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Get It Gyrl - Choir Boi - Scratch Paper Vol. 2: ;Da Bounce; (File)

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Pretty cool if ya ask me? That being said we had to choose from a nice handful of songs. Also the original approach for this mix tape was "ghetto house" also know as juke, ghetto tech, jit, among others.

I hope you like the lil mix we whipped up. The track listing is below. Let us know your favorite Ghetto House jams and Dancemania joints. First annual Mad Decent Block party in Philly. See you all next year! I picked these out more or less because of the similarities between them. The Godfather, Scottie B, called it "proper" and that's all that matters to me! It was recorded all the way live on two turntables and Serato with no headphones, cuz that's how we do it at Ol' Head headquarters.

Lots of pops and crackles in the cuts, but I tend to think it gives it a "time capsule" sort of appeal. Oji - Original Man "Great take on number 2.

Armand again!!! Greed - Give Me "See Ultraworld - Life After Death "See 2 again and again! Also, the first podcast on New Orleans rap has got some good stuff on it as well. In contrast to Noz's collection of songs, I made my mix as an effort to put people onto some more recent New Orleans Bounce songs and artists that they likely aren't very familiar with.

As you'll notice pretty quickly, I've kept the mixing and DJing to a real minimum and tried to move pretty quickly from song to song to fit in as much stuff is possible. There isn't a real rhyme or reason for most of the selections on here.

They're mostly just a bunch of Bounce songs I really like, and I'm hoping some of y'all will enjoy this stuff enough to go and support some of these artists.

I've provided links wherever possible to help make that search as easy as I could because a lot of these folks have a pretty strong presence on Myspace. Please hit these dudes up on their Myspace, support their events, and buy whatever you can from them. Tracklisting: 1. Intro 2. Chev "Picture This" 4. Peacachoo "Get High" 6. Kilo "Pop Dat Tattoo" 7. Sissy Nobby "Snake" De Ja Vu "Abracadabra" Dime Gyrl Drell "They Mad" Naughty "Walk With It" Katey Red "Melpomene Block Party" Willie Puckett "Doggie Hopp" Ricky B "Y'all Holler" As you probably know, my first E.

You may have heard the title track in Diplo's Turtles mix from last year - and its finally available for purchase! The E. To celebrate the release I have done a little mix for Mad Decent radio Its a little selection of my current favourite tracks and influences all mashed together, From old computer game music, poppy stuff like LadyHawke to the hard electro stuff like The Proxy Who's current tunes 'Dance in Dark' and Raven are the biggest tunes around!!

Melodic stuff Oxia through to friends and crew Fake Blood, Crookers and tracks that are just awesome Focker Anyway, I've only used elements of certain tracks in this mix, but all of them are worth tracking down and listening to. I really wanted to use the horns in the Say Wut thing, but I had real problems getting it all in key.

Oh and I decided to try and re-edit the Focker track rather than just play it straight. I like to go to sleep!

Egon from stones throw.. Boy 8 bit.. New orleans revisted to name a few. Orpwood trombone M. Sunshine clarinet P. Dearle piano L. Page banjo J. Davies bass P. Appleby drums. Gaynair tenor S. Mullins piano C.

Johnson bass F. Jackson drums. USA:[Atlantic Two years later the tracks were brought together for this 45 in Swing violinist Johnny Franks debuts on 18 April There are two tunes featured in the J.

These were both released on a 45 rpm record by Melodisc which was only available by mail order. The organ on the soundtrack is "De Cello". USA:Crest The Nashville-based band of Texans cut a self-titled indie-label EP and has now signed to BNA, with a debut album, co-produced by Don Cook and Wally Wilson, possibly out by the fourth quarter of this year.

The first band to play Nashville's Wildhorsc Saloon, Lonestar re- corded its six-song set live there in January. Under the Lonestar Rec- ords handle, manager Bill Carter re- leased the package in March, both to satisfy fan demand and to seek at- tention from major labels.

