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Who I Am - Konsuelo - Who I Am (CD)

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She not only writes lovely prose, but she keeps you turning the pages, heart thumping, to see what will happen next. SARA — buried her ambitions until a blazing passion reminds her of all she has given up. Her suburban security is about to be shattered by a new job and a passionate affair. Three women with little in common.

Other Formats: Hardcover , Paperback. Softgoods a novella of high fashion and low murder May 15, In a blink, the package unravels: Carol is suddenly a single mom with a boatload of debt in the worst economy since the great depression. All the pretty things women are dying to wear lose their appeal when murder is the price.

Pert, pithy and very New York. Full of the admirable offhand observations of an unfooled eye. She keeps you turning the pages, heart thumping, to see what will happen next. Rebecca Haas, like all of us, is being tortured to death by the sameness of her life, her thoughts, her weight, the incessant self review of life choices, her indecision, her stalled writing career. Can a change of space really change her life and finally give her the authenticity she needs?

Take this trip with Rebecca through all of the open houses and the lives lived in them — is one of them yours? If you were in an Ingmar Bergman movie and Death came and played chess with you, Death would win because you are not really living the best life you can.

All through last fall and early winter I had that thought in my pocket. Maybe it accounted for a new addiction to read real estate news. But also, you can go into any Open House and see apartments and houses where you would never be invited. You can look in the medicine cabinet and in the closets and pretty much look at any damn thing you want. When I read Key magazine, I feel as if all the information has segregated me and shut me out.

One of the articles tells you how much house one and a half million dollars can buy today. In New York City, you get a one-bedroom apartment with lava-stone kitchen countertops and the noise of the West Side Highway at your doorstep.

Nothing To Lose A fat girl romantic comedy Sep 1, Praise for Nothing To Lose: "Pert, pithy and very New York; full of the admirable offhand observations of an unfooled eye. This is a funny book - both in its unorthodox heroine and in its treatment of a sensitive subject.

April - 60 lbs. There she meets Don, the black design manager who is determined to help her. Luis is a half Irish, half Puerto Rican boy from the projects who makes it to Princeton and utilizes his dazzling good looks to become the youngest president in Burdie's history. Set against the backdrop of the outrageous world of advertising and marketing this is a jubilant and satisfying story of risk-taking and love between two worthy survivors.

After twenty years of the American Dream, this AADD afflicted heroine is suddenly alone, left to review where she went wrong. She has mastered her dread of expressway driving but can't sleep without the radio. She despairs that she cooked seven thousand evening meals but sometimes, she misses that awful deadening life. She thinks aerobics and weight training might be the answer but there has to be something more.

She joins an Obesity Study to look for her inner self but it freaks her out. She tries to date but men to her are like bison - woolly, almost extinct and gathered in a group in the distance. Suddenly, there's a glimmer of hope! A link to her old career. Can a re-claimed housewife compete? Can she muster the courage and keep her mouth shut? Please, please give her a chance. Report From The Heart 24 hours in the mind of a mother Aug 24, A book whose aim is so perfect it's a bulls eye to the heart.

It doesn't feel like happily ever after. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. Related Products. Gentleman Why! Isn't that funny! I can't do a thing. Briquet No, it's not funny. Any scoundrel knows that much. He stands behind the gen- tlemen. A nice little speech for instance on, let's say, a religious topic. Something like a debate among the clowns. Briquet A debate! The devil! This is no academy.

Gentleman [Sadly] : I am very sorry. Something else then. Perhaps a joke about the creation of the world and its rulers? Briquet What about the police?

No, no — nothing like that! Jackson [Coming forward] : The rulers of the world? You don't like them? I don't either. Gentleman [Enthusiastically] : Great heavens — you! Allow me to shake hands with you heartily! You, with your genius, you have given me so much joy! Jackson I'm glad indeed! Briquet [Shrugs his shoulders; to Jackson] : He wants to be a clown!

Look him over, Jim. He is ready for the examination. Jackson turns him round, looking him over critically. Turn round then. Now smile. Wider — broader — do you call that a smile? So — that's better. There is something, yes — but for full developments [Sadly] Probably you can't even turn a somersault?

Jackson How old are you? Gentleman Thirty-nine. Too late? There is a silence. Briquet [Indignant ] : What the hell shall I do with him if he doesn't know a thing? He's drunk! Gentleman Honestly I am not. Thank you for your support, Madame. Are you not the famous Zinida, the lion tamer, whose regal beauty and audacity Zinida Yes. But I do not like flattery. Mancini You are evidently not accustomed to good society, my dear. This gentleman expresses his admiration in sincere and beautiful words — and you — you are not educated, Zinida.

As for myself [Enter Consuelo and Bezano in circus costume. Mancini Yes, my child, you are not tired? Did you ever see her? Gentleman I have enjoyed her work. It is marvellous! Mancini Yes! Of course. Everyone admits it.

And how do you like the name, Consuelo? I took it from the novel of George Sand. It means "Consolation. Mancini A small thing. Despite your strange intention, I can see, sir, that you are a gentleman. My peer! Let me explain to you, that only the strange and fatal misfortunes of our ancient family — "sic transit gloria mundi" sir.

Consuelo It's a bore, Daddy Where's my handkerchief, Alfred? Here it is. Bezano Consuelo [Showing the handkerchief to the gentleman] : Genuine Venetian. Do you like it? Gentleman [Again bowing] : My eyes are dazzled, how beau- tiful! Papa Briquet, the more I look around me the more I want to stay with you. Look here, think a bit — find something. Everyone here thinks for himself. The gentleman stands tvith a -finger on his forehead, thinking.

