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A Banda - Joe Loss - Καρναβάλι 86 (Vinyl, LP)

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Social issues provided the basis for several numbers, such as the scathing attack on gentrification, "Open Letter to a Landlord. According to Reid, the Heads cover was one of the band's particular favorites and had been in its live repertoire for some time.

That thing about messages — well, really, the record was about the way we feel. The band's propulsive funk riffs ran headlong into jarring stops and starts; singer Jon King's harangues battled against Andy Gill's noisy guitar lines; bassist Dave Allen's heavy bottom laid down the law as Burnham pounded out tricky tattoos.

The relentless, churning thrust of tracks like "Damaged Goods" and "I Found That Essence Rare" built up unbearable tension, then released it in transcendent explosions. Heeding funkmeister George Clinton's slogan "Free your ass and your mind will follow," Gang of Four was intent on shattering both musical and lyric conventions — that their driving, dissonant music prove danceable was not only necessary, it was also inevitable.

And Gang of Four's revolutionary pop rhetoric not only infiltrated the dance floor — it also invaded the corporate world, as the band was one of the few early postpunk outfits to sign to a major label. It was a situation some found hypocritical, but as Burnham says, "If you've got something to say, and you want people to hear it, what's the best thing to do? Make as many people hear it as possible. The radical musical approach is epitomized by the way Gill's atonal, arrhythmic guitar ricochets all over "At Home He's a Tourist" or by his post-Hendrix feedback on "Anthrax.

The title of the album neatly reflects its own paradox — that of commenting on entertainment and being it. The title comes from the song "," in which a man watching the evening news comes to the realization that "guerrilla war struggle is a new entertainment!

Recording took place in four weeks, from April to May The mood at the studio was hardly convivial — Gill and King helped produce the record, and there was as much jockeying over production credits as good seats at the mixing console. One can spot a clear Gang of Four influence in R. Unfortunately, Gang of Four never quite matched Entertainment!

The album took a year to record and had to sell 1 million copies just to break even. But Def Leppard 's chart torcher Pyromania was worth the time and expense: It sold more than 9 million copies and, with its radio-ready blend of melodic savvy and stadium wallop, defined the mainstream metal sound of the Eighties, for better and worse. For better because the Leppards and their producer, hard-rock auteur Robert John "Mutt" Lange, set precedents for commercially astute songwriting and sheer studio ambition the massive yet airy vocal harmonies, philharmonic layers of guitar without compromising the basic thump.

He sat down with us as a sixth member of the band and participated in the whole thing. Lange and the Leppards worked for months on riffs and choruses, trying different combinations and then sewing them up when they made melodic and commercial sense.

But the writing wasn't all so academic. It sounded great, so we got up and ran over to see what was going on. Steve sat there beaming, saying, 'I fixed it. Pyromania was a hard-rock temple built brick by brick. To get a sound that combined metal muscle with studio precision, Lange recorded each member of the band individually, starting with bassist Rick Savage.

A single guitar riff overdubbed with clean harmonies, funky distortion and screaming feedback might take up to three weeks to record, often one string at a time. When the band members later went to do background vocals, they discovered all of the guitars were slightly out of tune.

It was too late to re-record them, so the guitars were put through an electronic harmonizer to cover up the bum notes. Lange's obsessiveness with the smallest sonic details had a big downside: It was hard to tell, from day to day, whether any progress at all was being made on the record. After an all-night session, Lange would often play work tapes for Leppard comanager Peter Mensch, who lived a short drive from Battery Studios.

There were personal complications, too. Founding rhythm guitarist Pete Willis was fired midway through the sessions because of a debilitating alcohol problem; within forty-eight hours, his replacement, Phil Collen of the London glam-rock band Girl, had cut the solo for "Stagefright. That was nothing compared to the calamity of recording the next LP, Hysteria. That album took three years to record; drummer Rick Allen also lost his left arm in an auto accident.

Fortunately, it takes more than a little trauma to keep a good Leppard down, as Pyromania so ably proved. Captain Beefheart once said of his music, "I'm just throwing up — in tie-dye.

Poised on the cusp of a new decade, Beefheart a. Don Van Vliet poured out his innards in technicolor for Doc at the Radar Station, serving up his most colorful and caustic verse in years on a sprawling, distinctively Beefheartian platter of corrosive avant-rock, jungle-blues squawk, alien-guitar romanticism and willful, yet often playful, atonality.

He added a Mellotron to his aural palette as well, attacking it on "Sue Egypt" and "Ashtray Heart" with the vigor of the Phantom of the Opera. His singing, too, was more animated — going from stratospheric screech to subterranean Howlin' Wolf in a heartbeat — and laced with an unmistakable menace. In short, Doc at the Radar Station is the true emotional and musical heir to Beefheart's epic masterpiece Trout Mask Replica, capturing his remarkable art with power and unprecedented cohesion.

Beefheart recognized his own achievement at the time; one Doc rocker is proudly titled "Best Batch Yet. As always, Beefheart dictated the content of his twelve songs for Doc at the Radar Station to the Magic Band in obsessive detail, presenting tapes of himself playing the piano, or sometimes just whistling a phrase, and telling the band to interpret it, exactly.

For "Sue Egypt," Tepper says, there were sections on Beefheart's demo "where he was literally screaming bloody murder into a tape recorder. And then going, 'Here, play this. Guitarist-drummer John "Drumbo" French, who had played on Trout Mask Replica and was already familiar with Beefheart's idiosyncrasies, recalls the rather odd way the band did backing vocals on "Run Paint Run Run. I think the reason he did that was to get that anger, that kind of screaming out of us.

He wanted us to sound really desperate. And it came out real well. Beefheart's own desperation is evident on the record. Doc at the Radar Station was, in a sense, Beefheart's last hurrah. After Ice Cream for Crow, in , a weary and frustrated Beefheart retired from music to concentrate on painting he did the cover art for Doc at the Radar Station. But when contacted recently at his northern-California retreat, Beefheart said that he still listens to Doc a lot, often while painting.

The paintbrush is my pen now. Lou Reed 's album The Blue Mask was "the end of something," as Reed put it in a Rolling Stone interview, "the absolute end of everything from the Velvet Underground on. The Blue Mask was the final ending and Legendary Hearts [the follow-up] like a coda. The Blue Mask certainly marked a crossroads in Reed's life and art.

In stark contrast to his well-publicized personal and musical indulgences of the Seventies, Reed was now married and enjoying the new-found domestic calm documented in "My House" and "Heavenly Arms," the ballads that bookend the album.

