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The Seriousness - Knightstalker - Knighttime (CD, Album)

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Then, put some mp3 files that you want to listen to in the Music directory in the TOT directory that you created when using the music patch. Open the file events. At the very top of the file, there is the musicList. Add extra lines, using the name of the file you added to the music directory except the. Oh, and don't put double quotes in your file name, since lua will interpret the " as the start or end of a file name.

You can remove lines from the list, if you don't want some of the original songs in this menu. The menu will split into multiple pages if you have enough entries. If the menu has too many lines, change the line text. Let me know if you have any trouble. Last edited: Sep 24, Garfield , Sep 24, Garfield Ok i did what u said. There were couple steps i needed to do before i could enable script. After that i could call script with escape. Is there a way to make that more automated?

S Sorry for the delay in response! S MGE had big tab for music choices, i am curious can that be achieved here? Last edited: Sep 25, Garfield , Sep 25, I was beginning to despair of ever seeing Spring.

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I had to list when I hit the re words. Sorry, sorta tried to answer earlier. I'm only concerned if it will return for him. Yep, think that was the roughest patch we've had in 29 years of marriage Ye gads. East coast Rap. Others US Rap. French Rap. International Rap. Hip Hop Movies. Other Electro. European Movies. TV Shows. Sound Library. World Music. African Traditional. Indian Ocean. Others South American Traditional. West Indies. Visual Kei. Shibuya Kei. Sound Tracks.

Others Countries. Old Music. Ancient Music. Various Items. Accessories for protection and cleaning. Transport packaging. Brush and Cleaners.

Plastic sleeves for records. Plastic sleeves for CD. Record Displays. Autograph Items. This compilation is now available for purchase here at Stones Throw online store where each track can be previewed by audio snippets.

Presale at Stones Throw Feb. Worldwide street date Feb. Fitting, then, that this — Original Raw Soul III — looks back at recordings dating back over twenty years but never once sounds dated or dull. New Process — Bus People Theme 2. Poets Of Rhythm — Summerdays Inst. Transgressors — Will Power 4. New Process — Freedom 7.

Whitefield Brothers — The Bastard Polyversal Souls — Muswell Hill Run Whitefield Brothers — Savannahstan Vincent Mercy Sluts — Banana Republic 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, 16 , 17 produced by J. Whitefield, B. Baral, M. Whitefield The Soul-Saints ; 3, 12 by J. Whitefield, W. Holland, M. Whitefield; 4, 9, 11, 15 by M. Whitefield; 5 by J.

Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland ; 10 by Whitefield Brothers; 14 by J. Whitefield CD. NA The song "Nasty" by Nas was one of the best performances in the traditional sense of Hip Hop from the year of Nas held the torch by taking after the classic style of Kane and G Rap to bring us an entertaining and chorus-less lyrical assault over the rugged drums of Salaam Remi. I like to think of Eric's distinct production vibe as melodic, spaced-out Jazz fusion incorporated to the boom-bap, sample-based sound of Hip Hop.

Listen for yourself and absorb the beats and rhymes of "The Mission EP". After each of the original tunes hear a Tall Black Guy production where he transforms a sample into his own unique sound as one of Chicago's most promising production talents. These are a few treats which have been presented to kick off the re-launch of Bling These recordings carry the soulful sound which influenced production to change in early s and should serve as a mice gift from the vaults to Dilla fans everywhere.

The second remix of "Let It Go" is a bit smoother but still provokes the head to nod with the signature jazz-based groove and drums of Dilla. The unreleased freestyle dating back to was ripped from cassette by Wajeed and features Dilla having fun on the rhymes over his own production. Visit the new Bling This is a sound of production which definitely stands out to me and others who have praised his YouTube presentations of soulful productions and tutorials.

This looks like a view into the life of an emerging producer like that which Hip Hop has not yet seen. New shows will be updated on the 15th of every month and the debut pilot episode will release on 2. His verses on this song set the tone for many others which would follow that spoke upon the paper chase, the inner workings of the underworld and mafioso imagery incorporated to the context of Hip Hop.

This sounds like a radio episode which will be very enjoyable and insightful for years to come as two talents of Hip Hop combine to express their views on the past and future of the culture and artform, give an overview of their heavyweight discographies and speak about their anticipated collaboration album.

In true Hot Peas and Butta fashion, Skeme Richards reworks dialog from some of his favorite flix and rearranges them to his favorite film scores which gives it a totally new feel from both angles. Sit back, relax, grab your popcorn and enjoy this cinematic adventure. This Jan. In the tradition of this show which is normally hosted by DJ Eclipse and Torae, JS1 picks from a new generation of music with the highest scrutiny to compile a mix which should satisfy your ear for the classic sound of the East Coast.

Here are JS1's words about this episode of "Rap Is Outta Control" radio: "I went through a lot of the newer hiphop and tried to pick songs that i personally liked or appreciate. I only play what i like and don't support some of the nonsense that has infiltrated "underground" hiphop. There is tons of dudes imitating other rappers, tons of producers imitating other producers, etc.. That's not what hiphop is all about. So on this show i did my best to rock what i thought was worthy or notable.

There is lots of newer MCees and still several veterans in the game bringing you good music. When doing a "mix" show, i don't like playing whole songs, afterall it is a "mix" show. If you like any of these tracks, you can go buy them on itunes or support by buying the CD from sites like ughh. I'd like to thank Dj Eclipse for doing a show like this with little reward.

It's hard work and you have to deal with several people who complain and harass you, like me. I hope you enjoy this new mix, and hope you support some of these new artists like Soul Khan, Homeboy Sandman, Rasheed Chappell, Blacastan, etc

Apathy: The Bootleg CD Apathy: Eastern Philosophy Apathy: Honkey Kong Apathy: Connecticut Casual Apathy: Handshakes With Snakes Apathy & O.C.: Perestroika Apathy: The Widow's Son Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker: The Last Line of Defence Apex Zero: Reality Provoking Liberation Approach: Ultra Proteus Aphrodite: Aftershock A-Plus: My Last Good Deed.

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  1. The End Of The Tunnel b/w Countdown (7Inch RMX) single is available for purchase @ halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo
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  4. Knightstalker releases a dope video to help generate buzz for his forthcoming Knighttime album. You can pre-order the "Countdown (7" rmx") here. Check some of his previous releases at his Bandcamp (his social media links are there, too).
  5. This article is about file improvements made for the torrent update. For the update, see Torrent Update vFor tracks that have been removed from the site, see ReMix Changelog.. This page contains information on changes/validation specific to .
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  9. Warum sollte der HipHop-Kopf das Album unbedingt gehört haben? Ich bin selber ein HipHop-Kopf. Ich glaube, wenn man über HipHop spricht, spricht man auch über alls was davor war. Hip Hop is das Kind von Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Das Album knüpft an alles an. Als HipHop-Head versuche ich immer die Musik zu machen, die ich selber hören will.

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