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Kontantstøtte - Hallo I Uken - Vår 98 (CD)

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All arc- for the currcnl ll. Lyndon B. Texas, the Democratic maporlty leader, sold this has been one of ihc most non- piirtlsnn connrcs-ies In mnny yean. Tlio house usually' the scene ol slnKlnR and merrymaking when ikI- Journment approaches, wns rela- tively quiet. One Impromptu quar- tet led by Rep. Toby MorrLi. Saturday, about two nnd one-half mile. Wendell, on highway 2.

Benedict's honp ital in Jerome. Their deaths brought. On Aug. Wuanlta GaenrJe. In February, Max Wells, Hie co-queens nre Loy Ann Ovtnnon. Jerome, and Barbara Ann Bodily. Honors and trophlts were prcicnted by Jc- romt mayor, Theron Ward. A fair official explained that the cenler atalrhorse split, brenklnR five of the foot re. The honor was awarded Frl- dny afternoon In a new event or the -H clubs, cnlltd a round-robin.

Tlie Judges thtn hnd Uiem move on to the next animal and show thol one until tJie circle of grand champions had been nhoFn. MUs: Lavens received the Canlliiitd ma Fan l,. John Brecken'rldge. Quota for Blaine county Is pints. County chairmen are Mis. Carl Pothler, Ketchum; Mrs. Pur- dy, Plcabo; Mrs. Vcm Shaffer, Onn- nett; Mrs. Willis McKcrcher, Belle- vue; Mrs.

LaPell Edwards, Carey, and Mrs. Jllchard White, Fred Ilouser. Lnrrrllawkcs and John Ilutchhuon will assist with unloading and load' Ing equipment.

Myrtle Fried- man will be receptionist. Nurses' aides will bo Mrs.. Hattlo Clements. Hedlcy Board ond'Mrs. Members of the Naomi circle ot tho Community Baptist, church will be In charge ot the canteen. Martlndnle and Mrs. John Enslitn will be In charge ot a group ot women who pUn a house-to- house canvass tor donors.

Lovenia Campbell Is writing letters to persons having O-Nega- tlve type blood, which is urgently needed. The two victims were Idcntltlcd Mrs. Thelma May Etlani. Explorer V? Slight changes in-tha liutrii- ments aboard made Explorer y tha heaviest U. Sixteen passengers In the bus,, which was driven by Richard Hllde-' brand t, Kerns, Utah, were unin- jured except for three who received minor scratches and bruises.

A spare bus was driven, to tha scene- from Twhi FalU to pick up the passen- gers. Btockham was killed Initontly and the teen-ager died later at the hospital. Aa In many post yeara, the fair and rodeo wHI be under the mpervlilou ot Tom Parks, ritbt, secre- Ury-manaccr of tho event.

He Is atsUted by Mra. Irma Baxter, center. A member o he aeven-r brard, Henry L. Duhl, left, flvea final approval to a poster advertisement. A plane piloted by Douglas Loren Orahiim. Bountiful, Utah. Orahnm told the patrolman he was going to test out the airstrip to see It It was rough.

Vfhen he wns about GO or 70 feat off tlie ground, he made a shallow left turn Into tho wind. The plane skidded about 4S feel and was demolished, araham walked away with a ' few bruises nnd scratches.

He was flying a 1IM5 Aeronlea owned by the school. The plane was damaged. Crockett was unhurt. New Attractions Noted for T.

County Fair Planned Sept. The fair will be held from Sept 3 through 6. Curtis Eaton, chairman of the fair board, aaid two new b uildings have been orcctfld for use thia year.

One wHl house tho dog exhibitB, a showing which drew large crowds liist year, and the other will hoiiae art exhibits. Eaton said the fair this year will be, as It has been In the past, a showing ot agricultural ond livestock occompllslimcnts ot the county. A total ot tI3. In conJuncUon with the livestock showings and other agricultural ex- hibits will be one of the largest rodeos In this part of the country, Eaton said.. Total purac ' or the rodeo will be fl.