The Blue Mask harks back to the twin-guitar violence of the Velvets and Reed's earliest literary conceits "My House" is dedicated to his mentor at Syracuse University, the poet Delmore Schwartz. At the same time, the album casts a hopeful eye toward the future while effectively closing the book on Reed's extended narrative odyssey through the dark side of human experience — violence "The Gun" , alcoholism "Underneath the Bottle" and spiritual isolation the howling "Waves of Fear".

Reed, who had already written definitive songs about drug addiction and sexual perversion, managed to top himself with the title track, which was packed with graphic images of sexual torture, Oedipal desire and, finally, castration. Initially, Reed gave each member of the band a bare-bones demo of the songs for The Blue Mask, with Reed singing and strumming an electric guitar.

There were no rehearsals as such before the band went into the studio in October According to Robert Quine, "We'd just go in every day and do at least one, maybe two songs.

We'd start to play and the arrangement would take shape. To preserve the spontaneity and bare-knuckles sound of the band, each track was recorded live Reed redid his vocals later and usually nailed down in two or three takes. That's a great moment when [Reed] takes that guitar solo at the end. It's every bit as brutal and energized as his stuff with the Velvet Underground. With a cosmic giggle, Clinton co-opted the new technology — sequencers, samples, remixing, looping and scratching.

In addition to reestablishing Clinton early in the new decade, Computer Games netted him a comeback hit in "Atomic Dog," a funky ode to man's best friend filled with canine woofing and all sorts of rhythmic trickery that has since been sampled on numerous rap and hip-hop records.

Throughout his four decades in music, Clinton's sales figures have never been a true measure of his influence. In the Seventies he forged a white-rock-black-funk synthesis with the bands Parliament and Funkadelic, much as Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix had done in the Sixties. Parliament featured horns and was closer to soul, while Funkadelic emphasized guitars and was closer to rock. There were many offshoot projects as well, with Clinton juggling roles as master conceptualist.

In , however, an overworked Clinton put P-Funk on hold and took time off to straighten out personal and legal business. Almost two years later, Computer Games announced his return. Clinton worked especially hard on the album to prove that "I still had my brain together," he says.

I just had to find that out for myself, and I think I was all right,". In truth, Clinton was often brilliant, giving an Eighties face lift to funk on "Atomic Dog" and looping up a storm on the wild collage of old and new soul songs titled "Loopzilla.

In fact, says Clinton, "'Atomic Dog' wouldn't get out of the way for any other single off that album. With fleas and ticks. Out of the bleak and dusty streets of Soweto, South Africa's largest black township, springs music that's joyous and proud — and you can dance to it.

Trevor Herman, an expatriate white South African "I left for the obvious reasons" , compiled these twelve tracks, which were recorded in the early Eighties, when a resurgence in township music, known as mbaqanga, and consciousness about apartheid propelled the music out of South Africa and won it international acclaim.

Mbaqanga takes its name from a doughy cake sold on township streets — it's very workaday music that deals with everything from drunken husbands to gossips to hard-working miners.

Everything is celebrated in song, in the rhythm of living. An alloy of several tribal styles as well as jazz and reggae, mbaqanga shares a number of similarities with the blues, and not just because it is a music born of oppression. Like modern blues, mbaqanga came about when workers flooded into major cities, bringing their local music with them. And like the blues, mbaqanga got electrified when it came to the city.

One strand of mbaqanga music comes from hymns learned from missionaries, very evident in Ladysmith Black Mambazo's stirring "Nansi Imali" "Here Is the Money". With a steady beat adorned by droning acoustic guitars, tinkling electrics and rich vocal harmonies that are joyous, gritty and real, mbaqanga became party music played in shebeens illegal bars ignored by the government , at workers' parties, on the street and in the recording studio, where groups often united for one-shot recordings.

Herman theorizes that the strong beat came from American groups such as the Supremes. Since many mbaqanga bands are ethnically mixed, their music brings together different black ethnic groups; if South Africa's black majority hasn't prevailed because it is a house divided, it's not the fault of mbaqanga.

In the final analysis, it's inspirational music. On Empty Glass , his second solo album, Pete Townshend chronicled the personal tumult he was experiencing and initiated an adult style of songwriting that helped reenergize the singer-songwriter tradition in the Eighties. Eight of the ten songs were written following Who drummer Keith Moon's death late in In December of , during the band's American tour, eleven fans died in a preconcert crush outside Riverfront Coliseum, in Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, the members of the Who were repeatedly dismissed as worn-out ancients by Britain's scornful punks. Amid the turmoil, Townshend resolved to make a solo album. It allowed me to be myself. It dignified me, in a way, to be cast to one side.

I felt uneasy with the way the Who were inevitably on the road to mega-stardom. On Empty Glass, Townshend's ambivalent obsession with punk dominates both the lyrics and the music. Produced by Chris Thomas, who'd recently worked with the Pretenders and the Sex Pistols, the album was raw, muscular and focused in a way the Who never would be again.

Although he'd begun a spiral of booze and drugs that would lead to a bout with alcoholism and a temporary split with his wife, Karen, Townshend pledged in "A Little Is Enough" to make the best of their fitful marriage. Of course, a literal reading of a songwriter as complex as Townshend can be deceptive, as in "Rough Boys" and "And I Moved" written for Bette Midler , taken by some as confessions of homosexual lust.

Townshend said, "A lot of gays and a lot of bisexuals wrote to me congratulating me on this so-called coming out. I think in both cases the images are very angry, aren't they? I can frighten you! I can hurt all you macho individuals simply by coming up and pretending to be gay! Later, he admitted that the Who seemed much less viable as a result: "I think the only thing that really went wrong was that I realized, as soon as Empty Glass was finished, 'Hey, this is it.

I'm not able to achieve with the band what I've achieved here. Metal machine rhythms and twisted, tortured guitars echo Ian Curtis's anguished vocals, while synthesizers add a feeling of steely, high-tech alienation. Peter Hook's bass often carries the melody, an innovation much copied since — there's not a doom rocker around who doesn't owe something to Joy Division, but they're just gray imitations of a deep, dark band.

Joy Division's powerful first album, Unknown Pleasures, had topped the British independent charts in , yet the members of the band weren't fully satisfied with the sound of it. Less than a year later they recorded Closer. Curtis acted as musical director; as Sumner says, "The madder the music sounded, the more pleased he would be with it. The members of the band would sleep all day and work through the night, undisturbed, until dawn, when twittering birds would sometimes find their way onto the studio tapes.

Sumner says that while they were recording a room sound, they picked up a phantom whistling the tune of "Decades" — odd, since the building was otherwise deserted. Figuring it was a bad omen, they left it off the record. Ironically, Curtis dropped hints about his fate, yet no one could decipher them. He once told Sumner, "I feel like I'm caught in a whirlpool and I'm being dragged down and there's nothing I can do about it. John Fogerty began recording Centerfield , the album that revived his long-dormant career, right after he attended the major-league-baseball All-Star Game at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in the summer of Fogerty's seats were, he notes, in center field.

