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Doin To Much - DJ Coxy - Doin To Much / Are You (Vinyl)

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Again, this concerns the people who grew up with vinyl records and were educated in styles and techniques that required specifically vinyl. One of the most popular techniques is turntablism, which has emerged in the 60s and 70s. The hip hop music that gained its popularity in the late 70s used lots of turntable techniques to create their trademark beat.

Old school hip hop was entirely based on vinyl use, and DJs who work within this genre will have lots of records to work with and specific techniques that have been patented by hip hop DJs. These include scratching, beat matching, beat juggling, and the more advanced chopped and screwed, flare, stab, tear, crab, etc… While many of these can be reproduced nowadays with the help of DJ software, it is considered effortless and not as effective as when vinyl is used.

These people do not feel comfortable leaving it all in the care of software and will feel like the digital era strips the DJ profession of the need of having any skills. This is not exactly correct, as using software and a mixer still implies the need to match the beats, but die-hard vinyl users will state that using records is the correct way to do it. When you play vinyl you are hearing analog waveforms and those have a very distinctive sound to them that let you hear the details of your music.

Records can sound crappy too. If you have a record that was not pressed or mastered well chances are it will sound light and thin compared to one that is done well. This is the same for compressed digital music vs. North Shore rules. Music Review. Hip Hop. Indie Rock. Tech House. Chill Dance. Retrieved May 19, Australian Recording Industry Association.

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September 9, AFP Top Singles. Retrieved September 19, And we wanted to mention that some DJs may be more knowledgeable in one niche over another, such as a wedding DJ versus a corporate DJ versus a kids' birthday DJ yes, they really have those. Duties What will your DJ be doing? Some brides know exactly what their DJ should be doing and at what time, and that kind of information is helpful to a professional DJ. It helps them determine when to play certain songs or at what time they need to be available for emcee duties or when they need to cut off the music so you can take over the mic.

However, some brides have no idea what a DJ is really supposed to do at their wedding, so they don't know what to expect. Typically, a trained DJ will know how to emcee, which means that they will talk to your guests and help the crowd transition from one part of your wedding to another. Part of their job is to make sure your guests are having a great time, either by getting them to dance, or helping you get them into the right places at the right times.

And because of the variety of DJs, there are a variety of personalities, and this is going to be important to you when you hire your wedding DJ. However, there are DJs out there that will still not be comfortable in their role and may not know how to take on these kinds of duties with the flair you may wish for or in some cases, they may not offer them at all.

So when you are talking to a DJ that you are thinking about hiring, be sure to talk to them about the duties they are comfortable performing and what services they may not offer. Does your prospective DJ do dance battles or have a certain way they take song requests? Getting this kind of information ahead of time will help go a long way in selecting the right DJ for your wedding and give you a good feel for his or her experience. Another one of the biggest considerations when trying to calculate how much a DJ costs is going to be the amount of time you need them at your wedding or other event.

A typical length of time that a DJ expects is anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, especially for a wedding. However, these hours, called sets, may need to be expanded when you get your estimates if you will need to break between times the DJ is playing music or making transitions.

Sep 05,  · Here are 5 Reasons You Should Learn To DJ With Vinyl: 1. Understanding of Touch, Back Cueing, Scratching. Move D Vinyl. When I was first learning to DJ, I had one breakthrough moment that made everything clear - it was learning how to back cue. When I rotated the record backwards I truly understood where the bass, hi-hat, snare, kick drum and.

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  1. The original version of "Doin' Time" with the original, unaltered vocal was released in on the Deluxe Edition of the band's self-titled Sublime album, as well as the 2 disc gram vinyl "Back To Black 60th Vinyl Anniversary" edition. The deluxe edition also includes 5 remixes of "Doin.
  2. Pages Directory Results for Doin rly gud katwheelz – Doing Anything With My Family DJ. Doin' It Right Performance Horses Training Page. Doin' It Southern Style. Community. Doin' It The Best I Can. TV Show. Doin' It To Perfection. Community. Doin' It Tuff. Album. Doin' It Vinyl & Crafts. Shopping & Retail. Doin' It Well. Society.
  3. Yo Sup everypony? Gonna be postin' mixes here that had best be rockin' your face, else I ain't doin' my job right. Tools of the trade: Traktor Pro Trakto.
  4. Jul 03,  · Mathews, as you will hear on Doin’ the Thang!, was much more than ordinary.. Likened to Sonny Clark but coming so directly from Bud Bud all the way, the articulation, the time But then, also, with this most authoritative feel for Monk – yet with such clarity of linear articulation at the same time.” Vinyl: Prestige PR
  5. On this LP, he must have lost plenty of motivation as well as patience because his work on the album is sub par. The tracks are unimaginative, the beats generic and repetitive, and overall the album seems more like a demo tape than something you would want people to hear. Planet Asia has too much talent to release a CD this unlistenable/5(5).
  6. massive attack rising son (clear vinyl) circa uk 12" £ various artists dj nation (bootleg edition) (pt.2) nukleuz uk 12" £ london elektricity billion dollar gravy hospital 3 x lp £ ministry of sound sessions 9 erick morillo ministry of sound 4 x lp £
  7. If you're being generous that's clunky at best, otherwise it's just plain absurd. Either way the trio of DJ Curt Cazal and emcees AJ Rok & B-Luv lucked out that "Doin' Damage" got into stores at all since B-Boy Records folded the same year this album was released.
  8. The Remixes are the European only Norman Cook(Fatboy Slim) mix of "24 Hours"(),"Where Are You Baby"(Peter Lorimer 12" mix) and "Doin' The Do" (12" mix- ). The mixes for "Doin' The Do" and "Where Are You Baby" are different than the mixes released in the US on vinyl and maxi cd singles- /5(11).
  9. Mar 09,  · So digital DJ's could potentially buy ten tracks for the same price as a vinyl DJ buys one record. On top of the costs you'll also need lots of storage space for records, and crates to carry them in. Digital DJ's can fit thousands of digital tracks onto a tiny thumb drive and easily carry them to .

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