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Lets Get It On (Reprise Dub) - Steinski - Nothing To Fear: A Rough Mix (Vinyl, LP)

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Author Robert Shcrrill says emphatically no — and ells us why — in Instant Electorate, an astute appraisal of the prohibitive problems in- volved iti direct voting by citizens on political and social issues. Besides racking up a huge box office, reawakening interest in the Thirties and making an overnight sex star of Fayc Dun away, the movie Bonnie and Clyde turned a couple of seedy hoodlums into glamorous folk heroes.

I , [ones, the oidv surviving member ol the Barrow gang ami the real-life model for the film character C. Moss, tells it like it really was in Hiding with Ronnie and Clyde, flis exclusive story was obtained with the aid of Mollv.

Sinclair, a reporter fur the Post in Houston, where [ones now lives. Space expert Kralft A. Author and co- author of numerous books and articles on space 'light and cybernetic system analysis, Ehricke asserts and explains that extra terrestrial tourism is today much closer o science fact than to science fiction.

Psycltochemistiy: Per so utility by Pre- scription — a documentary exploration into the mind-bending potentialities of chemical mood changers and I. Q, esca- lators now in lie laboratories — marks Er- nest Havemaun's 17"ilh magazine article and bis fourth for playboy.

Go-author of Psychology; tin Introduction which has been chosen by well over colleges and universities us the text lor intro- ductory psychology courses. J find that this gives mc a nice balance of highbrow, middlebrow and lowbrow — although 1 never tjuite know which brow is which.

Warmth" and the scathing subject of his month's Playboy fntrrvtnv. Weiusiein is currently host- ing Sight Talk, a two-way radio-phone show on WCAU in Philadelphia, for which he says, "I've had to accumulate expertise on everything from guppy- disease prevention lo Little League baccic.

But the Rickles interview is my toughest assignment ye. Don is the first Jewish Gestapo agent I've ever met. Donleavy's rollicking setpiel to Oc- i olicr's Rite of Love, It's called A Fair Festivity, in which Balthazar and his pal Beefy, along with a brace of bawds, try to outwit the authoritarian kill-joys at Dub- lin's Trinity College. Both stories are part of Donleavy's fourth novel. Though The I cgaty. Loeb magazine award for I9fi8, given annual- ly lor "distinguished writing on invest- ment, finance and business.

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Or Monroeville. You'll feel there's frangipani just out- side your window. And a turquoise sea. All year round. Replete with stacking units so yuu can make Your Ow n arrangements. Which goes to show Drexcl's never-ending desire to please you. See all The Big Ideas in furniture. Fashions by Gante KiHoatncfe lor leather Mooes. Many laymen regard Mr. Collin as m-ac herons and treasonable.

The in- leryiew should help grcaity in clearing up misconceptions about ihe purpose and intent of men like him. Collin was presented in an entirely different and much more reasonable light than be has been in short tiips in the daily news media.

It is refreshing to find a reaffir- mation of both politics and religion in ihe human understanding that Coffin exhibits. The Rev. John M. Though I'm normally conservative wilh praise, I was totally taken by his views — especially on the Vietnam situation — and by his other humanitarian commitments, 1 sincerely hope that the Federal charges against him will ultimately be dropped, in order lhat he may continue io live Irccly and practice his convictions.

The interviewer's questions and Collin's replies merit high praise from both a jour- nalistic and a theological point of view. As the Michigan student staled, "We don't need a whole lot ol Reverend Col tins. But we do need at least one. We need Bill Collins on the campuses, in the pulpits, in i he halls of Congress and on our streets, mingling with the great forgot ten masses.

Hill gives the authentic witness, and stu- dents and ilic common people hear him gladly. As one who has some respon- sibility for the employment of men in ihe Christian ministry, I can say that if Bill ever tires of his present position at Yale, there will be beckoning opportuni- ties in the nation's capital. C Your interview with William Sloane Collin is a great journalistic service.

The communications media have contented themselves. Tor the most part, with the creation of capsule images or Cofhn and other public figures, thereby allowing people to make instant value judg- ments without ihe fuss and bother of thought.

Your interviews always manage to get behind the images and reveal something of how the interviewee really thinks. For many of your readers, this will be their first real con lad with Yale's controversial chaplain. Cofhn is a patriot. He is the best sort of patriot because he lecognizes that freedom is indistinguishable from the responsibility to ihink and lo be sensi- tive and responsive to what is happen- ing all around you.

The flag- wavers who accuse Collin of "treason" don't know what freedom is all about. Feier D. South Boston, Massachusetts I've been familiar with William Coffin's reasoning Tor some lime, since I count him among my close friends. Itui it is most helpful for a periodical like plavbov io do such a careful and lengthy interview so lhat his views can Ire read in depth by a wider audience.

So often material out of context is misunderstood. My own feeling about Bill is that he has never for a moment strayed from his vocation as a minister. S1S H. Seagram's VO. I'awd BO". Known by the company it keeps. Since young people are particularly sensitive to anyone who is a phony. I think this testifies to his integ- rity more than anything else.

It's hard for some older alumni or Vale — and oilier institutions — to understand the present climate; but, as a Yale alumnus and one who has a sou there. Vale is growing in vitality but still remains a sane and orderly place. Coflin certainly lias had a hand in this. Furthermore, as you prob- ably know, he docs a great deal of work with students on a personal basis.