Fogerty's hopes were, of course, rewarded. Creatively, the album found Fogerty at the top of his form, and it contains songs that rival his best work from CCR's glory days. Centerfield shows Fogerty to be a mature record maker.

It is a concept album that can be taken as simply a great collection of songs, a kind of "Whitman's sampler of what John Fogerty is about," as he puts it.

While some of the songs on Centerfield, like "Rock and Roll Girls" and "Big Train From Memphis ," evoke lost innocence, others cynically portray Fogerty's experiences in the music business. But the story Fogerty tells on Centerfield has a happy ending. The title track, of course, is the centerpiece of the album, a song about getting another chance at the big time, and "I Can't Help Myself" expresses the excitement John Fogerty felt at once again being a player on the rock scene.

Fogerty had been trying to write songs for an album for years, but he says they just didn't come together. Toward the end of he finally regained his muse. Because Fogerty worked from detailed demos and notes, recording was straightforward and painless. Here's a case where the guy who wrote the songs literally put all the sprockets on the drums. It wasn't shipped off to have a bunch of roadies to do — each thing was actually hand-done by me.

For Fogerty, everything was riding on the fate of the album. I had to do more than just finish the sucker — it had to be good enough to be a hit. There was a lot of stuff to be proven. It was more than the act of just finishing the race — I had to win the race. We were in danger of being categorized as a kind of quirky, gloomy bunch of weirdos. The band's playful side indeed shines through on the album's nine songs, which include such tracks as the wobbly "Making Flippy Floppy," the animated "Girlfriend Is Better" and the cheery "This Must Be the Place Naive Melody.

And years of touring had given the Heads a sense of how to craft songs that would appeal to their audience. It's not like everything is premeditated, but we had this feeling that it's not just about art. It's also about entertainment. When we went out on tour after that, it was the first time that the kids would go nuts for the songs off the current album. Byrne sang nonsense lyrics, which he later refined. I'd done that a little bit before, but it was the first time I'd done it for a whole record.

We didn't want to lose them, because they were so free and they fit right in. The chorus in the opening song, "Burning Down the House," was inspired by a Parliament-Funkadelic show. Hey, it was a classic title.

But what we really wanted to do was rock the house. John Hiatt made his best album, the brilliant and skillful Bring the Family, in record time — four days in February , to be exact. On it, Hiatt was accompanied by a small, simpatico ensemble of all-star musicians: guitarist Ry Cooder, bassist Nick Lowe and drummer Jim Keltner. The sessions were preceded by no rehearsals or preproduction.

Lowe, in fact, went straight from the airport to the studio, arriving just in time to cut "Memphis in the Meantime," a song he had never heard before. The spontaneity of it all, Hiatt believes, was largely responsible for the understated, forthright collection of songs that resulted. Producer John Chelew imposed a four-day limit on the sessions; his motivation had less to do with economics or scheduling than a desire to capture the performances with an unstudied, first-take freshness.

Hiatt himself likens it to a jazz session, where a band runs a tune down a few times, cuts it and moves on. There were seat-of-the-pants decisions made at every turn. When the band couldn't settle on an arrangement for the moving, confessional "Have a Little Faith in Me," Hiatt banged it out alone at the piano during a break, and it wound up on the album in that form.

Lowe's breathless arrival the first day gave "Memphis in the Meantime" its odd, loopy rhythms. Hiatt is especially fond of Bring the Family's love songs. Having beat his alcohol and drug problems in , Hiatt was a clearheaded, happily married and much less vituperative songwriter.

The emotional openness and spiritual resurgence carried through the whole album — which, amazingly enough, was made at a time when Hiatt didn't even have a record deal in America. It went against the corporate approach to record-making, which is 'It can't be any good; you didn't spend any time or money on it! To the contrary, Bring the Family is one of the most sublime and deeply felt albums of the Eighties. I'm not trying to feign humility, but it was just such a group effort.

It's a very inspirational bunch. I would like to go on record to say I sure hope it happens again. After that, they go, ' Whoa, wait a second. They step back and say, 'Okay, now we're gonna do it. Iovine's description is an apt summary of the road Dire Straits traveled to get to Making Movies, which followed the band's distinctive debut, Dire Straits, and its disappointing second album, Communique. The description also captures the nature of Knopfler's ambitions for the record.

Slide Bitch Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile Goon Hand Don't Mess With Mr. Riding High The World Is A Ghetto Visionary After The Dance Galaxy CD.

Galaxy 2. Sweet Fighting Lady 4. Hey Senorita 5. The Seven Tin Soldiers. Spill the Wine 2. Tobacco Road 3. All Day Music 4. Slippin' into Darkness - single version 5.

Get Down 6. Nappy Head Theme from Ghetto Man - single version 7. World Is a Ghetto, The - single version 8. City, Country, City - special edit 9. The Cisco Kid Where Was You At Four Cornered Room - single version Gypsy Man - single version Me and Baby Brother Deliver the Word - single version Southern Part of Texas Ballero - live, single version Tracks of Disc 2 1. Low Rider 2. Heartbeat 4. Smile Happy 5. Summer - single version 7. Sunshine - single version 8.

River Niger 9. Galaxy Youngblood Livin' in the Streets - single version I'm the One Who Understands Cinco de Mayo You Got the Power - single version Outlaw - single version Baby, It's Cold Outside Peace Sign - single version Fatal Beauty CD. Make It My Night 2. Casanova 3. Just That Type Of Girl 4. Edge Of Love 5. Criminal Theme from Fatal Beauty 6.

Didn't I Blow Your Mind 7. Berry left the band the following year, and Stipe, Buck, and Mills continued as a trio. After the electronic experimental direction of Up that was commercially unsuccessful, Reveal was referred to as "a conscious return to their classic sound" which received general acclaim.

In , the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame , in its first year of eligibility. In order to "redeem themselves" after the lukewarm reception of Around the Sun , the band released the well-received albums Accelerate and Collapse into Now The pair discovered that they shared similar tastes in music, particularly in punk rock and protopunk artists like Patti Smith , Television , and the Velvet Underground.

Stipe said, "It turns out that I was buying all the records that [Buck] was saving for himself. Rafael Pelayo reports that when his colleague Dr. Dement was told that the band was named "not after REM sleep". The band members eventually dropped out of school to focus on their developing group. Touring was arduous because a touring circuit for alternative rock bands did not then exist.

During April , R. Initially distributing it as a four-track demo tape to clubs, record labels and magazines, the single was released in July on the local independent record label Hib-Tone with an initial pressing of 1, copies— of which were sent out as promotional copies. The single quickly sold out, and another 6, copies were pressed due to popular demand, despite the original pressing leaving off the record label's contact details. Records acquired a demo of the band's first recording session with Easter that had been circulating for months.