ODO with some ot the best cowboys In tho country on band to participate In the Rodeo Cowboy association approved event. Tlis rodeo will be produced by Earl Hutchison, with new livestock nd many new specialty acts.

Tom Parks, eecretary-manager ot tha fair, sold a new attraction for the motor-mlndod public will be. A girl barrel racing contest will be held with a purse of siSO for the winners. Townji where school balls will ring Monday include Shoshone, Buhl.

Dietrich, CnsUeford. Wendell and tha Cassia county and Lucerne schools. In district Opening Sept. Rich- field. Includ- ing Acequla. Rupert, Paul and the Mlnlco high school, "'m open Sept.

At CtuiUeford, claates will be dls- ml. Matt schools win run a full schedule opening day. The event brought the foir to a close. Record crowds attended the fair's opening ovents Thursday and thronged the fairgrounds Friday and Saturday. A military Epotosmon said the soldier was hit In the shoulder by a sniper's bullet Friday while on pass In Beirut.

His name was withheld pcndliig completion of a U. He was described, however, as 33 and a private first class from Dc- cator The spokesman sold his wound was not serioiu.

They were. Identified- as Bna. Robert M. Copeland, Cambridge, Mass. Fleming, Maglo Valley and tor the entire stale. Maglo Volley. Best pcrfonhen for the lodeo events ara J. Tucson, Alls. Riding during the evening's show was the Jefferson county sheriffs posse.

Little Weeglo. Pumphrey for reckless driving oa- Mala avenui In Twin Palls. Robert J. Pum- phrcy after pleading guUty to tvck- less driving. His drivers license -woB revoked for SO'dsys. Corr alter Orelnor wrecked his car on Falls avenue two miles east of Twin Falls. The com- plaint states he drove' at a speed and in such a manner as to eu-.

He was dtcd by State Fatrplinan Richard Bums. Jack' Noland. Tho convention opened Friday' attemoon with a social hour at the Legion hall An executive meeUng was, held Friday evening at the halt and'prob- lems of organlrallon were discussed and plans mode for. The usually wcllrintormcd FrJmco-Solr satd Sat-. Orval Tanbui Saturday called a emergency session next week of the Artwnsaa sUto legislature ,to, try 10 block further racial IntegraUon at Central high school.

Thi legisla- tors may be asked lo dose. Eleven clvillana wen reported fcUtad and IB wotinded. South' Africa, Aug. Ho was Bi years old. Tho meeting U slated for p-m. At city haU. Bids on coal, tlrea. O; Schwartz.

Kilt nnd. Weddoupa up. Stlihtir wanner. Ulrh S atonUy W. Barotneler: 30JT. Llltlt ehttngo In Icm- peiiture. Jimmy Elison up, owned by Harold :.

I It Waddoups up, owned by Mr. HItl and son. Waddoupa up, I" downed by Mr. BlU Oreen. Murray, , Utah, JudBcd the conteat. The Uilrd 5 rlnce horae was ridden by C. Cassia, ridden by J. Richard 'Andenon, took top honors. K Pappy Time come hi ahead ot the 5 field In the haU-mile race. He woi 'K ridden by J. Dick Anderson. Waddoups was again wlnnlns " Jockey for Mr, and Mrs. Friends may coll nt the home In Bridge prior to the service.

His body will be sent to the Dnnleln llincral home. La' Grnnde, Ore. Concluding rites will be held at Rupert cemetery. Mondarnt the Twln'Fnlla' morluftry chapel by the' Rev. Ernest Hiuselblnd.

Baptist church. Con- cluding rites will be held at tlie Ta-ln'Palls cemeUry. Tuesday at tlie Wen- dell Presbyterian church, with the Rtr. Chad E. Boliek ottlclpllng. Tuesday at Rey- nolds funeral chapel hi Twin Falls, with the Rev. Brentwood Barker, pastor of the Mountain Homo Bap' list church, ofllclatlns. Concluding rites win be held In Sunset Memorial park.

