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Christians Inferno - Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (Vinyl, Album, Album)

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Bullet in a Bible Last Night on Earth: Live in Tokyo B [56]. C [58]. Best Albums of [64]. Reader's Choice: Best 50 Albums of the 21st Century [65]. The 25 Best Albums of [66]. Grammy Awards. Best Rock Album. NME Awards. Total length:. Pete Townshend. Arthur Crudup. CD , double LP.

Warner Music Japan. WPCR [69]. January 20, [70]. July 11, [71]. September 26, [72]. Austrian Albums Chart [47]. Belgian Albums Chart Flanders [74]. Belgian Albums Chart Wallonia [75]. Canadian Albums Chart [76]. Czech Republic Albums Chart [77]. Danish Albums Chart [78]. European Top Albums [47]. Finnish Albums Chart [79]. French Albums Chart [80].

German Albums Chart [81]. Hungarian Albums Chart [82]. Irish Albums Chart [83]. Italian Albums Chart [84]. Japanese Albums Chart [85]. Netherlands Albums Chart [86]. New Zealand Albums Chart [87].

Norwegian Albums Chart [88]. Polish Albums Chart [89]. Portuguese Albums Chart [90]. Spanish Albums Chart [91]. Swedish Albums Chart [92]. He begins to find ways to kill himself, and he realizes he turned into his worst enemy by enduring these medications I'm elated, medicated, I am my own worst enemy, you're a victim of the system.

I've got a really bad disease It's got me begging on my hands and knees So, take me to emergency 'Cause something seems to be missing. Somebody take the pain away It's like an ulcer bleeding in my brain So send me to the pharmacy So I can lose my memory.

I think they found another cure For broken hearts and feeling insecure You'd be surprised what I endure What makes you feel so self-assured. I need to find a place to hide You never know what could be waiting outside The accidents that you could find It's like some kind of suicide. I'm a victim of my symptom I am my own worst enemy You're a victim of your symptom You are your own worst enemy Know your enemy. I'm elated, medicated I am my own worst enemy So, what ails you is what impales you You are your own worst enemy.

You're a victim of the system You are your own worst enemy You're a victim of the system You are your own worst enemy.

From 70 votes. The author goes into an alcoholic state and gets mixed up in bar brawls and prostitutes. I'm not fucking around I think I'm coming out All the deceivers and cheaters I think we've got a bleeder right now. Want you to slap me around Want you to knock me out Well you missed me, kissed me Now you better kick me down.

Maybe you're the runner-up But the first one to lose the race Almost only really counts in Horseshoes and handgrenades. I'm gonna burn it all down I'm gonna rip it out Well everything you employ Was meant for me to destroy to the ground now So don't you fuck me around Because I'll shoot you down I'm gonna drink, fight and fuck And I'm pushing my luck all the time now.

Demolition, self-destruction Want to annihilate this age-old contradiction Demolition, self-destruction Want to annihilate this old age. As the riots intensify, the radios eventually go silent as the military leaves them to aid in the uprising. The sound of static fills the on radios can you hear the sound of the static noise blasting out in stereo?

Love refers to nationalism and speeches from the governor, religion being the cult of personality and murder referring to the propaganda of rebels and other countries being bloodthirsty troublemakers. Memories of the past war which led to the corrupt government flow through the nation as they realize who was their real enemy the whole time visions of blasphemy, war and peace screaming at you.

Bigger companies begin to withdraw from the country with their remaining goods and money as it descends further into chaos Coca Cola execution. Everyone is sick of high prices and low pays, having sometimes only their minds to keep them sane your state of mind are what you own that you cannot buy, what's the latest way that a man can die, screaming hallelujah? Can you hear the sound of the static noise Blasting out in stereo?

Cater to the class and the paranoid Music to my nervous system Advertising love and religion Murder on the airwaves Slogans on the brink of corruption Visions of blasphemy, war and peace Oh, screaming at you. I can't see a thing in the video I can't hear a sound on the radio In stereo in the static age.