Hague's emphasis on technical perfection left the band unsatisfied, and the band members asked the label to let them record with Easter. After hearing the track, I. Central Rain I'm Sorry ", became the first single from the band's second album, Reckoning , which was also recorded with Easter and Dixon.

The band's third album, Fables of the Reconstruction , demonstrated a change in direction. Instead of Dixon and Easter, R. The band members found the sessions unexpectedly difficult, and were miserable due to the cold winter weather and what they considered to be poor food; [37] the situation brought the band to the verge of break-up.

Lyrically, Stipe began to create storylines in the mode of Southern mythology , noting in a interview that he was inspired by "the whole idea of the old men sitting around the fire, passing on Stipe had bleached his hair blond during this time. Meanwhile, I. For its fourth album, R. The result, Lifes Rich Pageant , featured Stipe's vocals closer to the forefront of the music. In a interview with the Chicago Tribune , Peter Buck related, "Michael is getting better at what he's doing, and he's getting more confident at it.

And I think that shows up in the projection of his voice. The single " Fall on Me " also picked up support on commercial radio. Following the success of Lifes Rich Pageant , I. Shortly thereafter, I. Don Gehman was unable to produce R.

Document featured some of Stipe's most openly political lyrics, particularly on "Welcome to the Occupation" and "Exhuming McCarthy", which were reactions to the conservative political environment of the s under American President Ronald Reagan.

Frustrated that its records did not see satisfactory overseas distribution, R. Jay Boberg claimed that R. In a departure from Green , the band members often wrote the music with non-traditional rock instrumentation including mandolin , organ , and acoustic guitar instead of adding them as overdubs later in the creative process. After spending some months off, R. Late in , the band released Automatic for the People.

Though the group had intended to make a harder-rocking album after the softer textures of Out of Time , [75] the somber Automatic for the People "[seemed] to move at an even more agonized crawl", according to Melody Maker. Considered by a number of critics as well as by Buck and Mills to be the band's best album, [78] Automatic for the People reached numbers one and two on UK and US charts, respectively, and generated the American Top 40 hit singles " Drive ", " Man on the Moon ", and " Everybody Hurts ".

The decision to forgo a tour, in conjunction with Stipe's physical appearance, generated rumors that the singer was dying or HIV-positive , which were vehemently denied by the band. After the band released two slow-paced albums in a row, R. In January , R. The tour was a huge commercial success, but the period was difficult for the group. He had surgery immediately and recovered fully within a month. Berry's aneurysm was only the beginning of a series of health problems that plagued the Monster tour.

Mills had to undergo abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal adhesion in July; a month later, Stipe had to have an emergency surgery to repair a hernia. The band brought along eight-track recorders to capture its shows, and used the recordings as the base elements for the album.

In a retrospective on the band, Consequence of Sound ranked it third out of R. This one may be third behind Murmur and Automatic for the People.

However, while it required some time and commitment from the listener, the record's contents were rich, compelling and frequently stunning. Accordingly, the album has continued to lobby for recognition and has long since earned its reputation as R. Time 's writer Christopher John Farley argued that the lesser sales of the album were due to the declining commercial power of alternative rock as a whole. In April , the band convened at Buck's Kauai vacation home to record demos of material intended for the next album.

The band sought to reinvent its sound and intended to incorporate drum loops and percussion experiments. Berry told the press, "I'm just not as enthusiastic as I have been in the past about doing this anymore. I have the best job in the world. But I'm kind of ready to sit back and reflect and maybe not be a pop star anymore.

I guess a three-legged dog is still a dog. It just has to learn to run differently. The band cancelled its scheduled recording sessions as a result of Berry's departure. We couldn't rehearse without a drummer. The recording process was plagued with tension, and the group came close to disbanding.

Bertis Downs called an emergency meeting where the band members sorted out their problems and agreed to continue as a group. However, the album was a relative failure, selling , copies in the US by mid and eventually selling just over two million copies worldwide.

A year after Up ' s release, R. The film took its title from the Automatic for the People song of the same name.

Global sales of the album were over four million, but in the United States Reveal sold about the same number of copies as Up. Al Friston described the album as "loaded with golden loveliness at every twist and turn", in comparison to the group's "essentially unconvincing work on New Adventures in Hi-Fi and Up.

In , Warner Bros. He then sat behind the drum kit for a performance of the early R. During production of the album in , Stipe said, "[The album] sounds like it's taking off from the last couple of records into unchartered R. Kind of primitive and howling". EMI released a compilation album covering R. The Best of the I. Years — —the label had previously released the compilations The Best of R. That same month, all four original band members performed during the ceremony for their induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

In October , R. Work on the group's fourteenth album commenced in early The band recorded with producer Jacknife Lee in Vancouver and Dublin, where it played five nights in the Olympia Theatre between June 30 and July 5 as part of a "working rehearsal". Live , the band's first live album featuring songs from a Dublin show , was released in October The album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts, [] and became the band's eighth album to top the British album charts.

For the album, the band aimed for a more expansive sound than the intentionally short and speedy approach implemented on Accelerate. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

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Joe Loss LVO OBE (b. June 22, in Spitalfields, London – d. June 6, ) was an English musician and founder of The Joe Loss Orchestra. He was the undisputed doyen of big bandleaders. Loved and respected by his public and profession alike, he had a style and musical policy that kept him at the top of the big band world for 60 years.

Colore Orientale, Op. 44/3

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Pieces 3 of G. Haendel, transcription for string quartet. Prelude, toccata and gigue, for piano, Op. Romance 3 , for piano, Op. Romanza for piano in G flat major, Op. Scherzos 3 , for piano, Op. Serenata, for piano or orchestra , Op. Sonata for organ in D minor, Op. Symphony No. Tarantella, for piano, Op.

Theme and variations for piano in E flat major, Op. Work s. TimWolla: I'm not sure what you mean by "overkill", but note: 1 There is nothing in the question that indicates the purpose or how "random" the number is to be, and 2 In my tests, the answer I proposed runs considerably faster than the accepted answer.

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Burning Up - Madonna / Pat Benatar - Burning Up / Shadows Of The Night (Acetate)

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You're always closing your door Well that only makes me want you more And day and night I cry for your love You're not convinced that, that is enough To justify my wanting you.

Now tell me what you want me to do I'm not blind and I know That you want to want me but you can't let go Come on, let go, oh. Oh, do you wanna see me down on my knees? Or bending over backwards now, would you be pleased? Unlike the others, I'd do anything I'm not the same, I have no shame I'm on fire. Do you wanna see me down on my knees? You know you got me burning up, baby You know you got me burning up, baby Burning up for your love Burning up for your love Burning up for your love Burning up for your love.

