contributions and released minute compilations on microcassette. This was the second volume of the Dictaphonia compilation project. Download the album to view the artwork and info on the artists. Tags experimental collage dada dictaphone electronic field recordings fluxus improvisation microcassette noise tape tape collage Gainesville.

Electronic Cottage Compilation 7. Electronic Cottage Compilation 5 — Chance Encounters. Electronic Cottage Audio Exquisite Corpse. Mister McGee's neighborhood. Electronic Cottage Compilation Journey To Light And Progress. Incidental Vibrations Collection.

In order to bring back to the original shapes it is necessary for you to do the process as follows. Hal McGee vs. Automatic Confessional Tape Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 7. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 6. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 5. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 4.

Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 3. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 2. Electronic Cottage Compilation 2. Homemade Alien Music Volume 1 Split. One sneaky linguistic secret. Hearing the Liquid Orchestra. A Statistician's Intramural Crush.

Decisive thoughts by the intermediate flare. My Intellectual Property 3: Sedimental Music. Connection Cassette Compilation 6. Automatic Confessional Tape 7. The Exploitation of Jiblit Dupree. Hal and Mark visit their friend Dan in Orlando.

Falling into the Cosmic Cabinet. A Series of Lifestyle Circumstances. Connection Cassette Compilation 5. Connection Cassette Compilation 4. Connection Cassette Compilation 3. Connection Cassette Compilation 2. Connection Cassette Compilation 1.

Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 1. Laboratory Music 5 Improvisation Festival. All in all I'm happy, though this is top of my list of tracks to tweak when I get a moment.

The spoken word pieces were the muse food for this mix. My 6th track. Genre: Alternative. I needed to test my new desktop mic and felt like playing my guitar so there you have it skippy! Genre: Interdimensional. Genre: Ambient.

Genre: Mood Music. I did a quick sweep through the big FTP mother load and found some things I hadn't touched on before. Credits: composed by blind mime. Genre: Progressive. All sounds stem from the manipulation of one loop; no music is actually added to this loop. Credits: Don Campau guest artist loop. Genre: Solo Instrumentals. Although indecipherable, the spoken words are by Wallace Stevens and Tom Furgas. Genre: Dark Ambient. Painting by Marcel Herms -- mherms home.

McGee, Hal. Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee - "Invisible Shadows: Early Cassette Recordings " review; Hal McGee’s Microcassette Odyssey; Hal Mcgee - "Tapegerm Collection: Volume One" review; Hal McGee - "The Secret Life of Hal McGee" DVD review; Albert Casais & Hal McGee - "New Forms for Piano and Prepared Guitar" CD review.

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  1. Hal McGee-- "DJ Samurai Pimp vs The Kung Fu Space Cowboy" -- Tapegerm Collection Volume Four CDr (HalTapes) halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfor-- "Thrombling" -- Thrombling 3" CDr (Disembraining Songs) Jamison Williams-- "January (Harper)" -- Helen Mirren CDr (Vantage Bulletin) Fiver's Stereo-- "Back Woods Preacher" -- Dictaphonia Volume 1 compilation microcassette.
  2. The Tapegerm Collective Germination 4, Volume 2 Photo by Karl-Martin Skontorp Cover design by bf baker 01 David Fuglewicz Distant Storm I feel there's a storm brewin'. Credits: Dan Richert Guest Artist.
  3. Cover design by bf baker. Photo by Kanko 01 Zebra Mann The Mountains of Madness 1 - Quest This series of mixes are based on the short novel At the Mountains.
  4. Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection 5 Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection 4 A.M. Salad / Hal McGee / Ironing - Real Plastic Plants Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection 3 Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection 2 Hal McGee - Tapegerm Collection 1 Space Exploration Hal McGee - Orion The Hunter Phinney/McGee - Escape From Earth McGee/Goff/Franecki/Noring - Excursions.
  5. Feb 13,  · The Tapegerm Collective Germination Vol. 2 Number 2. 01 The Incomplete Orchestra Mad Symphony A redo now that I have a Shure PG (I was mostly broke and confident I could make it sound good.) And it is! AND! AND! More new stuff here! More so than I blogged yesterday!
  6. the Tapegerm Collective The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2 Born in , Campau began recording in with the legendary Bay Area avant garde group, The Roots Of Madness. The Roots recorded an LP in and many open reel tapes as albums now being re-issued on CDR.
  7. Quotidian Assemblages Vol. 1 by various artists, released 15 November 1. Loren Steele - Window 2. G.X. Jupitter-Larsen - Paris April 22, 3. Omnid - Ceftr 4. My Fun - Holiday 5. Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Who was the last U.S. President to speak in the Tenderloin (America's Heartland)? 6. Mystified - Pan Pot Spoon 7. Michael A. Cosma - Cells 8.

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