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Elysian Fields - Megadeth - Youthanasia (Cassette, Album)

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Train of Consequences. Addicted to Chaos. Elysian Fields. The Killing Road. Blood of Heroes. Family Tree. Never ending, fall Am I dreaming? My heart pounds my chest Held for ransom in spider's web Suffocating, no one hears my calls Never ending, till the black curtains falls Snakes Surround me Offering their death kiss to me Down I'm drowning How long, I hold my breath Dogs Are chasing My legs are paralyzed Pray Don't find me My life is fading fast Not even close Not even close Not even close To overdose Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins A knife right through my heart, I am a victory Joining hands with wicked ones Revelation has come to pass New World Order will hold the mass A book written by man Used to control and command All rights will be denied Without the mark you shall die [Solo - Friedman] No confession, all is known New World Order, you shall be shown Monitoring all wages New World Order comes in stages Your currency is obsolete Feel the agony of defeat Symbol of society today A must - have or you shall pay As humans' flesh leads the mind Just a pawn, the last martyr dies [Solo - Friedman] No confession, all is known New World Order, you shall be shown [Solo - Friedman] [Solo - Mustaine] Where have the apostles gone?

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Join the club today! Join Now. Email Address or Username. Remember Me. Log In. They still have yet to grasp at any technicality that was so present in their debut and sophomore releases, but this is fine, I guess.

I mean, I don't hate it. In fact, I love it. Was this my favorite Megadeth album at one point? But Who's Buying? It is not longer my favorite Megadeth album, but it's definitely my third favorite. That being said, here are some major improvements Megadeth has made on this record.

First, unpredictability has been re-adopted into their music. Just listen to "The Killing Road" or "Youthanasia. On this album, they didn't allocate all of the good songs to the front of the tracklist. They actually spread them out! These are just a few of my favorite on this album. The better songs are spread out thoroughly, a nice thing to see every once in a while. Is this album composed of mid-paced thrash metal?

Is this a turn-off? Absolutely not. I could listen to this album all day and not be unamused. The mid-paced riffs aren't that bad because they actually do it right this time. The biggest downfall, for me, on this album is "Victory. It doesn't help that the riffs aren't that great either. But, hey, the solo is pretty awesome. Overall, this album is great considering the death of popular thrash metal bands had occurred by this time. The only bands that continued doing what they were doing were Sodom and Artillery.

Despite this, Megadeth released a good album in , despite showing many signs in their release that they were definitely slowing down, and it was a good album. Bravo, Megadeth The answer is sort of. As we all know, Megadeth had entered into the mostly thrash-less s era of metal with their album "Countdown to Extinction" released two years prior.

In my eyes, that album was the logical answer to Metallica's album. With "Youthanasia", we see the band moving further down into commercialism and leaving their thrash metal roots even further behind. This album basically expanded the sound Dave and Co.

Here, we see Megadeth writing songs that could be played both on MTV at the time and the radio, as well as at your standard heavy metal show. This is still obviously a Megadeth album and really, it's not a HUGE departure from the band's previous sound. The guitar work on here is similar to "Countdown to Extinction" but Dave and Marty have both seemed to add more melody and catchy hooks to the mix. If you came here looking for thrash, you'll probably only be slightly satisfied. Songs like "Reckoning Day" and "The Killing Road" and the lyrical oath to Megadeth, "Victory", all contain some nice speed metal riffs.

However, these songs are still very much in the vein of s Megadeth. There really is no thrash metal to be heard here. Instead, the band takes "Countdown This is metal, but it's commercial metal.

It's still not as simplistic as Metallica's infamous album released three years prior. There is a lot more going on here. Dave is able to put far more emotion into his guitar playing in here than he had before.

Really, most people I talk to absolutely love this song, even if they're stuck in the days of 80s thrash metal. It's a somber piece, and translates to "To All the World". This song captures Mustaine's emotions absolutely perfectly. It's not a particularly complicated song in terms of structure, however, it is very effective in creating a melancholic atmosphere. The solo in this song is also fairly simple when compared to earlier works such as "Holy Wars" or "Devils Island" or most of the stuff released during 'Deth's glory days, but its simplicity actually complements its beauty.