Carter learned of the band via Cook, who was impressed enough by the band's live show and crowd re- sponse to want to get them in the studio. We could sell a ton of al- bums if we had one. I started handing it around to people, and the response was unanimous: It was great stuff. With as many dates as they play, I think we'll see a nice sales pattern, not unlike what] you find with alter- native rock bands or our experience with the Dave Matthews Band, for example.

His company, a major rap one-stop that services the Southwest, had scored last year with the Smoking Armadillos, a CurW Atlantic country group, which had a similar initial indie EP outing. Southwest is also working the Pacific Records album by the Tyler. Texas, country group Perfect Stranger.

Lonestar's tour itinerary. Carter says, provides the foundation for sales efforts. He is also invit- ing retailers to the shows and serv- icing some stores directly from his office.

At least we have something out there we're really proud of that represents the band very well. Then we hear them play live and the new stu- dio track they've put down, and we're over the top. Liberty's senior VP ot pro- motion. So I think it's very healthy to see some of the small independent labels having success at country, even on a regional basis. It helps to get us out of the chart men- tality that country programmers seem so driven by. WNY 9 98 E V Top Country Catalog AlhuniR.

M A ;,LV. All of them are upbeat, joyous franies that rotate through my mind like cards being flipped on a Rolodex. New'spaper accounts following Selena's death on March 31 annojingiy compared her shews to Madonna's performances, periiaps for the benefit of the uninformed. Nothing couW be more remote from the truth.

WhUe each v. In Selaia, Latinas in Texas, California. Seloia's successful transition to the English-language mar- ket was by no means assured. But if Selena did hit pay dirt in the Anglo maritet it would haN'e marked one of thi? In the coming wieeks, Anglo papoM will continue to portrdy Sekina as seme type of Latin Madonna, jast as they did with Gloria Trevi when she caught fire two years ago.

Meanwiiile, the Latino papers are pondering what might have been for Selena. I prefer to mull ov'er what she accompUshed by paging through stories, looking at photos, and ranembering the beaming smile on Abrahson Quintanilla's face during that spe- cial sermade in San Anttmio. While "Fondo Profundo" has sold 36, units — good enough for gold certification — that figure falls well short of the ex- traordinary , units averaged by the band's first two records.

But it used to be impossible. He asserts that the musical quaUty of "Fondo Profundo" is superior to pre- vious records. SUITE 1 The new band, with former Identikit members Giimez, who switched to lead vocals from drums, and guitarist Prime Torres. Thursday 13 on MTV Latino. Encouraged by a solid local follow- ing generated by consistent touring in nearby states, the group recorded an eponymous debut album for do- mestic indie Barca Records.

That rec- ord yielded two hit singles, "Bye Bye" and "Un Camino Hasta Vos," and later was certified double platinum with sales of , units. Records in Argentina are certified platinum for sales of 60, units. An established regional act, Vilma Palma set out in to conquer Buenos Aires, which the band has yet to win over despite its national popu- larity.

It played as an opening act for label mates Super Ratones but was given a mild reception. The band sub- sequently played shows in Argen- tina that year, closing in Buenos Aires before a more enthusiastic crowd. Vilma Palma's increasing profile on the Argentinian music scene did not go unnoticed. In , the group was named best new act by Prensario maga- zine and media association ACE.

In March , Vilma Palma im- proved on its catchy pop groove when it recorded " After witnessing Vilma Palma's do- mestic prosperity, Elio Barbeito, president of Barca and the band's promoter, aimed to repeat the group's domestic success in Latin America.

Barbeito was able to secure licensing deals for the band in almost every country in the region as a result of the tour. Despite the band's success in Argen- tina and Latin America, the group re- mains tethered to Rosario and has yet to hit it big in Buenos Aires.

And that is what really matters and makes us proud. He would arrange the same deal in Peru. Jackson canceled his R Chilean date aflei- 5, peopk; al- reatiy had entered the National Stadium of Santiago. More than 50, people bought tkitets to the concal.

Claveria says that if he continiws to i ress the suit, filed in the U. With pen in hand, salsa star Frankie Ruiz signed a new recording contract with Rodven Records in March. Looking on, from left, are Ruiz's wife. Judith; Oscar Uord. Destiny Productions. Latin 50 COT. Greatest Gamer shows chart's largest unit increase. All albums available on cassette and CD 'Asterisk indicates vinyl available. Hmdicates past or present Heatseeker tille. BillboardyBPI Communications. Beautiful MUSIC: There's a ton of nevv product out in the Christian music marketplace this spring, hut when a title arrives with a lime-green cover, it tends to demand attention.