Valley Memorial hospital are from S'lo 4 and 7 to S pjn. Sheppard, Mrs. Webb and Lyla B. Zden, and Oeoife A. KeUey, Albion. Keller, Burley, and Robert Hurleas, Hey- bum. Both hod 73 poUits. B sKonds. Frank NIplsen. Lee and Mrs. Bernard Butlman, both Filer: Mn.

Anderson, Eden, and Mrs. Wayne Brower and daugh- ter, Paul. Oeorge Lyne, Klm- berly. John Tho- man, both Jerome. The tank wlU be 31 feet hleh ond , ,. Swrvlce'a mlKlon M,. Donald Conn, all Jerome. Baby Sloan, Sho- ohone. Barton Anglln and Mr. John Thoman, all Jerome. Gooding Memorial. Weldon Ester- brook and Mrs. Lester Johnson and daugh- ter, Hagerman. Marjorle Wall and daughter, Rupert. Dan Axtman, Sac- ramento, Calif.

Odell Hutchinson. Unit Plans to Intervene on. The suit waa tiled earlier this week by United Laboi for Itlaho. Ueartng la Wednesday District Judge M. Oliver Koelsch set n hearing on the matter for Wednesday. Westouj attorney for the Freedom W Work committee, aald he would file a petition to Inter- vena Monday' and would mnke nn appearance at the hearing.

Aschenbrener, assist- ant Idaho attorney general, filed the dcnlurrcr, acting on betlCtllvof Secretary of State James H. Dormon and the organization asked an Injunction to prevent Young from placing the measure on the ballot unUI It can be de- termined whether algnatures on "right to work" petitions were prop- erly obtained.

The fabor group listed a number ef alletted irregularities in the peti- tions. Including a number of cases In which It said the samo penoiu had signed more than once. They will he Oct. B at Boise ond Twin PalU. Speakers at all the meetings htcludo Dr. Boyd A. Martin, dean of lettcra and science nt the Unl. John B. Boise librarian. Heywood, dean egucatlon nt. Royco Knoppa. Prances B. Dunn, B. The new school Is being built ape. Du siehst ganz was anderes.

Wir sehen alle beide. Ich sehe gar nichts. Han ser hunden. Dere ser den sorte hesten. Du ser noe helt annet. Vi ser begge to. Jeg ser ingen ting. Hvordan blir setningene under? Erstatt substantivet med et personlig pronomen.

Eksempel: Wer hat den Vater gesehen? Sie besucht. Eksempel: Wer hat den Pullover gekauft? Ich habe ihn gekauft. Einem alten Herrn war sein Hund entlaufen, den er sehr liebte.

Der alte Herr. Det er viktig at du analyserer i denne oppgaven. Kommst du morgen? Dann gebe ich Gib Besuchst. Legg merke til at det er en del faste uttrykk. Das interessiert 2 Es freut. Wann ist er gekommen? Wie lange wohnt er hier? Wie oft kommt Tante Ricarda? Sie kommt jede Woche. Wir spielten den ganzen Tag. Teo war diese Woche zu Hause. Husk sammentrekning: an dem blir til am, in dem blir til im.

Am Morgen ging er einkaufen. Vor dem Mittagessen liest er die Zeitung. In der Nacht scheinen die Sterne. In vier Wochen haben wir Urlaub. Om natten lyser sternene.

Tredje juni har Jasmin eksamen. Om fire uker har vi ferie. Wo ist mein Mobiltelefon? Wie geht es dir? Was ist das? Das ist ein Auto. Wer ist das? Das ist meine Mutter. Wo ist Stuttgart? Stuttgart ist in Deutschland. Wer geht in die Schule? Was machst du am Wochenende? Wer hat sein Buch gesehen? Warum kommst du heute nicht zu mir? Wann kommst du heute zu mir? Um 20 Uhr. Wann kommst du morgen, Karen?

