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Blue Suede Shoes - Various - Rockit (Vinyl, LP)

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Neo Metal. Stoner Rock. Metal Fusion. Rock n Roll. Elvis Presley. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Pop general. Current Pop. Pop 90s. Pop 80s. French Pop. French Rock. Johnny Hallyday. Traditional Music. Pays Basque. Others French. European Grooves. Other Countries. Soul 80s. Italo Disco. Acid jazz. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic. Cool Jazz. Modern Jazz. Jazz fusion. Vocal jazz. Spiritual jazz. Ziggy Stardust Reprise Suffragette City Station To Station The album is a mix of the members' influences, ranging from dirty, bluesy pub rock to urgent street punk and the synthesized dance ennui of post-punk!

Comes in digipack. The three discs are presented in a clamshell box and an 8-page booklet is included. This overview CD features songs recorded by a. This 5CD-set collects all the tracks from the records. As spiritual as it is danceable, the LP originally only issued in the Netherlands! The band hails from Berlin. At a young age, he became interested in sound synthesis.

His work led him to record his experiments and, later, to sequence them. Othello's first release is the result of collecting, assembling and creating musical soundscapes. Emerging from the NYC art rock underground in the mid-'80s, John Gill and Yanna Trance were a live-work-kill together couple who brewed up their crazed sonic schemes in their very own secret hq, explaining little and revealing even less.

They performed wearing elaborate masks, and all known press photos were similarly mysterious affairs. This release is recommended to fans of a. Sonic Youth, Foetus, Swans, etc. The tracklist includes classic cuts s.

Composed over the course of two years spent in Madagascar, the writing of this record bore witness to the insolent profusion and phantasmagorical incarnations of tropical wildlife, to strange rituals and animism. Pursuing their ongoing fight against the digital-only concepts and contents of today, My Cat Is An Alien use physical mediums to fix their art. Comes on clear purple vinyl and includes download code.

Popp created these eight tracks from hours of improvisation in his own studio. The moments thus captured were then enriched with more sounds and effects to add layers and shed the manually played percussion. The result is an album of concealed complexity and unadorned beauty.

Originally from Bavaria in Germany, Simon Popp extensively studied African music from countries like Togo, Ghana and Benin where rhythm is central to musical culture. Popp collected and recorded a wide variety of drums and other instruments, which formed the basis for this album. Comes on gram vinyl including download code. Swarms of visual sounds sweep through the landscape, breaking down in electronic beats. GRIG, M.

Grig is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in dobro, lap steel and pedal steel guitar. His songs are of an outstanding beauty, slow, wistful and lonely. The hazy, sliding sound of the guitars steep the music in nostalgia and mystery. A subtle alchemy which evolves progressively with loud layered rhythms, psychedelic synths, crackling noises and unexpected breaks. This album is a work that indicates a codifying of their sound world full of mysterious design, unspoken secrets and dreams of ancient origin.

The immersive arrangements and haunting voices supported by crackling electronics painting a dark and earthly picture. Infinite eons have passed through the labyrinthine hierarchy of deep fusing drones, tectonic soundscapes, percussions and ritual instruments - sonically sculpturing of that which lies deeper than matter, time and space.

It describes the full, unfolding spectrum, leading to the initial shade of Ghostwhite. This release translates the varied colourful and kaleidoscopic spectra into deep audio and sound sculptures. The audio vision of Ghostwhite builds an organic wall of sound as Johannes Riedel starts to add more new elements, such as vocal samples, becoming louder in the mix to match the wailing organs and accelerating synthetic patterns. Circular shines with his new album and creates haunting and gripping sonic works that capture the imagination.

Beautiful melodies and rhythms contrast the field recordings and sounds of modular synthesizers to build an abstract image spanning the entirety of the inner cinema. An album to impress and evolve, gathering more elements and styles into the most unique cosmos of Circular's music. Disc One contains the original cassette material, with a previously unreleased bonus title track, retooled for this edition. Disc Two features never before released material covering the project's formative years.