The album boasts a collectinn of inndvative melodies and clever lyrics that the artists describe as "modem rock or artistic iwp. The two live in the Columbus, Ohio, area, where they first began plajing music together 1 1 years ago. They'll entertain you and make you think. Isn't that what great art Ls all abcHit? Matk Fain and kej'boardist Garry Jones have resigned fixim Gold City, one of Southern gos- pels most acclaimed groufw.

Brooks, a year-old native of Little Rock, Ark. The new members made their debut on. They'll make their recording debut with the group on Gold City's upcoming album, which is slated for a. June release on Benson's RiverSong label. As for Jones, he says the decision to leave Gold City w-a-sn't easy, but he and Fain felt the time was right and "the Lord i-s leading us in new directions. Jones will continue to produce other ntorrls and also is recording solo jazz piano projects for Benson's Special Products Division.

News notes; Rex Carroll, known for his work with Whitecross and King James, just finished recording his first solo project for. Star Song, which Phil Madeira pro- duced and will be released in August. The S Gos wl Music A. Songwriter Showca-se will be hekl April 23 at pjn. Well, Paul did it, and it worked.

He brought a sense of pro- fessionalism and order to a band that was more inspired by adventure than discipline, and the mix worked per- fectly for quite a while. Paul w-as an e. The band's keyboardist, Ray Man- zarek, remembers Rothehild as "the fifth Door. And [engineer Bruce] Bot- nick was the. So when we went into the recording studio, there were actually six Doors; four musicians and two technicians. And the atmos- phere that Paul created a-s producer was one of great tru. Holzman's current label.

Paul was hap- piest when he was spending infinite hours in the studio making a good thing better. A funeral service for Rothehild was held April 8 at his Hollywood home.

During those times, you find other ventures until it comes back around to you. Only Elton John, after hearing the tape, decided he would do it. That's the psy- che of this industry. But I've learned to roll with the punches. He felt his last studio record, "In My Dreams," should have been promoted more aggressively in the contemporary Christian market. It wasn't. For the moment, however, Colcy is hot.

Love Fellowship Taber- nacle, which Coley believes to be a natural extension of what he does on stage. A master at gospel fiision, bridging the best of the contemporarj' and traditional genres, while experi- menting with jazz and a touch of classical, Coley adds with a smile that he intends to do even more musical stretching out with the project. The great thing is that people have gotten used to expecting the unexpected from me.

His label, Atlanta International is also putting a major promotional push behind its newest signee, Bjron Cage, whose debut album, "Dwell Among Us," is registering great response from gospel announcers. And, in an effort to expand iUs gospel raster. This marks the first recording contract for the seven-year old choir, which was founded by Wiley Dickerson and discovered a few years ago by Jantes Moore. OoPS: Warner Alliance and not Gospo Centric as re- ported in my last column is the label that is negotiating with Donnie McClurkin on the release of his long- awaited solo recording.

Jefferson, the founder, president, and producer of the Concord Jazz label, realized pretty quick that he was a zealot when it came to music. The year-old Jefferson died March 29 in St.

Helena, Calif. Concord's signature sound was a mainstream jazz that stressed lyricism on all fronts. With more than titles in its catalog eight Grammy winners and 40 nominations among them , the label boasts a mighty canon. A staunch community ac- tivist, he was the impetus behind the construction of the Concord Calif.

Pavilion three years later; the an- nual fest is held there to this day. He also revitalized the solo piano realm with an ongoing series of dates recorded at the acoustically exquisite Maybeck Re- cital Hall.

Jefferson didn't want to miss out on a single note. You thought, 'I'm on a major jazz label devoted exclusively to the music' There were no distractions of a rock'n'roll division or what- ever. He had an absolute focus, as well as a great joie de vivre. That would surely disturb the presence of jazz around the country and force the alleged cultural elite to fend for themselves, right? Well, let's hear it for the private sector and hope those in the know are into java.