Warum lesen wir das Buch auf Englisch? Wie ist heute das Wetter? Wo kommt er her? Wieviel kostet die Jacke? Wovon handelt der Film? Wie oft besuchst du deinen Bruder? Wann kommen deine Eltern zu Besuch? Was sagt der Lehrer eigentlich? Wer ist deine neue Freundin? Wann kommst du morgen vorbei? Wo ist meine neue Hose? Wie soll ich das verstehen? Was bedeutet der Text? Wer hat den Film gesehen? Wen fragtest du nach dem Weg? Wen habt ihr gestern besucht? Wer hat dir etwas versprochen? Wer hat dich am meisten beeindruckt?

Wer sitzt neben dir im Bus? Wen darfst du bitten? Wen kannst du nie vergessen? Wen versteht er nicht? Wen hast du vorige Woche in Speyer gesehen? Wem habt ihr diese Mail geschickt? Wen liebt deine Schwester? Wann beginnt am Morgen der Unterricht? Wen vertraust du? Welchen Kaffee sollen wir bestellen? Warum darf ich nicht mitkommen? Wann bist du heute Morgen aufgestanden? Worum geht es in diesem Gedicht?

Worauf warten wir eigentlich? Das Tempolimit wird reduziert. Dagegen habe ich was. Worin besteht die Schwierigkeit dieses Textes? Ich denke keinen Augenblick daran! Ich freue mich darauf, dich wieder zu sehen. Davor habe ich immer Angst. Wovon interessiert sie sich? Wozu brauchen die Lehrer eine Tafel? Worin besteht diese Pizza?

Danke, ich nehme das Kleid. Der Mechaniker repariert das Auto. Wir fragen den Mann, wo das Haus liegt. Gut, ich kaufe den Roman. Wo hast du den DVD-Spieler? Ich habe die Lehrerin nicht gesehen. Vor einer Woche traf ich den alten Mann.

Phillip hat das neue Spiel gekauft. Gestern sah ich das Buch. Ich hole den Lehrer. Meine Schwester sieht den spannenden Film. Ich schreibe den Text. Habt ihr den Hund gefunden? Robert geht um 8 Uhr aus der Schule. Hast du den Brief von der Oma bekommen? Sie geht mit der Tante Irmgard spazieren. Wein trinkt man aus dem Glas und Kaffee aus der Tasse.

Nach dem Kino gehen wir in die Disko. Ihr wohnt bei den Eltern. Seit dem Sommer regnet es. Nach dem Essen sind wir satt. Du redest mit der Freundin. Ich habe das Geld nicht. Hast du die Jacke? Ich sehe den Film. Wir haben den Wagen gekauft. Der Vater ruft die Mutter. Christoph liebt den Stuhl. Gestern traf ich einen alten Freund.

Mein Bruder hat ein neues Haus gekauft. Wir haben eine neue Lampe gekauft. Gestern sah ich ein Auto aus der Schweiz. Ich hole dir einen Stuhl. Meine Schwester sieht einen spannenden Film. Hast du eine gute Idee?

Ich schreibe dir einen Brief. Habt ihr einen Hund? Nein, wir haben eine Katze. Gestern kaufte ich mir einen neuen Mantel. Hast du einen Bleistift bei dir? Ich habe einen Kugelschreiber. Er hat eine gute Freundin in Frankfurt. Ein Hotelzimmer kostet 60 Euro. Hast du einen Wagen gesehen? Ich habe einen Hund. Eine Limonade schmeckt sehr gut.

Ich trinke jeden Tag eine Cola. Oma und Opa kaufen einen Pullover bei Karstadt. Du singst ein Lied. Michael isst einen Hamburger. Selma ruft eine Freundin an. Sie kaufen einen Hund. Ich kenne ein Restaurant in Koblenz. Maria holt ein Buch. Hast du ein Fahrrad? Nein, ich habe einen Wagen. Vater trinkt einen Kaffee. Ihr bestellt eine Torte.

