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Fighting Dog - Fuck You Heroes - Im Not Going To Become Like You (CD, Album)

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Vote Jo Jorgensen ???? LibertariaNYC July 13, Fiona Apple stepped up. So she read their words. If we don't have that, we will not get control of the virus. Public Health Service —who started the pandemic telling people that masks didn't work—has changed his tune, telling Face the Nation that "once upon a time, we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics, and leeches and cocaine and heroin for people as medical treatments…. When we learn better, we do better. Florida reports a staggering 15, new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours.

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What's more empowering than listening to an exotic dancer-turned-superstar rapper talk about being able to buy her own expensive things? Nicki's lines about being able to buy whatever she wants and being the object of countless mens' affection is enough to make anyone feel even a little bit more empowered. Talking about the popularity of a genre of music is one thing. Making claims about a group that is utter opinionated bs in another. Popularity blah blah who cares!!? Geez what happened to real articles….

How is that not popular? A bunch of my non-ARMY friends converted. I converted a few months ago and I used to hate all K-Pop. You can spot an agent, worker, or artist relatives anywhere in Korea. A choreographer, MV director, anything. The fans that I know, and me, all like it because we enjoy their songs.

Yes, some fans can be toxic, but many more of us are just want to appreciate them and their music, and talk it over between ourselves. I personally think that BTS is amazing just for getting any sized audience in a continent across the ocean with a different language and culture. They have an immensely sized fan base which widely consists of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and ages.

BTS paved the way for music as you can see now with more K pop groups are getting to go to American award shows and events. Also did I mention that a week after BlackPink made history with They sold out their stadium tour which audiences ranges from 85, to 90, people in 23 hours!!!

They had to add one more show to each location they had which filled up again in about the same amount of time. Also to finish up this rant, people who have never heard K pop before have begun to like and become Kpop fans.

You sure know how to write real facts than some haters here. What did our boys do to get so much unnecessary racist and discriminative hate. The same thing with the concerts. The numbers are amazing and credit is owed for that but most of the time with any Kpop concerts the numbers are from repeat fans attending. Do you kids even know what counts as racism anymore? Some of the girls there are called sasaeng and are dangerous to BTS.

If you want to bash our heads together.. You can try taking down like what..?!? Well good luck with that! Well its kinda obvious. Anyway, before you start posting more things about random, crappy nonsense get a LIFE! And this is why we hate all of you. Trash like you ruin anything good in this world. Why so many people getting triggerd here?!

He just tell the facts. Like, i love listen to kpop tho. Ifbhe really tried to be racist, thats something really not good. But, the facts that he told that kpop is not that popular like some army said is just true facts. Can I just say one thing. The US has far more people than South Korea. Because of this, K-pop is at an extreme disadvantage when compared to American Pop. Everything BTS despise. Dumbasses like you are the exact target group to exploit by the kpop industry.

People with addictive tendencies who obsess over useless shit, too dumb to exercise any critical thinking, too psychotic to control your hysteria. People dislike kpop the same way they dislike carrots, or whatever the fuck people dislike. The simple truth is most people do not care enough to hate your oppas or to listen to their music.

I think kpop in general is trash. There are far more skilled musicians and singers with a less manufactured sound. I do hate people like you though, I wonder why there are so many dumb people alive on earth today. People dislike K-Pop for various reasons. And not all ARMYs are toxic. Apparently only the ones you know about are that way. I agree, though. The toxic ones are definitely keeping K-Pop from going where it could go. So please. No hate. I agree pretty princess Jin, whenever I feel depressed and I listen to their songs, I just magically felt better.

Hello I would like to say that K-Pop not good. I studying in Australia and barely hear anyone playing kpop songs which I think is good. Kpop has no skill talent in it at all.

To be honest, i think that the western music people listen to in Australia is much better than kpop. They actually use instrument and sing well. The dumbass before me is retarded and a hypocrite, we Kpop Stans r only toxic bc ppl mostly white shit on Kpop and call it trash. Its music, listen to the music and not watch what u hate. I like BTS whether they top the charts or not.