Starbucks Coffee, which is based in Seattle and has retail outlets in North America, is doing its bit to promote the music we love. The company has established a relationship with the Blue Note label that should boost the profile of jazz musicians, from seminal artistes like Thelon- ious Monk to modern funksters tike t'S3. As part of the co-promotion, the Starbucks shops will spin sounds from the Blue Note vault.

It is "won- derful exposure for a worldwide art form," Blue Note president Bruce Lundvall told a press group in New York. It shares its name, "Blue Note Blend," with a new Starbucks brew that the cof- fee purveyors have created for the occasion. A sam- pling indicated it had an distinctive edge to it.

Should have known. All albums available on cassene and CO. Speaking at the Frankfurt Music Fair, he said that the member association's sales incretised to more than. Wittgen said, "The search for talent by German music publishers on the international pop music market was par- ticulai'ly successful with dance and tech- no. Considerable financial ri. In the rock and pop field, German publishers have attained new stanclarrls of achievement, Wittgen claimed, argu- ing that international audiences are now more receptive to German music than ever Ixjfore.

This made exposure possible in the U. Further boo. Another imjxji-tant vehicle for musi- cal creativity is sheet music. Hart, whose words were almost exclusively wedded to the music of Richai-d Rodgers for almost a quaiter of a centurj' befoi-c the lyricist's death in VMi, will be the subject of a tribute April 30 at the Players, New York's venerable theatrical club.

Lorenz Hart Jr. The Rainbttw Room itself will offer Hait songs throughout the month. The City Center's "Encore! But we love it when we hear those old songs. It's nice to do some of the older stuff and give it a tK'w flavor but still let it keep some of the sound of the old song. Evei'ywherv we go, and no matter w hat we siiii;. Oil Pierce. Vance also notes that Brenda Russell has just returned from the U.

She also has songs on new releases from Chaka Kahn and Oleta Adams. That song, "From This Moment On. All this led to a limited run of perfor- mances. Irving Berlin's "Call Me Mad- am. The cast mak- ing a brief visit to the City Center stage would be by Irv Lichtman perfect for a full-scale revival. Time has brought good cheer to the proceed- ings. And cheers for stars Andrea Martin. Ken Page, and Peter Scolari. And another round for Cole Por- ter — "Where, Oh, Where," to turn to the master again in one of the show's delightful.

But tributes have been paid in London, where Ian Marshall Fisher has restaged 24 Broadway shows over the jsist seven years.

Mary Chapin Carpenter. Sepultura, "Schizophrenia. For example, domestic distribution of CMT and TNN remained relatively static in as few cable networks saw the ad- vantage of adding new channels to their services. The most ac- tive regions for country video nation- wide include Atlanta, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City.

San Francisco, and Birmingham. In addition, opportunities for international exposure of country video continues to improve, as CMT mines options in Europe, Latin Amer- ica, and Asia. At this point, technology holds the key to the continued growth of country music video, and label executives should increasingly turn to interactive technology' to further market their art- ists, the study concludes.

At the same time, Aristomedia re- ports that contemporary Christian video experienced a surge in activity in , as marketing departments at la- bels capitalized on new broadcast and cable opportunities cropping up on the television landscape.

Since June alone, the contempo- rarj' Christian video outlet increased its distribution by f:. Z Music Television is one of 15 na- tional, sirTidicated, or satellite outlets in the contemporary' Christian realm that Aristomedia counts today. Regional outlets, at That num- ber is up from 95 outlets in and 62 in Geographically, the South and Midwest dominate the program- ming slate, and some 44 outlets ap- pear in PI markets with viewership exceeding , households.

The remaining chunk of contemporary Christian programmers comprises seven international outlets, eight mul- timarket outlets, five specialized-use programs, and four closed-circuit programmers. Jamie Thompson directed photography on "Always," as well as the band's remake of the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody.