The release remastered by John Stilling Steel Hook Prostheses studio comes in a 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak limited to The result is an interesting blend of styles and methods that expands the Nordvargr universe even further.

With exclusive reworks by MZ. Artwork by Dehn Sora. Edition of copies in 4 panel Digisleeve. Now imagine compacting years of that obsession into a well-crafted work of art. Striations has done just that with, what could be called his magnum opus, 'Vietnamization'. This is the sound of war. Not just one for the soldiers on the battlefield; but the nations that feel its impact as well.

With a battalion of highly praised collaborators, Mike Finklea has collaged power electronics and harsh noise to a seamless point. R' or Taint's 'Justmeat,' but many, if not most, have a very stagnant backing accompanied with vocals. Originally released on cassette on the surging New Forces label, this expanded 2CD edition contains the original C60 as well as the companion CDr that was given to a select few close friends as well as additional art that was not included with the highly uniform NF cassette.

Exploring landscapes of trauma through the reflection of nightmares, 'Thanatosis' delivers a kind of jarring, fractured and intentionally broken musicality that feeds on angst and afflictions, and should find great appeal to those that appreciate a certain style of derangement in their electronics.

This edition includes the two bonus tracks featured on the United Dairies' 'Hoisting The Black Flag' compilation', which were recorded at the same sessions. The page booklet features the original artwork, including previously censored artwork. Comes on limited green and blue coloured vinyl. The latter had a background in acclaimed '70s kraut bands s.

My Solid Ground and Baba Yaga. Fitting somewhere between gothic, Italo and new wave, 'Space Melody' is a dedication to ancient Egypt and outer space. The original EP was considered as lost, until recently the original mastertape was discovered by the artist. Despite its incredible pop hooks, the whole LP drips with an undercurrent of darkness. What began as a vehicle for their exploration of noise and sound during their early teens has evolved into an established production over the last decade, as Body Of Light continues to carve out their own style of complex, structured, and moving dancefloor electronics.

These tracks were originally released on various cassettes during the early '80s, some of which were credited to the project The New Age. This edition is limited to sets, including an 8-page full-colour booklet with liner notes, photos and reflections by Suzanne herself. With a dark and catchy mix of rock, metal and electronics he wrote several hits, hard and heavy and yet danceable.

After its first ten years of the band's existence it is time to take a look back. Comes on purple and white coloured vinyl. It is a seven-track affair that finds Rixon deliver his own unique brand of avant-garde electronic music. Comes on mustard coloured vinyl. Darkwave colors, jazz harmonies, rock and dance drumbeats resonate together and mature into something darkly romantic.

The vocals weave this electronic veil with soul, trip-hop and pop textures, retaining an inner tension that seduces the listener and drifts him along in a sentimental, melancholic trip inside the personal stories that are concealed in the lyrics. Limited purple vinyl edition. This is the cassette edition. Through her switch from electric bass and classical violin to modular synthesizers, Bana explores sonic disintegration and coalescence into synthesized experiences.

The album was recorded in May in Brussels. The 4CD digibox version strictly limited to copies features an exclusive remix CD and on CD4 a collocation of demo versions, some of them more than 20 years old and written and recorded long before the band was found. A true holy-grail which can be considered nowadays as the rarest LP from the king of Italian libraries. Jazz, mellow-funk, downtempo breaks, and incredible rock blends make this record a refined portrait of the '70s American way of life, viewed through the fully Italian lens of Alessandroni's sensitivity.

After years of exhausting research, finally Four Flies can give a light to this obscure and fascinating mystery. Remastered from original master tapes. The LP comes on gram black vinyl and is housed in a hard tip-on sleeve cover. The whole record oozes a dreamy, mysterious, surrealist atmosphere enhanced by the vivid instrumentation that open a series of mesmerizing pieces which range from the gentle to the hypnotic. Eastern sounds, ritual horns and assorted metal banging and scrapping add to the whole mix for a landmark sound that will eventually evolve in delirious lysergic passages, hypnotic bass riffing, stoned funk beats, dubbed-out passages and Rino De Filippi trade-mark collage and sound manipulation.