I've often been at his house late in the eve- ning when the doorliell has rung and a student has come in to discuss a prob- lem. This is almost a normal procedure. He's a good man. The Rt, Rev. Paul Moore, Jr. Suffragan Bishop Washington, D.

Coffin was correct in his comments on law and order being imposed at the ex- pense of justice. Fascism, in fact, can be defined as the rule of law and order at lite expense ol justice.

This protects the interests of the wealthy and ruling classes, who will attack any outside element that disturbs their income or their privileges. Law and order is the protective agency by which the few can manipulate and intimidate the many. Fascists use the word "freedom" to mean freedom to maintain the position of the privileged. Daniel Santa Clara, California How ironic that the best interview ever to appear in playboy should lie with a chaplain.

But what a chaplain! Congratulations to you and, particularly, to interviewer Nat Hentolf, whose sharp, penetrating questions brought out Coffin's logic — and his compassion. I'm heartened to know that someone as ob- viously aware as Collin has the courage to put his body on the line — and risk losing it for what he believes. We share your sentiments, but can't see the irony; clergymen are frequent contributors to our pages. I was not at all surprised to find that Collin, like so many others, opposes the draft for the wrong reasons.

In fact, f'm left with the impression that he isn't really opposed to the draft in principle but. I oppose the draft because it denies the individual the most important right he has — the right to his own life. A man. One individual does not have the right to take the liie of another: and no number — 10 or ,,— can acquire that right by ganging up on one individual. Lilxrrals and conservatives alike insist that it is ail individual's "duty" to pro- tect society.

The draft is based on the premise that the individual does not have the right to exist for his own sake but. Of course, since the state— that artificial place where almost everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else — is made up only of individuals, this means that some of diem must be slaughtered for the sake of others. Fighting for Ireedom witfi conscripted soldiers, i. Abolish the draft and you take away a great deal of the stale's power to start wars.

It is gov- ernments that start wars, not individu- als. Individuals arc only forced to fight them. Don H. Fahrenkrug Long Beach, California I hope your interview with Coffin will be as widely read as its relevance to these limes demands. Coffin seems a practical thinker, rather than an idealist. He is endowed with a rationality lacking in the majority of his generation — or, if not lacking, hidden behind unexercised democracy. Today's young can be proud that they have the energy and the initia- tive to speak out against wrongs so deeply embedded in American tradition.

The young, like Colli n. It must not be mis- construed as blind rebellion. Those of ns who have actually been exposed, firsthand, to the results of the American military pres- ence here in Vietnam will understand— perhaps a little more clearly than others — the terrible t rut I is in Coffin's words.

Certainly, no one could more deeply re- gret the things that have lieen done here in the name of freedom. Schlitz is most carefully brewed for smoothness, gusto, and aroma, without "beer bite. This is Schlitz. The beer that made Milwaukee famous. We don't think they are cowards — it lakes one hell of a lot of guts to say no lo the U. I think history will judge these men to be the true heroes of ihc Vietnam war, Jonathan P.

Helms, U. Pan Bai, Vietnam I appreciated very much your inter- view with Coffin. I was glad to learn just what he thinks. There was one reference that really fascinated me, and this was to thought control.

As a Methodist chaplain, 1 see all the publications of my Church. I am sure that there are many among the 1I. Ikit you would nor be able to tell this from its publica- tions. To whatever extent they inlhicnce the thinking ol their readers, this is sure- ly thought control. Chaplain Kenneth A. Garnet U. Coffin is entitled to express his KTsonaI opinion of a war in which his country is involved, he may not law- fully nor rightfully in both the moral ami the legal senses incite or provoke others to deliberately refuse to serve the country, whatever his motivation.

Kingman Brewster's statement that there is little relevance between Collin's felonious conduct and permanent tenure for him at Yale suggests the extent of America's problem in the academic com- munity. As the llible says, there is "a time to weep, and a time lo laugh; a lime to mourn, and a time to tbnee; a time to rend, and a lime to sew: a lime lo keep silence, and a lime to speak.

The Brew- ster attitude niakes me wonder what would be the reaction of host who find themselves in a foxhole a I Khe Sanli or waist deep in a Mekong Delta swamp, surrounded by Viet Cong. At any rale, your interview was interest- ing and illuminating, although written lo project :i pro-Coffin image. Representative [amis C. Wymaii U. Mouse of Representatives Washington, D. In his interview, William Sloaue Cof- fin mentions ihat when the Viet Cong began resorting to tenor, ihey eliminated corrupt officials, thereby gaining the sup- port ol the people.

Actually, there were I wo kinds of officials assassinated under ihe Met Cong program: the corrupi and inefficient, for ihe reason mentioned; and the honest and effective, because I hey were gathering supjiort for the Sai- gon government. That is ihe other side of the coin, but, of course, not many antiwar critics are turning coins over these days. John H. Jamaica: Nestle USA. State St. Ml Readers, manufacturers, and publicists are encouraged to send products, gadgets, promotional literature.