Rocks director F. The whole EP is centered around clammy, ominous atmospheres, underpinned by stomping beats, breaks and descending bass lines, placing greater emphasis on the space in-between, and textured over with a doomsday ambience. The lyrics are suggestive, imploring, shady and loving, some original and some re-recorded material from Grindr chats, online drag and femme comedy skits. This is gritty urban techno reflecting on street life in Gotham City.

Latin flavoured techno. Limited to copies worldwide. Fresh and dynamic, the four-track release tickles the limbic system with gravity-distorting bass and inspired hooks. CRUST The results could be described as a UK Funky Lorde. The 'Distorted Air' EP forthcoming on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, is full of Victoria's songwriting on fractious romance, ever the well-spring of transcendent pop with sweet female attitude.

One of the most spectacular and critically lauded artists in the world, the Collapse EP is one surely not to be missed! Extending the flamboyant paths that Aphex Twin has consistently managed to forge through his dizzying career.

MTI T The terrifying thrash of the infamous Pappy Mix of 'Come To Daddy' is a difficult track to surpass, yet make it through and there's another world inside. From the playful melodies and door-creak percussion of 'Flim' and 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball', right through to the stirring melodies of 'IZ-US', it's an essential collection for any Aphex fan.

FLIM Total runtime of over 28 mins. SNAR2 HAT 2B B It will be out on white label 12" with hand stamp on 7th of April Includes download code. This Peel Session comprised of all original material at the time. Presented as a complete session and on vinyl for the first time.

Released to much acclaim earlier this year after an exhaustive search for the musician, the tape has reached left-field music fans worldwide via the Awesome Tapes From Africa LP and CD. With this limited edition 12" for DJ's and other nerds, the songs Obaa Sima and Adagya jump off the wax, inviting deeper examination.

The two Ghana-by-way-of-Toronto dance tracks whip themselves into an unabashed frenzy, and sound like nothing else. As well, they capture some of the beautiful mystery behind the elusive auteur who'd been living quietly back in Kumasi Ghana the last several years since leaving Canada, where the album was recorded.

Packaging includes plastic LP jacket, custom obi-insert, and a free digital download card. Quantities are limited, and this will not be available again! Y7 REW 1. Limited edition of copies. From to they released six maxi 12" singles. Kucho remixes. The album is pressed on clear vinyl with custom packaging that includes vinyl inner sleeves with the album artwork and a double-sided insert featuring single artwork from "Fantasy" and "Maybe. CAN I DRIFT MAYBE Unknown producer.

The black heavyweight 12" vinyl comes in a classic yellow Ninja Tune house bag. INST Slow-moving and ethereal, the EP take us from the warped, grungy strings of "Walk Away" through the phantasmagoric bells and ghostly duet vocals of "Now or Never" and the aquatic atmospheres of "Metaphor" to "Turn the Tides," a track previously featured on Get Physical Music's Hausmusik Volume 1 compilation and a perfect closer to this spaced-out, almost narcotic journey of sounds.

The title track flows and ebbs like currents in an oil slick. Out of something messy like primordial ooze arises organized chaos. Set against an underwater sound canvas the song features seductive guest vocals and lyrics by Nicole Ginelli. Doc Sleep of Jacktone Records provides additional production duties. The final track, "Imperial Tranz Am", is an airy, ethereal slow burner clocking in at over 13 minutes. It originally appeared as the soundtrack to an experimental queer fantasy film of the same name by SF film maker Aron Kantor.

The vinyl comes housed in a jacket featuring a Quadtone pastel earthtone of pixelated celluar ooze designed by Eloise Leigh. The warm vibes of this new EP come just in time for enjoying with the spring weather. Limited to copies world wide be sure to get this latest addition to the Bibio collection while it lasts! Available on a limited run of clear vinyl this The Serious EP is a collection of four chilled out, soulful tracks sure to delight! Following his recent ambient drone turn on Phantom Brickworks, Bibio presents another instrumental work in Zen Drums.

Limited to copies worldwide, every copy of the two track 12" has a unique hand painted sleeve. STASH MP3 Matchbox 20 - 3am. MP3 Pantera - Cemetery Gates. MP3 Sevendust - 02 - Bitch. The Night Mare. Propellerheads - Super Bon Bon Remix. MP3 System of a Down - Soil. MP3 Aphex Twin - Ventolin wheeze mix. Go Insane! Bassbin Twins - Aaaw Shut Up.