A must-have! The score ranges from the ornate halls of Baroque Parisian courts, to muddy Scottish battlefields during the Jacobite uprising. As with his other scores, McCreary has proven to be a careful and crafty composer. He has a knack for finding the right instrumentation to produce the greatest and most meaningful effect within his scores. The film details the duo's journey through Las Vegas as their initial journalistic intentions devolve into an exploration of the city under the influence of psychoactive substances.

The music is perfectly fitting in the psychedelic story of the movie. It contains songs used in the film with sound bites of the film before each song. A who's who of the Italian golden age of soundtrack and library. Luigi Zito - Dolce Notte 4. Tito Schipa Jr. Massimo Guantini - Wild Morning 5. Armando Trovaioli - Macchina D'Amore. Music becomes the backbone of the film. It was considered one of the best soundtracks of They used actual songs for 'Sucker Punch', that would create suitable moods.

The covers on the album are produced by Marius de Vries and Tyler Bates. Comes on gram vinyl and includes poster. The album includes performances by lead actress Elle Fanning as well as songs by a. The listener is constantly kept guessing how the music swings from psych jazz to esoteric movie themes and back again.

Recorded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Giuliano Sorgini between and in his studio in Prati district in Rome, a stone's throw from Italian television offices, 'Africa Oscura' is a set of tracks inspired by the wildest and most obscure secrets of those lands, intended to be the background of some tv documentaries.

Partially recorded during the same sessions as his celebrated 'Zoo Folle'. Possessing a sound and a feel that was lightyears ahead of its time, "Release The Beast" is a showcase for Breakwater's phenomenal powerfunk capabilities.

The energy is astounding. It rips out of the grooves on a deep funk tip, with room-shaking drums competing with distorted funk rock guitar, bumping bass and space-age synths. And yes, this is the tune Daft Punk sampled for their track "Robot Rock". Limited edition! On 'Stronger', their sixth album where Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle worked and collaborated with various artists, the band remains true to their original concept.

Although it took longer to record this album, it shows more variety in terms of ballads and mid-tempo songs. Jaw dropping, freshly minted riffs, swinging hip-hop drums, funk-ridden bass and Swaby's startling, Mayfield-esque vocals meant early singles 'That Kind Of Man' and 'Colleen' blew minds and won hearts.

Boxset includes album on CD and 12" vinyl, two 7" singles, a poster and stickers. Also includes mp3 download code. This edition is limited to copies, including an obi strip. This exclusive edition is limited to copies, including an obi strip. Having grown up in rural West Virginia, Michael Orr is a marvelously talented musician and accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer. From the time he was placed on a piano bench as a toddler, Michael has been playing and composing music.

In Michael Orr recorded his first full record 'Spread Love' which became an international classic. In he recorded his second and much lesser known album 'Love Will Rise' in Los Angeles and released it on the Birthright record label.

Martin Luther King Jr. A gem of a smooth soul album - completely rare in the original, and a fully honest soul testament from Michael Orr. An absolutely incredible gospel modern soul album, finally available again, fully licensed and remastered, with original artwork. Not to be missed! Turn It Loose feat. Hot Like A Sauna feat. Play That Song feat. Imani and Brown of The Pharcyde Mirror, Mirror feat.

Just For The Record Like a needle in the groove, if you 'dig what you hear' then don't forget to leave a comment. If you believe that any postings breach copyright laws then please leave a comment and I will remove the posting.

View my complete profile. Visitors Since June Charlie Brown Says. Spy V. Popular Posts. Dutch , Present. Focus is a band I have always admired. They have a way of delivering calm orchestral yet stunning and Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations UK Present. Andrew Lloyd Webber has achieved great popular success in musical theatre, and has been referred to as "the most Australian - Present. Little did they know that 23 years later The Rad K K - Present. It was after t They have a way of delivering calm orchestral yet stunning and sharp pieces of music, as well as simple acoustic songs.

In , the group released 'Moving Waves', which brought the band international acclaim and a hit on both sides of the Atlantic with the radio edit of the rock rondo "Hocus Pocus".