There are other songs that follow in this path of beauty, such as within the acoustic intro to "Blood of Heroes" and even the lyrically incestual-based "Family Tree". Songs like "I Thought I Knew It All" and the aforementioned "Family Tree" actually are two of my favorites on the album due to the choruses of these songs being absolutely breathtaking. Sure, they're catchy and radio-friendly, but very controlled and effective.

The guitar work coming from Dave and Marty was probably at its most mature point on this album. Now, mature can mean one of many things. Either the band sold out and stopped playing heavy music, they got more melodically mature, they changed their sound to appeal to an audience, or they started playing music that your fucking grandfather would enjoy.

When "Countdown And here, it's the same thing. They've matured a bit, but in a positive way. This would be maturing in a more melodic way, with a key emphasis on songwriting and overall musical flow. While the band's classic thrash albums focused on technicality and precision, the 90s Megadeth albums, including the abhorred "Risk" from , all focused more on simpler ideas of flow rather than long, technical solos.

Make no mistake, however, we still got plenty of amazing guitar solos from Megadeth in the 90s. Luckily, as with Megadeth tradition, all 12 songs on this album have ripping guitar solos. Most Megadeth songs at least have a somewhat interesting solo and these songs are no exception. I'm glad the band didn't let the simpler song structures affect the guitar solos.

Remember how I said Dave Mustaine's vocals on "Countdown to Extinction" were his best offering up to that point? Well, now that we have "Youthanasia" here, that changes. On this album, Dave offers an even better performance than prior.

He sounds more spiteful and far more focused here. Honestly, here, he even rivals James Hetfield in terms of quality. Anyone who really knows me knows I like Hetfield's vocals more, regardless of the music as a whole.

Dave manages to rise to his level here. Hell, maybe even above that! The emotion he puts behind his vocals is nearly unmatched here. He still utilizes the traditional higher-pitched voice that he had been using at the time but it works in favor of the music.

This album, to my ears, is the finest Megadeth record of the s. While 's "Cryptic Writings", the album following this one, would be Megadeth's second best s album, this was really their best for the time. Hell, it's even better than some of their s work! Truly a testament to heavy metal and a kick in the face to the s alternative style, "Youthanasia" remains one of Megadeth's finest albums and should be celebrated as such.

We don't really change with the times. This album may not exactly follow the grunge fad that was on its last legs, but it follows the musical direction of another band. A band that Mustaine is well associated with.

After the gargantuan success of The Black Album, it seemed that Megadeth had to sacrifice their thrash metal roots on their next album in order to compete with Metallica. In some ways, it worked. Countdown to Extinction was a huge critical and commercial success. It sold like hot cakes and enjoyed the praise from critics, as well as fans. I myself, very much enjoyed Countdown to Extinction despite its simpler sound. It's not on par with Peace Sells Now, the band reaches a dilemma.

Should Megadeth switch gears and go back to their thrash metal style resulting in mainstream irrelevance or should they continue down this path to make a profit? Well, Dave and the gang chose the latter and they should've regretted that decision.

This album is horrible. I'm not trying to be some douchebag who goes against the grain of the popular opinion just to seem special. I hate this piece of shit. It takes Countdown to Extinction's worst qualities and turns it to eleven. All of this album's problems can be seen on "Elysian Fields". What a shitty track. You're initially intrigued by what sounds like an alien spaceship landing, but then you're hit with Dave's whining vocals.

God, Dave, what the hell happened to your voice. Your vocals always sucked, but at least they often fit the music. Here, they just stand out against the music. They're more high-pitched than usual which makes his trademark snarl sound even worse. That's before we even make it to the bridge. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to let Dave do "harmonies" if you can even call them that.

