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Various - Wicked Mix 04 (Vinyl)

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You can hear that within the confines of each and every song, like a jazz piece. You know where it started and where it'll end, but the middle could go any which way. It's unpredictable predictability. And Your Doom Has Come is the inevitable. It arrives with a somber sonic declaration, one devoid of speech but needing no translation for this release is an aural interpretation of morose finality in its own totalitarian completion.

You can easily find yourself lost in the moment of singular escapism provided here, absorbed and then transported ever further and further headlong into an alternate realm of desert-bound caravans and oft-times fiery intensities. Periodically they are frenetic and caustic, chasing you right up to the very edge of this recorded precipice only to pull you back at the last moment and comfort you with some proggish manipulations. Welcome it with arms opened wide while your mind does the same in like manner.

Just look at the incredible cover art. How doom can this get? Have a listen to Beast From The Sea track 3 , and let the dread fill your heart. Out of The Abyss track 4 has a Black Sabbath undertone that you will love. All in all, everything is doom, and doomier, the better. The entire album is very, very good and deserves a complete review.

And those riffs…. If you love vintage but do not want to hear of false imitations and look towards the future, more powerful, revisited, hallucinated and cathartic, embrace this album and make this band your object of worship! As ridiculous as this may sound, I found it a massively visual album, the bands sound evoking a veritable army of cinematic images in my mind. If you like Instrumental Doom, this is the album you were waiting for. There's six tracks in a more or less regular traditional doom metal timespan.

Besides, the focus seems to be on monolithic riffs and a gloomy atmosphere in stead of elaborate soundscapes and dreamy passages. The result is a heavier album with some serious airplay capacity within the doom metal genre. But above all, 'Your Doom Has Come' is once again a great album, showing an evolving band.

That being said, I think it's about time that Clouds Taste Satanic contacts the Desert Fest organisation and try to be a part of this year's edition in Antwerp. Not only because I want to see this, but also because these guys will guarantee a powerful show and possibly become one of the absolute highlights of the event.

I can already imagine a decent crowd with hooded sweaters, slowly nodding their heads while 'Dark Army' rolls through the speakers. I mean, my wife is doing exactly that at the very moment I'm writing this paragraph and if she likes it, it's great, believe me. A devilishly delicious combination of doom metal and post-rock, "To Sleep Beyond The Earth" proved to be a fantastic debut outing for this skilled instrumental act and it was justifiably meet with high-praise from critics and fans.

Now Clouds Taste Satanic Because It drops in September and this wicked slab of heavy and once more quite versatile! Formed in , Clouds Taste Satanic has steadily improved with each passing year, but this new album really finds the four-piece making the leap from the side-show to the evening's main event!

Crushing riffs with a great attitude. He continued slowly flowing water due to the hilly countryside around Earth, marshy lowlands of Sleep and meadows adjacent to the channel empties something waters High On Fire and Electric Wizard. Only approach where we drink in other moments, even if the wind actually blows from faraway New York.

Just after his route to becoming Virk thickens topics doom rock certainties. Slightly alien, but functioning. With the album cover homage to s Candlemass, you have an idea of what to expect here: classic riffs, gorgeous tone and fairly complex song structures that generally eclipse the 6-minute mark.

With no vocals to preach about impending misery and woe, the onus for conjuring up the feeling of crushing Doom falls squarely on the instruments and they are certainly up to the task. Very cool record. Good work you guys. Something tells me that if you love doom and stoner, you will love Your Doom Has Come, which teems with variety and overflows with heavy guts.

Unlike To Sleep Beyond The Earth, this time they're having a go at breaking the music down into more than one song per side, with six pieces coming together to provide as much as can be squeezed onto a single LP before the sound quality begins to suffer. The slow procession begins with "Ten Kings", setting a foundation of thumping riffs and reverb before shifting into more violent mannerisms. There's a more staunchly metal bite to the songs, with the post-rocky pieces of the first album switched to a more sinister tone this time around, though the eagerness shown by the band in exploring ways to keep the song-writing fresh hasn't diminished one bit.

Whether slogging through a slow'n'low riff section or bashing out some less-tethered frenzies, CTS show a good sense of how far they can stretch a piece before it starts to fracture and cut into the next portion.

When the instruments are brought to the front of the mix, given room to breathe, and evolve dynamically at their own pace… the result is some of the greatest instrumental doom the world has ever known. Every song has been meticulously crafted to loftily stand alone on its own merits, yet they all link back to that deliciously gloomy tone which runs throughout. It winds its way to ascendancy and mere mortals such as I have been caught within its path, soon the ritual will be complete and all will be under their spell.

Considering the fact that it is entirely instrumental, you need to piece together the story in your own words and imagination. Clouds Taste Satanic have done an exceptional job laying the groundwork for their extremely promising musical future with this album.

Don't allow the lack of lyrics to hinder your enjoyment of what is an extraordinarily captivating musical venture. IT: "The magnitude and, consequently, the beauty of a group like the Clouds Taste Satanic in the attention that is devoted to his musical expression. The previous album, "To Sleep Beyond the Earth", he projected in spatial scenarios inside spaceships THC charges to the discovery of deep space.

The story is repeated in the first side of this new "Your Doom Has Come," where the title track, spread throughout the duration of the hand, is fragmented into three mini-suites, close but not circular.

The first, taking into account only the critical analysis, the remaining 3 tracks follow unharmed, bringing to the ears excellent melodic lines and the satisfaction of having heard an excellent work. The second form is that of the listener, especially that music fan who likes to consume music and pick up the booklet to read the lyrics, sing along, which does not happen here anymore. Then you end up traveling and disconnecting from what you are listening, which ends up killing the last 3 tracks.

Or you have the option of putting the play to scroll and read a book recommended , because surely this material is a perfect soundtrack to the story you are reading. Or put the play to roll and go to wash dishes, make food, clean the house or put as a soundtrack in your work. In short, this Clouds Taste Satanic play is good, exciting and will bring you lots of auditions and fun. Again the dense and primitive style becomes your weapon of mass destruction with his new breakthrough "Beast From The Sea" , one more reason why believe in this instrumental project.

Regardless, an intriguing mix of doom and stoner rock within epic track lengths that take the listener on quite the ride. Near-Mint NM : Close to perfect with no visible scratches or scuffs. Appears to be un-played or played less than 5 times. No creases, writing, tears or rips. Imperfections are cosmetic and do not drastically impact the playback. Record surfaces may show some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs and surface scratches.

Slight warps that do not affect the sound are ok. Dry Carbon Lime Vinyl. Tech Art Green Carbon Vinyl. Dry Metallic Carbon Blue Vinyl. Tech Art Blue Carbon Vinyl. Tech Art Purple Carbon Vinyl. Dry Carbon Pink Vinyl. Dry Carbon Red Vinyl. Dry Carbon Orange Vinyl. Dry Carbon Gold Vinyl. Satin Chrome Black Rust Vinyl. Satin Chrome Titanium Vinyl. Purple Luster Chrome Vinyl. Green Luster Chrome Vinyl. Orange Luster Chrome Vinyl. Black Holographic Chrome Vinyl. Silver Conform Chrome Vinyl.

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