This dude should understand what it is like to actually work hard for something. I agree, BTS actually worked really hard for their success. When they debuted, everyone thought that they were going to flop. They had one tiny dorm for 7 men and the youngest Jungkook left his family at 13 years old to pursue his dreams.

They all had very rough times but they worked hard and here they are now, with approximately awards. Antis can continue hating on BTS, but I will not pay attention to them until they get as many awards as our boys. BTS are not a trend at all. They are here to stay. They do not need validation from fucking western market. They will chat better when we get off our high horses and xenophobia dies down a little.

You are right BTS is not a trend but apparently putting people down is. Stop making people feel bad for liking things that make them happy. All the hate that we take. All the shit that others throw at us. You can hurt us all you want. But not our Bangtan.

I totally agree with you! So many people are saying hate towards A. And making BTS and A. Y feel bad. Y people enjoy making us feel bad about being a fan of BTS.

It pisses me off. There are many more like me. He and BTS have saved millions of people from suicide and depression. Start bothering us not our Bangtan. Stop hurting them and start hurting us. Exactly like bangtan saved me from self harm and I love them so much because of who they are , what they have been through and everything else.

I have suffered through depression to a point I needed to take depressants and thought a lot about committing suicide. I am not completely happy again but their music and love have made me stay day longer on earth. People not listening to BTS is not discrimination. Do you even know what that words means?

Ur just upset that they r successful. They helped people who were on a verge to suicide. They got millions of people screaming their name when u cant even get 1. At least the author of this article would have friends. Unlike you. Being a non korean army myself, I feel that you dont really understand what kind of fandom bts has. Army relate to bts music and their songs have great messages.

Like you said about drake getting those high numbers on the charts, being popular and all. So what i am saying is that you might forget about drale in span of some years but we, army wont be forgetting the bts music and this is what we call popularity. Army consist of many intellectual successful persons, not just some loud mouthy fangirls since bts inspires us to struggle for our passion.

So dont undermine bts popularity is all I ask for. Thank you. Think about how your favorite artist feel if they saw your crap post. Most artists might not be a fan of kpop but some of them at least still have the heart to support their success. I think you might be blinded by your personal taste and preference for BTS. Both are amazing, and it makes little sense to try and brush off one of them as temporary greatness. Do you have proof? S but in Asia because Kpop is, since a long time, listened here.

S Malaysia, Korea, Japan and other countries, believe it or not our boys are changing the world. Not Asia. Till this day. Now how many people of all ages and backgrounds can you walk up to and ask to recite BTS songs? Its not that hard to see the difference. Also, just because the majority of the population in the U.

Just please respect that there are people out there that have different interests than you do sweetie. There are people out there, including myself, that struggle with depression and other mental illnesses that find joy and happiness when listening to kpop. They save lives, you know, just by spreading their love for music. Why do you have to compare them to artists with completely different styles when it comes to music? No hate, just facts. Then how they get here just by teens there are something called adults sweetheart maybe your one but they work hard so eh.

There are alot of people that like anal sex, too. To each his ow n. It is not just teenagers sweetie. It is among all ages. My grandma likes kpop and shes like She loves their messages in their songs. My friend who is 23 likes them and shes not a teenager. I am just stating my opinion, and the trus facts.

Not everybody who listens to kpop is a teenager, thats just what your stereotypical mind thinks. This site likes to take a bite at BTS but what he is saying is true.

I said 4 years ago upon seeing a BTS vid that they would become popular in the U. The things this article is pointing out is what I look up on my own.

Numbers, how old are the songs they are beating, is radio playing them without being hounded by Army etc. BTS has had massive visibility in the U. BTS came in at number 1 on the Hot then disappeared. No tv shows, no video, just radio. Cardi B certified immediately on album release because Bodak Yellow gained her a massive following. Before that, she was struggling. When U.

They have gotten certification but it has been taking some time. I also know part of that is Army buying multiple copies because some say they have. Still they are popular worldwide. Janet had no new music but saw a 5, percent sells gain after her performance.

Ariana and Shawn over 1, percent and several others but no BTS. Drake is in his 7th week on the charts at , cds sold. I do think BTS will crack that bubble.