Em alta:. Burning Up Madonna. Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved March 3, Australian Chart Book — illustrated ed. St Ives, N. Rovi Corporation. Retrieved July 2, Rolling Stone. Robert Christgau. Archived from the original on June 6, Entertainment Weekly. Time Inc. Retrieved March 11, Warner Home Video. The New York Times. Retrieved November 16, The Dallas Morning News. Lexington Herald-Leader. Retrieved September 12, Eagle Records.

Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Retrieved April 13, Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved June 17, Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved October 7, Retrieved January 7, April 4, Aletti, Vince Pinnacle Books. Billboard Books. Cheren, Mel Guinness World Records Limited. Guinness Publishing Ltd.

Melcher Media. Fireside Books. Powerhouse Cultural Entertainment Incorporated. Pocket Books. London: Guinness World Records Limited. Random House Publishing. Hyperion Books. Or bending over backwards, now, would you be pleased? I'm not the others, I'd do anything I'm not the same, I have no shame, I'm on fire Come on, let go Do you wanna see me down on my knees?

Or bending over backwards now, would you be pleased? I'm not the others, I'd do anything I'm not the same, I have no shame, I'm on fire Ooh, yeah, I'm burning up Ooh, yeah, I'm burning up Oh, come on, oh come on, I'm burning up Oh oh, I'm burning up, ooh, yeah, I'm burning up Oh come on, oh, come on, I'm burning up Ooh, yeah, I'm burning up, oh oh, ahh ahh You know you got me burning up, baby You know you got me burning up, baby Burning up for your love, burning up for your love Burning up for your love, burning up for your love.

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Don't put me off, 'cause I'm on fire And I can't quench my desire Don't you know that I'm burning up for your love You're not convinced that that's enough. I put myself in this position And I deserve the imposition But you don't even know, I'm alive And this pounding in my heart just won't die I'm burning up. I'm burning up, burning up for your love I'm burning up, burning up for your love I'm.

Siege - Two Steps From Hell - Vanquish (CD, Album)

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. No comments. E' stato dedicato al figlio di Nick Phoenix morto a soli 15 anni. Si sente che l'orchestra e il coro sono reali e ci sono alcuni brani veramente da pelle d'oca: High C's, Echantress, Evergreen.

Da guardare su Youtube il video di High C's per capire quante persone cantano nel coro e nell'orchestra!!!! Troppo emozionante!!!! Translate review to English. Consigliato a tutti i fan dei two steps from hell! Registrazione effettuata in maniera esemplare, eccetto forse la prima traccia che inzia leggermente tagliata di una frazione di secondo. Concordo con la recensione di Andrea.. Da prendere senza dubbio. Muy caro.

Buen disco con composiciones de mucha calidad aunque la mayoria ya las conocia porque las puedes escuchar gratis en su propio canal de YouTube. Muy caro para ser algo que puedes disfrutar sin pagar. For some reason the info for the CD didn't get uploaded into the computer. I had to name the CD and tracks manually. Every CD up to this point has ripped that info by itself.

But that's not important, the music is great this time around as always. I'm TSFH fan, and basically from the beginning. And this album is just as inspirational as so many of their other works. You've read the top international reviews.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Pages with related products. See and discover other items: Explore floatings for baby. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Listen Now with Amazon Music. Amazon Music Unlimited. Pegasus Pegasus. Felicia Vanquish feat. Future Guardian Future Guardian. Enchantress Enchantress.

Final Kingdom Final Kingdom. Siege Siege. Evergreen Evergreen. Stallion Stallion. Turin Turin. If you're worried you won't like this album, you can always wait for them to upload it to their youtube page to see if that will convince you for a buy.

A few other listeners recommended Enchantress which is an awesome track, but it's much too long and it's difficult to repeat a track that is 8 minutes long. So there are some repeat-worthy tracks but because a lot of the songs in-between sound too similar to each other the album remains a solid 4 stars. You should still totally own it though. I "discovered" this group last year and have 3 of their albums. See all reviews from the United States.

Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Having waited a while for their new album to come out, I'm not at all disappointed with the result. In fact, I would say that it's an improvement on past albums, if this is at all possible. You can have too much of a good thing but far from being over the top with continuous bass and heavy "in your face" musical scores, as in past albums, this is a more varied and thoughtful blend of the sublime, blended along with the more dramatic overtones and choral interceptions: Enchantress being a prime example.

Percussion and instrumentation are more varied, with sweeping violins and harp. Don't get me wrong. The big scores that we have come to associate with "Two Steps From Hell" is still very much apparent. But in a slightly more "balanced" form. Having now listened to this album for a while, I've found it grows on you, the more you play it.

In fact, I can't stop playing it. There is a continual "common" thread which weaves it's way through the album in various forms of light and dark which inevitably includes a musical "hook" which is quite addictive: Particularly so with the bass drums. Which has resulted in me now giving five stars, instead of four.

In my opinion, for those who enjoy this type of music, an absolute MUST buy Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. You can't go wrong with two steps from hell. Gorgeous music that'll take you away to a far off land.

I just wish they made more CDs as they are truly excellent. One person found this helpful. Another recording by my Autistic son's current favourite music makers. He's delighted with it. Feel like wrestling a bear who has a sword. And its best death ever.

Birthday present for my wife who loves Two Steps From Hell. Load more international reviews. Love this epic type music. No comments. E' stato dedicato al figlio di Nick Phoenix morto a soli 15 anni. Si sente che l'orchestra e il coro sono reali e ci sono alcuni brani veramente da pelle d'oca: High C's, Echantress, Evergreen.

BokTube SA Rugby. Two Step From Hell via iTunes. Archived from the original on Google Play. Two Step From Hell via Facebook. Trailer Music News. Retrieved 22 July Extreme Music. Thomas Bergersen via Thomasbergersen. Two Steps from Hell via extrememusic. Sample this album. Title by Artist. None Shall Live. Wolf King. Rise Above. Never Back Down. Red Tower. Cannon In D Minor. Stronger Faster Braver. Last Of The Light. Release Me. Freedom Ship. Flight Of The Silverbird.

Across The Blood Water. No Honor In Blood. Star Sky. Battleborne - Instrumental. Star Sky - Instrumental. Sold by Amazon. Additional taxes may apply.

By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Beautiful high energy music. Top Albums. No results were found for that selection. Invincible Two Steps From Hell. Archangel Two Steps From Hell. Battlecry Two Steps From Hell. Classics, Vol. Skyworld Two Steps From Hell. Classics 1 Two Steps From Hell. Vanquish Two Steps from Hell. Unleashed Two Steps from Hell.

out of 5 stars Vanquish, altro bellissimo album. Reviewed in Italy on 29 December Verified Purchase. Dopo oltre un'anno e mezzo finalmente è uscito il nuovo album dei Two Steps From Hell: premetto che l'album è bellissimo anche se non arriva al capolavoro di Battlecry (sarà molto difficile batterlo). E' stato dedicato al figlio di /5(63).