NY ; con5umer interport. Second Chances A defibrillator vs. Given that most of us, no matter how spontaneously proficient we think we might be, ara actually rash, clumsy mistake-manufocturers, the potential market for products that give us a second chance is huge. That Jewel bumper sticker you slapped on your car in a moment of Stoli-inspired irony That fateful night of Gwar records, liquid GHB, and repeated attempts to flip a Volkswagen that sent your overtaxed heart into sudden cardiac arrest Wouldn't it be nice if there were readity available, easy-to-use, cost-effective products to help you remedy your bad decisions?

It has a wider range of f ratemtty-housa applications, un-du An "un-common, un-conditionalty guaranteed adhesive removal system" Doumar Products Inc. After you remove a questionably placed sticker, you can exercise your bad judgment all over again; The sticker retains its stickiness. As the awakened id of the atomic age, Godzilla always was our baby.

Before then, all I'd seen was the version that ran on TV here in L. Godzilla was irresistibly weird: First, there were all those Japanese people in it barely ten years after World War n , speaking in a disembodied English that didn't sync with their mouths, which was somehow enormously satisfy- ing, certifying our recent triumph over them. And what the hell was Perty Mason doing in there?

He didn't seem quite part of the proceedings, the aloof American commenting on Japanese disarray, even if he did get buried in the rubble at the end along with everyone else. In fact, Raymond Blur's scenes were filmed in the States and then spliced into the American release.

Today you don't need a degree in Advanced Metaphor to figure out what Godzilla was about, or why the Japanese would invent the first great posmuclear movie monster. They were, after all, the only people who'd ever had an The godfather above : the original post-nuke behemoth, inspiration for an entire generation of non-mammalian Japanese movie monsters, now father to an American remake.

There are no additives inourtobacco. Do blondes have more fun? If you can find a real one, ask her. But there was something else at work in Godzilla, something that Americans didn't understand: The great trau- matic event of 20th century Japan was not the atomic bomb — it was an announcement by the Emperor on the first of January , when he informed his people he wasn't God.

It blew them away. It also blew them into the 21st century; what did they need the 20th for anymore? All it had gotten them was Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and No God. So Japan went directly on to the next millennium and made themselves a new god for a new age. Unlike all the great prenuclear movie monsters, from Kong to Frankenstein to the Wolf Man, there was nothing warm or fuzzy about Godzilla, nothing remotely human.

In Forbidden Planet, an American science- fiction picture of the same period, the psyches of the victims create the monsters that devour them. Godzilla was the monster the Japanese psyche created; humiUated by the war, the Japanese believed they deserved Godzilla. They thrilled at the way he lay waste to them, and at the end of the picture, when the monster was killed with an "oxygen-destroyer," it was agonizing, a kind of deicide.

Gigan, Godzilla vs. Megaton, Godzilla vs. BioUante, Godzilla vs. Destroyer, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla. It wasn't until Rodan one year later that the Japanese started kicking out the jams on this stuff. Not as affecting as Godzilla, Rodan at least had the virtues of a big cheesy pterodactyl sweeping across a blue Kodachrome sky, happily snatching up bUthe newlyweds for lunch.

After that, things only got loopier: There was Ghidrah, a three-headed flying dragon; the Dogora, a fleet of flying octopuses; Varan, something like a huge flying squirrel; and Gamera, a colossal flying turtle — all culminating in 's Destroy Alt Monsters! In that film, a gang- ster spirits away a couple of ancient Japanese princesses from their island tribe to sing in his Tokyo theatrical revue, and in retaliation the tribe sics a giant caterpillar on the city, which crashes through dams and slithers up boulevards while also metamorphosing into a moth.

Did I mention the princesses are six inches tall? You can only wonder what collective psychic nightmare this came from. Reptiles may be the stuff of monsters, as are apes, wolves, men who have been mimmufred 3, years, men made out of other men's body parts, men or things from other planets. But a vindictive caterpillar is just plain peculiar, in a way that's And Bamay walks tha aanh a frae Hzard: Godzilla va. Americans can't help but see all this as kitsch.

For the Japanese it's more complicated: The staggering rise of their country from the nuclear ashes "has turned Godzilla the Alien Invader into Godzilla the Japanese Superhero," argues author Takayuki Tatsumi. Godzilla and his friends have all the reso- nance of mythology, which in recent Japanese movies has been updated in the extreme. In the Tetsuo films of the early '90s, for instance, the modem monster is a creation not of the nuclear age gone haywire but of the cyber age, the humanity of its protagonist giving way to metal unril he's basically a walking fuse box writh a power drill for a penis.

Godzilla was slowly humanized; in the Tetsuo films, the process is reversed. It can't be an accident that the lead actor is named Tomorrow Taguchi. On the other hand, the last bastion of humanity in current Japanese sci-fi has been the animation explosion, which is a Uttle ironic, of course, since there's not a single real human being in any of these pictures.

The phenomenal Akira wasn't a monster movie as such, but the monsters took over in the anime masterpieces it unleashed — includ- ing Princess Mononoke, the highest grossing film ever in Japan, which just won the Japanese Academy Award for best film of to be released here later this year. Anime reached its delirious high or low, depending on how you want to look at it a few years back with Urotsukidoji, a four-hour epic in which the Overfiend returns to claim his place on earth against the efforts of several adolescents, apparently the only people with the courage and wherewithal to resist him.