MP3 George Acosta - dj's on x. Fatboy Slim Remix. MP3 Moby - Bodyrock. NUXX Short. Fatboy Slim - Born Slippy. MP3 Unknown Techno - Lightning. Fight Club. Clinton featuring Buckethead - Goro vs. Art Mortal Kombat. WAnk , Aug 2, Joined: Jul 17, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Well, I go out and buy actual cd's but I'm broke lately and dont have a very big cd collection.

Before my accidental format about February I had 2gbs of mp3z. Now I dont have very much because I actually buy cd's. Here's my playlist. It's not very big.. Here are the cd's I have. Maybe both so I can get them all.

Some additional year-end lists were just counted but not marked above -U means I ignored any unknown records, rather than adding them to the list, I: means list is incomplete, including only numbers shown, mostly because it isn't a list but a bunch of separate posts; I should return, but don't count on it : 1 Hits From Another Planet 10 -U I'm Not a Fanboy 5 ; Greatest Songs of the Noughties 20 ; Publications consulted for grades inevitably hit and miss; some make it more difficult than others depending on how easy they are to collect -- many are just scraped from Metacritic :.

Note: File has been frozen as of Jan. Sub-Lists Some breakdowns by genre initially just jazz. Enlightenment B.

Jun 04,  · The Square One Music Library Vol. 2 is a collection of 10 musical samples composed and arranged by Oscar Zulu. After almost a year of silence, Oscar has returned with the same versatility, meticulous sound design, and captivating melodies that you’ve come to expect.

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  1. Sun Rays Vol. 2 0jYPW0u9dkLQIVVuQoOolu Money in the Bank Aubrey Graham,Jean Baptise Maloko,Leyla Egeh,Noah Shebib,Travis Savoury 0jaDyORAS3cAI2P7mBvaqi Pandora Raul Rojas Rohiov 0jaywXsWe6sFKcBiaWLW5j Soirées musicales: No. 4, L'orgia 0jb3eN94ZcmrNIMzFa Great Things Phil Wickham,Jonas Myrin 0jceXOZ2D9ZSzsfl3CKlxg 0jdTASqZVk5n5o8ar9rDf1 Get.
  2. Kodi Archive and Support File Vintage Software APK Community Software MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Console Living Room. Software Sites Software Capsules Compilation Tucows Software Library CD-ROM Images Shareware CD-ROMs ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. Featured.
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  4. Aug 02,  · TRU - Da Crime Family (Disk 2) - 01 - halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 TV - Coca-cola halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 Twisted Sister - Were Not Gonna Take halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 type o negative - my girlfriend's halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 U2 - Sweetest halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 UB40 - Can't Help Falling In halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 UBRed Red halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3 Uncle Cracker - Yeah Yeah halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo3.
  5. ALABAMA 3 last train to nashville vol 2 X7 ALABAMA 3 le peste X7 BIG BOI got purp 2 F2 50 BIG BOI got that purp B7 CRAZY HORSE scratch Double (limited) W1 CRAZY P a night on earth A6 CREACH, PAPA JOHN playing my .
  6. The Dojo Vol. 1 is a free stem pack with an all original selection of handcrafted synth, keys, bass and percussion stems made by Mines Music. These stems will fit into any trap, RnB and pop style beats, but can easily be used for other styles of production too.
  7. Sep 19,  · Reservat, Vol. 2 Ljute Bebe aceebeec Just One of Those Things fafc9c-e5fec15f8 Mi Tristeza Almas dbabaad53cb Si Me Quisieras eadea-fcd2c7 Never Pay for Features (R.I.P XXX) cacf9-a6fc-cba19d Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel (feat.
  8. History. Melodisc records was founded by Austrian-born American citizen Emil Edward Shalit (24 December – 23 April ) and his business partner Jack Chilkes. Melodisc began trading in London in August and soon became established as one of the first—and, at the time, the largest—independent record labels in the UK. Its offices were in Earlham Street, Covent Garden.

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