They sound like the sound you make right before you sneeze. Oh, and that chorus. Dave just clamps a clothespin on his nose and cries, "Elysian Fields! Youthanasia received positive reviews upon its release. It was commercially successful, peaking at number 4 on the Billboard chart, and was certified platinum for shipping one million copies in the United States —a distinction achieved in A remixed and remastered edition featuring several bonus tracks and detailed liner notes was reissued on July 27, Megadeth's previous studio release, Countdown to Extinction , became the band's biggest commercial accomplishment, entering the Billboard at number two and eventually becoming double platinum.

As a result, they continually sold-out arenas across North America, in addition to developing a strong following overseas. With the next album, Youthanasia , the band moved towards a more mainstream sound. It was a time of problems and conflicts for Megadeth, that in every two weeks or so, according to frontman Dave Mustaine , there were "outrageous emotional interventions" in order to make the group a democracy. Many band meetings during this period concerned Mustaine's creative control over a "successful formula", so that the rest of the band could better exercise their creativity.

Mustaine did not want to record in Los Angeles , so it was eventually decided to record in Phoenix , since the majority of the band resided in Arizona. The sessions for the album initially began in Phase Four Studios Tempe in January , after a few weeks the sessions were moved to Vintage Recorders in Phoenix and continued there into May- this studio is often the location for scenes in the Evolver video. Talking about the recording process, Mustaine said that Youthanasia was written solely in the studio.

None of the past really influenced the new record. Of interest is that this was hoped to be the "first" album recorded solely on hard drives rather than magnetic tape , Both Max and Dave were believers in being on the cutting edge of technology, Max had long been using computers to sample, tune and comp tracks. Digidesign was working on expanding Pro Tools from a single track to multitracking and it was hoped that as many as 48 digital tracks could be synced and used to record.

The cover art by Hugh Syme features an elderly woman hanging babies by their feet on a seemingly endless clothesline. According to bassist David Ellefson , the artwork concept was directly inspired from a line of the title track, "We've been hung out to dry". He explained that the title track "was probably the strongest representation of how we feel about the young people who listen to our music and what their future holds for them.

It's like you have a choice, you can become proactive or you can choose 'Youthanasia'. Mustaine has stated that the idea for the title stems from hearing about Jack Kevorkian , as well as the declining state of well-being of young people, specifically referring to issues like drugs, crime and violence, and a lack of parenting. The album was released on 1 November through Capitol Records. Spotify Amazon. Train of Consequences Dave Mustaine.

Addicted to Chaos Dave Mustaine. A Tout le Monde Dave Mustaine. The Killing Road Dave Mustaine. Blood of Heroes Dave Mustaine.

Conception Edit. Megadeth's previous album, Countdown to Extinction, was tremendously successful and the band was faced with the daunting task of making an album to follow halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo was a time of problems and conflicts for Megadeth, in that every two weeks or so according to Mustaine, there were "outrageous emotional interventions" in order to make the group a democracy.

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  1. Jun 17,  · Taken from the album Youthanasia Lyrics: Uneasy feeling, Burning out my eyes I hope the end is less painful than my life I stand on trial before the gods On Judgement day A .
  2. Feb 11,  · Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Elysian Fields · Megadeth Youthanasia ℗ Capitol Catalog Released on: Producer: Max Norman Produc.
  3. Youthanasia: Megadeth: CAPITOL: Reckoning day - Train of consequences - Addicted to chaos - A tout le monde - Elysian fields - Killing road,The - Blood of heroes - Family tree - Youthanasia - I thought I knew it all - Black curtains - Victory Blondes emotions 2 [vari] MERCURY:
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  5. 4. Elysian Fields- Oh my God what a banger. The slow build to the heavy chord at the beginning is pure bliss and so fucking badass. The verses are badass, the chorus is badass and catchy, Dave sounds like a damn psychopath throughout the whole thing, like he’s slowly losing his mind as the song goes on, this song is fantastic.
  6. Elysian Fields This song is by Megadeth and appears on the album Youthanasia (). Uneasy feeling, burning out my eyes I hope the end is less painful than my life I stand on trial before the gods on Judgment Day A blink of an eye between the cradle and the grave One last look at .
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  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Youthanasia on Discogs. Label: Capitol Records - C • Format: Cassette Album, Club Edition • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Heavy Metal.

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