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Hitting The Ground

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Releasing the club too quickly, commonly called "casting," throws off the swing plane, causing the club to hit across the impact area.

It can also promote a hip slide that causes fat shots. Practicing to allow the club head to release naturally and not too high in the backswing can remedy this problem. Jim Hagerty is a writer and journalist who began writing professionally in By Jim Hagerty. Improper weight transfer and dropping the right shoulder can lead to "fat" shots. Sliding the Hips Sliding the hips forward before or at impact causes the body to shift forward, causing the club to drop behind the ball.

So frustrating! This is a common issue with middle handicap golfers and it usually arises from a misconception. Watching golf on TV we often hear commentators say that a player is playing a chip shot off their back foot.

We then watch the player and it looks like the ball is off their back foot. It seems straightforward but is misleading for 2 reasons: The first is that the camera angle is not always good on TV. You will need a tee at least three inches in length, but likely a little longer than this. The notion of playing the ball lined up with your left heel for a right-handed golfer is no longer valid.

We want that big driver to strike the ball on the upswing, thus increasing launch angle and decreasing the ball's spin rate. In order to do this, we must move the ball forward in our stance. That means towards your left foot for a right-handed golfer. This prevents you from slowing down before impact and trying to flip or scoop the ball off the ground. Good iron players really fire that right side, extending the right arm and pushing through with the body.

Think of a shortstop throwing hard to first base for a double play; nothing stays back. Even hitting thin shots usually means your weight is back—instead of crashing into the turf, the club misses the ground and catches the ball when it starts swinging upward.

One of the primary causes for a low drive is hitches in a golfer's swing. For instance, a short backswing usually causes a low drive, as this type of swing limits the actions of the wrist, which help sustain a high, arcing drive. In cases where the wind is low and driving, this is an optimal swing.

However, in picturesque weather conditions, a short backswing can deter a golfer from striking a long, arcing tee shot off the tee box. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Anna Paquin Sookie Stackhouse Stephen Moyer Bill Compton Sam Trammell Sam Merlotte Ryan Kwanten Jason Stackhouse Rutina Wesley Tara Thornton Kevin Alejandro Jesus Velasquez credit only Marshall Allman Tommy Mickens Chris Bauer Andy Bellefleur Kristin Bauer van Straten Pam De Beaufort Nelsan Ellis Lafayette Reynolds Mariana Klaveno

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  3. Fear of Hitting the Ground. Finally, the fear of hitting the ground can also result in a topped golf shot. If you’ve been through a period of hitting a lot of fat, or heavy, golf shots, where you catch too much ground, that can lead to overcompensation. Doing this often makes people over-correct and start hitting the top of the golf ball.
  4. This moves your low point away from the target and the clubs bottoms out before the ball. The driver should not hit the ground if this is the only problem, you should just miss or top the ball, but in conjunction with a lowering of "height" or breakdown of the wrists, this could be a factor. Back to top.
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  6. Grab a piece of paper (it can be a scorecard). Place it about 3 to 5 inches behind the ball. Take a few practice swings without the ball and concentrate on brushing the grass without hitting the piece of paper. Once you're comfortable, hit some balls with the paper there.
  7. Jun 01,  · The goal is to feel the clubhead working down and hitting the ground where the ball would be; in front of the center of your stance. After you get the feel for leading with the hands and hitting the ground, add a golf ball and hit some shots. Keep the same feeling as with the practice swings.
  8. A number of golfers, worried about teeing the ball up too high and hitting a high, looping drive, tee the ball up just off the ground. This, however, can yield a low drive, as it can cause a golfer.

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