Welcome II - SuG (3) - SuG Tour 2011「TRiP~Welcome To Thrill Ride Pirates~」 (DVD)

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The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. No customer reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Deals and Shenanigans. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Mitsuru left Sug after their concert on 9 May Their support drummer at the time, Shinpei, became a full-time member of the band after Mitsuru's departure.

Their second studio album and their first album through Pony Canyon, Tokyo Muzical Hotel , was released on 9 March Sug announced on 19 September that the hiatus would end in late December of that year. The band went on to release three singles, "Missing", "B. On 4 March Sug released Black , their first full-length album since the end of their hiatus.

The album included three new singles in addition to the three released in On 11 September Sug announced that they would be going on their first full-length Europe Tour starting from 29 November, and they would tour a total of 5 countries Germany , France , United Kingdom , Russia and Finland.

On July 31, , SuG announced that it would be going on indefinite hiatus for the second time. Although officially labelled a hiatus, Takeru doubted that the band would ever resume its activities. The name is then simplified to the slightly more romantic "Sug". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Alterna. For other uses, see Sug disambiguation.

Alternative rock [1] pop punk electronic rock nu metal. Retrieved 29 January Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 21 October

【ス録が今、幕をたな学園黙示力社会か。新も正当なる実盾か、それとは、世界の矛が見出すもの少年少女たち【新品】 bigbang world tour [made] in seoul dvd 。特売【新品】,,bigbang,world,tour,[made],in,seoul,dvd.

III. Poco Adagio - Dvořák* - Suk Trio - The Complete Piano Trios Volume 2 - No. 3 In F Minor Op. 65 (Vinyl, LP)

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Lento maestoso - Allegro quasi doppio movimento. Poco adagio - Vivace non troppo. Andante - Vivace non troppo. Andante moderato quasi tempo di Marcia - Allegretto scherzando. Allegro - Meno mosso quasi tempo primo. Lento maestoso - Vivace. Allegro ma non troppo. Allegro grazioso - Meno mosso. Poco adagio. Allegro con brio.

It is uncharacteristically serious, stormy and fraught with tragic conflict, unusual for a man generally regarded as sanguine, uncomplicated and most un-neurotic. But the trio seems to have arisen from another crisis as well: the pleading of friends and colleagues to move beyond his obsession with folk-oriented Slavic nationalism in music, to achieve a more cosmopolitan European style and a reputation beyond provincialism.

Yet both composers worked contemporaneously turning out trios, piano and string quartets neck and neck. It is possible that influence passed in both directions and that they simply shared a musical culture of time and place, the Viennese style being a hybrid of Austrian, Hungarian and Bohemian origins since Haydn's early years. The first movement Allegro is an epic sonata, elegiac with its complexity of moods, its stages of realization from shock and restless agony to bright, aching nostalgia and supplication.

Happy anniversary and hats off! Trio Wanderer. The Wanderer Trio is celebrating its 25th anniversary in All the members of the Wanderer Trio graduated from the National Music Conservatory of Paris and they have chosen journeys as their emblem.

On the one hand, it embodies an inner journey, which closely links them to Schubert and German Romanticism, and on the other, it is a journey inspired by openness and curiosity that explores music ranging from Haydn to contemporary scores.

Acclaimed for its extraordinarily sensitive style, almost telepathic understanding of each other and technical mastery, the Trio Wanderer is one of the world's foremost chamber ensembles. After producing two CDs released by Sony Classical, the Wanderer Trio began a new partnership with harmonia mundi in This interest has resulted in recordings produced by Universal Accord works by Thierry Escaich and soon by Mirare Mantovani, released in spring An auspicious meeting with the Austrian baritone Wolfgang Holzmair led the Trio to make a recording with him of the folksongs of Beethoven, Haydn and Pleyel, released by Cypres Records in The form of the piece is structurally simple but emotionally complicated, being an uninhibited Bohemian lament.

Considered essentially formless, at least by classical standards, it is more like a six movement dark fantasia —completely original and successful, a benchmark piece for the composer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Piano Trio No. Piano Trio in E minor No. Chamber Music: A Listener's Guide.

New York: Oxford University Press,

Under the auspices of Alpha Classics and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, the ensemble has set itself a challenge: to record the complete chamber music with piano of Antonín Dvořák. With the monumental Trios no.3 op and no.4 op, these Londonbased musicians get the saga off to a flying start, in deeply felt interpretations that.

Baltoji Impresija - Kauno Valstybinis Choras - Muzikiniai Desertai (CD, Album)

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Valstybinis choras. Juozas Malikonis. Algimantas Masiulis. Leonas Strioga. Straipsniai, pokalbiai, interviu. P remjera: m. The Times, Britanija. Ostatino pastorale : smuikui ir fortepijonui, Laimingos dienos Kauno valstybinis dramos teatras. Kameriniai instrumentiniai.

Solo instrumentams. Liaudies instrumentams. Elektroakustiniai, audiovizualiniai spektakliai. Dramos spektakliams. Kita versija: fortepijoniniam trio m. Sta-Ne-Sta: dviem fortepijonams, Marcipanas Premjera: m. Ii veiksmas: vanne; la tua meta gia vedo jago - Ii veiksmas: credo in un dio crudel jago - Ii veiksmas: cio m'accora Ii veiksmas: dove guardi splendono desdemona, otello, jago - Ii veiksmas: d'un uom che geme desdemona, otello - Ii veiksmas: se inconscia, contro te desdemona, jago, emilia, otello - Ii veiksmas: tu?!

Ii veiksmas: ora e per sempre addio otello - Ii veiksmas: pace, signor jago, otello - Ii veiksmas: era la notte, cassio dormia jago - Ii veiksmas: oh! Ii veiksmas: si, pel ciel marmoreo giuro! Iii veiksmas: la vedetta del porto ha segnalato araldo, otello, jago - Iii veiksmas: dio ti giocondo, o sposo desdemona, otello - Iii veiksmas: esterrefatta fisso desdemona, otello - Iii veiksmas: dio!

Iii veiksmas: vieni; l'aula e deserta jago, cassio, otello - Iii veiksmas: quest'e il segnale jago, cassio, otello - Iii veiksmas: il doge ed il senato salutano lodovico, otello, desdemona, emilia - Iii veiksmas: messer, son lieto de vedervi jago, lodovico, desdemona, otello - Iii veiksmas: a terra!