Meine Freundin wohnt bei einer Tante. Wir lernen Deutsch seit einem Jahr. Svein kommt aus einer Stadt in Nordnorwegen. Nach einem Urlaub bin ich erholt. Die jungen Frauen arbeiten viel.

Das neue Auto ist rot. Die schnellen Wagen sind Deutsch. Das braune Haus ist aus Holz. Die warme Sonne scheint. Der spannende Roman ist lang. Die langweiligen Themen interessieren mich nicht. Das beste Essen ist Pizza. Die graue Wolke regnet bald. Das rote Haus liegt in der Stadt. Der teure Wagen ist ein Ferrari. Die braunen Bohnen schmecken gut. Der warme Kaffee ist in der Tasse. Die kleinste Tochter wohnt in der Schweiz. Der nette Onkel hat ein Auto.

Ich sehe den alten Wagen in der Garage. Siehst du das kleine Kind mit dem Spielauto. Die junge Frau hat ein Auto. Die Nachrichten zeigten den dreisten Dieb mit einer Pistole. Sabine hat die knusprigen Waffeln genossen. Ich kaufe den dunkelblauen Mantel. Vater schreibt den spannenden Krimi. Hast du das frische Brot gegessen? Ich sehe den schwarzen Hund. Sie kaufen die besten Blumen. Vater liest das spannende Buch. Ingeborg kauft den guten Stuhl. Hast du den spannenden Roman gelesen?

Meine Mutter backt den leckeren Kuchen. Oma fotografiert das alte Schloss. Habt ihr das gute Brot gegessen? Der freundliche Herr. Die alte Dame. Wegen des freundlichen Herrn. Wegen der alten Dame.

Mit dem freundlichen Herrn. Mit der alten Dame. Ohne den freundlichen Herrn. Ohne die alte Dame. Dieser alte Esel! Jene kleine Hexe. Dieser dunkle Wald. Jene nasse Wiese. Ich sehe den alten Mann. Die kleinen Kinder spielen mit dem kleinen Ball. Die Mutter kauft die gelben Bananen. Magst du die blaue Jacke? Vegg i vegg med arenaen. Og det er mange fler. I min mening, en god sjanse for et anstendig sted.

Hva tror du, Alexander? Snakker jeg med Alexander Rybak????? De er heeeeelt utrolige! Noen som er enige? Kommentarene ommer ikke opp -.

Og Marthe fra Norske Talenter. Er glad de ikke kom til semifinalen. Men det koster jo en del penger, da…. Kjedelig sang.. Siste sjangs. Skal vi gifte oss? Please tell me more about your dreams, what about them.

Sterk dame. Ikke fysisk da.. Greetings from TRR!!! For anledningen…. Recognize that they are good! You think Ireland will win? Det er de hoppedudsene fra Irland. Ireland er syyyykt kule. A warm hug from Team Rybak Romania. Omg, Hva skal jeg si? Hva med.. Det skal de ha! Men hvorfor sitter vi her da? Heia heia hvorfor ikke…. I wanna dance.. Er det mange skandinaver her eller?

Sverige blir skumle, veldig skumle. Finland er fortsatt mest. Godt potensial. Eller bare sang du? Hvordan Stella ikke gikk videre i dette selskapet er et mysterium. Good luck Romania. Danmark en sterk nr. Finland sin sanger fenger bedre enn Sveriges! Synd ;'. Treffer ikke genren. Alex, hvem tror du vinder? Det skal ha nha. Og han synger rent. Og han andre rapper rent …? Dere kan jo se hvem som synger best av han og Eric? Han er klysete! Nuff said! Kveldens vakreste stemme.

Opera at the ESC? I hope blue eric or Hotel fm wil win.. I fell in love!! Du er mye bedre!! Love from Australia. Det var heslig!! Fyrens vibrato var forferdelig, og han sang bare ur-surt!!!! Herlig, herlig!! Eg likte den! I wish you sing more jazz, Alex. Er du enig Alex?? Eller hva Alexander?!? Kjempegod mat her. Sverige leder her!

