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C U When You Get There - Various - Ultimix 63 (Vinyl)

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Could it be the change in vibration or something…? Maybe, I wish I could tell you. Etched vinyl is an unplayable side of a record that contains no music but has an image pressed into it which has sort of a frosted appearance. In the case of Portishead they used an etched vinyl image as the B-side to one of their recent singles. In the case of Willie Nelson, he had too much music for a single LP but not quite enough for a double so he pressed three sides of music but used an etched image on the 4th side.

In Closing… There are lots of things to consider before pressing your records. Make sure you promote your features color, etchings, downloads , on your website, sales sheet or stickered on the jacket as it can really make a difference to consumers… I know it does to me. The Basics of Vinyl. Does Vinyl Really Sound Better? Our Playlist. Popular English. Not everyone has a record player.

In fact, as attractive as it may be to put your music out on vinyl, the vast majority of your fans will not have the proper equipment to play it. So, when you print, keep this limited market in mind. I do agree this is true in the case of an expensive record. Why is the vocal track on some of my old LPs now nearly inaudible? Any explanations, fixes, remedies? Hello David, questions of you: you say, now almost inaudible vocals suggest that something has changed in your playing equipment, Have you upgraded your record playing equipment?

I use a Denon DD 35f turntable connected to my Yamaha surround sound w amp when i play my records it is through PURE mode to get the source sound from the vinyl and not using the digital wizardry but, i have no problems with vocals. Ditto for horns as well on some LPs. Very frustrating! Hmmm, curious indeed.

I have the same problem with my deck[Thorens TD] most albums play fine but some play with instruments very low in the mix. It is my deck as said records play fine on my other deck and I have checked the amp and speakers which are fine. Seven steps to heaven has sax which is barely audible on 2 tracks and LA Women has missing guitar solos etc. Have wd40 the connectors for the stylus but I am stumped what to do next.

Any ideas? The way you describe it, there must be something wrong with the wiring, either inside the pickup or elsewhere. If you have a record with extreme channel separation such as Seven Steps , the effect becomes evident. There is really no other explanation. To have a diminished sound or volume in vocals is more likely to be caused by other things. I have a collection of original Blondie records that I purchased as a teen.

I would buy 2 copies; one to play and one that was never opened. Since there is no proof that they are original shrink wrap, does this mean they are worth no more than an open record, because it has to be opened to see that it was never played?

Thanks again for always answering my questions, as compromised as my hi-fi situation has been. Thanks so much for your reply. My plan is to try add coins to the actual weight itself first and dial back the actual weight, seeking to find the exact point where the distortion stops and therefore where the stylus begins to sit in the groove.

Time to start saving money for the new turntable…. My head shell is 14 gm weight designed for the turntable tonearm without cartridge, A headshell with a lesser weight would require me to make changes to my system each time i use a different cartridge; that is why I have more than one of the same weight headshell for other cartridges i use. Adding weight removed the problems and made the sound richer. Do you know of any safe way I can add weight to my tonearm without doing something damaging to my records?

I consulted a friend with 30 years of hiFi knowledge more than me, and his comments are as follows:. If increased tracking weight removes sibilance then it shows the cause of the problem is the stylus not seating properly in the groove.

CDs had this too, but with the disadvantages of cracked jewel cases or awkward storage sleeves — and it looked sadly indistinguishable from the computer storage at work or school. In , actor Bruce Willis raised the question of whether he would be able to leave his extensive digital music collection to his daughters upon his death or whether all ownership would revert to Apple.

A box or hundreds of boxes of vinyl makes it simple. Whether seeking treasure old or new, this is panning for gold everyone can afford to undertake. They are also a place to connect with other audiophiles and music fans, to discuss things with them, and to get to know them. Some fans feel that online forums are essentially anonymous and lack the community feel of the record store. You have no idea how well any used record was kept over its lifetime, and even brand new records have a residue left over from the pressing factory.

There are a number of ways to clean a record, some of them totally automated, others very hands on. To help you out, we put together this excellent guide on how to clean your records. If you already have a record-playing rig you love, then congratulations!

There are several different types of turntables out there, and many of them are now conveniently available in what used to be very unlikely places.

While you will find some decent affordable turntables at budget stores, we highly recommend staying away from the many all-in-one style turntables with built-in amplification and speakers. These will get you playing immediately with minimal effort. Our Customers Love Our Work! Included With Every Order Vinyl Preparation To ensure we get the best possible recording of your vinyl records, we review and check for damage, dust and other debris.

Digital Remastering Once the audio is recorded, we start with our exclusive digital post processing that will add new life to your old records. Professional Results Our audio engineers don't listen to every track on every album; there'd never be enough time.

Personal Service If you have a massive project for your radio station, university, corporation, DJ Service, government agency or just intricate order that requires a person, contact us here at Under Design and we'll be glad to help you out! Download Order Form Download and print our PDF order form , which has all of our available digital conversion services and simple flat-rate pricing in one simple-to-use form.

No Credit Card or you prefer to pay by Check or Money Order Simply pack our completed order form along with your media and ship it to us using the U. Mail Media To Locust St.

Nov 25,  · Last Updated: November 25, The Vinyl Inspector: what to look for examining a vinyl record.. We all hope that the old vinyl records we buy will be perfect, but the reality is that, with the passage of fifty years, in the hands of many owners, vinyl has often been handled carelessly, and played on a particular piece of equipment that raised significantly the risk of damage: the ’60s.

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  2. Jan 22,  · According to the latest U.S. record industry figures, vinyl averaged $ at retail in , up more than 20 percent from a decade earlier, adjusted for inflation.
  3. Ultimix is a double 12’’ vinyl that contains at least 10 exclusive mixes of the most-wanted dance (house, trance, dubstep) and Top music heard on the radio. Programming is done by carefully researching radio airplay monitors, record pool reports and what our subscriber DJs tell us is hot for them in the club.
  4. We send you a pre-paid cardboard return mailer for you to return your Vinyl Records to us. We'll return your order in the same box, with your new CD, in days! That's all three shipping charges for one simple payment of $20 per Vinyl transfer! Order today before you .
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Ultimix 63 on Discogs.5/5(1).
  6. Vinyl is now the way to own music - it sounds great, looks awesome, and creates a vintage-cool vibe every time it spins. But there is no CD burner for vinyl, no tapedeck for records. The mixtape is dead. Until now. How It Works You've got the tunes, we've got the vinyl. Hit "Add to Cart" and let's get started!
  7. ultimix records (compilado 63) tracklist: 01 - Mr. President - Coco Jamboo(Part 1) 02 - Mr. President - Coco Jamboo(Part 2) 03 - Dolly Parton - Peace Train 04 - Robyn - Do You Know(What It Takes) 05 - Culture Beat - Take Me Away 06 - K5 - Lift You Up 07 - The Mighty Dub Kats - Ghetto Girl 08 - Coolio - C U When You Get There 09 - Angelina.
  8. Ultimix Vinyl Records. likes · 7 talking about this. Professional Disc Jockey Remixes on Vinyl 12" Records, both Funkymix and Ultimix formats are available.

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