Haters hate em cause they aint them. BTS doesnt give no craps what you spew. They are popular as heck. Suck on that haters. Okay, but did we even ask for your opinion in this?

Because KPOP is trash. Damn anonymous.. Live it. Suck eggs, moron. How ironic their music is about being hated and being bullied…the very thing everyone here saying negative things…. They will play what they know the people will love, and without the same publicity American songs get, how can you suggest BTS or any Kpop group to keep up with them?

And yet you expect BTS to carry Kpop to the top charts and maintain its spot with this kind of publicity? But you think the entire world revolves around American idols in your statement…. Sorry if I come off as rude or salty, not your fault for stating an opinion and backing it with facts.

But you have a lot of time in your life to care about the popularity in the first place. You like it, cool. You'll find me. The song's called silver. Your soul. Let So, I can't get close. Let me let you go. I'm a I'm I feel so low, but I'm there. Let me go. Now, It's. You get sober, I'm never gonna let you go. I'm gonna let you go. About time, it's about time. Thinking about time it's. That's right. You try and try it. I know you love so it's killing me so. And now I can't sleep. I know you.

My breath. Let you go but only if you promise to stay you're thinking you know that you know what you really don't know. And now I can't can't sleep.

I know you love so much and it's killing me. You should've known. You think you know. I know. I know you love so it's me. You're everything I need to know. Today How are you spending your stuff? My mom thinks I'm getting in the. What are we gonna do tonight? It's Oxy it makes all your disappear. US know in the forecast we all got a little girls. Where are you okay? Hands on the Wall. What are you doing? What happened? I don't believe in it up deep into the 16 year-old there I'm addicted and it's time.

You okay. Hey, guys. We are Bleecker. My name is Taylor. My name is Cole and we hope that this festival brings a lot of joy in your life. I know it's bringing us some joy. I can see a little smile on that face back one is a lie.

It's called give a little bit more. I say life is a little. It's a. I want to. A little bit more every time I get a little bit a little bit of less on me just to settle the score every day I give a little bit more, I said I feel. It's much more it's about. I know I can do it. I just I say loves you make it happy ever after I'll take it out. In the world. I fall in, but when I drop that I gave a little bit more. They said I feel the love.

Is a desire. In the country All I can do. Just wanna drive away. Tell me. And I think. To tell me what it's like to be. I Go away. Is It's much more simple. It's the best. And all I can do. I just wanna drive away. Thank you guys so much.

I hope this is a little bit of happiness into your day. I know it's been a lot of happiness in our day we get to know get to get together and play music off. That's my younger brother Mike. I hope you guys are having fun so we're gonna play a song called the Highway an oldie but a goodie. I hope you guys enjoy we hope that this festival brings the most. Joys out of 10 how many how many joys all of them all of them?

I'm gonna answer all of them all of the joys such a good dad such a good idea. Thank you better noise as well for putting this on and thanks for us so we are Bleecker. Oh, it's the Middle of Mike Taylor this song highway. Don't go down. Thumbs up be. I feel the call when I start to blow.

All the way. I take the way. Take the I feel no pain no pain, too many to. To the dark, It's here we go. We'll go and say. I'm so down I turn this down a lot. I'm about to go on.

I'm gonna take the hard way. I'll wait. Tell me all your sweet I can't slow down so damn loud. A know I know I can't slow down. It's so damn loud. Baby Whoo. Everybody it's Aaron from Awolnation and I appreciate you supporting us during this time and thanks for checking out a little festival and I hope it can provide a little bit of happy and escape in your life now.

Highway in the movies. I wonder why. I wonder if I told you what. I feel like I just came from my head to my feet. This Promise. We're waiting all night to get the. I swear my. The promise that I will trust you. Skin and me the hell should I think. It goes. Wait too late to get. I stepped inside. Confused The story. Way too long. I think gonna be.

Do you think? I'll be. It's next song, it's called the. I'm I'm very good. To your patients. A I feel a little bit on me. I'm a little I just wanna be the best me I wanna walk a little bit.

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