Polly That means found. Gentleman Eureka I shall be among you, he who gets slapped. Even Briquet smiles. Polly sighs. Did you laugh, Polly? Polly Sure, a lot. Did you? Gentleman It's not, is it? I rather like it myself. It suits my talent. And comrades, I have even found a name — you'll call me "He.

Jackson [Thinking] : "He"— Not bad. Consuelo [In a singing, melodic voice] : "He" is so funny — "He" — like a dog. Daddy, are there such dogs? HE steps back and grows pale. Or didn't you get it? The clowns cackle like ducks, hens, cocks; they bark. Zinida says some- thing to Briquet, casts a glance toward Bezano, and goes out.

Mancini assumes a bored air and looks at his watch. The two actresses go out. If you expect to get good money here you are mistaken. What's a slap? Worth only small change, a franc and a half a dozen.

Better go back to society; you will make more money there. Why for one slap, just a light tap, you might say, my friend, Marquis Justi, was paid fifty thousand lire! Will you take care of him, Jackson. Jackson I can. Polly Do you like music? A Beethoven sonata played on a broom, for instance, or Mozart on a bottle? He Alas! But I will be exceedingly grateful if you will teach me. A clown! My childhood's dream. When all my school friends were thrilled by Plutarch's heroes, or the light of science — I dreamed of clowns.

Beethoven on a broom, Mozart on bottles! Just what I have sought all my life! Friends, I must have a costume! Jackson I see you don't know much! A costume [putting his finger on his forehead] is a thing which calls for deep thought. Have you seen my Sun here? Mancini It is time for me to go. Consuelo, my child, you must get dressed. Consuelo But I don't want to go, Daddy. Alfred says I must rehearse to-day.

Mancini [Horrified, holding up his hands] : Child, think of me, and what a situation you put me in! I promised the Baron, the Baron expects us. Why, it is impos- sible!

Oh, I am in a cold sweat. Consuelo Alfred says Bezano [Drily] : She has to work. Are you rested? Then come on. Hey, Bezano, bareback rider! Are you crazy? I gave you permission for Art's sake, to exercise my daughter's talent — and you Consuelo Go along, Papa, and don't be so silly. We've got to work, haven't we? Have lunch along with your Baron. And Daddy, you forgot to take a clean handkerchief again, and I washed two for you yester- day.

Where did you put them? Mancini [Ashamed, blushing] : Why, my linen is washed by the laundress, and you, Consuelo, are still playing with toys. It is stupid! You're a chatter-box. You don't think. These gentlemen might imagine Heaven knows what. How stupid. I'm off. Consuelo Do you want me to write him a little note? Mancini [Angrily'] : A little note? Your little notes would make a horse laugh! HE and Jackson laugh.

The actors disappear one by one. And I love so to write. Did you like my note, Alfred — or did you laugh, too? Bezano [Blushing] : No, I did not. Come on, Consuelo. Consuelo passes on. Bezano [Politely] : Yes. To-day is a very bad day. How are your lions, Zinida? I think the weather affects them. Consuelo [From the ring] : Alfred! Some one is calling you. You'd better go. To Briquet] Are you finished? Briquet Right away. Jackson Then good-bye till evening. Think about your costume, He, and I shall look for some idea, too.

Be here at ten to-morrow. Don't be late, or you'll get another slap. And I'll work with you. He I shall not be late. All the people about you are so nice, Papa Briquet. I suppose that good- looking bareback rider is in love with Consuelo, isn't he? For a newcomer you go poking your nose too far.

How much does he want, Papa? See here He. I don't want to make a contract with you. He Just as you please. Do you know what? Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Look for Me, Accompaniment CD. The Lighthouse, Accompaniment CD. See our disclaimer. Who I Am CD.

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  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Who I Am on Discogs. Label: DreamWorks Records - ,BGO Music - • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Country.
  3. Who I Am CD music Other Ideas. Other Ideas. Wishbone Ash Lost Pearls CD () $ (Import) Uk: Other Ideas. Colossal Gospel Circles CD () $ Mita graduated from Rabindrabharati University, where she was trained by Mrs. In fond memory of Mrs. Purabi Mukherjee and other greats of Rabindrasangeet. Maya Sen, Mita Kundu sings with her.
  4. Nov 22,  · Who I Am - Instrumental, a song by Konsuelo on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfo Duration: 3 min.
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  6. Who I Am CD music Other Ideas. Other Ideas. Crispy Ambulance Scissorgun CD () $ Additional Tracks. Other Ideas. Ryszard Rynkowski Jawa CD () Check Availability (Import) Other Ideas. Dress Code About Time CD () Check Availability. Other Ideas. Noel Coward Conversation Piece CD () Check Availability.
  7. Who I Am is the debut album from Nick Jonas & the Administration. It was released on February 2, , in the US. The group made it's live debut performing a single of the same name on the Grammy Nominations Concert Live special December 2 on CBS. Jonas cut the album in eight days with producer John Fields, who also played bass.
  8. "This volume of verse is aimed at teenagers and is, not surprisingly, full of strong emotion It's a standout collection, packaged with a CD of the poems read aloud, many by the poets themselves." - The New York Times "An added bonus to Poetry Speaks Who I Am is that is comes with a CD of 47 poems being read by their authors or others. There's something hypnotic about listening to poems being .

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