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1% - Murphys Law (2) - The Best Of Times (CD, Album)

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Ever believe in a better tomorrow? According to this version of Murphy's Law, you can never be sure whether your tomorrow will be better than today. Make the most of today; that's all that matters. Though there's a touch of pessimism here, this law teaches us to appreciate what we have instead of focusing on a better future.

Isn't this a common occurrence? If you don't sort out your differences with your partner , things only get worse from that point on. The lesson to remember with this law is that you can't ignore a problem. Resolve it before things get out of hand.

Here's a version of Murphy's Law that needs careful contemplation. First month free. Reviews Review Policy.

Flag as inappropriate. See more. Step On It. United Blood. Agnostic Front. It was released in on their own AF Records label. In Bridge9 re-released the first authorized vinyl release of Agnostic Front's "United Blood" EP in almost 14 years, to recognize the 25th anniversary since the original release of Victim in Pain in Gang Green. Re: Same examples — truth. I do also think that even in standard examples you could find these principles at play if you got the full story.

Re: Relationships — depends how you label the axes. If you label for fulfillment, spending more time with fewer people is probably better. If you label for business stuff, loose ties probably matter more. But you can see it in the results.

This was super thought-provoking, Taylor. But, but you need to know, or know how to find your prime customers are. So who exactly is this article aimed at? This highlights a difficult truth… that the key factors for success really come down to grit, persistence, emotional resilience.

And the ability to stay the course and keep executing on high-upside-bounded-cost actions. That optimal mix of stick-to-it-ive-ness, delayed gratification, and flexibility to launch and complete many experiments, each with small chance of high upside. Great article, Taylor. The Pareto principle is something I am very familiar with and I heard about the fat tail application, though it is not something that I am thinking through and applying in business applications; it is definitely on the list now!

Browse the full archives below. The Bell Curve is an accurate way to describe simple systems, particularly biological ones like height: Most people fall in the middle and it trails out slightly on each side. Improve your decisions and make them easier, more accurate and stress-free. Get Access. Comments Hi Taylor! Hey Tina, Awesome! What would be a good way to cultivate this mindset? An answer to my own question came to mind. Murphy's Law ushered in the '90s with a reinvigorated blast of their debauchery-laced brand of comedic punk.

The band did dabble in skacore long before it exploded, but was always pretty much a flat-out hardcore unit in the '80s. The Best of Times finds Jimmy Gestapo and friends combining funk , reggae , ska , and hardcore into their own distinct brew, shedding any dogmatic restrictions applied to the standards of their genre in the '80s.

Covers of James Brown and Stevie Wonder provide some insight into Murphy's Law's sometimes controversial and misunderstood affiliation with the skinhead faction, finally putting to rest any allegations that racism or fascism have anything to do with the band's outlook. Although the group manages to shed this stereotype and expand musically on The Best of Times , the subject matter doesn't otherwise stray too far from earlier work.

Songs about pot, beer, girls, and cars showcase the glorious immaturity and quest for fun that pretty much define Murphy's Law. When the band does get serious, which isn't very often, it's in the interest of unity and friendship. The title track is basically a fan tribute , thanking a small but loyal group of followers for the support that's enabled Murphy's Law to continue the party.

Classic Murphy's Law rage surfaces on "Harder Than Who," an attack on the mindless aggression and competition that sometimes rule the hardcore scene. Murphy's Law collected a bunch of stomping, fast and anthem style hardcore punk songs for this. It is first studio album in five years since The Best Of Times. The personnel differed from previous efforts, but Jimmy G's vocals still provide the sound's basis. As with prior albums, the lyrics revolve mainly around smoking, drinking, and partying.

Murphy's Law is the second album from American rock band, Murphy's Law.. It was released in on Profile Records which was attempting to broaden its horizons from the rap genre it was generally known for at that time.. It follows the band's debut, Bong Blast in , and was re-issued by Another Planet records in with Back With A Bong on the same disc.

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  3. The Best of Times (–) Murphy's Law ushered in the '90s with a reinvigorated blast of their debauchery-laced brand of comedic punk. Stylistically, Murphy's Law made quite a jump on The Best of Times. The band did dabble in skacore long before it exploded, but was always pretty much a flat-out hardcore unit in the '80s.
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  5. New York Thrash-core legends prove that, after fifteen years, they can still lay down fast, furious, knuckle-busting Hardcore. If anything, Murphy's Law have become a bit more melodic, replacing thick, chugga-chugga, don't-mess-with-NYHC guitars with a handful .

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