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Maguila El Gorila - Various - Tele-Peques (Vinyl, LP)

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Block Sweep Flash. Moon and Star Flash. Smiley Squares Flash. Tiles of the Unexpected Flash. Cradle of Rome Flash. ConnectCreatures Flash. Paris Jewelry Shop Flash. Jewel Quest Flash. Smiley Popper Flash. Bubble Shooter Flash. Farm Of Dreams Flash. Planet Zero - Episodio Prince Charming - Episodio Motorcycle Magilla - Episodio Is that Zoo? Camp Scamps - Episodio The Purple Mask - Episodio Love At First Sight - Episodio Pet Bet - Episodio Makin' With The Magilla - Episodio Fairy Godmother Mar.

Planet Zero Mar. Prince Charming Apr. Motorcycle Magilla Apr. Is That Zoo? Bird Brained Sep. Circus Ruckus Sep. Camp Scamps Sep.

The Purple Mask Oct. Love at First Fight Oct. Pet Bet Oct. Makin' With the Magilla Oct. Richley's diamond necklace. This episode is a sequel of the episode "Come Blow Your Dough".

Inhabitants from Planet Zero take Magilla to their home planet where he makes them too afraid to invade earth. Peebles brings to Magilla a lovebird , which attempts to escape. Magilla chases the bird to take him back before Peebles gets back with a mate for him. Magilla runs away to join a circus after Peebles scolded him. Soon, Magilla misses Peebles and comes back to the pet shop after being blasted out of a cannon. Magilla is taken to the City Zoo to keep a lonely gorilla called Matilda company, but she falls madly in love with him.

Ogee visits Peebles' pet shop to take Magilla to her school pet contest. A dog called Horatio is all who stands between Magilla and the trophy prize. Magilla goes on a long surfing stunt at the beach and as a result becomes the Surfer King. While out shopping, Magilla rides on a kiddie airplane, but it accidentally sends him into the sky and he flies past a movie studio, an airport, and through a mall.

Magilla delivers to Peebles a rare pet bird , but it vanishes. Magilla tries hard to catch the slippery bird. In order to help a bankrupt Peebles, Magilla enters a cowboy contest under the name Montana Magilla to win the money he needs.

During an errand for Peebles, Magilla is mistaken for a secret agent in a secret hideout and is tailed by a villain on a secret delivery service. Don Messick provides the voice of Mr. Peebles after Howard Morris left the show. Credited Animator: Don Patterson. Peebles rents Magilla to some Advertisers from Madison Avenue to accomplish their advertising campaign of a Huffmobile. Feeling unwanted, Magilla leaves Peebles and becomes involved with the French Legion, sent on a mission to capture the bandit Abu Ben Hakim.

Help Magilla clean up the mess before Mr. Peebles sees it by matching cages of the same type together!Missing: Maguila El Gorila.

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  1. Pues esto sobre el argumento y los personajes es lo que suele aparecer escrito por Internet y esos mundos de Dios, y es completamente cierto, pero lo que se recuerda es la simpatía, la dignidad y honorabilidad del personaje de Maguila, un gorila, sí, pero .
  2. Maguila Gorila es el dibujo animado de un gorila creado por los Estudios de Animación Hanna-Barbera. La serie de sus aventuras fue emitida por las emisoras sindicadas de la Televisión Estadounidense el 14 de enero de Dentro del programa infantil títulado el Show de Maguila Gorila. Dentro del programa se incluían las series Punkin Puss y Mush Mouse y El Conejo Ricochet y Coyote Droop-a.
  3. Magilla Gorilla is a fictional gorilla and the star of The Magilla Gorilla Show by Hanna-Barbera that aired from to Also, the brazilian world boxer champion Adilson Rodrigues is often called and after named himself as "Maguilla", on a reference to the Magilla Gorilla cartoon.
  4. Dec 15,  · El show de Maguila El Gorila - Duration: Abelycain 24, views. Couple Builds SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME With No Experience - Duration: Life Uncontained Recommended for you.

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