The plot's com- pletely convoluted, the tone often mawkishly childlike in the way of much anime — which only makes all the more shocking the fact that Urotsukidoji is entirely, jaw- droppingly pornographic. Every ten minutes the Overfiend has intimate relations with a random and helpless school- girl who often literally explodes at the moment of rapture.

In America, our recent science-fiction movies haven't had much use for mythic resonance, ever since the last moments of The Return of the Jedi when George Lucas lost his nerve and refused to blow up Luke Skywalker with his father on the Death Star. Our postnuclear myths have become increasingly sanitized, with only anonymous face- less victims and no unhappy moments, which means they're not myths at all, because in all the great myths there have always been consequences.

Devlin points out that the pro- ducer of the original Godzilla "was inspired to make the movie after flying over the Bikini Islands, where there had been so much nuclear testing. But nuclear holocaust isn't so uppermost in everyone's minds anymore.

Devlin wouldn't say whether it was a flight over New York City that inspired his remake, but it hardly mat- ters: The new Godzilla isn't really about dread or apoca- lypse, it's about the same thing the dinosaurs were about in the Jurassic Park films — nothing more or less than the biggest and coolest monsters that movie technology can pro- duce. It remains to be seen whether he'll crash his way into our dreams the way he did on the Million Dollar Movie.

With Breaking the Waves. Lars von Trier proved he could take a saccharine story of love and redemption— the director himself calls the plot "suffocating"— over- lay an incongruous dynamic visual style, and make the story not onty palatable but powerful. Like Chicago Hope. But good. Of course, Chicago Hope wouldn't dare feature retarded, aphorism-spouting dish- washers or a talking, foot, week-old demon spawn. Von Trier's having fun with both content and form, both the "what" and the "how.

Sadly, the "how" here consists of self-conscious quirkiness. The wacky temps at the Global Credit Associa- tion sniff dry-erase markers, staple the hems of uncooperative skirts, and collect those little plastic colored-animals-that- hang-from-daiquiri-glassas.

Writ- ing for "Girls on Rim," the critical arm of 8undance. P All nghls teser. Does that make Spin a fraud? Now suppose that the B-Gone people had given Don DeUllo a fellowship enabling him to write his mysterious novel Underworld.

Would you feel differently, reading the book? Probably not. Or had Bruce refer to B-Gone in his monologue as "kicksville"? Would you notice?

Hurl the book aside? Try to ignore it? Man, that B-Gone is outta sight! Had DeLillo, chronicler of our paranoid secret history, chosen to sell product placements in his recent novel — he didn't, of course — he would have been par- ticipating in the latest technique of mass control. Younger consumers are often beguiled into purchasing expensive products in the belief that by doing so they are actually striking a blow against the very corporate order that is manipulat- ing them.

The most outspoken, and oft- spoken, exposer of this bit of double- think is Thomas Frank, a year-old University of Chicago Ph. His insistent theme is that we are being dehumanized by false products and icons, that "hip," once fiercely opposed to the "square" consimier culture, now runs in harness with it.

The counterculture, Frank writes in a Baffler essay collection, Commodify Your Dissent, has been reduced to litde more than "an ofBdal aes- thetic of consumer society. That we essentially broker the transaction in which a Verve hook makes sense in a Nike ad. After the staff here had read Frank's salvos, we went on a weekend retreat to a sweat lodge, got naked, and talked very seriously about closing the magazine down.

But then we decided, Nah. Still, Frank's point is trenchant and disturbing. If you have a semi-bumtng need to lay down with Sam Moore or Ronnie James Dio and don't mind waking with sticky hair, low self-esteem, and ink- stained fingers, Dave Marsh has a series he'd like to sell you: a multi-volums oral history of rock and soul music.

It's a perverse genre, these pulp transcripts of spoken-word histories in the modem age: books on tape on paper. The rest is just running the permutations through a cast burdened with way-contrived names Cobra Box.

Thankful Priest, the rodeo bull Yggdrasil, etc. Like a down-market Cormac McCarthy, Gifford has a nose for moral vacuums and a taste for the occasional sweet description. But if he once had an eye for detail, he lost it at the movies: Twice a page scribe for David Lynch, Gifford seems to be relying on someone else's vision to hll in the Sinatoa scene.

Instead, he seems tirelessly fasci- nated with watching his back-stabbera try to rinse out the blood and cum stains with alcohol. Even the reflective moments can be deadly: "What you think," announces one character, " can nuke you crazy. Rattle it. It's the Panasonic Anti-Shock Memory It's 0 big jump for anti-shock technology. It s what you need if you want your tunes to flow. Demand it. It s not that we re telling you how to listen to your music; we're telling you how to listen to it better.

The first searing modem meta-narrauve was George Trow's book Within the Context of No Context, pub- lished in and reissued last year. By turns pellucid and baffling, the book has become a touchstone for many magazine writers, because it explains the tenuousness of their own authority.

A tennis magazine's secret charter. Trow explains, is not to inform readers about teimis but "to make its readers uncomfortable by the calculated use of certain icons associated with termis, so that the readers will turn, for comfort, to the products advertised in our pages and buy them.