What a fucking tragedy, strategy Oh, screaming at you. I can't see a thing in the video I can't hear a sound on the radio In stereo in the static age I can't see a thing in the video I can't hear a sound on the radio In stereo in the static age. Hey it's the static age Well, this is how the west was won Hey it's the static age millennium.

All I want to know is a god-damned thing Not what's in the medicine All I want to do is I want to breathe Batteries are not included What's the latest way that a man can die Screaming 'Hallelujah'? Singing out "the dawn's early light" The silence of the rotten, forgotten Oh, screaming at you.

From 82 votes. This song is about love, prejudice, and change, a different perspective and portraying that's all. You fight for things you believe are right and just, but when you have to give up, it doesn't mean that you are weak.

Rather, it means that you have to take a step back to observe how things are going and find a new approach to tackle the problem. When you lose faith your faith walks on broken glass or are hurt did someone break your heart inside , you should actually accept the change. Do you know what's worth fighting for When it's not worth dying for Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating.

Does the pain weigh out the pride And you look for a place to hide Did someone break your heart inside You're in ruins. One, twenty-one guns Lay down your arms - give up the fight One, twenty-one guns Throw up your arms - into the sky You and I.

When you're at the end of the road And you lost all sense of control And your thoughts have taken their toll When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul. Your faith walks on broken glass And the hangover doesn't pass Nothing's ever built to last You're in ruins. Did you try to live on your own When you burned down the house and home Did you stand too close to the fire Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone. When it's time to live and let die And you can't get another try Something inside this heart has died You're in ruins.

One, twenty-one guns Lay down your arms - give up the fight One, twenty-one guns Throw up your arms - into the sky. The first verse after the repetitive chorus describes a state of panic. How everyone is on red alert and are on the brink of breaking down. Friendly neighbourhoods have turned into war zones And the neighborhood's a loaded gun and even welfare homes are in a total cluster-fuck And the welfare is asphyxiating.

This sense of hysteria is spreading through the city like a virus and turning everyone into a 'bottom feeder of hysteria', only relying on judgements made from pure panic. Now, the song moves to the people going insane and starting riots True sounds of maniacal laughter, Fight fire with a riot. Rebels take this to their advantage and use the public to attack the city and cause more chaos. They cheat and lie through the weak minded public and the city is beginning to crumble under pure destruction.

The class war is hanging on a wire because the martyr is a compulsive liar when he said "it's just a bunch of niggers throwing gas into the Soon, the public arrives at the oceanside where they begin stealing water supplies from the government. They tapped into the reserve They destroy all radio towers in the vicinity and causes communications to topple.

The static response is so unclear now The president issues for the soldiers to attack without any warning. As the soldiers march in, we find out that the leaders of the rebels are Christian and Gloria as their names are chanted through the city. Horseshoes And Handgrenades Jesus of Suburbia Know Your Enemy Know Your Enemy Live Know Your Enemy - Live Last Night On Earth Last Of The American Girls Last of the American Girls Live Lights Out Like a Rolling Stone Mass Hysteria Sign in.

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By Conrad Hughes on 02 June Green Day never argue. Billie Joe Armstrong pens six songs in isolation. Green Day - Father of All Album Review. Green Day Sheffield Arena,

Green Day. Christian is one of two reoccurring characters that feature on 21st Century Breakdown. Whilst The activist Gloria, who is fighting to hold on to her youthful idealism is a combination of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne, the destructive, inflammatory Christian, is the side of Billie Joe that he tries to keep under wraps.

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  1. Song: Christian's Inferno Band: Green Day Album: 21st Century Breakdown Tabber: TheSlyFooX Sorry about the spacing. I screwed up while I was tabbing it. If you liked this, then go check out my tabs for Murder City (Version 5) and if you play bass, check out the tab for Viva La Gloria Little Girl (Version 3).
  2. May 15,  · Christian's Inferno. Green Day. From the Album 21st Century Breakdown (Amazon Exclusive) [Explicit] May 15, Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Green Day. out of 5 stars .
  3. 21st Century Breakdown is the eighth studio album by American rock band Green Day, released on May 15, through Reprise Records. Green Day commenced work on the record in January and forty-five songs were written by vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong by October , but the band members did not enter studio work until January

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