Bra sang. What a men…and great song!!! Alle ingrediensene er der, bare ikke det som trengs. I can, I will!!!! Common, boys! Good luck, UK! Det kan hende jeg liker den ekstra godt fordi vi ligner endel i interessefelt!

Jeg er kjempeglad i radio! Og konserter og reportasjer om klassisk musikk i P2. Og Folkemusikktimen er fin! Glemte bilradioen! Kveldsmat tidligere. De sendte Knutsen og Ludviksen. S og Kveldsmat og andre programmer som gir ro og fred. PN 2 marsu x x F-su ASKT p. Meissner BAW 1 16f. VII TCL 19 MES-su i-bal-la text -pa -as if he one copper tray and other objects and fixes his eyes in a stare AfO 11 , emen- garments Iraq 16 37 ND ; with suf- dation from K.

B IV , also Hg. GI and Syriac, see Brockelmann Lex. GI ibid. LA Ak AL. SI : ba-la-tu istenebbi he will have year, 4. I 19; u nam. D ; ki nam. II f. IX 15; nam. LA iste'uma KAR r. III iv 1; tu, nam. I v 13, cf. NUN ku. LA, ba-ld- Bamas-sum-ukin ; nam. LA var. KAR 73 r. VAB 4 ii awilum si ina ba-la-ti-im illak this man will 1 Nbk. LA-su liqbi may Enlil command napistu referring to the subject: ana pa-la-at good health for him Surpu IV 90, cf. Handerhebung 65 n.

LA qibi TI. LA hasih if the man for whom health for you Boyer Contribution No. LA ibid. Gula belet ba-[la- Handerhebung ; [ina kirim]meki sa TI. LA KAV r. Sulmu TI. LA own life! TCL 17 OB let. LA tub libbi tub seri mng. LA aknat if sarrssu liskipu TI. LA lubbi let me live as it is pleasing to you and good health KAR , cf.

LA GIS of it the kudurru should have his fill of the fame and vigor RA 16 71 No. LA piqdanni assign me ba-la-tu lusbi CT 34 30 ii 24 and , var. LA Sa [ MES]- ibid. BI marija OIP 2 20 r. Assur-nirari V treaty ; sulmam u ba- No. X:4 Senn. LA ZI. LA see edisu mng. SE IN. LA ilitti Uri life -giving spirit born , cf.

UD-mu sa LA-ia ru-qd-an-ni for tasrukanni from the time to the king, my lord, my god, my sun, the you dedicated me to the god Nergal for your breath of my life EA , and passim in such own well-being I have not felt well for a phrases in EA; the gods qdssunu Sa ba-la-ti single day VAS 16 ; note the ex- final sarri belija ummu[du] will lay their ceptional dedication to a person: PN PN2 healing hands on the king, my lord ABL r.

Unger Reliefstele NB ; gift of land to Istar by an official of 8; [sam]-mu ba-ld-ti sa beltija altati Labat sam-me TI. LA ; imussu ana ba-lat ZI. ME S a sarri Kichler Beitr. MES TI. LA isluhsima he Namtar sprinkled very often, wr. DIN e. LA ukun and the sons of the king upon his tablet elija place over me guardian spirits to ensure listing the living lit. LA upaqqidu napiti they entrusted my days and good health as my fate VAB 4 ii life to protective spirits to act as guardians 64 Nbk.

Simat TI. Iraq 18 , also in blessings massar Julmim u ba-la-ti- for other refs. LA may miitim sitannu ana simtim lisimsum may he Ea pronounce for you his conjuration which assign to him a life which is as lit. Ja ba-la-ti la itehhu [ X vi 38, cf. LA Gilg. IX iii 5, also mita ba-la-ta K. LA nirku[s] AMT 84,4 ii 10; RN sar Elamti ina liddika CT 23 , and passim, see Siptu; qaqqar ba-la-ti sepsu ul [iskun] the king of arah sa ba-ld-ti isinni aklti in the month of Elam did not set foot any more in the country life, at the New Year's festival Pinches Texts of life i.