This rock classic consists of Akkerman's guitar chord sequence used as a recurring theme, with quirky and energetic interludes that include alto flute riffs, accordion, guitar, and drum solos, whistling, nonsensical Dutch vocals, falsetto singing, and yodeling.

Worlwide there were 4 different covers, and the track list changed also on several editions. My Polydor copy was released in , but sadly contains only 7 tracks, missing the single taken from album called "House Of The King".

I have however rectified this in the post provided. Knowing what Focus have accomplished Hocus Pocus, Hamburger Concerto , it's really amazing to hear this album, because I don't hear many hints at their future ability to write concise rock or to create delicate, intricate prog, though there are notable exceptions.

Uneven, at times uninspired, and in a few cases goofy, In and Out of Focus contains a fair amount of genuinely good music, but don't expect to hear a monumental statement regarding the potential of Focus. This is the only real prog song on the album, and while short under three minutes , it's a great example of the uniquely Focus sound. We've got a bouncy, medievalish melody, foot-tappingly played by flute, guitar, and accentuated by handclaps. I can picture dancing in the village square to this!

Here Focus loosen up a bit and decide to throw down some great jam-rock. They really seem to be comfortable here, and the music reflects it - fun, at times virtuoso, and not too extended. The bass seems more lively here than in future Focus, which is most welcome. Both songs begin with melodies introduced in other songs and build to very satisfying crescendos, laying down some memorable grooves along the way.

The rest There really isn't much else of import on this album. Some of the songs remind me of a mellowed-out Syd Barrett--similar vocals and playful style. The most bizarre is "Sugar Island": this Castro makes the poor man rich, he makes the powers fail, followed by some 'daba-daba' scatting.

Needless to say, none of it really works, though "Why Dream" does have a great guitar solo to look forward to. Worthwhile for Focus fans, but probably passable for those just getting into the band. This post consists of FLACs ripped from my near mint vinyl release and includes full album artwork for this and previous releases, plus label scans. As mentioned, I have also included the missing single "House Of The King" as a bonus track to make this post complete ripped from vinyl.

Vocal Australian - , I have also chosen to include 4 live recordings as bonus tracks, taken from their Live On Tour EP. A scan of Anthony O'Grady's review is also included. As a always say, ya just can't get enough of TED.

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  1. (Vinyl) A: Blue Suede Shoes: B: Stories To A Child: * Items below may differ depending on the release. Johnny Rivers Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre: Country Missing: Rockit.
  2. Elvis was now being managed by Colonel Parker since Bob Neal's contract expired on March 14, , the day after the release of Elvis' first LP. They had already appeared on television six times by then, on the Dorsey Brothers show. They performed three songs; a 13 second Shake Rattle & Roll, Heartbreak Hotel and Blue Suede Shoes.
  3. Shop 94 records for sale for album Blue suede shoes by Elvis Presley on CDandLP in Vinyl and CD format.
  4. " Blue Suede Shoes " is a rock-and-roll standard written and first recorded by Carl Perkins in It is considered one of the first rockabilly records, incorporating .
  5. Produced and arranged by Erich van Tourneau, with assistant producer and assistant arranger Hugo "Wedge Montecristo" Bombardier, Viva ELVIS - the Album is a multi-faceted audio extravaganza creating a larger-than-life musical portrait of Elvis through newly re-imagined versions of "Blue Suede Shoes," "That's Alright," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love.
  6. CARL PERKINS BLUE SUEDE SHOES & HONEY DON'T SUN RECORDS 45 RPM. $ Suede Duration: LP. Earl Peterson Boogie Blues 7" 45rpm Third Man Records Sun Records Colored Duration: Single. or Best Offer. Speed: 45 RPM. Only 1 left! Watch. LOT OF 50 VINTAGE 45 RPM VINYL RECORDS, VARIOUS ARTISTS ss NO SLEEVES. $ 0 bids. $
  7. DORA HALL BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Carl Perkins) ONCE UPON A TOUR COZY RECORDS, INNC. 45 RPM VINYL: VG+ plays well, paper End date: Jun 16,

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