That formulation dismisses even Mystery Science Theater and Radiohead, and vaults community theater to the pinnacle of culture. Unvnlling or unable to distinguish between Master P and Puff Daddy, Frank sees all success as a sell-out.

He writes that from "the embar- rassingly faked Woody Guthrie accents of Bob Dylan. The counterculture, Frank writes, has been reduced to little more than "an official aesthetic of consumer society Ufe is watching TV, TVs whispered promises must somehow undercut television- watching in theory 'Joe, Joe, there's a world where life is hvely, where nobody spends six hours a day unwinding before a piece of furniture' while reinforcing television- watching in practice 'Joe, Joe, your best and only access to this world is TV.

The Professional Smiles flashed at him hide contempt for a sucker. You are "being entertained by someone who cleariy dislikes you," he writes, "and feeling that you deserve the dislike at the same time that you resent it. The Conquest of Cool, says this kind of cynical mass manipulation really began in the '60s, when advertising glommed onto the symbology of protest. But Frank believes we're all veal calves, lowing in a lifestyle pen. Beneath Frank's gloom lurks the smugness common to all writers of meta-narratives and Tm speaking smugly here myself ; he thinks he's succeeded in the desire Wallace described in his cruise article, the desire to "distance myself in the crew's eyes from the bovine herd I'm part of.

Pursue this off-the-charts logic far enough and it becomes off-the-grid and soon you're holed up in a cabin with the FBI blaring 'To Sir With Love" to make you surrender. Superb on cultural production, Frank is weak on cultural reception — on how we might fight back. In The Conquest of Cool he says, absurdly, that all that "changed during the sbcties, it now seems, were the strategies of consumerism," and iden- tifies only a single example of true revolt: Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book, a consumers' guerrilla handbook that urged people to dent their cans in the supermarket to get a discount.

The Baffler's Stephen Duncombe takes up the rebellion issue in Notes From Underground, a thoughtful book about the zine world. Dimcombe's analysis of the commercial cul- ture's ability to turn any artistic statement into "an affirma- tion of its own message of consumption" echoes Frank's, but he suggests that irony may in fact be a "pragmatic response.

Witness Forbes's appropriation of the communist epithet "CapitaUst Tool. Consumer culture bulldozes irony; the producers of the Spice Girls don't care if we're snickering, as long as we're buying. As the deeply authentic Alanis Morissette would say, "Isn't it ironic? It delivers exactly as promised: the Rime of the Fucked-Up Flatmate, wtth endless verses.

The stories mostty eruJ up revealing the obsessive frustration of the storytellers, each a domestic Dostoyevsky with a sense of betrayal and a sinkful of moldering dishes. Without carnage, the game tries for inane humor cyclists can flip off cops , but let's face it; Unless you're pocketing a couple of Benjamins a day, hauling Jiffy Packs isn't much of a rush.

The object is as simple as aver Hop Karmit over logs and highways and avoid becoming pate de frog gras. Why did the toad cross the road? To get out of this dopey game. Find a Grave www. The lack of a search engine is a major headache, but the site does fea- ture plenty of head- stone snapshots that detail the goofy stuff fans leave behirul, such as the baseball bat on Babe Ruth's eternal mound. Cl; Mid, are you sore to be in color? Then you're rich, and Red and Yellow's future outlook is gray.

No purchase necessary. Open to US residents incl. Box NE Void where prohibited. O Mars. It was to be just another interview to pronnote a new project. Suddenly, a news segment about his industrial-rock duo Two turned into a gay-pride proclamation that was quickly picked up by the rest of the media.

After spending the better part of the decade toiling away in flops. Halford was in the spotlight once again. In the Ellen era, a new damned-if- you-do, damned-if-you-don't model has emerged for gay performers.

If you stay in the closet, you are considered a coward. If you come out, this very personal and difficult act is often inter- preted as a publicity stunt. You can cer- tainly look at Halford's announcement as hype for an album that might alien- ate his old fans and would have a hard time finding new ones without a little assistance. Despite bad reviews upon its March release. Two's debut Voyeurs, slid onto the Billboard at No. Just last year, the then-closeted singer balked when his friends in the queer- core band Pansy Division offered to Tougher than leather; Rob Halford of Two.

Halford is adamant that careerist ambition had nothing to do with his decision. He says his wake-up call came in the form of a recent profile on the reconstituted Judas Priest in a German magazine, which queried his former bandmates on his sexuality. Because the subject had never been publicly discussed, his old friends kept the code of silence.

Halford says he realized he couldn't perpetuate the lie any longer: "All this stuff had been boiling up inside me and it just came pouring out of me [on MTV].

I didn't know anyone in metal who was gay. It's remarkable how adept people can be at cloaking themselves in secrecy when their safety is threatened. With its modern-savage-in-a- disco.

While lesbian artists Melissa Etheridge and k. Although it's been nearly 30 years since David Bowie and Lou Reed flaunted fey ways they later disingenuously disowned, big-time out male rockers are still a rarity.

In Extra Fancy— a tipped- for-the-top L A. When the band was dropped just a few months after the release of their debut. Sinnerrrtan, a slew of industry articles speculated that the frontman's sexuality was in fact a "problem. Now available on gram heavyweight vinyl. Packed with hits, "Top of The World" became one of the most popular songs of the decade. The record is most notable for two of the duo's strongest and best-loved singles.