Wedge-writing p. LA ba-la-tu ammahir I was granted qaqqa]ru ba-la-tu CT 17 f. LA artama itdr ibid. LA just as a dead person does not pass region portending death, he will get well, if again through the Gate of Life CT 23 ; it is in the region portending health, he will obscure: sa la kdAimma steme ba-lat-su var.

NITA cf. KAM ibid. Pinches Peek No. LA uttar he will prolong his life 2. MES daruti lasting life Hinke Kudurru ii 6, cf. LA UD. MES GiD. MES CT 40 , cf. MES [ LA GID. ME GID. LA Di. BI for his entire will remember all my life!

TCL 20 99 r. Id; [mu]im DIN la year? BE 17 MB let. LA lisqikunu agannutilla 10 , and passim, corresponding to the limallilcunu may he Ea give you death- Sumerogram MU. NE hubuttitu ki ina ba-lat la iddannu ti-aa takkalma she will have the usufruct of until next year in the month of Abu the loan the field during her lifetime MDP 28 and is without interest, should he not pay next ; ina lTD-mi-ti ba-la-t-u ikkal he will year interest will accrue RT 36 and 5 have the usufruct during his lifetime MRS 6 92 NB ; Sa MU.

NA ag4 u da ba-lat kurmatini RS CT 44 OB let. Loretz, Bib. SA lu. TI ibid. Boissier DA 3 obv. N 24'. KAM dannata immarma DIN dansuma i-ba-lu-ut while the patient is sick, he the newborn will have difficulties from the god will press him with demands and the 14th to the 20th day after birth but will make him hand over the promised votive gift survive ibid.

Sachs , cf. LA YOS 10 , dupl. SAG isattima TI. LA qaqqar TI var. LA movement and he will recover AMT 48,; imat if it is in a region portending death, inassiqma TI he kisses the skull and he will he will get well, if in a region portending recover Kocher BAM ', also ibid.

AMT 80,, and passim after specific refs. AMT 62,1 iii 6; if a person wr. KAM TI is sick one day, time but recover ibid. DIN- king!

BBR No. NI bal-ta she and her two ana mahar Sama TI. LA-ku ibid. PN ba-li-it ibid. NI bal- let. MES U. MES if a woman gives birth to four boys 1. LA-ma imit if a woman gave birth text. SIG imt see AfO 16 ; adi ba-al-t-ku! LA aqabbi I shall say as zikurudd-magic will not affect that man as long long as the king lives EA , cf.

EN TI. LA SB proverbs. Kraus Texte 3b r. EA f. MA; adu anaku bal-ta-ak JEN , cf. Gula mu-bal-li-ta-at hurbads merciful is Gula, , cf. TI LKA , p.

LA-ma qitaki liqi O Gula, and passim; Marduk ina qabri bul-lu-ta ile'i take this gift for yourself and make me well Marduk can bring back to life even those AMT 10,1 r. NS ; assum bul-lu-tu sullumu basd said of Salbatnu BMS , see Ebeling ittiki since it is in your power to heal and Handerhebung , cf. Ninkarrak mu-bal-li-ta-at Handerhebung 32ff. VII 30, and cf. Lambert ; asim VII 30, cf. MES mit'iti the lord health ABL NB ; various types of who restored life to the dead gods by means fumigation materials and several kettles ana of his holy conjuration formula En.

MUv TI. TAB TI. NIM TI. LA conju- the fuller? BI DUR. GIG maris ana qatikunu ibaid sihiza grant us what legal TI-si list of medications follows AMT 56,, action is in your power to grant as truly as and passim in med. BI kasip ana TI. LA- Samar and Ningirsu should keep you alive! LA to alleviate ibid. TU U dpAP.