Iii veiksmas: quella innocente un fremito emilia, roderigo, cassio, lodovico, jago, otello - Iii veiksmas: fuggite! Iv veiksmas: era piu calmo? Iv veiksmas: piangea cantando nell'erma landa desdemona, otello - Iv veiksmas: ave maria, piena di grazia desdemona - Iv veiksmas: chi e la? Iv veiksmas: diceste questa sera le vostre preci? Iv veiksmas: aprite! Iv veiksmas: niun mi tema otello, cassio - Oi tu strazde, strazdeli. Finalas kamilis sen-sansas - Naujieji metai - Pabunda kobra vytautas barkauskas - Oi lekia lekia.

Pasveikinimo choras - Ulricho ir mirtos scena - Margirio arija - Pabaiga - Buratino arija - Karabaso daina - Baigiamoji scena - Koncerto repeticija - Verpimo scena - Supkit meskit. Iii d. Romeo and juliet mystery Introduction - Prologue - Between life and death - Dear nurse - Et in terra - I know this child - Love is just a deal - Party - You are mine - Nostalgy - We'll never let her go - She is our enemy - I say my prayers - So good to be in love - Vai tu bitela, leliumai - Jurgeli meistreli - Grandskveras - Lestinga - Trepsiukas - Gaidys - Nava god polka - Platusis dnepras - Naktis - Sarba - Moldavaneska - Santa lucia - Flamenkas - Suliko - Alilo - No no no - Tibeto liaudies muzika - Ganos kario daina - Apsivalymo daina - Lamzdelio tirliavimas - Ridikas - Vasiliausko polka - Rylio - Valsas ''pavasario balsai'' - Polka ''trik trak'' - Petriuko tema - Anties tema - Senelio tema - Vilko tema - A-a, a-a, pupa - Din din - Tau, mano mamyte - Oi, tu sakal, sakale - Sonatina - Tyla - Trys r.

Poema prie paminklo - Einant su tavo vardu - Trys publicistiniai monologai nuosprendis 2 - Baltosios akacijos - Oi tu strazde, strazdeli. Finalas kamilis sen-sansas - Naujieji metai - Kartu su mumis koncertavo A. Spendiarovo operos ir baleto teatro simfoninis orkestras ir solistai. Orkestras akompanavo labai jautriai. Jenkinso "Adiemus", kitoje tuo pat metu mes atlikome W. Mozarto "Requiem". Kartais gailiuosi, kad dirbame Kaune, ne Vilniuje. Bacho mokosi visi kompozitoriai, jis buvo ir yra didysis mokytojas.

Mit durchaus ernstem und feierlichem Ausdruck ; 2. Schnell ; 4. Tempo I; 5. Tempo sostenuto ; 6. Andante moderato. Tempo I CD 2. Turinyje: 5. Etwas bewegter. Im tempo des Scherzos. Wild herausfahrend ; 7. Langsam ; 8. Wieder sehr breit ; Molto ritenuto. Maestoso ; Sehr langsam und gedehnt ; Etwas bewegter "O glaube, mein Herz, o glaube" Alto solo ; Choir ; Turinys: I d.

Tempo di Menuetto. Turinys: III d. Ohne Hast ; IV d. Sehr langsam. Empfunden MZ CD Martinaitis, Algirdas. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.

Zu Hilfe! Tegyvuoja Zarastras! Sarastro lebe! Live Sarastro ; O, Izide ir Ozyri, kokia palaima!

Kauno valstybinis choras Choro nuotr. Nutilus šventinių koncertų šurmuliui ir metams įsibėgėjus, Kauno valstybinis choras savo klausytojus ir vėl kviečia pasinerti į platų, įvairų ir kontrastingą muzikos pasaulį, išgirsti skirtingose epochose, įvairių stilių ir žanrų muziką kūrusių kompozitorių kūrinių.

Stellar Life - Afraid! - Megaloklift (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Items will be added as I make 'em! So check back often. Besides dog parkin' it with the dogs, honing her crafting wiles, making mixtapes and eating her hubs' stellar cooking, Shrie also enjoys writing about music, DIYin' and design. Oh good point Miss Strange! Poly resin would be perfect! Yeah the plastic wrap works wonders.

And I think some butcher paper set in the bowl kind of like they do with chips at restaurants would be super cute and slightly rustic as well. Boil a large pot of water Place record on top of a soup can in the sink Pour hot water over record The record will become soft and pliable, then just bend it into the desired shape.

Oh, and I learned this lesson the hard way: be sure to check the record to make sure it does not say "unbreakable" Just trust me. No fear guys… this Jethro Tull record isn't valuable. In fact it is scratched and slightly warped.

I agree Lyn! On occasion I have kept one of those records for myself but usually they get made in to bowls or another craft project. I made these record bowls and had them as the centrepieces for chips and lollies at our wedding party!!! They were a hit! Candies are a great idea!

Also, you could put little favors in there: custom stick-on tattoos, wooden coins with the name and date, magnets, children's toys for the kids in attendance etc… the possibilities are endless.

SammyLee — they don't burn at all. They look perfect…probably due to the very low temp. A great gift idea for lovers of vinyl records. I follow the same process and then use a clock kit from Michaels to make them into clocks. Guru used his monotone voice like an instrument to call attention to inner-city strife, while Premier backed him up with some of the grimiest beats hip-hop has ever heard. The Human Beatbox came onto the scene with jokes in his veins and a boogers-out attitude on the mic.

When everyone wondered if Kanye could re-enact the magic of his stellar debut, his response was a resounding yes. West was rewarded with a Grammy for his effort.

It's hard for those who weren't there to understand, but the Geto Boys were rap heroes to every little ghetto boy and girl on the Gulf Coast who dared dream of counting bars at a time when East Coast and West Coast were vying for rap supremacy.

It's a great album full of raw tales every hood can relate to, from Houston to Haiti. Latifah's debut showcased her Grade A rapping chops, with songs such as "Wrath of My Madness" and "Ladies First" announcing the Jersey native as rap's new royalty.

The largely instrumental album sounded like nothing else that was out in Shadow culled samples from obscure places to create a hazy spell of an album. La Rock would have approved. The album gets its unique identity from Bun and Pimp's yin and yang connection.

Bun is the surgical emcee, while Pimp is the flamboyant philosopher. Everyone should buy two copies. RZA's serene, atmospheric board work helps transform the album from alt-rap bravery to a Wu masterpiece. Mos Def 's solo debut, "Black on Both Sides," scores major points in key categories: aesthetics, substance, and production. It knocks from end to end. Nas could spend the rest of his career chasing a shadow named "Illmatic.

An extension of Dr. Pun impressed with his larger-than-life debut, which sports immediate standouts such as "Still Not a Player" and "You Ain't a Killer. Highlights include the title track and "Let's Organize. LL Cool J released a ton of clunkers in the latter part of his career, but "Radio" stands testament to his days as a great emcee: tough, def, and jingling, baby.