The album's first single, "Please Mr. Postman", became the album's biggest hit single and also the Carpenters' biggest hit single worldwide. It reached no. Ten of the 12 tracks were recorded for other albums but were not included for various reasons; two are remixes of previously released material.

Richard penned the liner notes, which give some insight into the history of the pieces. The title for the album was suggested by Richard and Karen's mother. The album featured a three-panel cover that folded out, showing a panoramic view of Karen and Richard Carpenter driving past the Carpenter family home in Downey, California.

The car pictured on the cover was a Ferrari owned by Richard. Now available on gram heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold package. The packaging is original, including the notes about the origin of each track. Now available on gram heavy weight vinyl.

Included are the band's studio albums and a singles collection in a soft touch box with embossed front title. The lushly orchestrated "Someday" is a brilliant showcase for Richard's arranging skills and the most dramatic side of Karen's voice. The Thrash Metal-brothers Iggor and Max Cavalera dive deep into the mire of human panic and anxiety states. He and Lupe have also been raising a family, so the prospect of a new Clientele record seemed to be diminishing. MacLean and Anthony Harmer knew one another and played music together in the mids but had lost touch.

He suggested we have a jam together. Ant and I now lived three streets away from each other, it turned out. He started to arrange my songs.

He let me write and sing them, and he came up with ideas for how they should sound. This carried on until we had an album. I called up James and Mark and asked them if they wanted to make another Clientele record. They did, and this is it. On Music for the Age of Miracles, Harmer joins the line-up of MacLean, James Hornsey bass , and Mark Keen drums, piano, percussion , contributing string and brass arrangements as well as guitars, vocals, keyboards, saz and, yes, Santoor.

There's something rapturous about the ways in which tracks such as "Falling Asleep" and the exquisite "Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself" stretch out in choral harmony and rhythmic syncopation. In addition, Alasdair's lyrics create a series of linked, impressionistic stories or poems, even if their exact meaning may be obscure.

There is the recurring imagery in the songs of Orpheus, the lyre, empty houses, sleep and sleeplessness, and the constellations of Lyra and the Pleiades. This process reaches a musical, thematic and emotional peak at the climax of the album's final song, "The Age of Miracles. Birth, rebirth, the ghost in the trees, something on the edge of sight, the faces we love, childhood, parenthood, the dance of our days; music for the age of miracles indeed.

This is the fourth full-length album by Clutch, originally released in More than any of their other missives prior to this, "Jam Room" exemplifies Clutch's vector into uncharted terrain, both musically and lyrically. Each of the four pieces on Time Machines is named after the chemical compound of the hallucinogenic drug that they were composed for, and the album was meticulously crafted to enable what John Balance referred to as "temporal slips" in time and space, allowing both the artist and audience to figuratively "dissolve time".

Dais Records announces the official remastered reissue of Time Machines. The reissued double vinyl LP will feature deluxe double pocket gatefold, matte with gloss overlay with printed eurosleeves inserts. Vinyl will come in standard black as well as limited edition color versions in red, grey and clear vinyl. The ninth full-length from the Boston-based heavy-music innovators-vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton, and drummer Ben Koller-The Dusk In Us proves to be both dark and hopeful, abrasive and melodic, devastating and powerfully cathartic.

Packaged in a holographic mirror board widespine LP jacket with a monstrous 28 page booklet. The album has been erroneously reported as being the second in a trilogy beginning with The Last Temptation and ending with Dragontown ; however, Cooper has stated that this is in fact not the case.

Limited to 1, copies. For Ogilala, he teamed up with legendary producer Rick Rubin to make his most intimate body of work to date. It's an Americanized version of the UK Big Beat sound, which was a heady fusion of late 80's hip hop, rave, techno, and rock. Although the album sways in a different direction than their debut through experimenting with new and complex melodic song structures, Music for Pleasure holds true to the 70s UK punk sound.

This would be the last album to feature guitarist Brian James who left the band shortly after its release. Limited editions of gram black and gram purple vinyl. Concurrent with making his mark in popular music with his four ecstatic electronic-pop studio albums, he's provided soundtracks for film and stage giants ranging from Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt to Justin Peck's "The Times Are Racing" featured recently at the NYC Ballet, and scored projects for innovative video artists.

Philharmonic, and So Percussion at the Barbican Centre. Rat Film offers the first recorded document of this parallel career-and both as a self-contained album and a companion piece to an equally potent film, it astounds.

Limited to copies. This live recording features tracks recorded during their tour in support of Event 2. This show from showcases the band on their "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" touring cycle, their first album to chart in Europe.

Their set featured the classic "Stormblast" as well as songs that were unreleased at the time. The band has gone on to sell millions worldwide and is currently working on their 9th studio album for Each band blazes through 5 original tracks and a cover of one of the other band's fan favorites!

Includes liner note recollections by former manager Jim Barber and Peter Buck. The album is visually reimagined using Kevn Kinney's grandmother's unaltered original painting. Limited edition of 3, copies. Limited edition of 3, Featuring 30 highlights from the legendary , and tours pressed on gram vinyl and 2 CDs, the set comes packaged in a slipcase with separate booklet.