ABL , also in other letters of Arad- b said of the king as dispenser of life: Nabu ABL , , , , belum mu-ba-li-it Uruk dakin me nuhsim ana , allNA , cf. MES a alive but you can also kill me EA , cf. MES araku imS ibid. LA arda I was as NB letters , also, wr. ME ABL , also ABL , , , , shisu tabi the king who invigorates , , , , , , , , , , , through his sweet breath as is the nature of , , all NB , but note ana ba-lat his father, the Sun EA , cf. LA-at-su-nu he the king gives them life ZI.

E-su u-ba-li-ti this barley has kept my lord keeps many people alive ABL r. LA-at var. ABL , , , cf.

Lewy, AHDO u-bal-la-tu ibid. A- them and kept myself alive ARM 1 '; ka provide your lands with food EA ; alamme anaku ina li[bbi] la 4-ba-la-at-ku-nu may he the Pharaoh send barley in ships u should I hear of it, I will not spare your lives ju-ba-li-it ardasu u alaSu and keep his on account of it KAV MA let.

Fhadiata diku ma hadst var. ABL whatever else you have entrusted to him NB , cf. NA tu ABL r. XI 26, also, wr. II , cf.

III 59; mng. Sin , JCS 18 27 K. Sin cf. Sim emarim XIV, [x-x-s]u it-ta-na-ab-lu-ut he was smitten in his Hg. TLB 2 ' OB diagn. KAR MA rit. BAD-ka bal-la-ti 1 uzu ina libbi anndtu balittu s. RU-ku IAR. BI la almat in your extispicy balatu v. BAD-ka salmati and la salmati CT water of this reservoir correspond to that of 20 46 iii 9, cf.

GI i-na A. Oil given to PN [sa] ba! For the use of ballu in extispicy to refer to balu prep. XIV 37, cf. MA mur. MES beside kissatu- burauu, qand tabu, etc. BAL for a poultice Kiichler ballu see balu.

BAM ', etc. NA SIM. BAL a se-im-mu-ug var. LKA 70 i 20, see TuL p. UD NIG. MUG for var. MUG, g is. BAL var. III f.

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All refs.

"Til mitt forsvar vil jeg si at jeg trodde Hallo i uken hadde sommerferie." - Den går ikkje lenger. Prøv ikkje å jukse. Lyset er slått på. Hallo i uken er tilbake. Det var på tide.

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  1. Men samtidig var overraskelsene få, og Nintendo kjører et trygt løp. Foruten de allerede annonserte spillene The Wonderful og Bayonetta 2, begge fra eminente Platinum Games, var det dessuten lite å se fra tredjepartsutviklere (studio som verken er en del .
  2. Kodi Archive and Support File Community Software Vintage Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Console Living Room.
  3. Mellem K.B. Hallens synlige loft og tagkonstruktionen er der en akustisk loftskonstruktion, som publikum ikke kan se. Den fungerer som en slags lydgrotte, som akustiker og chefkonsulent Jesper Bo Andersen fra Rambøll har konstrueret ud fra talrige 3D-eksperimenter, minutiøse udregninger og et tæt samarbejde med Gyproc, der udvikler lofter med særlige akustiske egenskaber i natur- og.
  4. Hallo i uken er et norsk humoristisk radioprogram som ble sendt på NRK P2 fra til Programmet kommenterte ukas nyhetsbilde, norsk politikk og mediebransje gjennom diverse sketsjer og halfcelltitegodfeperarinlelasag.xyzinfommet ble sendt hver lørdag klokka fra 4. februar til 8. juni Høydepunkter fra programmene har blitt utgitt av Lydbokforlaget.
  5. Hallo i uken, dagsnytt atten, radioresepsjonen, ekko, sånn er livet, verdibørsen og språkteigen er program eg lika(r). Dessverre blir det lite lytting for tida med småtass i huset. Har verkeleg sansen. Blir stressa av p4, av tempoet og attityden.
  6. Han var ute med albumet På svai (), som i Hallo i uken-tapning ble til Ved kai. Sangen handlet om at Bjørn Eidsvåg hadde blitt «steady» og flyttet hjem igjen til konen, og derfor ikke.
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