Also, WAY too much frigging Ghost one of the most overrated bands ever. Dinosaur Jr. You must be logged in to post a comment. Camp Childish Gambino Purple Baroness Black Masses Electric Wizard Angles The Strokes Acoustic Recordings Jack White Drunk Thundercat Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.

Born This Way Lady Gaga Diamond Eyes Deftones Hisingen Blues Graveyard Colors Beck Congratulations MGMT No Plan David Bowie Songs Of Innocence U2 Sorceress Opeth Firepower Judas Priest Boarding House Reach Jack White Swim Caribou Night Visions Imagine Dragons Spaces Nils Frahm The North Borders Bonobo Surgical Steel Carcass Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop Our Love Caribou Roger Waters Drones Muse Ghost Stories Coldplay Vincent St.

Vincent The Satanist Behemoth Hotsaucecommitteeparttwo Beastie Boys The Sciences Sleep Rattle That Lock David Gilmour Who Is William Onyeabor? William Onyeabor The Lumineers The Lumineers California Blink Masseduction St.

Fear Fun Father John Misty The Seer Swans Lioness: Hidden Treasures Amy Winehouse The Hunter Mastodon Spirit Depeche Mode Concrete And Gold Foo Fighters Celebration Day Led Zeppelin To Be Kind Swans Yeezus Kanye West The final setting of Three is one of warmth and familiarity.

Contrasting the style of their celebrated improvisational live act, the group's studio work is meticulously sculpted from beginning to end. From strained to still to smoky, each piece of Three marks itself as distinct and its own, but all feel representative of Australia's greatest cult band, The Necks. Double vinyl LP pressing. Bitches Brew is a studio album by jazz musician, composer, and bandleader Miles Davis, originally released on March 30, It marked his continuing experimentation with electric instruments that he had previously featured on the critically acclaimed In a Silent Way With these instruments, such as the electric piano and guitar, Davis rejected traditional jazz rhythms in favor of loose, rock-influenced arrangements based on improvisation.

In subsequent years, Bitches Brew gained recognition as one of jazz's greatest albums and a progenitor of the jazz rock genre, as well as a major influence on rock and funk musicians. Vinyl LP pressing. Supernova, the follow-up to her debut Starfire, is a "reflection of on the highs and lows that make life so beautiful," according to a press release.

It was written after an extensive time on the road and the birth of her second child. August 29, is one of the few musicians who can be said to have permanently changed jazz. The complete set will also be released digitally.

The music is a varied sonic blend of blues, soul, boogaloo and gospel. His 3rd album for blues connaisseur label Provogue, and his 14th overall, will be released on February 21, As the singer feels the wind at his back, a rising bass line intersects Landreth's vocalizing to stretch the fingerpicked tune into Far Eastern melodicism.

The south Louisiana artist's groundbreaking work has long mixed familiarity with experimentation, and his latest ten-song collection stretches from hard-edged electric instrumentals to wistful acoustic ballads. The project's range is the fruit of a renewed collaboration. Titled We're New Again, the album will be released on 7th February ; exactly a decade after the release of Scott-Heron's original Richard Russell-produced recording.

It's set to follow in the footsteps of Jamie xx's highly acclaimed remix album We're New Here and will be McCraven's first release of , following the huge global acclaim heaped upon his album Universal Beings.

One of the most vital new voices in modern jazz, McCraven is described by the New York Times as a Chicago-based drummer, producer and beat maker, [who] has quietly become one of the best arguments for jazz's vitality.

A previously unreleased treasure. This is the final ever recording of the legendary, influential drummer, whose impact across Rock, Funk and Soul, as well as Jazz, is unrivalled to this day. Available as 4 physical formats, as standard and Deluxe. The deluxe, Collector's Editions include a full 30 minutes of extra material, including a gob-smacking drum solo demonstrating that even toward the end of his life, his playing was unsurpassable The Collector's Editions will be available in limited batches at a time, to optimise their value, and increase collectability.

The album starts hard and fast, with a one-two-three kick-off that justifies the whole Banks & Steelz concept. "Giant" is the aptly titled first track, which sets the tone with an intensely earnest RZA, a propulsive beat, and a soaring chorus by halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo: $

Bruces Song - Monty Python - Monty Python Live At Drury Lane (Vinyl, LP)

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Categories : Monty Python compilation albums compilation albums Virgin Records compilation albums Albums with cover art by Terry Gilliam. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. The Final Rip Off Artist: Monty Python. Send "Monty Python" Ringtones to your Cell. Monty Python Sings is a compilation album of comedy songs by the Monty Python team.

Forty-five episodes were made over four series. The Python phenomenon developed from the television series into something larger in scope and impact, including touring stage shows, films, numerous albums, several books, and musicals. The Pythons' influence on comedy has been compared to the Beatles' influence on music. Their sketch show has been referred to as "not only one of the more enduring icons of s British popular culture, but also an important moment in the evolution of television comedy".

The two records were housed in a gatefold sleeve containing the lyrics for all four songs. The first copies had the Pythons' autographs printed on the cover and an adhesive seal holding the two sides of the gatefold together. Monty Python Sings is a compilation album of comedy songs by the Monty Python team.

Released in to celebrate their 20th anniversary, it contains popular songs from their previous albums and films. It was the team's first release on Virgin Records, after the label acquired the rights to their back catalogue previously released on Charisma. Monty Python Live! At City Center. Refugees: A Charisma Records Anthology Monty Python's Total Rubbish! The Complete Collection. Superprestige Hits - Seizoen Die 90er Show. Die ultimative Chartshow - Musical Hits.

Die Ultimative Chartshow - Filmhits. Instant Record Collection, Vol. Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album. The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python's Total Rubbish. The Final Rip Off. Another Monty Python Record. Live At Drury Lane. Monty Python's Life of Brian. Another Monty Python CD.

Monty Python Sings Again Deluxe. Lust for Glory. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. The Famous Charisma Box. Monty Python Sings Again. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Beauty Style. England Expects. Matching Tie and Handkerchief. Monty Python's Previous Record. Monty Python Live at Drury Lane.

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Monty Python's Flying Circus introduced American audiences to the delights of British humour. Let's face it, we don't much expect the staid British to be witty, but this group of Cambridge students made their mark with their sometimes sublime, often outrageous humo(u)r (rather interesting that British comedians have such a high level of education-Rowan Atkinson went to Oxford)/5(47).

Cenerentola (Vocal) - Martinelli - Cenerentola (Vinyl)

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Cenerentola (Remix) on Discogs. Label: Industry Records (4) - IR-FG MX • Format: Vinyl 12 Martinelli - Cenerentola (Remix) (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(4).

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