The music, which he refers to as "Musik", adopting the German spelling of his hero, JS Bach, is highly emotional, whether he's improvising a Bach-like organ fanfare o ut of whole cloth, using a Korg patch titled "guitar feedback" to create a dirge, or playing Lerner and Lowe's "On The Street Where You Live" as a dramatic overture. Eggleston often says that he feels that music is his first calling, as much a part of him, at least, as his photography.

The original LP featured 20 songs, all but four of which last less than two minutes. Originally released on Island Records in , Another Green World is the perfect bridge between Brian Eno's s pop life and his early experiments with Ambient music. On November 17, Astralwerks Records will release a single LP vinyl reissue of this classic album. On November 11, Astralwerks Records will release a single LP vinyl reissue of this landmark debut album.

On November 11, Astralwerks will release a single LP vinyl reissue the original album. The record followed their huge breakthrough debut 'Left Hand Path' and cemented their place at the forefront of the early Death Metal scene. After releasing four successful albums between and all of them being considered classics , the duo returned with another successful effort.

The single "Da Joint" became their second Billboard Hot hit in Continuing with it's vinyl reissue campaign, UMe will be reissuing this album back on vinyl since its original pressing. It's introverted glitter, violence against the state, obsessive desire; it stomps on convention, shreds constitutions, clobbers pre-conceived notions of what a record can be.

Yes, that's right: a single-person performance by I F Svenonius-recognized by Performer Magazine as the "greatest performer on the planet" - Introduction to Escapeism is a bite into a one-banana bunch. Black Emperor. Mechanics Of Dominion is Esmerine's most dynamic and narratively-informed work, tracing an arc through Neo-Classical, Minimalist, Modern Contemporary, Folk, Baroque, Jazz and Rock idioms to invoke lamentation, meditation, resolve, resistance and hope.

A wonderfully conceived and realized work, its narrative conceptually clear and moving with the emotional power and precise logic of a great film score. Death Revenge tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders committed in order to sell the victims' cadavers to anatomists, and the grisly underground trade of grave-robbery in the late s in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, Gruesome , Death Revenge takes the band's signature gore-drenched, death metal mayhem to theatrical and ghastly new heights. Every UD1S pressing serves as an immaculate replica of the lacquer sourced directly from the original master tape. Limited to numbered copies. Double LP in Gatefold sleeve. Includes download code. After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn't it?

The band has always understood that the Blues isn't a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing. Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has honed out a niche all their own, combining their love and respect for the Blues, Classic Rock and other, less dog-eared influences of their youth to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the Stoner Rock community. Cargo Records is now rereleasing their classic 'Fat Black Pussycat' album on heavyweight gram vinyl.

Between and the guitarist made a series of 4-track recordings, which at the time were not intended for commercial release. After leaving the band Red Hot Chili Peppers in , Frusciante was encouraged by friends to release the material that he wrote in his spare time during the Blood Sugar Sex Magik sessions. Frusciante plays various acoustic and electric guitars, experimenting with layers of vocals, piano and reverse tape effects.

This first-time vinyl release has been carefully remastered and approved by the artist. The double LP set is packaged with old style tip-on gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves. Limited edition Opaque Red vinyl. Limited to vinyl copies with free CD featuring an exclusive extra track! On returning back to their home town of Korpilombolo, Goat painstakingly went through all the recordings and picked out six tracks to be released on a limited live album presented here, Fuzzed In Europe.

Goat picked these six tracks in particular because they are different versions to what is found on their releases. Goat's live reputation is second to none -- since their first public shows in , they have stunned audiences across the globe.

The eye popping beautiful artwork for Fuzzed In Europe was created by the great poster artist Adam Pobiak who has worked with everyone from Soundgarden to Justice and Swans to the Flaming Lips.

Limited edition of 2, Limited edition Brown vinyl. Both Sides of Midnight marks Gordon's peak live recorded document, and a can't-miss opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to get closer to the man and his music. The album was mastered from original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman and pressed on gram audiophile-grade vinyl at Pallas in Germany.

The deluxe re-issue treatment for the seminal Central-Valley California masterpiece includes the original album fully intact, plus a bonus LP featuring unreleased demos from Completely new packaging includes candid photographs, original flyer artwork, tour logs, doodles, and much more.

Featuring 11 unreleased tracks recorded and produced by Jack Endino Nirvana, Soundgarden , and Martin Feveyear Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney , this blistering album captures the heady days of the Seattle music scene at its peak.

Fans of the genre will be treated to a rare opportunity to relive an important musical era with all-new studio recordings. The LP comes housed in an old-school replica tip-on jacket, featuring the original cover art. Side A includes The Gun Club's very first demo from Side B has an on-air recording at a radio station in New York City in Side C has acoustic rarities from Jeffrey Lee Pierce, recorded in All of it comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket which will please all of the fans around the world of this legendary and unforgettable band.

K arm of Warner Bros. The first album in this deal was Movements in The second release for Warner Bros in the U. This new vinyl reissue, complete with replica "fold-out" packaging, features audio remastered from the original analog tapes by leading engineer Dave Cooley and pressed on gram vinyl.

This new vinyl reissue, complete with replica old-school style tip-on jacket, features audio remastered from the original analog tapes by leading engineer Dave Cooley and pressed on gram vinyl. Its legacy transcends time as not only one of the most lasting and most successful Blaxploitation albums of all time. This new vinyl reissue, complete with replica old-school style tip-on gatefold jacket, features audio remastered from the original analog tapes by leading engineer Dave Cooley and pressed on gram vinyl.

Mitch Hedberg's singular style and absurd observations about everyday life turned him into a comedy legend. An 8-LP boxed set, The Jimi Hendrix Experience is not a collection of previously existing recordings from Hendrix's famous studio albums. The Jimi Hendrix Experience presents 56 previously unreleased or unavailable studio and concert recordings from a remarkable four-year period in musical history - - when guitarist Jimi Hendrix was bringing pop and blues and jazz and soul and psychedelia together and changing the way everybody listened to everything.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience box is sequenced in chronological order, beginning with the first known recordings of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in October , and continuing through the recording of his groundbreaking studio albums as well as a variety of transcendent performances, and ending with the artist's final multi-track recording session at New York's Electric Lady Studios in August Graphic lyrics, distorted guitar riffs, screaming vocals, and messy punk ethics helped the album sell over , copies worldwide and established Courtney Love's long running cult status.

Pink vinyl. The audio for this reissue has been sourced from the original masters. The album comes housed in an embossed LP sleeve and includes a download card. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould - three Minneapolis teenagers who'd go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground.

Spread across four LPs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued. Upon its release, the album received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success, peaking at number fortyfive on the Billboard The lead single, "Hot in the City", peaked at number twenty-three on the Billboard Repressed on vinyl with original album sequence and cover art.

It was released in the U. Pressed on 2xLP for the first time ever. It was released on 10 November Upon its release, Rebel Yell received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success. Repressed on vinyl. Fully remastered on beautiful colored gram vinyl. You Can't Stay Here addresses the same big questions that have plagued the Long Island punk group from their outset: anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse, mortality, life, death, what it all means, why we're forced to experience them.

But this album is punctured with grief and devastation; while these are all familiar concepts, they're relayed with an added desperation, and the claustrophobic, inescapable reality of them. There's no punchline, no immediate silver-lining. It's hard to not hear all of this as a product of the loss the band suffered in January , when Rob McAllister, Iron Chic's founding guitarist, died unexpectedly.

JFR – Beautiful Loneliness (Jonnas B Dub Mix) zippyshare. JFR – Beautiful Loneliness (Jonnas B Remix) zippyshare. LP Giobbi – Jungle Queen (Original Mix) zippyshare. Tycho – Alright. zippyshare. Tycho – Cypress. zippyshare. Tycho – PCH. Don\’t Let Get You Down. zippyshare. Wajatta – January. zippyshare. Wajatta.

9 Replies to “Lets Get It On (Reprise Dub) - Steinski - Nothing To Fear: A Rough Mix (Vinyl, LP)”

  1. Given The Dog A Bone Let Me Put My Love In You Back In Black You Shook Me All Night Long Have A Drink On Me Shake A Leg Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Polution Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Big Balls The Jack Live Wire T.N.T. High Voltage Highway To Hell Girl's Got Rhythm Walk All Over You Touch Too Much Beating Around The Bush Shot Down In Flames Get.
  2. „Zdedili sme estetiku raných Roxy Music. Máme mnoho vplyvov, niekedy znieme trochu ako oni, niekedy znieme veľmi ako oni. A niekedy neznieme vôbec ako oni.“ (The Long Blondes) The Long Blondes začali nahrávať nový album „Couples“ v októbri
  3. Josh Woodward - Ann Arbor, Michigan singer/songwriter. Josh Woodward's MP3 Music Collection - All Songs.
  4. Lets go and get something to eat we got four or five tracks pretty quickly, says andy newmark. everybody was worldclass, really Michael Garson, earl Slick, David Sanborn. Its important you get people in there who can make something out of nothing. we were on the vampire shift, says David Sanborn. wed work through the night.
  5. Jul 27,  · This is a great 80s synth pop song with powerfull lyrics and voice. Enjoy PD: Feel free to comment, but agressive and rude post will be erased.
  6. You will get to see dresses in fresh and pastel colors.. To get simply just, it truly is stated of the fact that properties ordered by parents-in-law has nothing related the sons-in-law and the daughters-in-law.. Great for the girl with a slimmer figure, this dress will give you curves you never thought you had!.
  7. Jul 16,  · House 2 House - Everybody Get Up Bizarre Inc. - I'm Gonna Get You (Tee's Freez Mix) Todd Terry - Check This Out Black Riot - Warlock (Club Mix) Black Riot - Warlock (Rubber Dub) Bobby Konders - Let There Be House Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend (Mo Mo Beats) Virgo Four - In A Vision
  8. Var reyndar eftir að taka lög í annarri möppu og svo í recieved files en 1. 2 Live Crew - Do Do Brown () 2. 2 Live Crew - Do Wah Diddy () 3. 2 Live Crew - Face Down Ass Up () 4. 2 Live Crew - Get It Girl Extended Mix () 5. 2 Pac - Me And My Girlfriend () 6. Tupac - brendas got a baby () 7. 2Pac - Changes () 8. 2Pac - Cradle to the grave () 9. 2 Pac.

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